Message From After Many Years

Live and your life will not be shroded in mystery.......

Andre's Origin

Starting out as the weak new character matt leto Andre soon was about to meat new freinds and amazing adventures, and horor of the war of Clone Wars Adventures and nova corp or when he met Ree Shaala who has an army of aliens. First when he started he met a freind willing enough to give him a mouse droid. A couple days later he met Ree Shaala and asked him to join, but she refused and said " u must be an alien to join my army " so he asked how he can change his species and said " u must be a member to turn into a member and join my army then " but sadly had not enough money. After a countless month he got enough money to join Ree's army and she refused because she thought he was " annoying " and then after another month he got sc changed his name to gneral (ner-all) lava and found some one like Ree along his path. He met Xalandra Nova the leader of Dark Nebula who let him join the squad and he found her annoying and he was forced to leave then he wanted to give her another chance but the general of Nova, Dahntalon Golbrek said no because he thought his name was spelled general but it was pronounced Ner-all and he still refused. Soon he was inraged with immense power and streangth and turned his name to Andre TheGiant honoring the second heaviest and tallest wrestler of WWE/WWF.

The Death of Andre

After he was killed by someone in his army that was about to get ready to attack Xalandra Nova which that person killed Andre a giant with the only weakness of a giant. Soon after his death Andre rose from his grave and turned into a cursed zombie giant and got vengeance on the person who killed him.

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