Oreo featured
Oreo Cakestir was a male Pantoran born on Pantora during 46 BBY. Oriuss was born to ________ and ________ Stealthgleam, whom were both senators of Pantora. Oriuss' perspective of the world was different from most peoples' due to the fact that his parents inspired him to think differently with their great knowledge of politics. He was a quick learner, being able to do many difficult tasks at an early age. Oriuss learned how to walk quicker than most toddlers and was talking with an extense knowledge of vocabulary. It turned out Oriuss was Force Sensitive. At the age of three (during 43 BBY), Oriuss was taken away to the Jedi Temple by Jedi Master Sulanvar. There he trained with many other younglings by Master Yoda. It was there where he was truly one with the force. During 42 BBY, Oriuss had met Dylan Antiunknown, a very awkward child. Dylan was not a youngling from the temple, he was a curious, mischievous boy who always snuck in the temple undetected. With Dylan's frequent visits, Oriuss quickly grew towards Dylan's ways. They had become very close friends just after a short time. After eight years of training as a youngling, Oriuss had become the Apprentice to Jedi Master Grif Starsong.

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