Jedi Master-Senator Anni Maria-Ami Candy (Anni Macan)
Jedi Master Anni Candy
Biographical information



41 BBY, Iego


5 ABY, Mustafar

Physical description





5 ft, 4 in

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Blood type

O Positive

Chronological and political information

Clone Wars Era


Jedi Council Ministry of Neutral Systems (MONS)

Known masters

Mace Windu

Known apprentices

Zane Skyywalker


Flare Macan (Father), Maria Candy (Mother), Rose Girl (Sister), Sarah (Sister), Padme (Sister)


Anni was born on Iego to Flare Macan and Maria Candy, but sold to Jabba the Hutt at age two. A year later she was freed and taken to the Jedi Temple by Mace Windu.

Jedi Childhood

Anni was always meditating and watching other padawans train. She wanted to become a Jedi Master like Mace Windu.

Jedi Knighthood

Anni became a Jedi Knight at age 12 and was one of the youngest Jedi Knight. Anni trained Denn for a year and then he betrayed her to the Sith. Anni didn't train a padawan for six months. After six months Anni trained Zane Skyywalker. They trained together for two years. Zane was graduated to a Jedi Knight while Anni graduated to Jedi Master and joined the Jedi Council.

Finding Sisters

Anni was on a secret mission for the Jedi Council, while Anni was preparing for the mission as a Speed Racer she caught the eyes of Steve. He was sponsor of his daughter Rose Girl and Sarah. He was a drunk most days of the year Steve praised his daughters when they won a race but hit them if they lost any race. Rose protected Sarah from Steve. Anni watched Steve try to hit Sarah but Rose rushed in front of Sarah and took the hit for her. Anni watched the two sisters leave there Station and head towards concession stand, most likely to get beer for Steve. "I can have Steve taken away for abusive" Anni says to Rose and Sarah. The girls are shaking. 


"I am a Jedi"

"Please, I beg of you"

Life With Rose & Sarah

The three girls quickly became the best of friends when Anni recommended that Rose and Sarah both move into her smaller apartment that she never uses, Rose and Sarah agree and are moved in by the end of the week. Months pass and Rose returns to the race track without her disgrace of a father. Sarah attends all and any of Roses race to give love and support to her especially when Anni couldn't attend due to her Jedi Duties and of course when Rose lost a race. The three girls were adjoined at the hip in a way until an unfaithful night when Rose and Sarah's apartment was broken into whilst Rose was out without the younger sister. When Rose returned the apartment was only messy in the bedroom as Sarah struggled against her killer

Finding Another Sister and a Father

Shortly after Rose and Sarah moved into Anni's smaller apartment, Anni was approched by a Jedi that went by the name of Padme Firewalker, she declared that she was Anni's long lost triplet. She (Anni) was amazed by the girls approach and quickly went to get a blood test to see if this was true. Once the blood test came back postive Anni welcomed Padme happy to be with family for once in her life.  While Anni was walking along the halls in the Jedi Temple with Jocky Airliner and Swoop Sniper (CT-4082) when the three noticed that Anni is a spitting image of Jedi Master Flare Macan who had recently returned from the battle on Ice Burg Three, the three approached the Jedi Master and invited him over for tea and treats. Flare and Anni connected and bonded the moment they sat down in front of the fire on Anni's Deck. Flare stayed much longer then Sniper and Jocky did due to being called into duty. The following morning Flare confessed to all three girls that he was there father and was proud of all three of us for our life choices and that we should "never give up hope" he they stood up and left the apartment to return to his duty as a high ranking officer in Joker, a squad that he was very loyal to.

The Time of Change

During the time just after discovering Padme and Roses death Anni went through a period of having no work and chose to work for Ree

The Death of Rose

Rose along with Anni traveled to Orto Plutonia to race in the championship race. Once the girls got to the racetrack they see Steve with an evil grin on his face. Anni assisted Rose with preperation for  the race. "Good Luck Sis" Anni whispers as Rose slides into her favorite jacket. "You'll owe me a few drinks if I win, Remeber" She says and winks before sliding herself onto the red speeder bike Flare, Anni and Sarah built by hand. Anni waves her off and goes to the stands. That's the last time Anni saw Rose alive, on the second round just as the Rose gained first place and the racers rounded the corner, out of sight of the audience a pillar collapesed and crushed Rose Girl. Anni raced to her sisters body and cried over it, the Jedi Master refused to let anyone touch it for hours. When she was finally pulled away from her sisters body she rushed to Corusant. A dark side within her began to sneak it's way into her.

The Death of Padme

After the death of Rose, Anni decided to change from being a Jedi to being a Senator. Padme assisted her older sister by introducing her to Daniel Greenpulser, the Chancellor for Pure Clan. The youngest Candy-Macan child was happy to be able to bond with Anni, even after the death of Rose. Shortly after Anni was placed inside the Pure Clan Senate, it became corrupted and Padme left the senate and joined Firewalker Senate; tired of Pure Clans corruption. In that time period between the rest of Pure Clan Senate leaving that senate to form a new senate and Anni's shocking discovery that the there mother was a princess to Iego, but was kidnapped and stolen just before she met Flare, the youngest triplet began to fall into a deep depression from the corruption of Firewalker Senate to the raging Clone War she planned an assassination on herself by a bounty hunter. When the bounty hunter did not show she shot herself in the heart with her own pistol. Anni who was in a Senate meeting quickly rushed to Padme's apartment hoping to save her sister but it was to late...Padme's body was as cold as ice when she arrived.


Anni was exploring the Jedi Temples main hall when she first saw a brown haired man, she noticed that he began to follow her until he cornered her in the Jedi Lounge and introduced himself as David before asked her out. Even though it's against the Jedi Code she accepted Davids offer, the pair fell in love and married a month later. The couple were happy, even though they didn't have children David and Anni were happy together. Shortly after Anni joined the Senate, but they began to argue and Anni divorced him after being force choked by him. A heartbroken Anni moved into her own apartment only a few blocks from Rose and Sarah.

Senate Life

Anni continued being in the Senate long after Padmes death. She stayed with Daniel's Senates until she began to grow tired of changing Senates very few months, she took a long Hiatis until  Daniel retired and took her own retirement.

Returning to Iego

Anni returned to Iego after several years of Senate work. She reclaimed the throne and began to civilize Iego again. A small palace was built to house Anni and her growing family. There we're several young children running aroud. What rooms weren't used for the Royal family we're used to house and feed families whose homes are not built yet. The Queen of Iego is loved by her subjects, in the center of the main city is a memorial for anyone who was lost to the Sepertists Orbital Security System, there is also a memorial for Maria, Rose and Padme.


Shawn was a Sith that was infiltrating the Jedi Temple when he met Anni. The two fell in love and married shortly after. Anni and Shawn tried to have children but had no luck so they adopted Adni. The lady




Anni retired from the Senate and gave the throne to her daughter Adni, tired of the constant depressing new that was given to her daily; Annis brown hair was turning gray and was counting the days she had left to live. She moved to Tatootine and began a farm close to the Skywalkers Ranch just to keep an eye on her old friends son. The aging Anni enjoyed the days Adni visited with her grandchildren, it made her house feel like a real home as the children chased each other around there mother as the two chatted about what was going on in the world.


After a long, yet successful season of farming Anni traveled to her Mustafar home where Rex Bladestorme, her ex lover and friend awaited her arrival. He swore on the day that they broke up that he would get revenge on Anni for playing with his heart when she never meant to hurt it at all.

"Why can't we talk this through Rex!" -Anni to Rex

The Sith turned Exile stole Anni's customized light sabers off of her belt and threw them into a place that would be difficult for her to reach even with the force. Rex approaches her, his lightsaber goes to her neck and she prays that he kills her swiftly, when suddenly the black sabers' blade is gone from her neck and is being pinned by a close friend and a fellow ex of Rex's, Sarah Wolf555.

"Thank god you came when you did!" -Anni to Sarah after being saved by Sarah

While Sarah distracted Rex, Anni uses the force to call her double-bladed light saber, once the lightsaber was 

Anni's Residence

Anni's Large Apartment on Coruscant

Rose and Sarah's Apartment on Coruscant

Anni's Home on Mustafar


Anni Candy is a fictional character from Clone Wars Adventures (The game shut down on March 31, 2014)

Anni Candy was apart of the original name of the creators first Gaming Channel that was later changed from Annicandy4ever to TheNationsHome

Rose Girl was played by only the creator of Anni, there was no one else except her. :P

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