Name: Athan Nightkept [1]athan the sith apprenticeAdded by Athan nightkept1Age: 19 to 22 (clone wars)

affiliation: Jedi, Sith

ships: dark eclipse

species: Human

Born: Korriban

Midi chlorians: 19k keeps rising

Died at:19BBY (pelicd)

Cloned: 18BBY (Illum)

Athan Nightkept was born into slavery with a special talent of using the force became one of the most feared people on the streets of korriban but yet he was called a freak since the people of korriban did not see sith for decades. Found by Jedi Master Greg and trained by him Athan became promising Jedi yet full of anger and hate Jedi did not understand that. With using the Dark side as well as the light side Athan became un beatable enemy of the Sith.  


Athan married a skywalker called joi but soon they left each other and many still wonder if they are together or not  

call of the dark sideEdit

Athan had so much power at his hands that he began to become more and more darker since the day Joi and him seperated the Jedi did not notice that Athan was closer to the dark side until it happened Athan joined the Dark side of the Force becoming Sith and an Apprentice to Lord GhostRain and now he trains in the secrets of the Dark side and waits until he strikes at the Jedi. Yet he respects his former master Gregory.

Thinking of IG 211

Athan became more powerful building new lightsabers getting better upgraded droids than the ones that CIS are using Athan took some interst in special IG 211 ( code named Killer Athan as a padawan heard about this droid while spying on dooku and now Athan is looking to see on his own eyes the impressive Killer that fought jedi and survived more than one jedi in his whole life.
Fight against dooku
After flying to korriban once again he found the sith named count dooku who well was not pleased to see Athan. Dooku he hated Athan for being more powerful than dooku Athan on the other hand hated dooku for sending assasins after him all the time once both of them attacked each other dooku told him that Athan was weak and that he should not be a sith but Athan replied saying that dooku is an old man and that his life time has ended.
Meeting IG 211
Athan borded the so known BoneCrusher a very powerful CIS capita ship. Athan walked to the bridge escorted by two elite assasin droids and soon he saw the amazing IG 211 with lightsaber on his metal covering and assasin droids everywhere athan said "My master asks you for assistance in attacking the skywalker legends"
IG 211 replied. "Your master? You mean lord ghost rain?" Athan repiled "yes that is his name so will you accept?" IG waited few seconds and said "very well i wil send my best assasins out there and maybe i might go there my self." Athan replied " We are honored to have you as our ally in my masters name and in the name of the reborn dark council."

Jedi with a big question mark
Many jedi still wonder if the republic should be trusted or not since in clone war there were many powerful jedi like Athan who turned to the dark side because of the conflict but few other jedi say that these edi turned to the dark side because of the other jedi and their massive arrogance for example many jedi say that they are the most powerful, best lightsaber duelist and have the highest midi chlorian count but the truth is they don't have it no one has such thing because there is only one person who can all have those things and his name is Anakin skywalker. Many still think of leaving te order due to the fact that they sense dark side around them and around the senate.

The droids entered a pod and were shot down to the surface of Pelicd. They landed to the rocky surface and go out. The commando droids ran across the barren area, hoping not to be spotted. Athan walked over to the droids. "Are you the droids Killer has sent to aid me?" He asked. "Yes sir. I am Unit BX-49C." Said the leading captain of the group. "Go to the base and destroy the centeral core. Cross fires the rocket launcher. by need to block out all communication and shut down the power." The droids ran toward the huge wall. The door was magnetically sealed. BX-49C nodded at Cross, a droid nicknamed for the large cross design on his chest. The others ran away, while Cross aimed at the door with a rocket. He fired at the door creating an explosion for the six droids to enter. "Captain," Said Chrome, "We have spoted the core." Captain glanced down the end and looked at sniper commando Trigger and said "Take out those two guards and we will take care of the others." Trigger nodded as Captain, Chrome, Cross, Hijack, and Screw-Ball. Trigger looked through the scope of his gun and fired. A clone went down and the other looked as if he were in horror. He too went down. Screw-Ball leaped from wall to wall dodging the lasers that came from the clones who noticed him. Hijack ran to a Barc Speeder and hoped on it and drove off firing at the defenseless clones. Chrome ran and snapped a troopers neck. A clone pointed his blaster at him but Cross hit him in the head with his rocket launcher. Athan followed the debris of the mess as the droids ran inside. Captain ran and ordered, "Hijack, overload the core's circuit and get it to blow." Hijack ran and began his work. Screw-Ball began to twitch for he could never stay still. He tapped his feet as Hijack turned on his blowtorch and began to take apart the wires. Chrome noticed a clone and fired on him. The clone rolled down the ramp and into the bottomless pit. Trigger ran inside with Athan following beside him. Cross ran to the exit to guard. Athan gave an uneasy look, "The jedi are coming. I sense them." Captain glanced at Hijack, and Hijack worked faster. Suddenly there was a loud ringing noise. He walked to the wall and listened, as did Athan. Suddenly the ground shook. Screw-Ball gave a maniacal yelp, as he did out of nowhere all the time. A large drill busted through the wall, and Athan ignited his saber. A harch stepped out and ignited two green sabers. He leaped at Athan but Athan rolled away, as did Captain. Suddenly a younger geonosian stepped out and force pushed Chrome. Cross kicked the Geonosian but he flew off, holding his new bruise. "Drandin, formate!" The spider like harch said to the geonosian. "Yes master." He said as he sliced off Trigger's hand. Trigger jumped away and landed on the floor. Captain ran and tackled Drandin. Killer emerged from the shaddows and watched his droids fight the jedi. Athan looked back at him and shouted "Killer! Help us kill them!" Killer walked over to Athan and stopped him from attacking the jedi. Triiger yelled, "Hijack! Give me the rope!" Hijack thew rope to him and he wrapped it around his wrist. "What's he doing?" asked Athan. Killer said back, "What I trained them to do. To use the jedi's weapons against them." Screw-Ball leaped onto the harch named Sigmae's back. He began to swing at the jedi. Captain dove at the harch and shot his hand, making the green saber fall. Trigger slid and grabbed it, then tied the rope around, and ignited it. He then ignited it and had used it for a weapon, replacing his hand for the saber. He swung at Sigmae but Sigmae blocked using five other sabers. "Let them complete the mission." Killer said. He walked away with Athan. Screw-Ball crazilily jumped from wall to floor and back again, shooting Drandin's wings, making him fall to the ground. The others ran and shot Drandin, dead. Sigmae starred at his dead padawan, and cried out a loud roar. Suddenly Screw-Ball jumped on him and planted a grenade right in his mouth, shoving it down his throat. Sigmae panicked for the grenade as he chocked on it. Hijack ran yelling "10 seconds!" The droids ran out and escaped the explosion that claimed Sigmae's life. The droids boarded the ship. Killer gave them a nod. He was pleased of his trainees. Him and Athan prepared to board when Mace Windu jabbed Athan in the chest. Killer threw Athan on to the ship and kicked Windu off the departing spacecraft. He landed on the ground and watched the ship travel off. Killer closed the door and went to Athan, who was struggling to survive with his wounds. Killer ordered for Hijack to get medical equipment, but Athan said "No!" Killer gave a stare of shock. Athan began, "My life is unnessecary to this mission. Complete it. You must... We can't let the jedi have control of Pelicd." Killer said, "You will not die this way. You are a brave soldier and dark lord." Athan shook his head, "My legend will live on. Please." Killer gave an unsatisfying nod. Athan sat there, chocking and gasping for his breath. He first let out a gag, then starred off into the unknown of death. Killer looked down. The droid pilot looked back saying, "Sir, we need to lose some weight in order to go into hyperspace." Killer looked up and nodded to throw the useless cargo off, but it was not enough. Captain came over, "Sir, we must dispose of Nightkept's body..." Killer looked up in rage but slowly got up and gave a nod. "We must do what is needed to escape." They threw off his body and took off. His body lay there on the rocky planet.
A few days after Athan's death the pirates came down to Pelicd in search of something which is worth alot of credits and than they found Athan's body they knew straight away that the dead body used to be a jedi or a sith because of the robes. But the robes were not the thing that made pirates happy it was Athan's dubble bladed lightsaber which in those days it was worth alot of money pirates took the body and the lightsaber to their ship. They went to Nar Shadda and sold the lightsaber but they could not do anything with the body because of the radiation the midi chlorians were making no one could touch the body apart from the droids because the raidiation did nothing to droids. A half year after the pirates found the body IG 211 found out that the body was with the pirates. Killer knew it was an opportiunity for him. So he Rushed to his starfighter and went to Nar Shadda where the pirates were. After few minutes after Killer landed the Pirates were dead and IG 221 found the body of Athan. Killer said "I have found you after long time." Killer took athans body carrying it to his ship while in the streets of Nar Shadda people watched the empire approach. IG 221 knew he was being hunted by the empire so he put the body of Athan into his ship's medical bay and flew off to the remote planet of Illum. Killer knew what he was going to do next after many years of fighting clones his master grievous told him how clones were made. So Killer took few DNA samples from Athan's body. Athans blood with midi chlorians and started the cloning process. It took few hours for the clone to be made especially with the growing proccess acclerated. Soon Killer heard deep breathing and heard the clone speak for the first time saying "Jedi!" Killer knew that the proccess went well after the last thing Athan saw in his life was a jedi stabbing him. Killer told the clone that the republic is no more, the jedi are no more and that the CIS is no more The Cloned seemed not to act that the jedi are no more but he seemed to wonder soon he spoke out " I have memories are they mine?" Killer said "They are not yours they are the memories of an weak sith apprentice. You already became more powerful." Clone nodded and soon said "If the jedi are no more than whatare we going to do?" Killer said " i will teach you about different fighting styles and than when you are ready you will hunt down the jedi that are alive." Athan's clone said " And what about the empire" Killer said "I will handle that."
soon after the clone of Athan learned about recent events that happened he began his training remembering many styles but yet the clone had to practise them with IG 211. IG 211 is skillful with saber dueling and more athan trained mainly the styles for double bladed lightsaber since he knew what kind of power that wepon could bring after the clone finished his saber training IG 211 told him that he could not teach the clone how to use the force and has tasked the clone to go to korriban and train in the dark side arts. The clone did so he went to Korriban he went to long left sith academy he read the holocrons and library or hwat was left of it and went to the tombs of the dead sith lords like Darth Marr Marka Ragnos or freedon naad but the first tomb of all the clone visited was the tomb of Darth Nox one of the most powerful sith in his time because of his talent and the gift from the force that made a link between nox and ghosts Nox than after killing his master he learned the dark side ritual called the forcewalk. Forcewalk allowed a sith lord to bind ghosts and their power if the ghost was really powerful during his lifetime he became a very powerful ghosts and if such ghosts are bound theycan protect the binder from death. The clone learned many things  from those tombs but it came to his trails. Clone went into the dark room of Darth Marr tomb and soon thousand sith lords showed up attacking the clone the clone did not hesitate fighting the sith lords killing them one by one without a lightsaber just a vibroblade and using the force. The clone killed  them all and one sith lord appeared a dark figure soon using the force it pushed the clone saying "What are you doing in my resting place?" clone replied " Darth Marr the most powerful member of the dark council it is honour to meet you" Marr replied " maybe it is an honour to you but it's no honour to me while you fight in my resting place" clone soon said "  am learning about the force i am going through my trails" Darth marr replied " very well than your final test is here fight me." Marr  attacked the clone using his powerful force lightning on the clone and winning the duel already just in his first attack but soon the clone replied with series of fast attacks with his vibroblade. Marr force pushed the clone out from his way and laughed saying " Is this what sith came to? To me this is a discrase!" Clone went really [2]Darth Marr on korriban while he was aliveAdded by Athan nightkept1angry and attacked marr with even faster attacks than last time and first time ever the clone used the amazing force lightning on Marr. Marr shut is saber blade down saying "Well done young sith you have learned what I was to teach you you may leave" clone replied " It's been an honour to meet you." and the clone flew off in his ship back to Illum. Killer waited for the clone and thinking his plan through soon the clone walked up and Killer said " did you learn anything" clone did not reply all he did is show IG 211 lightning passing through his fingers, IG 211 seemed to be happy about the new force power the clone has learned.

MAKING POWERFUL WEPON[3]the first lightsaber from the right is the lightsaber that the clone madeAdded by Athan nightkept1
With the training the clone had so far he learned how to make lightsabers from an old holocron that was made by sith with the force athan could sense the power of lightsaber parts spread all around the galaxy not many lightsaber parts left since the jedi were extinct so the clone only went for the most powerful parts that a lightsaber would need first he went to Voss where he could find a powerful sith crystal but he sensed that he wasnt all alone something was watching him but clone ignored it and went to his ship and flew off. Next planet was Raxus Prime where the clone could find one of the most powerful emiters in the galaxy he found it on a ship of YT 3010 it was a project of a new YT that has been called off. The YT was about to fall so clone grabbed the emiter and ran to his ship and he sensed the rest of the lightsaber parts he needs are on Korriban he went to Korriban but he wasnt alone again he took the parts but someone appeared a smuggler looking fellow he said. " Those parts you took they are mine parts" clone replied "really" and the fight began the smuggler was skilled with the use of the blaster but the clone was skilled with his vibroblade. smuggler said " Those are mine parts and if you dont give them back to me you will end up dead and your body will make me rich" clone got angry he used such powerful force lightning that the smugglers eyes got burned out clone took the parts and flew off. back on Illum where he and Killer were hidding from the empire clone created his new double bladed lightsaber with some glass in the center around it and used his power of force lightning to use the lightning as power to the lightsaber

The clone walked around the old tombs on Illum looking at different sith writings and holocrons but the clone felt like something was not right it was like something was in the room a dark presence but yet nothing was there no even a shadow so the clone sat down and meditated but he still could not get the dark presence out of his head so he got back up feeling the cold wind coming through the door and seeing his breath as it left his mouth and than all the sudden the clone sees a dark figure glowing in purple than a d[4]Athan as a dark side ghostAdded by Athan nightkept1ark voice said " I am the dark side i am more powerful than ever" and the dark figure went inside the clone the clone fell down but it was not it's self anymore the eyes were glowing purple and hands had dark red enegry around them while lightning passed through fingers clone got back up like he got adapetd to it and said " My name is Athan Nightkept and i am reborn" Athan was reborn more powerful than ever seeking revenge on the jedi that were left and seeking any rituals left for him to become more powerful.

Athan annoyed with the empire and seeking revenge on jedi needed his enemies to fear him but yet to know that he is back so he attacked kamino on the same day that few skywalkers including Kool skywalker,derek skywalker and wil skywalker went to attack kamino. Athan not being a fool asked an bounty hunters to assist him they responded with no so Athan killed them all and took their assassin droids and reprogrammed them to serve him. On the day of the attack Skywalkers had everything planned out but derek felt great darkness and since he was the last skywalker that had a duel with Athan since his death only derek felt his darkness Derek had a bad feeling about going to Kamino but he could not admit to his brothers that he didn't want to go. Skywalkers landed on kamino and started their attack and half an hour later Athan appeared with his assassin droids storming the place killing every stormtrooper found but the skywalkers were more powerful than the droids and in few minutes droids where all but scrap metal one of them even set fire and right out of that fire appeared a figure with a dubble bladed lightsaber ready took his hood off and jumped with his lightsaber at wil skywalkers knew who they were facing against it was Athan
as soon as Athan landed on the ground he locked his saber with wil's saber and looked into wil's eyes with hate and anger soon it was Kool that Attacked Athan but Athan blocked the attack force pushing both wil and kool into derek. Athan said "don't look suprised you knew that i would be back" wil through the force said to his brothers "We should have brought greg" Athan without waiting attacked all skywalkers kicking wil quiet far from them while kool's blade hit the top on Athan's lightsaber and derek's blade hit the bottom of Athan's saber this was the fight that skywalkers could not yet win until aari jumped out of no where attacking Athan which [5]athan on kamino and aari on the floor after getting shot by lightning from AthanAdded by Athan nightkept1[6]Athan and the empireAdded by Athan nightkept1dragged Athan away from arri's brothers aari was helpless and got hit with lightning from Athan's finger tips aari fell on the floor and as soon as she did Athan reallised that he is hurting his former friends, stoping the lightning Athan said "I will leave you this time I hope you know what you are facing now" and walked right next to aari which was on the floor and disappearing in dark. 

Going To The Ruins
the jedi temple was a ruin after order 66 but Athan knew that his questions would be answered there that was allways the place he could find what he was looking for so Athan picked up a random ship and flew it to coruscant he landed the ship nearby the temple and jumped up to a 60 feet tall platform through which you could get into the temple and has cut any stormtroopers (some of them were clones) and got inside. Once Athan was inside the temple he found many plaars on the floor and many more corpses but yet he felt the presence that skywalkers left when they were in the temple not long after order 66 but Athan could not be distracted by that right now he had to find the answers he was looking for. Soon he aproached the holocron chamber with the doors locked Athan knew the answer was there he used his full power on force push to demolish the door to the chamber of holoccrons. Once Athan was inside it was only a matter of time before he found the holocron he was looking for the meditated on the holocron and got the vision. There was a dark figure standing and said "You have come with one question and only one question will be answered. The answer you seek is impossible to tell but yet i know the knowledge to say it and it says yes they will live and you, you may not be so lucky" Athan has waken from the vision and went to the hangar as soon as he entered the hangar a dark figure with red lightsaber attacked Athan saying "You are weak You lack what i have you lack power" Athan reallised who it was and he realised he was not awaken at all he fought the dark figure but the dark figure could not be beaten until athan with his rage and the power of the dark side unleashed such powerful lightning that there was an earthquake the dark figure disapeared and a mask fell down that mask elonged to his former master Ghost Rain. than Athan was attacked by another figure this time the figure was shining with light you could not see it's face but Athan knew it was a girl she attacked Athan screaming "Why did you do it to us WHY!!!" Athan knew that the figure could not be defeated by the force powers but by a duel the duel lasted long enough until Athan stabbed the figure in the heart the figure diappeared and a lightsaber fell down it was his former frined's lightsaber it belonged to night. Athan was about to board the ship until gray figure appeared this time you could see the face it was derek. derek said "There now not only will they survive but so will you take what you learned and may it bring you the power of the force." Athan stood up and realised that we was still in the holocron chamber instead of the hangar he began to think where was the fighting going on with the figures until he got to the thought that all that was just a vision from the holocron. Athan ran to the hangar took the best ship he could find and flew back to ilum.
[7]powerful dark eclipse during clone warsAdded by Athan nightkept1
A New Ship
Athan found out not long ago that is former ship the dark eclipse has been trashed on raxus prime, Athan decides to go there so he catches a random transport off ilum and travels to raxus prime. Once Athan arrived on raxus prime he decided to look for a new ship Athan always knew that rich people around the galaxy leave good usable ships on raxus prime forever. Athan looked for a good military ship but a one that could be used as a home as well there are many ships like that but most of the ships cost alot even the used ones. Athan was walking on many trash and parts of droids until he saw a ship with massive cannons and he recognised that ship and by who that ship was made. it was the KSE firespray the ones that never got to see day light since most of them got blown up. Athan walked inside the ship was empty and it lacked few parts so Athan left the ship and went looking for parts. First he needed a powerf[8]Athan in KSE firespray flying off raxus primeAdded by Athan nightkept1ul engine part which would not only allow the jump to lightspeed but it would improve the speed of the ship. Athan was walking until he saw scavangers and they had the part Athan needed. With Athan being sick of peace he killed the scavangers and took the engine part he needed. The next on the list was a navi computer that could recieve co-ordinates through the comm and it needs to have a massive memory so it could list all planets in the galaxy. Athan saw another ship looked like 3000 years old and it looked like D5 mantis Athan went inside and found the navi computer he needed and than the last on his list was a pwoerful hyperdrive which he also retrived from the D5 Mantis now all that was remain is to install the parts and go back to ilum. Athan walked a long way the the KSE firespray and when he arrived he saw a bounty hunter walking around it. Athan with rage attacked the bounty hunter and killed him the bounty hunter wasn't no mando nor some scum it was a trained assasin probably from an assasin temple on umbara. Athan installed parts into the KSE firespray and flew off to ilum.[9]KSE firespray insideAdded by Athan nightkept1

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