Aron Starstrider was born in 44 BBY by the time when the Clone Wars started, on the dusty planet, Felucia. Unusually, he was smaller and weaker babies who are also born in Felucia. However, he became a powerful Jedi General. His friend, Commander Flankfire, is still studying about him.


Right after Aron Starstrider was born between Lord Starstrider and his unknown wife, the father took him into the planet of darkness, Umbara. He had to eat the Umbaran plants and trees, he survived the poor experience. Finally, two dark warriors came to get him. That time he at hard life of Darth Blackspear and Kyrus Darkblade. Once, he almost killed himself by cutting his head off. Right when he opened Kyrus's lightsaber, Darth Blackspear stopped him by force control.

Dark side acolyte gear

Before a Jedi

Before Aron Starstrider was a Jedi Knight, his father, Lord Starstrider, left him in a dark cave where the Dark Side was born. The sith lords, Kyrus Darkblade, Darth Blackspear, and Darth Electrospear, found him and trained him as a Sith Apprentice.

Aron as a Sith apprentice


However, after Darth Blackspear stabbed Aron's father, Lord Starstrider, he escaped out of the dangerous cave, and joined the Jedi council. Brandon welcomed and took good care of him. He made his own new Padawan gear, and followed his brother, Brandon Starstrider. He was ready for his revenge of murdering his only father.


Aron on training

A New General

After 5 years of training, Brandon Starstrider and Anakin Starstrider made him a new gear. They made two of them, one is silk, made by Brandon, and the other one is made out of metal and rubber, made by Anakin, and a blue lightsaber similar to Anakin Skywalker's. He learned some mind tricks from his top brother, Anakin Starstrider. He uses force push, force glow, force choke, and force explosion mind tricks. They blast the opponents away, forcing them stabbing his brothers' lightsaber.

"What a great Jedi, he is." -Master Yoda

New Armor Broken

After a great duel between Kyrus Darkblade and Aron Starstrider, his rubber armor got slashed by the dark blade of the red lightsaber. From now on, he has to go on battle with the silk gear. Finally, the plates got back in position, and being lightning proof. He went to go have an another mission completed, defeating Savage Opress.

                              Aron dueling Anakin Skywalker
 And Savage Opress



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