Asami Coldcut is a red colored Twi'lek female. She was born on Ryloth and lived there for 3 months of her life then later taken by Space Pirates and brought to Nal Hutta.Her parents were murdered when she was 2 years old. At the age of 3 years old, the Pirate that had taken her trained her how

Asami Coldcut

A young Mandalorian, Asami roams the Jedi Temple.

to shoot a blaster with hostages as her targets. She never missed and if she did she would be severely punished. At the age of 4 1/2 the Pirate taught her how to smuggle and steal. She stole credits, ammunition, and even weapons. Never once did she get caught. When she turned 6 years old a man with a peg leg came to the Pirates' camp and he and his army wiped out every pirate in the camp leaving little Asami without a teacher or even someone she could call her friend. Asami trained for 3 more years then took her revenge on the man who had taken all the lives of the pirates and her friend. She later discovered that the name of him was Jajho. Later, when she turned 14 years old she met a boy by the name of Sozin. They bonded quite well and had alot of common interests. Sozin had a unique ability to blast fire from his fingertips. He later helped Asami discover her unique ability to control the blood and water in another body to do her bidding. By the age of 19 Asami was wanted dead or alive on 7 systems. Her and Sozin met up in an allyway one day and he told her she had Clawdites in her bloodline. He told her that she had another ability to shapeshift. Even though she was not a Clawdite she swapped from Twi'lek to Togruta to Human. Her and Sozin later created a squad called Asteroid Pirates. Sozin had later discovered that there were spies and disquised Jedi Knights in the squad. He informed Asami and she had everyone but Sozin executed. At the age of 26 Asami and Sozin joined the Mandalorians. Later they made their own squad called Darkest Souls. Asami and Sozin stayed in the shadows for one more year and started to plot her revenge on the Jedi and The Massive growing army led by Master Steve. Asami is currently 27 years old and the leader of a massive squad within the Death Watch Mandalorians.

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