The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki's Second Ingame Event

Maze Event!


Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki is having their second ingame event! Wuher MosEisley is hosting a Maze Event at his Ryloth lot maze specially built for the event! It will be held this Sunday, check the details for the time!

How To play

Players will arrive in the lot to get ready and meet all of your fellow editors ingame a few minutes before the event starts.

When the event starts, the door will open to the maze. First one to finish all three levels of the building will be declared winner!


  1. No Mounts
  2. No Pets
  3. No Holoprojectors



Wuher MosEisley's Ryloth lot


Sunday August 19th at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, EDT North America (timezone converter)

Who can enter

Anyone can join, even if they don't go on this site


First (1st) place wins a D-0T code!

Can I help?

You sure can! It would be appreciated to help by recording the event and putting it on Youtube. You can record even if you are entering the event.

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