Arla Jaeger


Arla Nataria Jaeger






43 BBY



Hair color:

Sandy blonde

Eye color:



Vanary and Arick Jaeger


Sister: Tasha Jaeger


Arla Jaeger was born on Tanaab 43 BBY to Vanary and Arick Jaeger. She has an older sister, Tasha, whom she is very close too. When she reached the age of twelve, she enrolled in the Galactic Republic Academy and studied engineering. When she was eighteen, she graduated from the Academy and was stationed aboard Admiral Wullf Yularen's ship where Anakin Skywalker, his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, and the 501st were commonly known to be.


Life at the Academy

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The Mission on Chandrila

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Politics on Board

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Order 66 & After

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Arla was known for her dry, sarcastic humor. Even though she would often be snarky with her friends, Arla was also a very sweet, compassionate person who would do anything for her friends or family. While she is a kind spirited person, she has been known to be stubborn at times, and has no patience for irritating or ignorant people. She is a very independent thinker, but is also very reserved as well.

Family & Friends

Kara Starrix

Kara Starrix is a nurse who is stationed aboard Admiral Yularen's cruiser. Kara befriended Arla when they first met, and the two would continue to be friends for life. Kara was sweet and kind, but had an iron fist when it came to people who couldn't even handle taking a shot. She was a very quiet person who was very methodical. After Order 66, Kara began to work for the Rebellion, and eventually married a Rebellion leader named Jason Thorne.

Romantic Interests

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Skills & Combat

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Behind The Scenes

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