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Andrew Astroidrain or Mitth'aso'safis
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44 BBY

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1,84 metres


80 kilograms

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The rise of the empire

  • legacy era
  • Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic
  • The New Republic
  • The New Jedi Order
  • Chiss Ascendancy
  • Empire OF the Hand
  • Imperial Remnant
  • Jedi Master
  • Jedi General
  • General
  • Admiral
Known masters
  • Vrarn'ebur'irerd
  • Mitth'vor'usso (During his time in CEDF)
Known apprentices

Size and age doesn't make a warrior, it's his strength! Andrew's lesson to his padawans.

Andrew Astroidrain

Andrew Astroidrain was a jedi general that fought bravely in the clone wars and in his conflicts with the galactic Empire, Thrawn and even against the Yuuhzan Vong and in the Dark nest Crisis. He was a brave Dahgee Jedi who grew up at the Jedi Temple and was a champion of the order. He was well knowed for his strong connection to the living force, and for his connection to the Chiss. During his time at the Chiss Andrew became a friend and kind of a hero, he adopted the name Mitth'asos'safis.


In 44 BBY a child was born on the cold planet of Csilla. Csilla was in the unknown regions of the galaxy. Andrew laid in a cave with a little fire. Near him lay two dead bodies, a man and a woman. On a moment two Chiss came in. The Chiss were a humanoid species with a blue skin and red eyes. But both of them were Jedi. The two Chiss were named Vrarn'ebur'irerd and Vrarn'ebur'orerd. Vrarn'ebur'orerd said to Vrarn'ebur'irerd. Look Neburi! There is a baby in here! Neburi Yes Neburo I see it. While Vrarn'ebur'irerd walked to the baby Vrarn'ebur'orerd examined the bodies. Vrarn'ebur'irerd Have you identified the bodies? Vrarn'ebur'orerd No, but they had some plague that is genetic given. The baby has it too but he is immune to it. Vrarn'ebur'irerd I sense that this baby has a strong connection to the force. We must take him to the temple. Vrarnebur'orerd Agreed. And so the two Chiss female Jedi brought Andrew to his new home: The Jedi Temple.


Andrew started his Jedi training. The Jedi younglings were separated in clans. Andrew's clan was called the Mawvorr clan. In this clan Andrew had colleagues and friends called: Voolvif Monn (a Shistaven), Anna Zett, Kolan, Lohan, Fetrov, Rin-Sol Ambase and Ulic Quinn. Together with his clan Andrew trained whole days


Andrew was chosen by master Vrarn'ebur'irerd. And didn't have a special padawanhood like Anakin and Obi-wan. Andrew spent his time mostly in the temple or jungle planets like Cholganna, Felucia and eventually Dahgee. Andrew spent his time training with his master in their skills. Andrew also studied tactics and history. Andrew also had a special adventure during his padawanhood known as the Outbound Flight.

The outbound flight

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The launch

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The exploration

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The destruction

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The blue society

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Taking Shaela as his padawan

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Training on Dahgee

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First battle of Geonosis

Andrew was one of the 200 Jedi who fought on Geonosis. Andrew and his master assisted the Jedi order to free Obi-Wan Kenobi his padawan Anakin and senator Amidala. After a tense right with Geonosians they were surrendered by the CIS forces and Geonosians. Andrew Blast it! They have us. Master Eerin Andrew if you feel in the force, you'll know help is coming. Then the new clone army dropped from the sky and began to destroy the Droid armies. Andrew and master Eerin were the first to attack the droid armies. The Clone army made a circle around the Jedi to evacuate them. Andrew climbed in one of those shops and flew away. Andrew and the otters were safe for the moment. While Andrew flew away he joined a battalion called the 13th attack battalion. Andrew felt the responsibility to lead this attack battalion. Andrew Commander what is your mission? Clone Commander Our mission is to fight the Droid armies as long as we can to gain time for our commandoes for their mission. Andrew Commander what is your name? Clone Commander CC-2223, Why do you ask? Andrew Is that you name? Clone Commander We don't have names, sir. We have numbers only a few have a name. Andrew Well let's call you Antigro. Vrarn'ebur'irerd Andrew do you know what Antigro means? Andrew Oh yes master. It means a friend who you could trust any moment. It's your back in a fight and fights side by side with you. Clone pilot We're approaching the drop zone. Good luck out there. Antigro Green light, GO GO GO! Andrew Flank those droids, try to surround them! The troops surround the droids when they were in trouble Andrew came to them and protected the Clones appeared and helped them. But when the Clones were pushing the droids back Andrew ordered Fall back and take defensive positions! The clones didn't really understood why but they obeyed his order. When the Clones fell back the droids emerged to them. Antigro asked Andrew General why did you order that? Andrew You said we must take as much time possibly for the commandoes, didn't you? Antigro Oh, now I understand sir. Andrew Antigro, please don't call me sir. Call me Andrew. Antigro Yes sir! Andrew Antigro Antigro Sorry sir. Andrew Let's focus on the battlefield! Andrew stood there and used his tactic again and again. But that was about to change when the big guns arrived. Andrew bought much time for the commandoes, but now the big guns have arrived. Andrew saw a crashed gunship a little further, so he, Antigro and three other troopers went to search for survivors and plant some charges. Andrew Antigro plant the charges at the engines. The others will help with the wounded. Andrew found four survivors. Andrew Antigro are the charges set? Antigro Yes, Andrew. Andrew Let's get out of here then! When tanks of the CIS came Andrew ordered Antigro fire those charges! The ship blew up and so did the tanks. This tactic was called Boom-ship and will be used very much in the clone wars by Andrew and the 13th. Now, the fierce battle began. The heavy artillery firing on the CIS command ships while the ground forces shot each other. Andrew felt victory, but the battle wasn't over. The Jedi tried to make the droids in groups so the clones could throw a grenade and blow them up. This tactic was very effective against the droids. At a moment Antigo received a message from the forward command center The droid army is in full retreat. I repeat, the droid army is in full retreat. Andrew and the Jedi pushed the droids at one focused place. When Andrew ordered to fire all fire was focused on the group droids. And so Andrew pushed the CIS forces and gained enough time for the commandos. The battle of Geonosis was finally over. After this battle Andrew, master Eerin and the other Jedi Kolan, Lohan and Fetrov decided to join the 13th on the cruiser Avenger .

The battle of Cyphar

The Storm fleet is a fleet made for the CIS on Cyphar. Andrew and the 13th fought with the CIS forces to capture the locations of all storm fleet vessels. For this mission Andrew attacks the CIS HQ with the 13th. Andrew has another advantage: Air support. The 3d fleet blockaded Cyphar so no ship could escape. On the fleet's flagship Andrew's padawan watches how the battle goes. The fleet Flagship, Chimaera, was a prototype cruiser with a cloacking device under command of Captain Pellaeon. Andrew uses his communicator to Shaela Shaela are their more forces incoming? Shaela No master...wait I'm picking up a message. I'll put it through. Andrew Antigro, give me some cover! Antigro used signs to tell his troops to give Andrew some cover. Andrew played the message on his hollo communicator Republicans, you don't need fight anymore. I shall give you the coordinates of all storm fleet ships. But you need to destroy the base to win Cyphar. Half of the Storm fleet is there in the CIS HQ. You don't need my name. Just destroy the CIS HQ. Andrew to his troops All forces retreat! Retreat! Antigro What are you doing? Andrew Trust me. All the ground forces retreated to the forward Camp. While Andrew and the 13th retreated he called captain Pelleaon. Captain Pellaeon come in please! <Pellaeon here. What is it general.> I need you to bombard that HQ now. <No problem general, the bombers shall leave immediately.> Andrew and the 13th arrived at the forward camp and so did the bombers at their target. In minutes the CIS HQ was destroyed. In half an hour all the remaining storm fleet ships revealed themselves and surrendered. Andrew So our first own victory. I think there are more coming Antigro. Yes Andrew. The 13th will be ready for it. answered Antigro. Andrew Good to know.

The battle of Eredenn

Eredenn a planet which is building Decimators. These were new weapons created by the Republic in the facilities on Eredenn. Eredenn was a world covered with snow were Wookies climbed in the trees and lived among the humans. But now the CIS decided to capture the decimators and use them against the Republic. Andrew was alone on Eredenn to see the testing of the decimators. Andrew walked through the facility along general Kraen Weest. I still think this is a bad idea, general. Andrew said. Master Jedi, you need to understand that the Republic decided to make these weapons. With these new weapons the war can end soon. Weest said. Andrew Well the tests were success full and I think the decimators are ready for their first mission, gener... A blow interrupted Andrew. The blow was near them and Andrew looked at the body of general Weest. The general was dead, Andrew closed his eyes and took directly command. Take the decimators out of here! Alert the Wookies, we need help! ordered Andrew. Andrew sensed something familiar, a presence of a new enemy. Andrew decided to go outside, when stepped outside he stopped breathing. He saw a blue woman with a red lightsaber. Andrew knew it could only be dark Jedi Chiss. The woman came to Andrew as the battle emerged. At a point Andrew asked her You're a Chiss. What are you doing here. the woman My name is Sev'rance Tann. How do you know of the Chiss? Andrew My master and her sister were Chiss and the Outbound flight. Sev'rance Tann Well general, you're outnumbered. I will give you the death of a warrior. Sev'rance Tann raised her lightsaber and prepared to attack Andrew. As Andrew activated his lightsabers he attacked, but this Sev'rance Tann had something special. She could see the next movements of her enemy. A fierce duel began. The battle was lost the Wookies arrived and were defeated and nearly the hole garrison of clone troopers was killed in the battle. Andrew then decided to surrender. Sev'rance Tann you may have the Decimators, but let us leave alive. Sev'rance Tann Andrew you have fought well. You may leave from here. Spread the word that a new enemy has come to defeat the Jedi. Andrew retreated from Eredenn and went to Coruscant for his report. Masters a new Dark Jedi has risen. You may not know her but she is a Chiss just like my Master. But this Sev'rance Tann has the ability to see my next moves, and as you know I have a personalized form which is pretty destructive and yet she could defeat me in a battle. master Windu Master Astroidrain, You need to recapture the Decimators and defeat this Sev'rance Tann for good. Echuu Shen-Jon will assist you in this quest.

The battle of Sarapin

Sev'rance Tann success fully captured the planet Sarapin while Andrew studied the Decimators schematics and Sev'rance's tactics. Sarapin has fallen, but Andrew, the 13th and master Echuu Shen-Jon went to Sarapin to stop Sev'rance Tann. This invasion was a risky plan but Andrew decided a clever plan. Andrew and a small group of clones had to capture a communication tower and send some kind of virus to the Decimators so they would be immobilized. And so Andrew led a small group of clones to the communication tower while Echuu Shen-Jon led the 13th to a trap. Echuu Shen-Jon mission was to surround the CIS forces. Andrew made it to the tower and captured it. The Decimators were decimated bye the 13th. As soon Andrew arrived at the battlefield he confronted Sev'rance Tann. So we meet again matser Astroidrain. It seems like you are also clever. Sev'rance Tann said Sev you can still be redeemed from this dark path. I now not talk as a Jedi but as a Chiss. Get away from this path of destruction. Andrew said. Sev'rance Tann Ha! The Jedi just meditate while worlds are in civil war. The Jedi left the rebels on Jabiim. Dooku is right the galaxy needs a Jedi purge! After those words Sev'rance Tann jumped to Andrew. Andrew pushed her back and both of them raised their lightsabers. Andrew jumped to her and she stepped aside. A fierce duel began, but a moment master Shen-Jon joined the duel. Sev'rance Tann You can still surrender. Lower your lightsaber. Andrew said. Suprisingly she lowered her lightsaber. Masters it was a honor. But I must go now. She jumped at the air and a shuttle picked her up. Sev'rance Tann had escaped. Now master Echuu Shen-Jon has to end this threat on his own because Master Jafer Torles asked reinforcements on Cartao. And so Andrew had to leave a mystery behind him.

The battle of Cartao

Cartao a planet with Spaarti cloning cylinders. The current forces on Cartao were the forces of the Jedi Jafer Torles, a Jedi master who led the 30th battalion. Andrew and master Torles decided that while Andrew and Torles led the troops on the ground that the Republic fleet will destroy the CIS droid control ships. To destroy the CIS droid controlling ship they decided to crash the Whipsaw a modified ship with extra evasive tactics. Andrew led his men on the ground. He and Jafer surrounded the Spaarti cloning factory. Andrew picked hi comlink and called Torles Master Torles, my troops are ready for the assault. How are yours? Master Torles My troops are also ready. The Whipsaw signaled that it is ready. Andrew Good, then shall we begin. Master Torles You have the honor. Andrew dropped the call and ordered his artillery to fire. Andrew Men begin the assault! To Victory! Andrew and his men emerged to the factory. Men fell down but Andrew had to move on. Now men! Yelled Andrew in the middle of the battle. Then troops took some kind of shields and established a line of defense. Then Fyefee's troops came from the other side. Jafer attacked in full force. Andrew felt trouble above them. Andrew sensed that the Whipsaw was in trouble. Then in an instant the Whipsaw was vanished. The droids fell all over the field. Andrew and Jafer went inside the factory to plant the bombes at the main reactor. Andrew So master Torles another victory for the Republic. Master Torles Master Astroidrain, you are really apart from the normal Jedi. Andrew Please call me Andrew. And yeah who else heard about the Dahgee Jedi. And I know that I have my own ways to do things. Master Torles Good ones too. Andrew Thanks master, I would like to.... Andrew saw a most remmarkable thing that took his breath. By the force! why should they clone me? Master Torles I do not know. Andrew Let's just blow this place up shall we. Andrew and Torles destroyed the factory and returned to their forces. Andrew to Torles May the Force be with you, Master Torles. Torles And with you Andrew. The battle of Cartao was finally over.

The battle of Denova

Denova, a planet full of resources and spectacular fauna and flora, is now under attack by the CIS. The planetary defenses could hold the forces long enough for Andrew to come. According from the distress signal there are 30 CIS ships and Andrew had only 20 ships. So when Andrew arrived he was behind the ships and surrounded their flanks. Now they were in a kind of a circle. All ships open maximum fire power. ordered Andrew. But two of the CIS ship were abandoning their attack, Andrew saw and ordered to the Decimator ,a Venator-class cruiser but with two tractor beams Decimator knock their engines out and hold them. Gunships with boarding parties are underway. The Decimator acknowledged and broke off it's attack. The Decimator approached with heavy fire. The two CIS ships were doomed and the Decimator hold them and disabled their weapons with ion cannons. Meanwhile Andrew destroyed the CIS attack force, no invasion ship landed on Denova and Denova was safe. However on of the ships which were hold commenced self-destruct. Only one ship remained. The gunships successfully boarded the ship and captured it. Andrew wanted to know their plans. When Andrew checked the ships logs he found something, a message. The message was encrypted but by luck some clones encrypted it. The 20th fleet has too distract general Andrew Astroidrain who would be near the system Denova. Your mission is to distract them so that he would not interfere with our plans for Fondor. Dooku out. The was the message for the fleet. Andrew had no time to waste. He plotted course for Fondor and requested assistance from the Republic.

Space battle over Fondor

Fondor is under attack by the CIS forces while Andrew comes as quickly as he can. The Republic sent Shaela Thetarocket Andrew's padawan to help him. Andrew finally arrived at Fondor. He was outnumbered and outgunned, but with Fondor's defenses he could defeat the CIS. Andrew try to stand around them. Launch all fighters and gunships. Prepare boarding parties to capture their ship. and hail them. a clone Yes sir... They are responding. Andrew Onscreen. A Neimodian commander appeared on his screen. Greetings General Astroidrain. I was hoping we would met one time. By the way my name is Koldrath. Andrew If you do not withdraw immediately from this system then you will be destroyed. commander Koldrath Ha! You are outnumbered and outgunned. I have a fleet of 50 ships do you think you can stop me. Andrew Very well the 5th fleet is coming, prepare yourself. Koldrath What!? You--- Andrew gave his sign to end the transmition. Captain Pellaeon General how do you know the 5th fleet is coming. Andrew Jedi telepathy Captain. Prepare to meet my padawan. The 5th fleet appeared and attacked the CIS forces. Andrew Launch all fighters and gunships, tell our ships that we try to capture the two commanding ships and send them the coordinates. The Clone Yes sir! Captain Pellaeon General two ships are breaking off their formation. Andrew All fighters and gunships those are you targets. All cruiser take out their engines and heavy cannons. And so his troops did. The engines and heavy cannons were destroyed and now they focused on destroying the remaining CIS ships. After 2 hours the battle was over and two captured ships. Shaela came on the bridge of the Chimaera. Hello master, did you miss me? Andrew I'm sorry my duty called and I couldn't take you with me since Geonosis. Now that you're here. Welcome onboard the Chimaera, this is captain Pelaeon my right-hand. Shaela It is an honor. Pellaeon Well she really is special general. I am looking forward to working with both of you. All three smiled but they had a new visitor. General this is unacceptable. How dare you to bind me. You should be ashamed. Koldrath said on an annoying tone. Andrew said to him Why should I be ashamed. I gave you the chance to withdraw and you didn't. You put yourself in those buoys. Now shut up or you'll make it yourself very hard commander! with those words Koldrath was put in jail as a political prisoner. Andrew discovered on the captured ships that the CIS is planning an attack on Anexes a vital world to the Republic.

The Campaign of Anexes

Anexes is under attack by the CIS and Andrew and a handful of troops had to free the planet from siege. Andrew knew he had to break the blockade first and then decide where to land while the artillery turrents of the planet are firing. Onboard the Chimaera Andrew joined with the two captains of Victory fleet Jan Dodonna and Terrinald Screed and his trustworthy captain Pellaeon and his padawan Shaela. Admiral could our fleet break the blockade with a frontal assault? Andrew asked. I think not Admiral. Dodonna said. Perhaps if we can separate the blockade? If we use the Chimaera with the cloacking device, then we can slip by and start unloading our forces from orbit. It would need to be done in ten minutes before the planetary turrents will start to fire. Before then, we cloack the Chimaera again. The forces who the Chimaera unloads will be commanded by my padawan Shaela. Meanwhile, you Pellaeon will attack a frontal assault with ten ships while the other attack them from the left and beneath them. You captain Dodonna and Screed need to come just before Pellaeon task force gets in fire range. We will still need a small group of three small ships and on Cruiser, to distract the blockade with a few jumps. I heard that the Listener has a good jamming device. We can use that to hide our own ships from the turrents until it's captured. Andrew explained to the officers around him. Now I see how you got an admiral, sir. Most impressive. captain Screed said. Then prep the ships for battle. Andrew said. One hour later The battle began. The Chimaera already unloaded all of its ships and cloacked. Pellaeon went to the blockade and just before he fired Dodonna came with his task force. The Chimaera and a few other ships were protecting the Listener. When it seemed like they were losing the battle Andrew called Screed in. Then onboard the Chimaera a recruit said Admiral we are being hailed, Shall I put them through? Andrew responded softly Yes, please. A Sullustan appeared, it was Ningo the leader of the blockade. Admiral, if you think you can win fine. But I still have a surprise for your troops down there. The CIS ships stopped their engines and were pulled by the gravity down to the surface. Andrew opened a channel to all Republic forces and said All ships use tractor beams to hold them off! If necessary destroy the falling ships! Shaela evacuate or take cover! More to come soon....

The campaign in the Oricho sector

The battle of Azura coming soon...........................

The battle of Gaddria coming soon...........................

The battle of PLeida

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Space battle over Kuat

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The battle of Umbara

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The battle of Orto

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The siege of Saleucami

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The battle over Coruscant

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The battle of Felucia

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Order 66

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The Dark Jedi

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The agent

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Revolution: The beginning

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Revolution: The Resistance

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Revolution: The End

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Return to Coruscant (The New Republic)

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Incident on Bakura

Bakura now under attack of the new species the Ssi-ruu. After the defeat of the Emperor they get a message from the imperial world Bakura. A Ssi-ruu fleet attacked the Imperial fleet. When the rebbels arrived everyone had a mission. Andrew's mission infiltrade a Ssi-ruu prison camp where they drawn the life energy for there war machines. Andrew had a clone commando squad Ultra squad. But Andrew was not alone he found a small group of Ssi-ruu while he was on there planet. They must learn how they get that life energy. Their mission was one of the importantest cause this could save the galaxy. They arrived in the stronghold it was full of Ssi-ruu. The first time they have seen them. Now they could not attack they had to slip through there defenses that is why�Korkss a ssi-ruu�was leading this mission. They made it in a lab where they saw it live when the life energy was taken. Cracker stole the files and made it in the jungle. But they were followed by Ssi-ruu. They run but there was no option Korkss stand with some grenades and blow himself up. Andrew May the force be with you. you will be remembered as a hero. All of the men run to the extraction point. They were safe. He heard the briefing Nereus was dead and commander Than as made a truce with the rebbels. Bakura was safe but before the reinforcnemts arrived Andrew leaded the space battles and learned their tactics they were remmarcibly fantastic. But at last he mourned for his friend Korkss he said ' Korkss one day I will join you await me there in the world of the dead.'

The Thrawn Campaign: A new enemy

A new dark force is rising from the unknown regions. The Empire has been divided and the remaining warlords of the emperor struggling with each other in formal imperial space. Among those warlords there was an outstanding man known as Thrawn. Thrawn was the only non-human who could wear the white uniform. Andrew and Thrawn have met before during the Outbound Flight. Thanks to the Chiss distress signal they were spared by Thrawn. Now Andrew has to face this new threat with the New Republic. Andrew was meditating on Sluis Van on a shore leave. Andrew had a vision: from the dark a blue face appeared with glowing red eyes. Shouts came from all directions. Leia attacked by some creatures and most shocking of all an old face he would never forget, the face of Jorus C'boath. The cruel Dark Jedi who took over the Outbound Flight. Andrew now knows that a new enemy is coming and he would be easy to defeat. When Andrew finished meditating he heard that an imperial fleet has arrived around Sluis Van. Andrew entered in his brand new ship known as the Phantom . This new ship is equipped with the latest technology and Chiss weaponry from a Chiss trader. Andrew heard about mole miners used to destroy the ships. Andrew saw that some ships were stolen then Andrew understood Thrawn plan. Andrew All fleet units, this is admiral Andrew. Take defensive position and protect the docked ships. As Andrew said, the fleet did. Thrawn on the bridge of the Chimeara said Fascinating. can't be. Ensign zoom in on the ships now approaching to the left star destroyer. On the screen appeared the Phantom with it's Chiss technology and fascinating maneouvers. He's still alive. He truly is a Chiss in his heart. Thrawn said with a shocked voice. Who, sir? Pellaeon said. You said that during the clone wars you also commanded this ship along a Jedi master trained by a Chiss. Thrawn said. Yes sir I did. Pelleaon said Do you say he's still alive. Commanding the enemy? Thrawn answered him I believe so, captain. All ships focus on the remaining ships destroy them and help the boarded ships. It was tactician against tactician, Thrawn vs Andrew. After a fierce battle Andrew saw that the imperial fleet withdraw from Sluis Van. The battle was finally over and Andrew knew what was waiting him.

The Thrawn campaign notable battles

battle of Svivren battle of Ando battle of Eriadu battle of Anchoron battle of Generis battle of Abregado-Rae

The Thrawn Campaign: The final battle

coming soon............................

Investigation on Nirauan

coming soon............................

The year on Csilla

coming soon............................

A new apprentice

coming soon............................

Years at the New Jedi order

coming soon............................

The Yuuzhan Vong war

The day Andrew has feared finally came. The Yuuzhan Vong started their invasion. This will be one of the most gory war of the galaxies history. Andrew knew it. That's why he trained as much Jedi as he could. They were strong and nearly unstoppable. Andrew sensed darkness coming it were the Yuuzhan Vong coming to his space. Andrew knew that all alliances of the galaxy will help each other to destroy the Yuuzhan Vong. When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Osarian Andrew heard it immediately. He picked the best Jedi aces and jumped to Osarian. Andrew briefed his aces Men this is the beginning of a war like no one before. We are prepared to protect the galaxy from this evil. Try not to get killed because you will be needed in other battles.

Attack on Osarian

The Jedi aces arrived at Osarian. The Yuuzhan Vong finally came to conquer the galaxy. Andrew Aces follow my lead. We'll do attack pattern Andrew Beta 10. Andrew to the new republic fleet Hello gentlemen we are the reinforcements. Admiral Ackbar Hello Andrew. You just came at the perfect time we were losing the battle. Andrew Glad I am of help. Admiral open a channel to the rest of the fleet. Ackbar As you wish. Andrew This is Andrew. I'm taking command of the fleet. I order to do attack pattern alpha 4. Rogue squadron you will protect bombers wile they attack the commanding ship. And try to hit the ships with torpedoes. These ships are living ones. The fleet agreed with the plan. Andrew's plan worked so far. But then three Yuuzhan Vong bio ships emerged to Ackbar's ship. Andrew said Green squadron follow my lead and prepare the anti-bio weapons. We are doing attack pattern Andrew Zeta 3. Green squadron agreed and followed Andrew. When they entered the shields they fired the anti-bio weapons and puled up. One ship down two to go. Andrew's tactic worked. When these ships were destroyed Ackbar said Andrew We'll take it from here now go to the senate. Andrew Ok but I'll leave the Jedi aces under your command. Ackbar Now go! And Andrew jumped to Coruscant.

The battle of Ithor

The Yuuzhan Vong finally made their attack on Ithor the home world of the Ithorians. Andrew and a handful of Jedi went to Ithor to assist the locals for evacuation. Corran horn had the lead in this battle. Andrew took the lead of the evacuation force. He sensed the dark power rising from the Yuuzhan Vong. He went to a location with five medical ships and two cruisers the remnants of the Galactic Wolfs. They passed through the Yuuzhan Vong blockade with the aid of a new weapon that disabled their ships for a few moments. The cruisers spread some mines for when the ships activate again they will have a little surprise. Andrew arrived at the surface and saw that a massive force of Yuuzhan Vong was coming. Andrew said immediately Take defensive positions we will protect the evacuating ship. two normal Jedi were at his order named Daeshara'cor and Numa Rar they received orders to protect the citizens. Andrew knew that if they lose this planet billions will serve the Yuuzhan Vong as slaves for the rest of their lives. When the Yuuzhan Vong approached Andrew saw that they were not alone they brought some friends. It were the Chazrach a species enslaved by the Yuuzhan Vong form their own galaxy. But unlike the Yuuzhan Vong they had a connection to the force. The surface was nearly trumbling by the marching Yuuzhan Vong but they Andrew said Fire! and the cruisers and even the Enterprise decloacked and fired their torpedoes at the marching force. All the Yuuzhan Vong were killed but not the Chazrach. Andrew stood their and defeated the Chazrach in nearly two hours of fighting. Eventually the battle was over but he heard that a Yuuzhan Vong general will duel against Corran Horn for the future of Ithor. During the duel and a few days before Andrew send troops to evacuate the people in all directions. Some in the south, north, west and Andrew himself went to the east. Over and over Andrew fought brave in these battles. And when Corran won the duel the Yuuzhan Vong did destroy the planet Andrew feeled it in the force that the planet was dying. Andrew evacuated as much as people he could. And then they went of the planet returning to the nearest medical station. But a medical ship from the south was destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong. The fighters who protected that ship were also destroyed and in one of the fighter was Numa Rar. Andrew mourned for who had fallen. This was really a great loss for the galaxy.

The battle for Belsavis

Belsavis a planet useful for the Yuuzhan Vong. Why? because it has special fauna that the Vong could use for their bio-technology. If so they could attack other planets like Belsavis and emerge further to the mid rim. Andrew and a handful of Rankoraloan commandos went to Belsavis to stop a secret force of Vong. Not even the settlers knew that the Vong had arrive. Andrew had to check all the secret labyrinths under the surface. He founded files of those caves and sent scout forces. All the settlers were sent to the capital city were they would be protected by the Vong. Andrew found some remnants of moving vehicles, they were fresh. Andrew followed these moves and found a bio facility. Andrew thought that if he exploids the roof of the cave it will be done. But he received information by scout groups that it was a massive armor and the Vong could still live inside it. Andrew had one option. getting inside was still a challenge. The Vong could have studied his tactics. Andrew had to find something to distract them. he found a way. He has a great connection with the living force. He could command the local fauna for a massive storm, while the commandos get inside and find a way to capture it. That was the plan. While Andrew stormed with the fauna at the facility the commandos found a way inside. When the fauna was in an intense fight with the Vong Andrew used his cloacking technique to slip by. When he get inside nearly all Vong were killed. Andrew to Kantros the captain of the commandos Kantros. I see you made your work. Kantros As normal Andrew. Andrew Of course. Prepare to get the bridge. Andrew grouped with a few commandos and captured the bridge. There Andrew felt something. Stop don't touch anything! We may have a friend. Andrew felt a living thing. Then Andrew knew it, this hole facility was a living thing. Just like the bio ships. Andrew decided to make a deal with the living thing. he established a connection through the living force. He would give the best help he could give for the living thing if that gave him more information about the experiments and the next move of the Vong. Eventually the thing agreed with Andrew. A few commandos left and the others prepared the people for brining them home. Andrew shared the next move of the Vong with Luke and the high council of war.

The battle of Fondor

Fondor has a massive production of ships for the New Republic. If it falls to the Vong the Republic will have a big problem. Andrew and 10 Jedi aces took charge of the new Republic first fleet. Andrew and the fleet went to Fondor to protect it from the Vong emerging forces. Andrew arrived in full force and attacked like never before. With the new anti-Vong weapons that could give Andrew a quick chance of victory. But the Vong had a new tactic. when the anti-Vong torpedo was launched some kind of non exploding mines appeared Vong hangars. Using this tactic was a smart one. the anti-Vong torpedoes couldn't touch and destroy the Vong ships. While firing the torpedoes many fighters were lost. Andrew had an idea how the torpedoes could touch the Vong ships. He grouped a lot of fighters behind him. Andrew to the fleet Fire the torpedoes! The torpedoes where coming at the Vong and again the mines appeared. Andrew to the fighters Fire at those mines! Nearly all the mines were destroyed and because of that the torpedoes could destroy the Vong ships. Andrew used this tactic again and again. But when only ten ships remained they made contact with Andrew. Andrew waited a bit and then accepted the call. A Vong general appeared and said Even if you beat us we will find a way to achieve our goal. Andrew Let's find out. Chine-kal Commander prepare for impact at the shipyards! Chin-kal's ships set course at the shipyards. But the people of Fondor putted mines before the shipyards. The Vong were going into a death trap. They had no chance of survival. An so the


battle of Fondor ended at the cost of half of the New Republic first fleet destroyed and one Jedi ace. Andrew had now an important victory on his name. The people of Fondor will remember him as a hero and the Vong as a difficult enemy to beat.

The battle for Da'nor

Da'nor was an innocent planet in the galaxy which is now attacked by the Vong. Andrew wanted to know why the Vong came to this planet. He, master Kai Hegundo, an expert in animals, and handful of commandoes went to Da'nor to scout. Andrew went this time in a small force to spare lives for bigger battles. Andrew during the briefing Men we are here with a important mission the Yuuzhan Vong want probably the local fauna to make new bio-weapons and we need to stop them. We shall split in two groups, one leaded by me and one by master Hegundo. My group will search for facilities while Hegundo's group will study the local fauna. Dismissed. Kai Hegundo Well Andrew you surely are a good leader. Andrew Thank you but we don't have time to waste. While Hegundo studied the fauna Andrew seek for facilities. Hegundo found some interesting things about animals. Some animals could regenerate their cells. But Andrew found a force of Vong with some unknown species along them. They were captured by the Vong to be slaves. Andrew felt his anger growing but an attack right now would be unwise. Andrew called Hegundo to come to him. Andrew Master Hegundo we need to do something or the Vong will grow stronger. We need some assistance from some one. Hegundo I have an idea. Maybe if I use the local fauna. Andrew no they will be all killed... Hegundo Some of them are capable of generating their own cells. Andrew Fascinating. So Andrew and his forces decided to use their shuttle as an explosive while the rest tries to free the prisoners. Andrew noticed that the new species didn't came in the facility of the Vong. While the Commandoes attacked the Vong assisted by Hegundo and his animals, Andrew made from the shuttle's components a bomb with a timer of one minute. While Andrew flew through the Vong fighters Hegundo made a stand on the ground. When the timer had only 15 seconds Andrew set course to the command center of the facility. But just before the explosion Andrew jumped out of the shuttle. Andrew fell but was guided by the force. A large group of bonegnawers grabbed Andrew and led him to Hegundo. There Andrew fought side by side with Hegundo. But a large group of the new species were fee and some kind of armada of the new species arrived. They helped Andrew in his battle against the Vong. Meanwhile the night has fallen and the battle was over. The new species returned to their homes and Andrew sent a distress call to the nearest ship. But Andrew did know that the Yuuzhan Vong picked the signal to. That revealed his location. But a smuggler ship arrived in the orbit of the planet and contacted Andrew. But meanwhile Andrew was under fire by the Vong. While Andrew took a stand, the smuggler ship went to Andrew's location. Andrew saw the smuggler ship coming he had hope again. The smuggler ship was firing at the Vong. That gave them a warning. There was a place near Andrew where the the smuggler ship could land an take Andrew off this planet. While Andrew went to the ship Hegundo and a few commandoes stood where they were. Andrew yelled Kai come on! Hegundo

Hegundo in his last stand

No Andrew, destroy the last of the Vong. I can distract them from you. Andrew nodded and said May the force be with you. Hegundo And with you. Andrew flew away with the smuggler ship. Hegundo decided to use a force technique that killed himself and the rest of the Vong. All the Commandoes were dead and Hegundo used the technique. Andrew flew from the planet and said to the republic to send some cruisers to blow the rest of the Vong. Andrew succeeded this time.

Operation Alpha Red

Andrew was in a briefing room with admiral Ackbar, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo and the smugglers Kortan and Herger who saved Andrew's life on Da'nor. Admiral Ackbar You all are here for an important operation. The Vong attack whole planets. They simply overwhelm the planet. But today we can do a major blow to the Vong. Our agents discovered that on Framer ,an imperial occupied world, the Imperials make food for the Yuuzhan Vong without knowing it. The plan is that the smugglers escorted by commandoes and Jacen, will bring fire in one of the gas conducts that goes beneath the fields. If it doesn't work we have a fleet with bombers standing by. Andrew and Jaina you will create a distraction on the surface. You will have a ship which has to crash on the surface and attract the Vong. Jaina Wait we two against a whole army of Vong. That's... Andrew Don't worry Jaina. I'll teach you new things. Jaina smiled at Andrew. Admiral Ackbar Jacen, Kortan you can expect Yuuzhan Vong out there, is that clear? Jacen Yes sir. Kortan As long as we got paid, no prob. Trust me if the Vong try to pay me more, they won't have me. Admiral Ackbar Well let's start this operation. Andrew stepped aside Jaina to their ship. Andrew So you're the daughter of Han Solo. Jaina Yes, and you are the legend Andrew Astroidrain. Andrew Since when am I a legend? Jaina Well for me you are a living legend. You fought in the Clone wars , you were a great strategist. You resisted the evil from the emperor. You have brought the Warp drive to function while you explored the unknown regions. And most of all you fight with courage on every battlefield. And you are sixty years old. Andrew Age doesn't make a warrior. I judge someone on his quality and strength. They entered the ship and Andrew took his place as copilot. Andrew Ready to take off? Jaina Yes admiral! Andrew and Jaina took off and jumped into hyperspace to Framer. Andrew So you're aware of my rank in the fleet. Jaina I am a pilot to you know. Andrew It's good to have new women in the fleet. I heard you're a Rogue. Jaina Yeah. Andrew Prepare to crash Jaina. Go to close to the planet so that we're pulled to the planet. Jaina Get ready for it! The ship came out of hyperspace and was directly pulled to the planet. Andrew meanwhile send a message to the Imperial forces. Andrew to Imperial forces Remnants of the Empire. I'm Andrew Astroidrain. The New Republic is doing an operation here against the Yuuzhan Vong. If you will not help us the Yuuzhan Vong will kill you or capture and mutate you. Please help us, I know that some of you think I can't be trusted. Learn from our pasts the only thing that matters is now and the future of the galaxy. Help us to make it free of the Yuuzhan Vong. At last This is your galaxy to. Come help us. Andrew Jaina are you ready? Jaina Yes Andrew! But first you said you cloud learn me something. Andrew Oh yes the force wave. Jaina Sounds nice. Andrew Here I'll do it for you. Andrew did a force wave and Jaina flew a few meters away. Jaina Awesome! Andrew you actually push the force to the ground to spread in all directions. Jaina I will give it a try. Jaina pushed the force as Andrew said, but Andrew still stood there. Andrew Push harder. Jaina pushed harder and made a hole in the ground. Andrew To hard, guide the force to spread the push. Do you understand? Jaina I think I do. Jaina pushed the force to spread, this time Andrew flew away two meters. Andrew Good, very good. It'll do for now. Andrew and Jaina sensed a Yuuzhan Vong fleet coming. It was firing on the Imperial city. Andrew received a message. Andrew opened his hollo communicator This is general Mekar of the Imperial remnants of this planet. We will help you against your fight against the Vong. Andrew Thanks general. Now come quick to me and order you fleet not to fire on New Republican ships. general Mekar Understood. Andrew called Ackbar Admiral now It's time to come out of your place. Andrew finally saw the first Imperial forces arriving. Jaina Well our reinforcements have arrived. Andrew I never taught to fight with the Imps side by side. The Imperial tanks fired just above Andrew. Andrew Take cover! When they turned around they saw a force of Yuuzhan Vong. Andrew said Jaina it's time to use the force waves. Promise me you won't do anything foolish. Jaina Promised. Andrew let's teach some monsters some lessons. Andrew and Jaina run to the Yuuzhan Vong. Andrew and Jaina did force waves after waves. The Imperials finally arrived at Andrew and Jaina. Andrew and Jaina raised their lightsabers and attacked the Vong. A fierce battle began. Meanwhile Jacen and the smugglers succeeded in their mission it was only a matter of time. Admiral Ackbar Andrew we made it past the Vong fleet stand by for air support. Andrew fought with courage when an Imperial was in danger Andrew helped him. It was a moment of light. The Imperials fought as hard as they could. And they could push the Vong to the fields. When half of the Vong forces were on the fields the fields exploded. Andrew and the Imps finished the Yuuzhan Vong. Finally the Vong were defeated. Andrew returned to Coruscant for an important accord.

The Battle for Csilla

Andrew with Corran Horn and three squads of commandoes decided to defend Csilla home of the Chiss. Andrew and Corran Horn were to protect the ruling families with one squad of commandoes while the other squads had to try to capture a Yuuzhan Vong Ship. Andrew headed for the palace while Csilla prepared itself. Meanwhile Andrew had a conversation with Corran. Andrew And Corran enjoying the trip? Corran Yeah, it is a shame that this world is attacked. Andrew Don't worry the Chiss are very proud, for a reason. I saw their force. The Chiss could be a threat, their fleet and army isn't to be underestimated. Corran If you say so. So how are the Chiss, how do they think about us? Andrew The Chiss find themselves superior to other races. That's why they keep themselves isolated. The Chiss are a very proud people. Corran Wait what is that? Andrew It's an explosion at the temple. The Yuuzhan Vong infiltrators are there already. Pilot bring us quick to ruling families! So our mission begins. Andrew and Corran Horn jumped out of the ship and raised their lightsabers. Andrew Corran, watch out on your left. Andrew felt darkness in front of him. The Yuuzhan Vong can't be sensed on the force but Andrew could feel the darkness in them. Andrew Prepare for a fight! Andrew used his force lightning toward the Yuuzhan Vong. Immediately screams came and Andrew knew they were dead. Corran Can you feel the Yuuzhan Vong? Andrew No but their darkness. Corran That explains it. Meanwhile the commandoes came down and arrived at the ruling families. Andrew Houses I'm here to help you. There are Yuuzhan Vong infiltrators in this palace. We must bring you out of here... A Chiss general Aristocras the Yuuzhan Vong have arrived! Corran Come on we must take you out of here! Andrew whispered Corran never tell a Chiss what to do. My apologies, houses. I suggest that we go to the shelters. The houses agreed with Andrew and headed for the shelters. When the last of the house members arrived at the shelter Andrew said Good now the families are safe. But Andrew was mistaken. As they went deeper in the shelter. Andrew decided to go forward. When he entered a large dark chamber, Andrew picked a torch and raised it. A small Yuuzhan Vong group of assassins made it to the tunnels. Andrew yelled Houses stay behind me! Andrew raised his lightsabers while Corran Horn came. The Yuuzhan Vong decided to attack the ruling families. While the yuuzhan Vong fought with Andrew Corran Horn saw a Chiss becoming a Yuuzhan Vong infiltrator. Corran run toward the infiltrator. The families made room for Corran attacking. A fierce battle began, but at the end Andrew won the day. For the rest of the battle Andrew, Corran and the commandoes remained with the families at the shelter. When they came out of the shelter, their were only shipwrecks not a single trooper or Yuuzhan Vong dead on the cold ice of Csilla. The commandoes succeeded in their mission to capture a Yuuzhan Vong ship. Andrew will spread the word that the Chiss defeated the Yuuzhan Vong. So the galaxy will have hope again and the Chiss shall rise.

The fall of Coruscant

On board the Enterprise a Chiss star destroyer Andrew meditated. In his vision he sees Coruscant in flames. Buildings tearing apart billions dying women, children and men. And as last he saw platforms falling from the sky and the face of a Yuuzhan Vong. After this vision Andrew called 3 phalanxes in to escort him. While he moved to Coruscant he tries to contact Luke. After a while Luke responded. Luke are you alright? Andrew asked Andrew is that you? You have to come to Coruscant. luke answered. Then the transmission suddenly cut off. Andrew decided to come right before the Yuuzhan Vong fleet to stop the transport ships. Admiral, we will be at Coruscant in 10 minutes. ensign Lok'ale'afuro said. On my way to the bridge. Andrew responded. Emerging through the new hallways of the Enterprise ,CEDF capital ship, Andrew feels something. It's his patriotism. He never felt it before because his Jedi training. This feeling made him strong. From this moment on Andrew knows what he would do: aiding the Chiss. Admiral on the bridge! an ensign said. Sir, we will arrive in a minute. lok'ale'afuro said. maintain course. prepare all weapons systems and go to red alert. Andrew ordered. Yes sir. the same ensign said. Admiral, may I ask a question? Captain Chaf'oru'sach ,the father of Facha, said. Yes your daughter is doing fine and she may have her own padawan soon. which means she is talented. Andrew said Thank you sir. the captain said. Then Andrew's task force appeared in the middle of the battle. All ships fire on the most nearby assault ships of the Yuuzhan Vong. deploy all fighters for mark 2-0-8-9. Andrew said to his fleet. The fleet began it's attack and defensive maneouvers. Andrew Ensign have the Phantom be ready. Yes sir. lok'ale'afuro said. Captain you have the bridge. Andrew said to Chaf'oru'sach. Andrew immediately departure for the surface of Coruscant. along two assault ships Andrew made it to the surface. Andrew saw a known face it was Brosk Fey'lya the supreme councilor. A second later he was struck down by a Vong. Andrew Men attack those beasts to victory! he yelled. He and two squads of Chiss troopers began their attack on the ground. Grenades coming form everywhere, blasts destroying buildings while they are sacking to lower levels. When Andrew stood only left he ordered the Enterprise to leave for Chiss space. Andrew saw a group of children ran out by Vong. Andrew saw a shuttle nearby. So he killed the Vong and lead the children to the ship and took off the planet. Eventually their ship was captured and boarded by the Vong. Andrew was brought to the Vong general Tsavong Lah. Hello Andrew or should I say Thasos, admiral of the Chiss. Tsavong Lah said with a smile on his gace. You will not have me long enough to break me you stupid bastard. Now what are you going to do with me? Andrew said furious. Nothing but experiments Andrew. He could only see for a blink of an eye his face and was then knocked out by a Vong.

The attack on Trandosha

coming soon.......................

Joining the Imperial Remnant

coming soon.......................

The battle of Dac

coming soon.......................

Battle over Antros

coming soon.......................

Second attack on Kashyyyk

coming soon.......................

Mission with Corran Horn to Tatooine

coming soon.......................

The fall of Rodia

coming soon.......................

The battle of Borleias

coming soon.......................

Battle of Ebap

coming soon.......................

The stand on Dahgee

coming soon.......................

The search for Zonama Sekot

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Return to the CEDF

coming soon.......................

Blue Jedi

coming soon.......................

Dark nest crisis

coming soon.......................

The first battle of Qoribu

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The battle of Kr

coming soon.......................

The Second battle of Qoribu

coming soon.......................

The battle of Thrago

coming soon.......................

The battle of Snevu

coming soon.......................

The battle of Thyferra

coming soon.......................

The battle of Sram

coming soon.......................

The battle of Tenupe

coming soon.......................

Second Galactic Civil war

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The Fel Empire

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coming soon.......................


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