Alpha 144


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32 BBY, Kamino


45 ABY, Coruscant

Physical description

Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color

Black; Blond (dyed)

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"Boomdodger, I need you to *cough* continue the legacy of *cough* Jedi Squad,"
– Dogma's last words to Boomdodger

Alpha 144 nicknamed "Dogma" or simply "Blarthfire" was the name of an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando during the Clone Wars. He used lightsabers since he was Force-sensitive. He had a relationship with Alpha 47, and another with his squad, Jedi Squad. It carried six Force-sensitive clones: Alpha 143 nicknamed "Monster", him (Alpha 144), Alpha 145 named "Blaster", Alpha 146 or "Scream", then there is Alpha 147 but named "Lion", and finally the only female clone of Jango Fett, Alpha 148 nicknamed "Lady".

Though Lion and Blaster died during and before the First Battle of Geonosis, and Monster defected to the dark side, Dogma, Scream, and Lady fought through the Clone Wars. At least until Order 66 was executed by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine on the date of 19 BBY. Since Dogma carried lightsabers, his own men in the 666th betrayed him and tried to kill him, his personal Assassin droid, HK-51, and his astromech droid, R2-KT.

Dogma went into exile with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kyle Redbreak on the desert world Tatooine. But soon he came out of hiding in 0 BBY, and joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He, Scream, and Lady fought through the war against the Galactic Empire. Soon they joined the New Jedi Order that was formed by the survivng Jedi and Luke Skywalker.

Dogma, Scream, and Lady fought through many battles during the New Jedi Order era. The New Republic was formed on about 5 ABY, and many more things happened. Dogma and his fellow Jedi Squad mates started growing older on 40 ABY when the Legacy era began. The Jedi grew to have more legacies, and more stories of how they conquered against Sith Lords. Biggs Mistshriek. Hale. Count Dooku. In time some Jedi were corrupted, and restored like Blast Radum. But sometimes Jedi stayed corrupted. But Dogma, Scream, Lady, Boomdodger, Devis Trooper, Kahar Zamet, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo were some Jedi that were never corrupted. But some might've been met by the dark side.

Soon once it was 45 ABY, Dogma and Scream were dying. They had been aging quickly, but slower than most clones because they had by this time cured their accelerated aging. Most clones had a faster lifespan, and the only one known to never die was Boomdodger, for he was eternal. Lady died from her own lightsaber, but Scream and Dogma were dying peacefully. Of course their spirits would "haunt" and lead other younglings to become great Jedi. Though when Boomdodger offered to give the surviving members of Jedi Squad eternity, Dogma replied to not give them eternity, but to continue the legacy of Jedi Squad. Dogma's death, and his fellow Jedi Squad mates was to always be rememered by all. And a legacy was continued, the legacy of Jedi Squad. Once he told that to Boomdodger, his body passed away, but his spirit continued on. It would guide young Jedi to become great ones. The greatest thing about this was: There is no death; there is the Force.


Life on Kamino

CT-144, was born from the DNA of Jango Fett on 32 BBY. He was not supposed to be Force-sensitive, but a crazy Kaminoan by the name of Taun We added a Force sensitive DNA to him and five other clones who would later become his training squad. He then altered the gender of the last one to make this clone the one female clone of Jango Fett. The Prime Minister of Kamino, Lama Su, was so furious at Taun We that he ordered the Kaminoan executed for messing with the DNA of six clones. This execution would later haunt the six Force-sensitive clones for years.

Speaking of Force-sensitive, little did anyone know that there was a clone born on 33 BBY and had been Force-sensitive. His name had been Boomdodger. Boomdodger trained with the Cuy'val Dar along with the rest of his squad, Dodge Squad.

The Main Test (23 BBY)

It was a dark day on Kamino, and one of Dogma's squad members, Alpha-143 "Monster" had just discovered his Force-sensitivity. He had told the other members of his squad, named "Jedi Squad" for their Force-sensitivity, but they did not believe him. Then slowly, one by one, the other members had discovered they were Force-sensitive. Dogma was the last of his squad that was still unaware of his Force sensitivity.

Then, it all changed. During a test with the rest of Jedi Squad, Dogma accidently Force-pushed a Kaminoan who stumbled onto the course, thinking he was a droid. The Kaminoan then fell to his death after the Force push. After that, he had gotten a severe talking to by Lama Su, but he was able to avoid punishment because Dogma used a mind trick on him. He then revealed what he did to the other Jedi Squad members, who finally understood that they were all Force-sensitive, and wondered if they were any other such clones.

Soon, it was time for the final test before Jedi Squad could become ARC troopers. So all of the Jedi Squad members, Monster, Dogma, Alpha-145, nicknamed "Blaster" because of his expertise with all types of blasters, Alpha-146, nicknamed "Scream" because he always screamed at Jango Fett whenever Jedi Squad trained with him, Alpha-147, nicknamed "Lion" because of his unusally high endurance rate, and Alpha-148, nicknamed "Lady" because of her gender, went onto the training course to begin the final test. However, this course was different from the Citadel Challenge. It was a course specifically made for Jedi Squad. Instead of droids, the enemies for the challenge are visions of the presumed-dead Sith Lord Darth Maul.

When Jedi Squad saw the visions of Darth Maul, they could hardly believe their eyes. They wondered if these Darth Mauls were visions or reality. In any case, they drew out their lightsabers (Jedi Squad had been practicing lightsaber combat ever since they had discovered their Force-sensitivity, after deciding to hone their Force skills rather than let them go to waste) and began fighting the visions.

Blaster had explained that the visions had been too hard to beat. These visions were especially hard for him because he started lightsaber combat training later than the others.

Dogma said he knew but they had no choice, they had to pass or go to maintainence duties or die. Slowly, Jedi Squad defeated the visions one by one. Everytime they would defeat a vision, another would appear before them. Each vision was more powerful than the last one. Finally, one last vision of Maul appeared before them. This one was much more powerful than any other vision Jedi Squad had fought. It stood around fifty feet tall, and had eight blades instead of the usual two blades like all the other visions had. Its horns were the size of a Rakghoul, and Jedi Squad was only the size of the vision's feet. By this time, Jedi Squad was very tired from fighting all the visions of Darth Maul. At last, after an hour of fighting the vision, the "Giant Vision", as Jedi Squad called it, fell to the ground, defeated, and Jedi Squad suffered NO casualties during the test. Jango Fett, who was watching the test, said he was very impressed with Jedi Squad, and officially made them ARC Troopers, the most elite clones in the Republic Army. At this time, Lama Su ordered all ARCs to go into stasis tanks until they were required, but Jedi Squad was able to escape this "terrible act" as they called it, by using a mind trick on Lama Su.

Monster, using his Force-mind trick on Lama Su said that they will not be put in stasis tanks. Dogma, Blaster, Scream, Lion, and Lady together also waved their hands around Lama Su.

Then Lama Su said they would not be put in stasis tanks. Jedi Squad was mostly relieved that they would not suffer the same fate as their fellow ARCs, but also wondered when the first battle in the Clone Wars was going to start. In the meantime, however, Jedi Squad decided to continue practicing the ways of the Jedi Order. However, Monster was getting more and more corrupt as each day passed, and by this time was on the verge of falling to the Dark Side of the Force. Dogma however, decided to try using two sabers at once. He began practicing the form of Jar'Kai using two training sabers he randomly found in Jedi Squad's barracks. Blaster was still learning the basics of lightsaber combat, even though he had already constructed his own lightsaber. Scream was begining to practice "Force Scream", which often disturbed the other members of Jedi Squad as well as other clones. Lion decided to try the Vaapad lightsaber dueling form, which made him go close to the Dark Side of the Force just like Monster, and Lady was practicing her natural beauty on her fellow clones so she could try to seduce anyone who was her enemy.

Death of a Friend (22 BBY)

It was a dark day on Kamino, and Jedi Squad was about to head out to Geonosis with Jedi Master Yoda. Little did they know, two of them would die, and one would defect to the Seperatists. All the troopers under their commands were boarding LAAT Gunships, which, in turn, were heading for Acclamator-class Assualt Ships. Since their final test, Master Yoda had named Jedi Squad the first ever ARC generals. Monster lead the 404th Regiment, Dogma lead the 666th Legion, which he took on as his apprentices, Blaster lead the 223rd Heavy Weapons Corps, which specialized in using heavy weapons. Scream lead Screaming Battalion, which was part of Dogma's 666th Legion, Lion lead the 335th Attack Legion, and Lady lead the 508th Regiment, using her natural beauty to put disobedient clones back into line. They would become six out of nine known clone generals, the other three being known as Atton, Shock, and Scar.

Suddenly, the engines on the gunship that was carrying Blaster failed. The Pilot, CP-4444 "All Fours" said to Blaster that they were going to crash into the water, and Blaster said there was nothing they could do about it since the engines failed. Slowly, all the parts of Blaster's gunship begin to fall off and crash into the ocean, until only the body of the gunship remained. With one final crash, what was left of Blaster's gunship sank into the ocean of Kamino, with the rest of Jedi Squad watching helplessly. Jedi Squad was sad about the loss of their squad mate, but they knew they had to go on. Monster was so angry about Blaster's death that he made plans for himself and his regiment to defect to the seperatists after the first battle of the Clone Wars. Blaster's Corps were dissolved, and its members were transferred to the commands of the rest of the force-sensitive ARCs. So, Jedi Squad said farewell to Blaster and boarded a gunship which took them to the Acclamator-class ship Relentless.

Battle Of Geonosis (22 BBY)

On the Relentless, Monster, Dogma, Scream, Lion, and Lady were all briefed on their parts of the battle by their advisor, CT-481 "Advisor" He explained to them their parts of the battle: Monster and his regiment would confront Count Dooku, the leader of the Seperatists, personally. Lion and his legion were to clear the Geonosian catacombs of any droids and Geonosians, and Dogma, Scream, Lady, and their men were to participate on the frontlines, preventing any Core Ships from escaping. Monster saw the chance to confront the count as a chance for him and his regiment to defect, but he was wise enough to reveal their plan to no one, not even the Jedi.

Dogma called his four subordinate commanders, CC-1114 "Oreo", CC-9846 "Gear", CC-3472 "Tiger", and CC-5124 "Ando", to the hangar of the Relentless, and briefed them on the battle and their part in it. Once the commanders had all heard the plan, they gathered all the men in the 666th Legion, and set off for the surface. They didn't rescue the remaining Jedi and Senator Padme' Amidala from the Petranaki Arena because they had already been rescued when the 666th Legion got onto the surface of Geonosis.

Dogma, Scream and Lady, and their men, participated on the frontlines of Geonosis during the battle, destroying any droids they encountered in the process. Dogma was right near Mace Windu when the core ships began taking off. He, Scream, Lady, and Windu ordered the SPHA tanks, as well as any avaliable troopers, to take the core ships down, and they succeded in taking at least one down, but most of the droid army was able to escape.

Suddenly, Dogma, Scream, and Lady got an incoming transmission. It was from Lion. He said there is something other than Geonosians and droids in the catacombs, and that his men were taking heavy casualties from this mysterious thing. Then, Lion was beheaded by what appeared to be a cyborg wielding a lightsaber. They were sad to see Lion die and his Legion completely eradicated, with the cyborg leaving no survivors, but they knew they had other things to do in the battle, so they decided not to pursue this mysterious cyborg. This cyborg would be revealed to the Republic on the planet Hypori later in the war, being none other than General Grievous.

Meanwhile, Monster and his regiment confronted Count Dooku in his personal hangar as he was about to leave Geonosis in his solar sailer. They said they were growing discontent with the Republic, and, instead of fighting him like advisor said, they asked him if they could join his Seperatist movement. Dooku said yes, and ordered them to board a core ship with part of the droid army so they could prepare their next move. But, a squad of Monster's men, a squad lead by sergeant CT-00-2654 "Snipe", a sergeant who was in Blaster's Corps before Blaster's death, did not like the idea of defecting to the Seperatists, so Monster and Dooku simply struck them down with no problem at all, and so the remaining traitorous troopers departed Geonosis without the knowledge of anyone in the Republic except Dogma, Scream, and Lady. The Battle Of Geonosis was a victory for the Republic that day, but for the remaining three members of Jedi Squad, this was dampened with the deaths of Blaster and Lion, and the defection of Monster and his regiment to the Seperatists.

Once they got back to the Relentless, Dogma, Scream, and Lady were told by Advisor that they would be given their own fleets because they were generals. Dogma would lead the Cruise Fleet, which included the Relentless, Scream would lead the Thruster Fleet (He had been promoted to full ARC General after the battle), and Lady would lead the General's Fleet. Each of them would also be given their own Admiral to help command their fleets with. Dogma would get Admiral Florence Flowmatter, Scream would get Admiral Connor Jones, and Lady would get Admiral Jem Sunspeed.

Rescue On Hypori (22 BBY)

It was minutes after the Battle of Muunilist, and Dogma, having been called there with Jedi Master Voolviff Monn to provide reinforcements for republic troops lead by General Kenobi and Commander Skywalker (at that time, he was apprentice to General Kenobi), was celebrating their victory on Muunilist. Just then, a fellow ARC Trooper wearing red ARC Trooper armor came up to him. Dogma knew the name of this ARC Trooper. He was known as ARC-77, also known as "Fordo". Fordo said that he needed him for an emergency. He proceeded to explain what that was. It turned out that the Republic forces on the planet Hypori needed evacuation, as they were only a few of them left, according to a transmission from there by Jedi Master Daakman Barrek. Dogma accepted this mission, so he got on blue ARC gear, which Fordo told him to wear just for this mission, met up with the other ARCs recruited for the mission, got on a gunship, and off they went to Hypori. Dogma became accquianted with a few of the other ARCs during the trip to Hypori. Some of the fellow ARCs he met were Alpha-130 "Cold", Alpha-132 "Marl", Alpha-141 "Colt", and ARC-92 "Dev ".

Soon, the gunship carrying the ARC troopers arrived on Hypori. Fordo told the pilot of the gunship, Scream, to open the doors, which he did. As the ARCs got ready, Dogma decided to look out the door to see the situation. He could not believe his eyes. It looked like B2 Super Battle Droids had circled around the ruins of an Acclamator-class Assault Ship. Dogma told this to Fordo, who said that maybe the Jedi were in the ruins. Just then, Scream said to Fordo that they were approaching the droid perimeter, and they were undetected. Fordo told Scream to gun it, which he did so with pleasure.

When the ARC Troopers got off the gunship, named the Gun Dark, Fordo scanned for lifeforms. There were three. One in the rubble, another in the rafters, and one near their position. Colt took the one in the rubble. Marl took the one in the rafters. Dogma was one of several ARC troopers that followed Fordo to the last lifeform. When they reached the location of this lifeform, they saw general Ki-Adi-Mundi being beaten down by Grievous. Grievous was just about to finish off Mundi when he noticed Dogma and the rest of the ARCs. Immediately the ARCs opened fire on Grievous, to which he evaded all their shots with reflexes only a machine could have. Then, he got down and began killing the ARCs. He killed four of them before Fordo called for backup. Dogma feared it would never come, but come it did.

The backup turned out to be the Gun Dark, and it landed right in front of Grievous.
GunDark Landing

The Gun Dark lands in front of Grievous.

Grievous and the pilot of the Gun Dark, who was none other than Scream, stared at eachother for a few moments before Scream and all the ARCs except Dogma opened fire on Grievous. Dogma activated his training lightsabers, and began to engage the cyborg in lightsaber combat before Grievous escaped from Dogma, overwhelmed with blaster fire from the Gun Dark and the ARCs. Mundi told them to shoot him down, which they did, but he escaped afterwards.

General Mundi wanted to pursue the general, but Fordo told him they couldn't. The survivors would die, and they did not have time. So the survivors got on the Gun Dark, where Colt and Marl, along with the survivors they found, Jedi Generals Aayla Secura and Shaak Ti, who were already on, and left the ruins and departed Hypori. As they left, Grievous told them to run, and they had only prolonged the inevitable. Little did they know, there was a fourth jedi survivor they had forgotten about. His name was Jedi Master K'Kruhk. He had engaged Grievous before the ARC Troopers arrived to rescue them, but had been slashed at the stomach by the cyborg general. He had entered a healing trance, which slowed his heart rate to barely noticable levels, which is why they missed him and left him for dead. Eventually, K'Kruhk managed to get off of Hypori and rejoin the fight against the Seperatists, and Dogma would eventually seek him out to learn the healing trance. After the rescue, the Jedi Council gave Dogma the choice on what color his ARC gear would have. Dogma chose his favorite color, yellow. Scream was also given the choice, and he settled on blue, while Lady, who had been given that choice earlier, chose her ARC gear to have the color red in it.

Battle of Christophsis

Space Battle Over Christophsis (22 BBY)

The comlink beeped as Dogma was about to leave his barracks on Coruscant. He had not participated in a battle since the Rescue On Hypori, and he was looking for a fight. He answered the beeping to see what or who was contacting him. It was Admiral Flowmatter who was contacting him. He said that General Obi-Wan Kenobi needed help with his and General Anakin Skywalker's plan to retake Christophsis, a crystal-like planet that had been captured by the Seperatists. Dogma accepted this mission, so he got on his armor, got Commander Oreo and his battalion, Striker Battalion, to come along with him, and off they went aboard the Relentless to Christophsis.

When the Cruise Fleet arrived at Christophsis, they were told by Kenobi that Anakin had used a prototype Stealth Ship to destroy the enemy commander, the infamous Admiral Trench, but he could use their help in destroying the remmants of Trench's fleet. Dogma said he could help, and Kenobi allowed him to be in the


The infamous Admiral Trench.

space battle. He got into his personal Jedi starfighter, and set out to destroy the fleet remmants along with the space squadron he commanded during the battle, Fighter Squadron. During the battle, Dogma used his personal Jedi starfighter, while the rest of Fighter Squadron used the new Y-Wing Bombers. With their leader gone, Trench's fleet was in complete disarray, which Fighter Squadron used to their advantage. They focused on the command ship, as its missles were causing casualties for some of the other squadrons helping to break the blockade.

Eventually, the remmants of Trench's fleet were in full retreat, so Dogma and Fighter Squadron went to Kenobi's flagship, the Negotiator. Dogma asked if Fighter Squadron could become part of the Cruise Fleet. The members of Fighter Squadron agreed with him. They said that Dogma was an excellent leader. So Kenobi's admiral, Admiral Wullf Yularen, put Fighter Squadron as part of the Cruise Fleet, and made Dogma the leader of the squadron.

Battle on the Surface (22 BBY)

After the breaking of the blockade, Dogma, Commander Oreo, and Striker Battalion landed on the surface of Christophsis. They were amazed by how beautiful the planet looked despite the destruction brought upon it by the Seperatists. It had large skyscrapers with lots of crystals in it. In fact, the whole place looked like it was made entirely from crystals. Even the ground of Christophsis was made from crystals. These crystals were crucial to the war effort, so it was important not to lose this battle.

Traitor In The Midst

Dogma soon met up with Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, who told him that Sergeant Slick and his platoon had found a suitable site to ambush the droid army lead by General Whorm Loathsom. This site was two crystal-like towers called the North and South Towers. Dogma was with most of the forces in the South Tower, while Commander Oreo, along with a platoon of Striker Battalion, General Skywalker, and Captain CT-7567 'Rex', were in the North Tower. However, just when Slick and General Kenobi's clone commander, CC-2224 'Cody' returned from a scouting mission, that the droid army came to them, split up, and went into the South Tower, ambushing the troopers in that tower, including Dogma.

Kenobi ordered the mission to be aborted because of the ambush. Skywalker asked Kenobi what was going on. Kenobi responded that they were cut off, and the droids were onto them. Dogma and what was left of the Republic forces in the South Tower were getting overwhelmed by the droids when General Skywalker, Captain Rex, Commander Oreo, the platoon of Striker Battalion, and five men serving under Rex, arrived in the South Tower, having used cables to get there from the North Tower. Oreo told Dogma that a gunship piloted by clone pilot Hawk is on its way to extract them, and that they must get to the top of the South Tower inorder to be extracted. When what was left of the Republic forces made it to the top of the South Tower, they were once again ambushed by the droids, who had followed them to the top, being lead by Tactical Droid TJ-55. They fought until Hawk came with the gunship, then, after trooper Gus ripped off TJ-55's head, left the South Tower and went back to the Republic base.

Finding Out The Traitor

At the Republic base, Cody, Rex, and Dogma examined TJ-55's head by accessing its memory banks to find out how the droids knew their plan. All that it revealed to them was the possibility that there was a traitor in their ranks before it got fried beyond repair. Just then, generals Kenobi and Skywalker arrived at the room where Cody, Rex, and Dogma had been examining TJ-55's head. The three clones told the Jedi what they had discovered, and said to them that there was a possibility of there being a traitor in this base. The Jedi chose to investigate by going to the Seperatist base nearby, hoping to find out who knew their plan, while the clones would stay behind and find out if the traitor really was in the ranks of the clones.

After the Jedi left, Cody noticed that someone had left his comlink on. He deduced that someone had been listening to everything they said. Just then, Rex noticed a clone crouched in the hallway. Dogma saw the clone too. He thought that this was the clone who had been eavesdropping on them during their conversation with the Jedi. The clone noticed the trio and ran. Rex, Cody, and Dogma gave chase until the clone went into another hallway. Cody said that he would follow him, and that Rex and Dogma take the west corridor. At the end of the corridor, Rex and Dogma noticed a shadow of a clone. They guessed that this was the shadow of the clone who had listened to their conversation. So, Rex got out his blaster, and Dogma activated his training lightsabers that he used until the Mission to Savek, and prepared to take down the clone, only to find out the shadow turned out to be that of Cody's. They concluded that the clone must have gone into the mess hall. They went in, only to find out there were lots of clones.

When the three clones went back to the command center, they decided that the traitor was one of their brothers, but they didn't know which one. Luckily for them, general Skywalker's astromech droid R2-D2 was in the room as well. So Rex, Cody, and Dogma called on R2 to search for any sign regarding a traitor. After some hard work, R2 found a weak frequenty pattern, the result from the traitor contacting the Seperatist leader, Asajj Ventress, every few days. What was interesting was that the pattern was coming from only one terminal in the whole base: the barracks of clone sergeant Slick and his men. Immediately, the three clones deduced that one of Slick's men was the traitor, so they decided to go to the barracks and question all of Slick's men.

Twenty minutes later, Dogma, Rex, and Cody were talking to Slick about the fact that one of his men was a traitor. At this moment, all of Slick's men, clones by the names
Cody fights Slick

Cody fighting Slick.

of Jester, Punch, Sketch, Gus, and Chopper, arrived at the barracks, having been called there by Cody. Although Slick said he would like to have a few minutes with his men first, the three commanding officers proceeded to question his men anyway. What was revealed to them was that Jester was cleaning his weapon, Punch and Sketch were in the mess hall, and Gus was in the infirmary, proving his alibi. The last one, Chopper, claimed that he was in the mess hall, until Sketch said that Chopper came a lot later, after everyone else. They then asked Chopper where he was before he went to the mess hall. Chopper replied with nowhere, just walking around. Then however, Chopper was forced to reveal the truth. He had been taking battle droid fingers from the battlefield, which was illegal due to war protocol, and had been making them into a necklace at the south exit, feeling like they owed him. Slick then scolded Chopper for first lying about where he was, then taking forbidden items from the battlefield, making the clones think Chopper was a traitor, to which he denied. He then got into his sergeant's face, saying that while he was hiding at the south exit, every other clone turned right, towards the barracks and the mess, while he turned left, towards the command center. Then, Slick accidently revealed that he knew the Jedi were gone, resulting in him being confronted by Cody, Rex, Dogma, the newly arrived Commander Oreo, and his own men.
Apprehending Slick

Slick was forced to act. He punched Cody, Oreo, and Chopper before fleeing the barracks, setting the charges to the weapons depot in the process. The two commanders, the captain, and the ARC general chased after him, leaving Slick's men in shock that their leader betrayed every one of them. They eventually tracked Slick to the weapons depot, where the gunships, the large AT-TE walkers, and most of the small AT-RT walkers were. They had something by the gunships, which Cody thought was Slick. But when the quartet got there, they only discovered explosives that were about to detonate, presumably planted there by Slick. They got out of the way just as the explosives detonated, taking out the weapons depot in the process. The four clones wondered how would they be able to find Slick, until Gus came to them, telling them that Slick went into the command center. They told Gus and the other clones to put the base on lockdown, while they went into the command center to apprehend Slick.

When they arrived at the command center, they did not see Slick. So, they decided to act out a scene while talking to eachother on pretending they were Slick. They then noticed that Slick was hiding in the vents. So they acted out the scene in order to bait him out of the vents. Cody and Dogma pretended that they would stay to get the power back up, having pretended that Slick turned off the power, and taking the ammo out of Cody's blaster in the process, while Rex and Oreo pretended to go to the south exit. Slick took the bait, as he went out of the vents, grabbed Cody's blaster, and aimed it at his and Dogma's heads, only for Cody to tell him that it was empty. At that moment, Rex and Oreo reentered the room, their blasters aimed at Slick's head. After a brief exchange of words, Rex, Dogma, Oreo, and Cody all engaged Slick in hand to hand combat. Slick deprived Rex, Oreo, and Cody of their blasters and Dogma of his lightsabers. As they were all veteran troopers, they were evenly matched in fighting skills. Eventually however, Slick was knocked out by Cody. While Slick was knocked out, Rex put Slick in cuffs, while Dogma retrieved his training lightsabers and Rex's, Oreo's, and Cody's blasters.

When Slick awoke again, he saw that the four clones who had apprehended him were taking
Apprehending Slick

After being captured, Slick is taken to the Jedi.

him to the brig, saying that freedom, which he wanted so bad, was gonna have to wait. About this time, the Jedi returned, having engaged Ventress herself. They were displeased at the fact that it was Slick who was the traitor. Slick replied by verbally abusing Kenobi and Skywalker for what he believed was 'making the clones their slaves.' He just wanted something more. Dogma replied that all he had to do to get it was put the rest of his brothers all at risk, and that he betrayed every one of them. Two troopers escorted the traitorous sergeant to his cell, while Oreo, Dogma, Rex, and Cody briefed them on what happened while they were gone, and that the only things they were able to salvage from the weapons depot were the heavy cannons. Kenobi and Skywalker replied that it was good news, because there were about a thousand battle droids on their way here. The four clones decided to prepare for battle, and they set off to construct defenses and gather all their remaining men.
The Actual Battle and the New Padawan

The Battle of Christophsis had been raging for hours. The first wave had been defeated, but the second wave, lead by general Whorm Loathsom, was on its way. The Jedi had sent the supply ship back for supplies and reinforcements, as the 501st Legion, the 212th Attack Battalion, and Striker Battalion were sustaining moderate casualties. While Anakin, Rex, and a squad of the 501st were preparing to ambush the huge spider droids that were in the wave, Obi-Wan, Cody, Dogma and Oreo were engaging the droids to keep them occupied. Eventually, the second wave of the droid army was forced to retreat, deciding to set up their deflector shields because of the sustained barrage of fire from the Republic's heavy cannons. The Jedi and troopers were given a rest before the next wave of droids came when a shuttle came to the surface. Obi-Wan thought that this shuttle contained the reinforcements they had tried asked for, only to find out the droids were jamming their transmissions, but it turned out to not be the case.

When the ship landed in front of the Jedi and Dogma, it opened its doors. It did not contain reinforcements as the Jedi had hoped. Instead, it contained a very young Jedi, around thirteen-fourteen years of age. Her clothes looked like they were made for battle, and she was a togruta. After a brief holochat with Master Yoda, during which the signal was jammed by the droids, she introduced herself. Her name was Ahsoka Tano, and she was assigned to Master Skywalker to be his padawan, not Kenobi as Skywalker first thought. Skywalker continued to think that there must have been some mistake, as it was Kenobi who wanted a padawan. Ahsoka however, made it clear. She was assigned to Anakin Skywalker and he was to supervise her Jedi training.

Eventually the droid forces did come back, as anticipated, but this time with a deflector shield, making the heavy cannons useless against them. Thus, the Jedi came up with a new plan of action. If Rex, Obi-Wan, Dogma, and Oreo engaged the droids, Anakin and Ahsoka might have a chance of getting through undetected as they go to destroy the shield generator. Rex said that they did not have much time though, the droids far outnumbered them, so their ability to streetfight was limited without the use of heavy cannons. They would go to them until they were right in front of the heavy cannons, then they would blow them away. So, Ahsoka and Anakin went off to find a way to sneak into the droid lines while Dogma, Rex, and Oreo rallied the men for one final stand against the droid army.

Ninety minutes later, what was left of the clone forces were ready. As the droid army approached their position under the protection of their shield generator, the clones and Obi-Wan crouched under some balconys, hoping to ambush the droids. Unlike the last time they attempted to ambush the droids, which was a failiure thanks to the traitorous sergeant Slick, this one was a success, as the droids had not expected the Republic forces to make one final stand.

After half an hour of fighting, the clones and Kenobi were being overwhelmed by the droids. Kenobi thought up with a plan. He told Rex, Oreo and Dogma to move their men back to the heavy cannons, while he delayed the droids. Rex and Dogma objected to this, but Kenobi said that that was an order. So, Rex and Dogma lead the remaining members of the 212th Attack Battalion, the 501st legion, and Striker Battalion back to the heavy cannons. Dogma told them all to defend the cannons for as long as possible. After this, a trooper told Oreo and Rex that General Kenobi had been captured by General Whorm Loathsom. Dogma told them to keep fighting regardless.

The Republic troopers were about to be overrun when suddenly, the shield generator came down, having been destroyed by Skywalker and Tano. Oreo ordered all of the cannons to fire at the droid forces, who were completely eradicated within minutes. The Battle of Christophsis was a victory for the Republic. Once the battle was over, Dogma met up with the Jedi and Master Yoda, who had led the reinforcements Kenobi and Skywalker had requested earlier onto the surface with the help of Admirals Yularen and Flowmatter. He gave them their next missions. It turned out that the son of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Rotta, had been captured by the Seperatists. Skywalker and Tano were to go to Teth to rescue Rotta and bring him to Jabba on Tatooine. Meanwhile, Kenobi would negotiate a peace treaty with Jabba, while Dogma was to begin a search for an ancient ship known as the Star Forge. Yoda then added that, for his mission, his two fellow Jedi Squad members that were loyal to the Republic, Scream and Lady, and their regiments were to assist him and the 666th Legion. However, Dogma would have to get more knowledge of the Star Forge from a Jedi by the name of Kyle Redbreak in the Jedi Temple. Dogma agreed to this, and he and the 666th Legion set off to Coruscant to meet this Kyle Redbreak.

Meeting Kyle Redbreak (22 BBY)

"I'd like to know more about the Star Forge, I have a mission to find it," -Dogma

"The Star Forge eh? Well it was built a long time ago on about 30,000 BBY," -Kyle

Once Dogma arrived on Coruscant aboard his personal Delta-7B Starfighter, he went to the Jedi Temple to find Master Redbreak with Oreo. It wasn't long before he found him in the main hall. Dogma walked up to Kyle and introduced himself. This caught Kyle by surprise, to which Dogma apologized for. Kyle then said it was alright, and he then introduced himself and his padawan who was with him, Seth Farlast. Dogma then
Kyle Redbreak

Kyle Redbreak.

introduced himself and Oreo to Redbreak and Farlast. Farlast then asked on what they came to them for. Oreo responded with that they were about to search for an ancient ship known as the Star Forge, and asked them if they had any information about the Star forge, as they wanted to know what to expect. Redbreak then explained what the Star Forge was. Apparently, it was a ship designed and built by the Rakata Infinite Empire around 30,000 BBY. The ship was powered with dark side energys instead of a power core like the current ships in the Republic. The Star Forge was so poweful in fact, that it caused the Rakata Empire to collapse. After the Empire's collapse, it was dismantled to pieces and was hidden all over the galaxy. However, around 3,990 BBY, two sith known as Darth Revan and Darth Malak discovered the remains of the Star Forge and rebuilt it to serve their Sith Empire. Like the Rakata Empire before it, the rebuilt Star Forge caused their Sith Empire to collapse, as a redeemed Revan both struck down Malak and 'destroyed' the Star Forge in the Lehon system around 3,941 BBY. However, it was discovered yet again in the Lehon system by Darth Bane on 1,000 BBY, but he never got the Star Forge up and running again. Now, the Star Forge has somehow rebuilt itself, but it is still in the Lehon system from what he knew. That was all that Redbreak knew. With that, Dogma and Oreo thanked Kyle and Seth and asked if they could be friends. Redbreak and Farlast accepted the request, and expressed their hopes of meeting again. After that, Dogma and Oreo said goodbye to Redbreak and Farlast, boarded their Delta-7B Starfighters (Oreo managed to steal one from the temple hangar inorder to meet Dogma,) and they subsequently set off to the Cruise Fleet with the information they got about the Star Forge.

The Search for the Star Forge in the Lehon System (22 BBY)

Once aboard the Relentless, Dogma ordered Admiral Flowmatter to get ready for a jump to hyperspace to the Lehon system. Just then, two fleets emerged from hyperspace hovering towards the Cruise Fleet. They were both Republic fleets, and Dogma sensed that they were the fleets of Scream and Lady . Then, he heard his comlink beeping, to which he answered. The person calling him turned out to be Lady, who explained why they were here, which was to help him find the Star Forge. She then said to meet her and Scream onboard Lady's flagship, named the Liberator. The message ended after that. Dogma decided he might as well meet Lady and Scream. After all, they were his remaining siblings from Jedi Squad now that Monster had defected to the Dark Side, also meaning the Confederacy. So, he left Admiral Vastmatter and Oreo in charge of the Cruise Fleet, saying that this was a personal matter of his, went to the hangar, boarded his starfighter, which he had just named the Vulture Destroyer, and left for the Liberator.

When Dogma arrived aboard the Liberator, he saw Scream and Lady waiting for him in the hangar. He walked up to them, saying that it was good to see them again. This was because Dogma had never seen Lady since the First Battle of Geonosis, and he had never seen Scream since the Rescue on Hypori. Scream and Lady said that it was good to see him too, and Lady even showed Dogma her new lightsaber she had constructed on Ilum recently. When she activated her lightsaber, it revealed that Lady's new lightsaber had a pink lightsaber blade, a rarity amongst lightsabers ever made. They then went into the briefing for the mission. Dogma shared with them the information about the Star Forge he had gotten from Kyle and Seth, and even gave them the coordinates to the Lehon system, the last known location of the Star Forge. Scream asked where in the Lehon system was the Star Forge, to which Dogma replied by saying that they will search the whole system for it. With that, Lady went back to the bridge, and Scream and Dogma went back to their flagships, the Screamer and the Relentless respectively. Once Dogma got back to the Relentless, all three fleets jumped into hyperspace, bound for the Lehon system.

When the Cruise Fleet, the Thruster Fleet, and the General's Fleet arrived in the Lehon system, they started going across the whole system in search of the Star Forge. As they were searching for the Star Forge, Scream became very impatient, wanting the mission done as soon as possible. Dogma replied that they must be patient, as the Star Forge could be anywhere in the Lehon system. Eventually, they found a reassembled Star Forge above the system's sun, which was named Abo. Also, they found a Seperatist Armada at the same position as theirs. The commander of the fleet ordered his droids to contact the Republic Fleet to see what they have in store for them.

Suddenly, Dogma, Scream, Lady, Red, Evil, Oreo, and Admirals Flowmatter, Jones, and Sunspeed, who had all come along for the mission, got the transmission. Lady ordered that the message be put through. To the surprise of Dogma, Scream, and Lady, the Seperatist commander was none other than Monster. He said that he is now in the Seperatists and is enjoying serving under Dooku, as he was hoping he could become his new apprentice. He also said that at last, he could use his full fury against his own siblings. Dogma replied that that would never happen, and called Monster a traitor before cutting off the transmission. The three members of Jedi Squad then explained how they knew Monster, and lamented that his defection was inevitable sooner or later.

Battle for the Star Forge (22 BBY)

Monster ordered his fleet to open fire on the Republic fleets, cataching them off guard in the process. They launched all available fighters to keep the Seperatist fighters occupied while they eliminated the capital ships. Soon, Dogma, Scream and Lady joined the space battle in their Jedi Starfighters, destroying some vulture droids in the process.

Eventually, the ships of the Republic fleets caused heavy damage to the Seperatist fleet, forcing Monster to get into his Geonosian Solar Sailor, which he borrowed from Count Dooku for this mission. Lady noticed this, and ordered all squadrons to continue fighting the vulture droids, hyena bombers, and Tri-fighters, while she, Scream and Dogma engaged Monster in a dogfight. Monster fought valiantly against the combined strength of his three siblings, but was eventually forced to escape to Serenno by them. While Dogma, Scream and Lady were dissapointed that their traitorous sibling managed to escape, they had managed to secure the Star Forge for the Republic, so they went back to their command ships, along with all remaining starfighters, and awaited new orders from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who had authorized the mission.

Suddenly, the communicators on Dogma, Scream, and Lady all beeped. They answered them. As expected, it was Palpatine who was contacting them. He gave the order to destroy the Star Forge, as it was 'nonessential' in the war before cutting off the transmission. Reluctantly, Dogma ordered all three fleets to destroy the Star Forge, which they did within minutes. Once the Star Forge was destroyed, they all jumped into hyperspace back to Coruscant.

Once back on Coruscant, Dogma said goodbye to Scream and Lady, saying that he hoped they could work together again. The other two ARC Generals likewise said the same thing to him, before they and their fleets jumped into hyperspace, leaving the Cruise Fleet alone on Coruscant. Dogma ordered the fleet to drop him off at the Jedi Temple. When Admiral Flowmatter asked why, Dogma replied by saying that he wanted to practice his lightsaber skills.

Mission to Savek (22 BBY)

When Dogma was satisfied with his dueling skills, having defeated the entire Jedi Council in lightsaber combat, even Master Yoda himself, he went back to the Relentless to see if the Cruise Fleet got new orders. He walked up to Oreo, and asked him if they had gotten new orders. To his surprise, Oreo said yes. He also said that there is a mysterious Sith Temple on the planet Savek, and that they were to go investigate it. So, they jumped off into hyperspace to Savek.

When they arrived at Savek, Dogma sensed a strong presense of the Dark Side near the location of the temple, proving it was occupied. He decided to wipe out all the sith in the temple and call for an orbital strike on it, destroying the temple. To do this, however, he had to go alone, as none of the other crewmembers aboard the Cruise Fleet did not know how to use lightsabers. He ordered Oreo to prepare a gunship for him, and once he landed on the planet, he set off for the temple alone.

Assaulting of the Temple Full of Sith Alone

When Dogma arrived at the temple alone, he spotted a group of sith acolytes playing around with their lightsabers outside the temple. He wanted to ambush the acolytes by charging up to them quietly, but this was foiled by the fact that the acolytes spotted him, and attacked. Dogma activated his training lightsabers, and struck them down easily because they were not as skilled with lightsabers as he was. He decided to find the headmaster of this temple, and went inside.

The temple went on high alert when he went in, causing Dogma to face at least one acolyte every few minutes. He killed them all without a problem however, and rapidly made his way through the temple, cutting down numerous acolytes and teachers along the way.

The Final Duel Against Monster

At last, he went into the headmaster's room. Dogma was shocked on who was the headmaster, which was Monster. Dogma decided that now was the time to finish Monster. Monster noticed Dogma, and laughed at him for coming alone. Dogma then asked why did he create this temple, to which Monster replied by saying that so that he can train more acolytes for the CIS. He also mocked the Jedi Order, calling them weak fools. He then said that the only person he thought was strong was someone called 'Darth Sidious.' At this point, Dogma had had enough. He activated his training lightsabers, and charged at Monster, who activated his lightsaber. However, Monster proved to be more than a match for him, but eventually he disarmed him of his lightsaber by throwing it into a pool of lava that was nearby, and killed him for his crimes against the Republic. Right at that moment however, Dogma was shocked at what he did. He nearly burst into tears and almost succumbed to the Dark Side for killing a fellow Jedi Squad member, but remembered that Monster's fall to the Dark Side was inevitable.

Just then, another acolyte came to him. However, this one was different from the others. He said that he was enraged that Dogma killed his master. Dogma asked that he was Monster's apprentice, to which the acolyte replied with yes, and charged at Dogma so fast it caught him off-guard. The acolyte quickly crushed Dogma's training lightsabers beyond repair, forcing Dogma to fight the sith with the force and his hands. Eventually however, Dogma killed the acolyte by using the force to choke him to death. Standing over his dead body, Dogma picked up the acolyte's lightsaber, and decided to keep it to replace his destroyed training sabers even after he built another one. He then spotted some parts for another lightsaber, which he took also. After this, Dogma walked out of the temple, and ordered Admiral Flowmatter to begin an orbital strike on the temple. Vastmatter obeyed the orders, as an orbital strike soon destroyed the temple, ensuring that the seperatists could never occupy the temple again.

Journey to Ilum

Dogma soon returned to the Relentless with his new saber and almost all the parts for his second saber. He came up to Oreo, and asked him how was the fleet while he was on his mission. Oreo replied that it was good, and asked what happened to his lightsabers. Dogma replied that they were destroyed by a sith acolyte he encountered, and that he took the acolyte's lightsaber and parts of a second lightsaber as a trophy. Then, his comlink beeped. He answered it. It turned out Scream was calling him. He congratuated Dogma on his mission, and was glad that Monster deserved his death. Oreo asked on how did Scream know Monster's death. Scream replied that when one member of Jedi Squad does something, the other two can feel it. Then, he said that he needed help in a battle on Ilum. Dogma replied that he had parts for a second lightsaber, and that maybe he could construct it while on Ilum. Scream encouarged it, having just built his own lightsaber. The comlink then turned off.

Dogma decided to help Scream on Ilum. He ordered Admiral Flowmatter to recall all fighters, who were doing patrols on Savek to make sure there were no sith remaining, and set off for Ilum. As they were in hyperspace, Dogma regretted the loss of his training lightsabers, but knew he would get stronger ones soon.

Battle of Ilum (22 BBY)

Two hours later, the Cruise Fleet dropped out of hyperspace, and Dogma was ready for the battle. Just then, Oreo came up to him. He said that he would like to use a lightsaber just like Dogma. Dogma, being the helpful clone he was, agreed to teach Oreo how to use a lightsaber by first showing him how to make one. He then gave Oreo parts for his own lightsaber, and they and Striker Battalion set off in LAAT Gunships to the republic base on Ilum, where Scream was waiting for them.

When they arrived on Ilum, Scream briefed Striker Battalion on the battle. Apparently, the leader of the Seperatist forces on the planet was none other than Dooku himself. Dogma was happy about this, seeing that this was the chance for Dooku to pay for luring Monster and the 404th Regiment to the Seperatists. Scream said that that was his mission: to stop Dooku while the rest of the forces destroy Dooku's droids, which were heading for the crystal cave. Oreo asked on why was the crystal cave important, to which Scream replied that the cave's crystals were the source of lightsaber blades. With that, Dogma and Oreo set off to confront Dooku.

Constructing the Lightsabers

Soon, they came across the crystal cave. Oreo said that the cave was blocked, but Dogma replied that the cave entrance can only be opened with the force. He then used the force to open the cave entrance, which amazed Oreo to the point where he almost fainted. Once Oreo recovered, he and Dogma went into the cave. The cave was a maze full of paths, and was very dark. The only lights that came from it were the crystals themselves. Dogma said that they better hurry, as the entrance seals off by itself once the sun set. Oreo asked on how long before the entrance can be opened again, to which Dogma replied that the entrance could only be opened again after one rotation, or nineteen standard days.

Eventually, Dogma found the crystal that bonded with him. It was a dark red crystal that just felt his mind and knew that he was it's owner. Dogma took the chance to show Oreo how to build a lightsaber. Once he did, Oreo constructed his lightsaber with the crystal he had bonded with. The resultant lightsaber looked like General Kenobi's, right down to the blue lightsaber blade. Dogma was satisfied with Oreo's lightsaber, and they went out of the cave to confront Dooku. Little did they know that this was a ruse.

Almost Confronting Dooku

An hour after leaving the crystal cave, Dogma and Oreo met up with Striker Battalion just outside the Seperatist base. Some of Striker Battalion said that they were certain Dooku was here, but Dogma sensed that it could be a trap. Regardless, Striker Battalion and Dogma pressed on, destroying all the droids at the Seperatist base until they reached the command center. When they reached the command center of the Seperatist base, they were angered that Dooku was not there. Suddenly, a hologram of Dooku appeared in front of them. Dooku then said that it was a vailiant, but vain effort to bring him to justice, and that they would meet again before cutting off the transmission.

Back to the Relentless

Then, a message from Scream appeared. He said to Dogma that the droids were in retreat, and asked if they had brought Dooku to justice. Dogma replied that it was all a ruse. Dooku was not there at all. He also said to him that he had constructed his second lightsaber, and had showed Oreo how to built a lightsaber. Scream congratuated him for that, as all that really mattered was that Ilum was safe. With that, Striker Battalion called for a few gunships to extract them back to the Relentless, boarded them, and went back to the Relentless. Once aboard, the Cruise Fleet went back to Coruscant. For the next few weeks, Dogma trained Oreo in lightsaber combat and, after discovering that Oreo was Force-sensitive like him, the ways of the force. However, there would be one battle which they had to be called for, putting Oreo's training on hold.

Battle of Dorin (21 BBY)

Dogma and Oreo had just finished another training session when they suddenly got a transmission on Dogma's holocommunicator. Dogma answered it to find General Skywalker contacting them. Skywalker told them that he and his men had just been diverted from Geonosis, where they were supposed to be, to the homeworld of the Kel Dor, the planet of Dorin, in the Unknown Regions. Dogma asked if they were to go onto the surface, as Dorin's atmosphere did not contain oxygen, whch was poisonous to a Kel Dor. Skywalker said no, they just needed to chase off the Seperatist fleet blockaiding Dorin. After that, the Kel Dor should be able to defeat the Seperatists on their own. With that, Dogma and Oreo got into their Jedi starfighters, rejoined the Cruise Fleet, which was commanded by Admiral Flowmatter in their absense, and they set off for Dorin.

When they arrived on Dorin, they found both Skywalker and a Seperatist fleet commanded by Grievous waiting for them. Once they launched their starfighters, the battle began. Skywalker told Dogma and Oreo that the Kel Dor would not be able to kick the Seperatists off their planet unless they could defeat the blockade supporting the invasion. He then said that he was with him, as Ahsoka and Oreo were already bragging about how much fighters they had taken out, and that they were to show them how it was done. Together, Dogma and Fighter Squadron began taking out the vulture droids, causing Grievous to order more vulture droids to be launched and to begin to use the heavy turbolaser cannons they had. Admiral Yularen told them that they had just lost the Unity, which was part of General Skywalker's fleet, and the Journey, which was part of Dogma's fleet. Apparently, the heavy turbolaser cannons on the Seperatist frigates were penetrating the shields on the Republic ships, and that the squadrons had to take them out before they lost any more ships. Dogma went and took out as much cannons as he could on the frigates before refocusing on the battle itself.

A clone pilot then reported that Grievous was spotted fleeing the battle in his personal starfighter, called Soulless One, and asked if they should engage. Skywalker replied with no, he wanted his squadron and Fighter Squadron to continue taking out the vulture droids while he and Dogma took on Grievous. So, Dogma and Skywalker engaged Grievous in a dogfight before Jedi Master Plo Koon emerged from hyperspace with reinforcements for the Republic. This caught Grievous and the Seperatists off guard, which resulted in the fleet being destroyed within seconds and Grievous being forced to retreat. While Skywalker was dismayed that Grievous escaped again, they did what they came to Dorin to do, and now the Kel Dor should be able to kick the seperatists off their planet. Dogma asked if he and his fleet could go to Geonosis with Skywalker, to which he replied with sure. Then, Skywalker, Dogma, their fleets, Oreo, and Ahsoka jumped into hyperspace, bound for Geonosis.

Second Battle of Geonosis (21 BBY)

Battle of Umbara (21 BBY)

Shortly after the Mission to Iceberg III, Dogma and the 666th Legion recieved new phase two armor. Dogma was pleased with the new armor, especially the new helmet, as he had had difficulty breathing through it whenever he engaged someone in a lightsaber duel. He decided to make a change in the armor of both himself and his whole legion. He painted his helmet black and added a white skull pattern around it's visor, paying close attention to detail in the process. The rest of the 666th Legion did the same thing, except they had a skeletal pattern all over the front of their armor. Some of them even used Scythes instead of the normal DC-15 blaster or any heavy weapons. Around this time, Dogma decided to allow Oreo and his best men to use Kamas and Pauldrons in combat. Some accepted this, others did not. But however, they all ended up wearing phase two armor. Right when they finished their new armor, General Obi-Wan Kenobi contacted Dogma, saying he would like to assist him and the Republic strike force that was going to retake Umbara, a world in the Ghost Nebula. Dogma agreed to help, knowing all about Umbara and how it and it's people, the Umbarans, left the Republic and joined the CIS, taking their unique technology with them. With that, Dogma and Striker Battalion set off for Umbara.

The Battle Begins

When they arrived on Umbara, Dogma and Striker Battalion found out that the blockade of Umbara had already been broken, and the Republic strike force, consisting of several Venator-class Star Destroyers and Acclamator-class Assault Ships, was clear to begin the Battle of Umbara. Dogma and Oreo were present for the briefing of the battle, where they were given the whole plan by Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, along with Commander Cody and Captain Rex. Apparently, Generals Pong Krell and Saesee Tiin and their battalions were to assist General Kenobi on the south sector while Generals Skywalker and Dogma, along with the 501st Legion and Striker Battalion were to wipe out the umbaran resistance on the north. Skywalker also said that ARC Trooper CT-27-5555 nicknamed Fives, was to assist the 501st and Striker Battalion since it was a special assignment, which made Fives remember the old times he had with Rex before becoming an ARC Trooper. The briefing then concluded, and the gunships began to launch. The gunships of Striker Battalion and the 501st Legion had trouble getting to the landing zone because of both the natural darkness of Umbara, and the heavy fire from the Umbarans' Hover Tanks, losing at least one gunship in the process.

The first Republic vehicles and troopers to make it onto the surface of Umbara were the AT-RT walkers, which immediately opened fire on the Hover Tanks, distracting them so the LAAT gunships could make it onto the surface.

Anakin Skywalker, CT-7567, Dogma, and Boomdodger fight on the surface of Umbara.

The Hover Tanks opened fire on the walkers, but they were able to outmaneuver the blasts, and quickly destroyed the Hover Tanks, wiping out all resistance in the area. The LAAT Gunships were then able to land, droping off the 501st and Striker Battalion, who wiped out the Umbaran resistance in the area. As they were fighting the Umbarans, Rex and Dogma reported to Skywalker that there was a ridge to the south of their position, which Skywalker replied with that they could use it as a staging ground. With that, both battalions went to the ridge, where they got some much needed rest. Just then, a 501st trooper who was also named Dogma (called the other Dogma by Dogma himself) reported that all platoons had reported in before rejoining the rest of the 501st.

Soon, the 501st and Striker Battalion ended up being ambushed. First by an Umbaran Millicreep, which began shocking clones of both battalions to death, and then by the Umbarans themselves, though at one point the members of Dodge Squad, led by Alpha-47, known as "Boomdodger," arrived, but in an instant they were all forced to fall back, losing an AT-RT in the process. Rex reported that he had called for an airstrike on the ridge, which resulted in everyone getting off the ridge just as two BTL-B Y-Wing Bombers, sent by General Krell and lead by clone pilot Oddball, bombarded the ridge with heavy firepower, wiping out all the Umbaran resistance in the area except for the Millicreep, which, after it was destroyed, Dogma decided to keep as his pet. Then, the 501st, Dodge Squad, and Striker Battalion got a much needed rest just as an LAAT Gunship, escorted by two Z-95 Headhunters, landed in front of Skywalker and Dogma. Out of the gunship came a Besalisk Jedi general. He had four arms, and a goatee on his chin. He wielded two lightsabers, and he looked like he meant business.

A New General

This Besalisk jedi was none other than Pong Krell. Skywalker thanked Krell for the air support, to which Krell replied with that the Umbarans are proving more resourceful than anticipated. Skywalker asked on why was Krell here. Krell replied that he had been recalled to Coruscant, effective immediately. Skywalker objected, saying that he didn't want to leave his men. Krell then said that the request was made by Palpatine himself, and the Council obliged, which was all they would tell him, and that he would be taking over the command of both battalions in the interim. Rex and Dogma said that to not worry about them until he got back, though Dogma was shocked that he would have to serve under Krell, as he knew all about his dangerous and suicidal tactics. Skywalker then boarded the gunship, and took off for Coruscant.

Once Skywalker departed for Coruscant, Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma said it was an honor to be serving under Krell. Krell found it interesting that the three clones were able to recognize the value of honor. Just then, he noticed Dogma's and Oreo's lightsabers, which he quickly confiscated, saying that it was against regulations for clones to use lightsabers, and made the two of them use their pistols they had in their holsters. He then said that there was a reason why his command was so effective, and that was because he did things by-the-book, adhering to protocol far more than Skywalker or Dogma ever did. He then ordered all platoons of both battalions and Dodge Squad to move out immediately before leaving, with all the clones following him. Soon, the 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad were all following General Krell towards the capital city when two umbaran creatures, called Banshees, attacked them. Not a single clone could take them down, not even Dogma because Krell forbidded him and Oreo to use the force. Eventually, Krell had to intervene. He activated his lightsabers, revealing that he wielded two dual-bladed lightsabers. One green, one blue. As quick as a flash, both Banshees were dead. Krell asked if anyone else wanted to stop and play with the animals, before telling all the clones of both battalions and Dodge Squad to quicken their pace, saying that it was not some training course on Kamino. Fives commented that Krell had a way with words. Rex said he was trying to keep them on schedule, which Fives replied with by raising everyone's ire. Rex responded quickly by claiming that they had a job to do, and to just treat general Krell with respect, and they would all come along just fine.

Assault On The Capital

The 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad had all been following General Krell to the capital city nonstop for twelve hours now, and they were all getting worn out. Even Dogma was getting worn out, despite his Force powers. One of the medics in the 501st, a trooper called Kix complained to Krell that they needed some rest. This made Krell lose his temper, saying that time was a luxery that they cannot, and would not, afford in this time of war. He then gave all of them the plan. Instead of probing the city's defenses first, as what Skywalker had planned, Krell opted for a headlong strike into the capital by having all the clones march forward, parade style, regardless of how much resistance they faced. Dogma knew from experience that this was a suicide plan, but he had no say in the matter because Krell was treating him like a normal private and was calling him Alpha-144 instead of Dogma. With great reluctance, some troopers from both battalions, with the remaining forces and Dodge Squad on standby, marched towards the capital, with no resistance from what they could see.

Suddenly, two explosions from the road leading to the capital city they were on and the death cries of two of the 501st troopers could be heard, forcing the clones to duck to avoid getting hit by debris from the explosions. The 501st and Striker Battalion stopped to see what was the matter. Apparently, they had lost two troopers, Oz and Ringo, to hidden landmines in the road. Rex asked Fives to scan the road for any more hidden landmines, which he did. The scans revealed that the whole road had hidden land mines in it, forcing both battalions to watch their step as they went along the road, not wanting to lose anymore of them to the landmines.

Then, an AT-RT driver of the 501st saw an incoming missle, and the clones ducked to avoid getting hit by it. After that, Umbarans appeared and opened fire on the clones. The clones of both battalions, realising they had been ambushed, valiantly fought back, but Rex ordered them to fall back, in hopes of luring the Umbarans into their own little trap. This made Krell, who had been watching from a safe distance, very furious at them, and reluctantly, he sent Dodge Squad and a few more clones of both battalions to help the clones that were fighting the Umbarans. Dodge Squad not-meaningly talked back to Krell by saying they thought it was just fine, and that they could do it. Krell though pulled out a saber and pointed it at Boomdodger, who with a lie, insisted they'd go down there. This reinforcement forced the Umbarans to fall back, with the clones trying to give chase, but they couldn't because a very enraged Krell used a Force scream to tell the clones to come to him. This made all their ears bleed. All except Dogma's of course, since he was used to Force scream because his Jedi Squad brother, Scream, often used it on Kaminoans as practice.

Immediately after the clones came back to Krell, he berated Rex for "disobeying" orders and compromised the entire assault because of his "failiure." Fives, Dogma, Oreo, and Boomdodger all stood up for Rex, saying that he had just saved Dodge Squad and both battalions from being annilhated, but they were silenced when Krell activated one of his lightsabers and pointed it at their necks. Rex defended himself also, forcing Krell to admit that he didn't command like the Jedi the clones were used to serving, certainly not like Skywalker, but nonetheless defended his tactics, saying that it may be difficult, but these were difficult times, and it had been proven effective. He then finally called Rex by his name instead of CT-7567, and said they were dismissed, leaving Rex, Dogma, Fives, and Boomdodger to ponder on what his words meant. Before they could however, they, Dodge Squad, the 501st, and Striker Battalion were forced back into action when they were once again ambushed by Umbarans. Fives asked Rex if Krell still intended to take the capital city with this strategy, while Rex replied that they would know more on that if they survived this Umbaran attack, as both battalions and Dodge Squad held their ground against the Umbarans.

Capturing The Airbase

The 501st Legion, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad had been holding their ground on the road to the Umbaran capital city for an entire hour when they recieved a new objective from Krell. He said he had gotten a message from General Kenobi, who had told him that the capital city was too fortified, and he and General Tiin needed his battalions to help them take it. Krell had replied that resistance from the Umbarans was greater than anticipated, and that they were holding their ground at the moment. Kenobi had given him his new task with his battalions. Apparently, there was an airbase to the west of the capital. It was resupplying the capital's defenses. If Krell, his battalions and Dodge Squad could capture that airbase, it would sever the capital's supply lines, allowing Kenobi's and Tiin's forces to assault the capital city. He had then reminded Krell that the entire invasion depended on his battalions and Dodge Squad before cutting off the transmission. Krell told Rex, Boomdodger, Dogma, and Oreo to map the coordinates, and to all troops so that they could move out immediately. The four commanding clones obeyed his orders, and they, their battalions, and Dodge Squad made their way to the airbase.

When they arrived at the coordinates Rex, Dogma, Boomdodger, and Oreo were told to map, the 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad discovered that their was indeed an airbase. A close-up of the base revealed that it was heavily guarded, being filled with Umbarans, Hover Tanks, Crawler Tanks, and MHCs (Mobile Heavy Cannons) galore. There seemed to be only one way to the airbase, or at least what Krell thought was the only way: a deep, narrow path through a gorge. Rex and Oreo suggested that they do some recon to find another way, which Krell immediately dismissed, saying that they did not have time for recon. He then split both battalions and Dodge Squad up into two groups for the assault on the airbase. Most of the 501st, but also Dodge Squad and some of Striker Battalion were in the first group. The rest of the members of both battalions were in the second group. Leading the first group were Rex, Dogma, Fives, and Boomdodger. Leading the second group were Oreo, Sergeant CC-1119 "Appo," and Lieutenant CL-9761 "Trix." Also leadng the second group was Captain CC-9952 "Cole," who would become Dogma's new commander after Oreo died later in the war.

As the first group, consisting of most of the 501st and Striker Battalion, Dodge Squad, and also a few AT-RTs of both battalions, prepared to assault the capital, Rex and Dogma briefed them on the plan. This caused outrage from most clones of both battalions and Dodge Squad, including Fives and Boomdodger, who thought that Krell's

Troopers of the 501st, 666th, and Dodge Squad fought hard against the crawler tanks.

orders amounted to a suicide mission for them. The other Dogma on the other hand, agreed with Krell's plans, saying that they were running out of time and this was the best option. One of the 501st HWS (Heavy Weapons Specialist,) a private called Hardcase, didn't personally care. All he wanted to do was to help the Republic achieve victory with the help of his Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, fitting with his personality. Rex, Dogma, and Fives all argued for a bit before Fives ended up being silenced by Rex, saying that they had a job to do. So, the first group set off on their way and went into the gorge. As they walked in the gorge, the first group thought the Umbarans were showing no resistance. What they didn't know was that the Umbarans were baiting them into a trap.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Four Crawler Tanks emerged from the ground and opened fire, catching the first group off-guard. Both battalions and Dodge Squad realized it was a trap, and valiantly fought back. However, blasters would not work on the Crawler Tanks. Dogma wanted to use his lightsabers on them, but couldn't because Krell had confiscated them and stowed them in "a place where he could never find them." Eventually, Rex and Dogma realized they needed rocket launchers and explosives in the ground inorder to destroy the Crawler Tanks. By this time, the first group was sustaining heavy casualties from both the 501st and Striker Battalion, but Dodge Squad and the special Scythe Troopers of Striker Battalion remained intact. Rex and Dogma took up rockets from dead brothers, and fired them at the explosives, destroying the four Crawler Tanks (two of them still had power though) and sending Rex and Dogma into the air. Rex hit the ground hard, but sustained no injuries in his fall, while Dogma used Force Flight to land smoothly. The survivng troopers of the first group, including Dodge Squad, which was the only part of the first group to not sustain any casualties beacuse of their Alpha-ARC skill, then carried on their way to the airbase, stripping the last two Crawler Tanks with rocket launchers in the process, with Rex and Dogma personally killing the pilots of the two tanks. After that, there appeared to be no resistance, but Dogma and unknowingly, Boomdodger, sensed that they would be ambushed by the Umbarans again. Kix tried to convince Rex and Dogma to let him take care of the wounded, since he was a medic, but Rex said that Krell does not want him to take care of the wounded. This lead to an arguement between Kix and Rex, which was soon ended when Dogma used Force Scream, making their ears bleed and echoing all over the planet. Kix then complied with Rex, and the mission continued.

Meanwhile, Appo, Oreo, Trix, and Cole, the leaders of the second group, appeared concerned that the first group was sustaining heavy casualties. They reported to Krell saying that the second group was in the formation he requested, and asked if they should send them to help the first group. Krell said to them that he would give the order when he gave it, not before or after. The second group was then forced to watch helplessly while the first group was about to fall into another trap.

Just then, more Umbarans appeared with tanks. Instead of Crawler Tanks, these tanks were the MHCs. Boomdodger counted a total of six of these MHCs just as the first group opened fire on them, and Rex, Dogma, and the HWS of both battalions fired rockets at the tanks. The rockets took out the cannons of the tanks, but did not destroy the tanks themselves, leading Dogma to believe that they must be shielded. They were sustaining heavy casualties. but Rex had a plan. He intended to send Fives and Hardcase ahead to the airfield to steal two Umbaran Starfighters, and use them to destroy the MHCs while the rest of the first group covered them by holding out as long as possible. Rex sent out Fives and Hardcase to complete their objective, and he and Boomdodger told their plan to Krell, who became so furious that he told them to continue the original plan, or be relieved of duty before cutting off the transmission, stabbing a Striker Battalion trooper in the chest with one of his lightsabers in his anger in the process. The first group then decided to fight till the last man until Fives and Hardcase completed their objective.

The first group was on the verge of being completely annilhated, having sustained heavy casualties in fighting the MHCs which included a member of Dodge Squad named BlastHit badly wounded, when two Umbaran starfighters, being piloted in a crude and rough way by Fives and Hardcase, flew by and fired missles at the MHCs, destroying them and causing the first group to celebrate their victory. Krell then sent the second group to lay siege on the airbase, which they did so with pleasure. While the first group headed to the airbase to meet up with the second group, Dogma healed BlastHit with the Force. When BlastHit asked him how was he able to use the Force, even though he could do, but he didn't know, even though he was a clone, Dogma told him the story of his life and that of Jedi Squad. BlastHit was in such a state of shock that he fainted, causing Dogma to carry him on his back for the rest of the trip to the airbase.

At the airbase, Krell congratuated Rex, Dogma, Oreo, and Boomdodger on a job well done. Rex said to Krell that they had lost a lot of men trying to take the airbase, which Krell replied saying that it was a natural consequence of war. He then walked away, with Rex and Dogma both clenching their fists at Krell. After this, Dogma went to the barracks of the airbase and went into a meditative trance. In this trance, he used the Force to cure his accelerated aging, wanting to have a full lifespan like the Jedi. While he was in this trance, Fives and two 501st troopers named Jesse, and Hardcase took Umbaran Starfighters they had captured, and used them to destroy a Seperatist supply ship that was orbiting Umbara, and was supplying reinforcements to the surface, with Hardcase sacrificing his life to destroy it. Once they returned to the airbase, Fives and Jesse were scheduled to be executed by Krell for "treason against the republic." Rex and Boomdodger both tried to talk Krell out of this, but he refused. After this, Rex woke Dogma up from meditation and they went to the outside of the airfield, where Fives and Jesse were due to be executed.

Attempted Execution Of Fives and Jesse

Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma went to the front of the airbase, where a firing squad, led by the other Dogma and consisting of six 501st troopers were. Dogma recognized two of the men in the firing squad, which were Kix and the only rookie trooper left in the 501st, a private named TupAppo and a few other 501st troopers them marched forward with Fives and Jesse, and lined them up right in front of the firing squad. The other Dogma asked if the "prisoners" were to be blindfolded. No sound came in response, to which the other Dogma took as a no. He ordered the firing squad to ready their weapons, then to aim them at Fives and Jesse. The entire firing squad was breathing hard, they didn't want to kill their own brothers. Then, Fives spoke up, pleading one final time for Dodge Squad, the 501st, and Striker Battalion not to follow Krell's orders and do what they think is right. The other Dogma refused to listen, and ordered the firing squad to open fire on Fives and Jesse.

The firing squad did open fire all right, but they intentionally missed Fives and Jesse, their shots creating holes in the wall behind them. The other Dogma was shocked, and ordered the firing squad to actually execute Fives and Jesse. Rex and Dogma tried to convince the other Dogma to obey their orders, which were to not execute Fives or Jesse. The firing squad then dropped their rifles and walked away, with Rex and Dogma saying to the other Dogma good luck on trying to find men who would be willing to obey his orders.

Ten minutes later, Rex, the other Dogma, and Dogma had to report to Krell on the failed execution of Fives and Jesse. When they did arrive at Krell's position, he lashed out at them for disobeying orders, thought about executing Rex with them, activated his lightsabers, and was just about to strike Dogma down in his anger when a 501st trooper told Krell that there was an incoming transmission. Krell calmed down at that moment, and ordered the 501st trooper to put it through. A hologram of a clone from General Kenobi's Battalion, known as the 212th Attack Battalion, which Rex recognized as Waxer, said that the Umbarans had stepped up their attack, and that they had just ambushed one of the patrols and took their weapons and their armor, and were heading to the airbase. Dogma immediately knew that this message was fake, but was unable to tell Krell before the transmission ended. Krell said it looked like Rex and Dogma would be getting their stay of execution, for now. He ordered them to lock the "traitors" in the brig, and to order their battalions for an attack on the Umbarans, trying to intercept them before they can reach the airbase. He then gave them the coordinates to where they would intercept the Umbarans, telling them that their clone disguises could try to trick the clones with an ambush. After this, Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma readied their battalions and Dodge Squad, and departed the airbase.

A Traitor Revealed

Half an hour later, the 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad were close to the coordinates in the Umbaran jungle where they would intercept the Umbarans. Rex told everyone to stay alert, as the enemy had their weapons and their armor, and could try to trick them with an ambush. After some more minutes of searching, during which Tup showed the other Dogma a vixus which had attacked the 501st and Striker Battalion earlier in the battle, some shots were heard. Both battalions and Dodge Squad realized they were ambushed by the "Umbarans," who were disguised as clones all right. It looked like the Umbarans were disguised as a platoon of the 212th. Striker Battalion, Dodge Squad, and the 501st valiantly fought back, using Mortar Cannons and blasters as weapons.

After several minutes of fighting, Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma walked up to a dead "Umbaran," and took off his helmet. They were shocked to discover that it was not an Umbaran, but a clone! By this time, Striker Battalion and the 501st were sustaining heavy casualties in the firefight. Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma all took off their helmets, and ran across the battlefield, screaming at both sides to tell them to stop fighting, as they were shooting their own brothers. They were not Umbarans as they were thought, but were clones. They then ordered them all to take off their helmets to show them they were not the enemy. Some troopers from both sides stopped fighting immediately, others continued until Rex took off the helmet of a 212th trooper to show them that they were all clones. After this, the fighting stopped, and the 212th trooper fainted from shock that they had fought their own brothers.

After an hour of mourning for their dead brothers, the remains of Striker Battalion, the 501st, the 212th, and Dodge Squad all began to regret that they had killed their own brothers. Some of them even went as far as crying, Dogma included. Kix ran up to Rex, Oreo, Boomdodger, and Dogma, and told them that he had found the leader of the 212th Platoon that had attacked them, saying it was Waxer, and told them he was still alive. He then led the four commanding officers to where Waxer was. When they came, they found Waxer breathing hard, fighting for his life. He had been mortalliy wounded in the firefight, presumably from a Mortar Cannon. Rex asked Waxer on who gave him and the 212th Platoon the orders to attack the 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad. Heavily panting and coughing, Waxer told them that it was Krell. After a brief explanation, Waxer died from his injuries. Rex, Boomdodger, Oreo, and Dogma decided on a plan to arrest Krell, and rounded up all their men for it.

Once all the men from Dodge Squad, the 501st, the 212th, and Striker Battalion were rounded up, Rex and Dogma explained the plan. They were to go up to the airbase and arrest Krell for treason against the Republic. Knowing this plan was highly treasonous, Rex, Boomdodger, Oreo, and Dogma gave every single clone the option to opt out. If they were to opt out, they had to do it now. Every single clone from all battalions and Dodge Squad stepped forward, meaning not a single clone opted out, having seen what Krell was responsible for. Rex then said that from this point forward, they were to be entering uncharted territory. As what he said, the orders were to arrest Krell for treason against the Republic.

The 501st, 212th, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad were soon at the airbase ready to arrest Krell. However, they couldn't just go arrest him yet. They still had to release Fives and Jesse from the brig. To do this, Dogma ordered two of his men, CT-4581 and CT-2217 to go get Fives' and Jesse's weapons and armor. Around this time, no one knew this until later, the other Dogma deserted the group, deciding to stay loyal to the traitorous Krell. Meanwhile, the rest of the clones went into the airbase. First, they went to the brig, where they released Fives and Jesse from imprisonment and gave them their weapons and their armor back. Then, they went to the command tower.

Capture and Execution of General Krell

Once the 501st, the 212th, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad arrived at the command tower, Rex and Boomdodger told Krell, who was looking out the window, that he was relieved of duty, and Dogma and Oreo summonded their lightsabers back from Krell, who had confiscated them earlier in the battle. As the clones readied their blasters and Dogma activated his lightsabers, Krell replied that it was treason. Rex then told Krell to surrender, as the rest of the clones slowly inched forward toward Krell. Krell had to explain his actions, saying that "he was surprised the clones could figure it out." Rex gave Krell the option to surrender one last time, saying he was outnumbered.

Krell refused to accept this. He unleashed a force push so powerful it slammed every clone against the wall, which resulted in Oreo's and Dogma's lightsabers deactivating in the process. The clones recovered quickly, as they opened fire on Krell and Dogma and Oreo activated their lightsabers and engaged Krell with his two dual-bladed lightsabers in lightsaber combat. However, because he had four arms, he was able to both engage Dogma and Oreo and deflect the shots from the rest of the clones at the same time, causing casualties to all the battalions and leaving Dodge Squad member BlastHit badly wounded again, this time with a slight lightsaber slash to the leg. Soon, Krell had enough. He declared that he would not be undermined by "creatures bred in some labratory" before slicing off Oreo's arms and jumping off the command tower, landing at the front of the airbase. Dogma ordered two of the surviving troopers of his battalion to take the wounded Oreo and BlastHit to the medical bay. The rest of the survivng troopers from the 501st, 212th, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad, including Rex, Fives, Jesse, Dogma, Cole, Boomdodger and Tup then left the command tower in pursuit of Krell.

Meanwhile, after landing at the front of the airbase, Krell was confronted by more troopers of the 212th, 501st, and Striker Battalion. He immediately activated his two dual-bladed lightsabers and massarced scores of clones from all the battalions with both the Force and his lightsabers before fleeing into the jungle just as the survivng troopers who had confronted him at the command tower emerged from a door, weapons ready and in Dogma's case, lightsabers activated. However, they were stopped by the other Dogma, causing Rex to point a pistol and Dogma to point his lightsabers at the other Dogma's neck. The other Dogma called them traitors. Rex then took off his helmet and said that he too once believed that being a good soldier meant doing everything they told you to do, but eventually, you have to make your own decisions. That, along with a final warning from Tup when the other Dogma aimed his blaster at him, convinced the other Dogma to lower his weapon. After he lowered his weapon, three troopers, one from each battalion, tackled him to the ground and put handcuffs on him. Rex ordered the three troopers to take the traitorous other Dogma to the brig, while everyone else went in pursuit of Krell, running into the jungle in the process. While they were running, Dogma contacted Generals Kenobi and Tiin, who had successfully taken the capital thanks to the destruction of the supply ship. He informed the Jedi that Krell was a traitor, they were in pursuit but let them know he was coming for them. Kenobi and Tiin ordered him to try to capture Krell before he escapes Umbara before cutting off the transmission.

Soon, all battalions and Dodge Squad split up into squads, and spread out through the jungle to find Krell. Rex contacted all of them, asking if they had found anything. One trooper from one of the squads replied that they lost him, right before Krell ambushed that squad, annilhating it completely just as the trooper said he was too powerful. Fives told all battalions that he was coming, but Krell jumped into the jungle and was no where to be found. Suddenly, Krell's voice echoed all over the jungle, leaving all the clones except Dogma confused on where he was because he had shielded himself from sight. Krell said to Rex that he should have listened to the ARC Trooper and the ARC General from the begining, cackling madly as he was talking. He then said that Fives was right. He really was using all the clones, including Dogma. Then, Krell emerged from hiding, cackling madly, activated his two dual-bladed lightsabers, and began killing clones left and right. Dogma activated his sabers once more and faced Krell in lightsaber combat again, making a series of fast parrys and leaping back and forth between either side of Krell, a movement known as Form VII, or "Vaapad," while the rest of the clones from the 501st, 212th, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad opened fire on Krell. Eventually, Krell began killing clones from all battalions with his bare hands, breaking the backs of a 501st trooper and a Striker Battalion trooper in the process. Then, he picked up Tup and threw him across the jungle.

Tup however survived being thrown from Krell, and he landed right near a native creature to Umbara known as the Vixus. He noticed that the Vixus was hungry, which gave him an idea. He contacted Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma, saying that if they could, they had to force the traitorous general towards him. Rex asked why, which Tup replied by saying to trust him before cutting off the transmission. Rex and Dogma then ordered what was left of the clones, who had by this time sustained heavy casualties from all battalions except Dodge Squad, who had only Boomdodger injured in the arm when a blaster bolt was deflected by Krell and hit his arm but managed, to form a circle, and lure him towards Tup. They made it look like they had to fall back, with Krell in pursuit. Tup then yelled at Krell, calling him ugly and to "come and get him." Krell took the bait, as he ran towards Tup, waking up the Vixus in the process. At the last possible moment before Krell struck Tup down, he was picked up by the Vixus, catching him off-guard. The remaining clones from all battalions opened fire on Krell once more, with their blasters set to stun this time. Though Krell managed to cut his way free of the Vixus, at the cost of his lightsabers, he was unprepared when Tup came to him and fired a shot at Krell, stunning him and ending the firefight. Rex and Boomdodger commented on the nice job that Tup did, and a 501st trooper put two pairs of handcuffs on Krell's arms and took him back to base, where they locked Krell up in a cell near the other Dogma and captured Umbarans. While doing this, Dogma healed Boomdodger's wound with the Force, which amazed Boomdodger to the point where he fainted, causing Dogma to carry him on his back until they reached the airbase.

Half an hour later, Krell woke up, only to find himself in a cell and Rex, Boomdodger, Fives, Dogma, Jesse, Tup, and the newly healed Oreo, who had to get cybernetic arms after his organic ones had been sliced off by Krell, staring at him. Rex asked why would Krell betray the clones. Krell said that because he could, because they fell for it, and because they were inferior. After some more questioning, it was revealed that Krell had seen a vision in which the Jedi would lose this war, and the Republic would be torn apart from the inside. In its place was going to rise a new order, and Krell would rule as part of it. It was also revealed that Krell had been secretly working with the Umbarans, hoping to prove his worth to Dooku and become his new apprentice. He was also confident that the Umbarans were going to retake the airbase, and free him. All of this shocked the other Dogma to the point where he realized he shouldn't have stayed loyal to Krell and immediately lashed out at him for making the other Dogma kill his own brothers. Krell replied that the other Dogma was the biggest fool of all the clones. He had counted on blind loyalty like his to make his plan succeed. Rex questioned this, and he, Boomdodger, Fives, Jesse, Dogma, Tup, and Oreo went to the outside of the airbase to decide Krell's fate.

There, Appo told them they had repaired the transmitter. It looked like it had been sabotaged. They had recieved a message from Kenobi, who had told them that his forces had captured the capital, and the remaining Umbarans were indeed heading to the airbase, hoping to recapture it. Rex told Appo to get all the men on the parimeter, as they had to prepare for a full-scale invasion. Rex, Boomdodger, Fives, Jesse, Tup, Oreo, and Dogma then debated Krell's fate for several minutes before it was decided that he had to be executed. So, they went back to the brig, and released the other Dogma to take him into Republic custody, while Rex told Krell to turn around, and face the wall, which he did. He then said to Krell to get on his knees. Krell taunted Rex, but got down on his knees anyway. Rex then prepared a pistol and Dogma activated a lightsaber, and they both prepared to execute Krell for his treason. However, they were hesitant to do so, as Krell kept taunting them over and over again.

Suddenly, a shot rang out across the room, hitting Krell in the chest, silencing him, and ending his life. But the shot didn't come from Rex's pistol or one of Dogma's pistols. Everyone turned around, only to see the other Dogma, holding one of Fives' pistols. He panted, saying that he had to do it because Krell had betrayed them.

Soon, LAAT gunships came to extract what was left of the 212th, 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad, with a fully-healed BlastHit. As all battalions boarded the gunships, taking the other Dogma into custody in the process, Rex questioned the values of war. Fives replied that he didn't know, but he did know that someday the war was gonna end. Rex then questioned what would happen to the clones then. The answer would be revealed one to two years later, as the gunships took all the battalions from the airbase and back to the cruisers, ending the Battle of Umbara. The battle ended with a Republic victory, but with heavy casualties, especially to the 501st and Striker Battalion. Dogma, Oreo, and Captain Cole then spent the next few weeks trying to recruit more troopers, both fresh from training and from other units, to join Striker Battalion, in hopes of replenishing their troops. Dogma even trained some of them in using scythes and electrostaffs to combat saberstaff-wielding opponets. Soon, however, Dogma was given another mission, one in which Scream and Lady would assist him, Kenobi, Skywalker, and Skywalker's padawan, Ahsoka Tano, once again.

Mission to Zygerria (21 BBY)

Return to Umbara (21 BBY)

Mission to Asation (20 BBY)

Dogma was in his barracks on Coruscant when General Kenobi called him. He said he was to go to the Gree planet Asation. Apparently a long thought to be dead group of renegade Sith lords, called the Dread Masters, had recently found a way to open something the Gree called a Hypergate, and that creatures were emerging from the hypergate and causing terror on Asation. The transmission was then cut off, but Dogma accepted the mission. He called up Oreo and the 10th Platoon, a division of Striker Battalion, briefed them on the mission, and off they went in the Thunderclap to Asation.

Briefing on Asation

When Dogma and the 10th Platoon arrived on Asation, they were fully briefed on what was happening by Administer General Lalat'k of the Gree Enclave and clone commander CC-8369 "Heigor", the leader of the republic forces on Asation. When Dogma asked what was a hypergate, Lalat'k explained. A hypergate linked two points in the galaxy through a rift in hyperspace. In this case, something hostile was on the other side. The Gree believed that something, one of their former enemies, had returned because of the Dread Masters. Heigor then said that Dogma, Oreo, and the 10th Platoon were the Republic's last hope in eliminating this threat, as six of his best squads had already been killed by six-armed beasts he didn't have a name for. Then, he said that they must find a way to either close or destroy the hypergate to end the threat on Asation. Finally, he said that the person controlling the hypergate was Oreo's old enemy from a battle on Denova, a trandoshan called Kephess. Oreo was shocked that Kephess survived Denova, as he killed him himself. Heigor and Lalat'k both wished Dogma, Oreo, and the 10th Platoon good luck, and so they set off for the hypergate.

Debugging the Computer Program and Reaching the Hypergate

The 10th Platoon had been going through the darkness of Asation for two hours, and they still couldn't find the hypergate because they didn't know what it looked like. After another hour, they saw a cave, along with the dead bodies of a few troopers. They figured that this must be the cave where the six-armed beasts killed the troopers, so they decided to take out the beasts. Soon they could see a female beast about to mate. This one looked like it was responsible for the deaths of those troopers. The 10th Platoon decided to attack the female beast first, then the male beast. After that, Dogma and Oreo activated their lightsabers, and the rest of the platoon drew out their blasters, and began attacking the beasts. During the fight however, the male beast rushed to defend its mate, injuring a trooper in the process, forcing Dogma, Oreo, and the 10th Platoon to change plans. They were forced to attack both beasts at the same time, rather than one at a time as per original plan. Eventually however, both the male and female beasts were defeated, and the cave secured. Dogma, Oreo, and the 10th Platoon the looked for a way out, until Oreo spotted a corridor leading out of the cave. He told this to Dogma, who decided that they were to go through the corridor to the hypergate, which they did.

Eventually, while going through the corridor, Dogma, Oreo, and the 10th Platoon came across a computer. They had been hearing a voice from someone known as "Master Control", so they decided that this must be where the voice must be coming from. There were four different screens, each one displaying a different color. The troopers all touched the computer screens to turn off the voice. But, instead they were sucked into the computers. As the troopers were being sucked into the program, they all blacked out.

When the 38 troopers woke up, they discovered that they were in the program. They decided they had to debug the program before they could get out. They then saw a Gree which had the same voice as Master Control. Dogma Oreo, and the 10th Platoon's leader, CL-9761 "Trix" decided that this must be the Master Control. They also decided that Master Control was controlling the program, but, as they attacked him, he went down in one shot. They thought they had secured the program, until the other parts of the program, enemies ranging in size from small droids to massive droids that were fifty feet high, started attacking the 10th Platoon. The 10th Platoon managed to defeat all these droids and debug the computer and its program, causing the 38 troopers to black out again.

Ten minutes later, the troopers woke up yet again, discovering they were out of the computer, having successfully debugged it. They noticed the passageway beyond opened with the hypergate in sight, so they decided to go through it. As they did, Oreo remarked on how beautiful the corridor looked, the result from Gree technology improving over millenia. After that, as one of the Dread Masters was speaking to them, they went out of the corridor, fighting various creatures that had come out of the hypergate along the way to the hypergate.

Fighting Kephess

Soon, they could see the hypergate and the person controlling it. Dogma, Oreo, and the 10th Platoon went closer to the hypergate to see who was controlling it. As expected, it was Kephess who was controlling the hypergate. However, he looked different from what Oreo remembered. It looked like Kephess got a new body, a mutated, more powerful version of his last one, with various weapons grafted onto his skin. Oreo cried out Kephess's name, which resulted in Kephess turning around and thanking the 38 troopers for destroying his last body, which he described as "weak".

Suddenly, Kephess attacked, forcing Dogma and Oreo to activate their sabers again, and the 10th Platoon to fire their blasters. Some shots hit Kephess, but he only absorbed them, as his new body had given him special abilities besides the mutated apperance, which Dogma and Trix thought that the Dread Masters were responsible for Kephess's new abilities and new body. Oreo decided that now was the time to finish Kephess once and for all, having faced him and destroyed his old body back on Denova. Eventually, Dogma sliced off Kephess's weapons, forcing him to fight with his bare hands. That was when the mutated trandoshan became enraged. He killed a trooper with his bare hands. Then another. Then another. By the time the 10th Platoon defeated Kephess, an hour later, they had lost 5 troopers to his bare hands.

The Revealing of the Terror From Beyond

Once Kephess was dead, Oreo assigned private CT-40-5831 "Slicer", who was skilled at all kinds of technology, even Gree technology, to see what he could do about the hypergate. He went to the hypergate and fiddled with the controls, resulting in it grabbing Kephess's dead body and sucking it into the hypergate. However, it also grabbed on to the remaining 33 troopers. However, they managed to grab on to the edge of the hypergate control area, resulting in them hanging on for their lives. One minute later, two troopers, CT-3277 and CT-1945 lost their grip on the edge and got sucked into the hypergate. Slicer then turned off the things sucking the troopers into the hypergate just as another trooper, CT-3620, was sucked into the hypergate. The Dread Master then congratuated the remaining 30 members of the 10th Platoon, Dogma, and Oreo, saying that now was the time to summon the Terror from Beyond. The troopers wondered what the Terror from Beyond was, until they heard shaking noises coming from the hypergate. Suddenly, the 10th Platoon, Dogma, and Oreo could not believe their eyes. A massive creature, which was presumably the Terror from Beyond, with around eight tentacles and standing around one hundred feet tall, the size of the hypergate itself, had emerged from the hypergate ready to kill them all.

Fighting the Terror from Beyond

The Terror from Beyond screeched at them, leaving the 10th Platoon no choice but to draw out their blasters and Dogma and Oreo to activate their lightsabers yet again, focusing their attack on the terror's tentacles. Every ten minutes, the bottom of the terror would open up, and out would come several small larve, making Dogma and Trix believe that the terror was responsible for all the creatures emerging from the hypergate and onto Asation. The 10th Platoon would eliminate these larve and once again attack the tentacles. They repeated this process for over an hour before the terror had enough. It went into the hypergate, taking the remaining thirty members of the 10th Platoon, Dogma, and Oreo with it, causing them to black out yet again.

When the troopers woke up, they discovered that they were inside the hypergate, having been sucked in there with the Terror from Beyond. They also discovered CT-3277, CT-1945, and CT-3620, who had been sucked into the hypergate previously before the terror emerged from it, had survived the journey into the hypergate. They explored their surrondings. It looked like they were between the two sides of the hypergate, and the terror was still there, still angry. The troopers decided they had to eradicate the terror and stop the unknown beasts from entering Asation and threatening the Gree.

After an hour of fighting the terror from beyond, all of the 10th Platoon was running low on ammunition. Thus, Dogma came up with a plan. He would have one of his Heavy Weapons Specialists, CT-26-0020 "Sneaker" fire a rocket at the terror's heart, while the rest of the remaining troopers would cover him while he prepares the shot. He told this to Sneaker and the other remaining troopers, even Oreo, who all agreed to the plan.

Half an hour later, Dogma had sliced off the terror's last tentacle, causing it to become so furious it sucked a trooper into it. He gave a discreet signal to fire that only Sneaker could see. Sneaker saw the signal, and fired a rocket at the terror. The Terror from Beyond was so shocked by the sudden hit of the rocket that it let go of the hypergate platforms and got sucked through the hypergate back to where it came from, presumably never to be seen again. The remaining twenty-five troopers, plus Dogma and Oreo congratuated Sneaker for what he did. Dogma even said that he was going to give Sneaker a medal once the mission was over. After this, they went out of the hypergate back to Asation, sealed the hypergate shut by destroying the controls, and headed back to the base for debriefing, where Heigor and Lalat'k were waiting.

Debriefing and Giving the Medal

At the base, the remaining troopers, plus Oreo and Dogma went to the briefing room, where Heigor and Lalat'k were. They congratuated them on a good job. Lalat'k said to them that with the controls destroyed, those creatures could never again threaten the Gree or even Asation for that matter. Heigor then said that if it weren't for them, Asation would have been lost to the Dread Masters and their beasts. Lalat'k then said that sadly, the Dread Masters escaped during the 10th Platoon's fight with the Terror from Beyond. However, Oreo said that they can face the Dread Masters another time, as the important thing was that the threat of the creatures from beyond was over, hopefully for good. Heigor agreed, and allowed them to leave Asation. Thus, Dogma, Oreo, Lieutenant Trix, and what was left of the 10th Platoon left the base, boarded the Thunderclap, and headed for the Relentless and the Cruise Fleet, where Admiral Flowmatter was waiting.

On the Relentless, Dogma gave Sneaker the medal he promised. And, as a special surprise, he also promoted Sneaker to corporal for his actions in stopping the Terror from Beyond, which resulted in a thunderous applause from everyone present, even Admiral Flowmatter. After this, he gave the whole 666th Legion a break for their accomplishments over the course of the war, and ordered the Cruise Fleet to jump into hyperspace back to Coruscant. Little did Dogma know that, during his break, he would get his own astromech droid. One that would be his companion in battle for the rest of his life.

A New Companion (20 BBY)

Once on Coruscant, Dogma began to admire the cities of that planet. He was, as usual, amazed by how beautiful it looked. Dogma then decided to go looking for his own astromech droid, as after two years of fighting in the Clone Wars with the skill and powers that were unmatched by any other clone except Scream and Lady made him feel like that even he needed a droid companion.

Dogma searched the Jedi Temple for any available droids, with no success because of Jedi constantly getting astromechs whenever their old one was either destroyed beyond repair or captured by the seperatists. He tried to go into the Senate Tower for astromech droids, only to be stopped by Senate Commandos, who told him that clones were not allowed in the Senate Tower. Eventually, Dogma was forced to go to the underworld to find astromech droids. He went to the Senate Tower taxi station, took a taxi, and went into the underworld to find an astromech droid.

Half an hour later, Dogma still had had no success in finding an astromech droid, but he had been attacked by criminals several times in the process, all of which Dogma had struck down without any problem with his lightsabers. He was just about to give up when he heard what sounded like an astromech droid whistling towards him. He followed that noise, and found out that the source of the whistling was a pink astromech droid with feminine programming. Dogma asked for her name, to which the droid replied saying that her name was R2-KT, and that she needed a new master since her previous master, Jedi Master Pong Krell, had died in the Battle of Umbara. Dogma, having seen what happened to Krell, explained Krell's fate to R2-KT, and offered to call her Katie and be her new master, as he wanted an astromech droid like her. R2-KT whistled with happiness at these offers, and immediately accepted these offers, and went back to Dogma's ship, the Thunderclap with her new master.

Once on the Thunderclap, Dogma went to the holoterminal and contacted Scream and Lady, who answered immediately, congratuating him for getting his own astromech droid. Lady said that the Republic forces on the former prison world of Belsavis needed their help, specifically in a section of the planet known as "Section X." Dogma accepted this offer, and he and Katie set coordinates for Belsavis. Once on Belsavis, Dogma and Katie docked at the spaceport and took a shuttle to Section X.

Discovery on Belsavis (20 BBY)

The shuttle took Dogma and R2-KT to a Republic base camp on Section X on Belsavis. Dogma took the chance to examine the weather of Belsavis, which was a cold, snowy world, with some signs of vegitation showing beneath the snow. Belsavis itself had been a prison world during the Great Galactic War, Cold War, and the Second Great Galactic War, which is how Section X was created. Section X and the rest of Belsavis held the worst criminals ever captured by the Republic during that era, which included mass murderers, tyrants, even captured Sith Lords, including the Dread Masters. Dogma and Katie had heard rumors that the Dread Masters had once again taken over an abandoned Sith Empire ship on Belsavis, and were about to use the cargo that was inside the ship to wreck havoc on both the Republic and the Seperatists in the war. Dogma and Katie grabbed a speeder in the base camp, and drove off to the Sith Empire ship, where Scream, Lady, and Boomdodger were waiting.

After some greetings, Boomdodger told Dogma and Katie the situation on the Fatality. As expected, the Dread Masters and their forces had once again taken over the Fatality. Like the first time they had taken it over, the forces were lead by a Houk. Boomdodger then said that they had to find out what was the mysterious cargo the Fatality was carrying when it was shot down over 3,000 years ago, and if the mysterious cargo was still in there. Scream and Lady volunteered to go with Dogma and R2-KT, as did Boomdodger, and they all went into the Fatality to find out what the ship was carrying.

Eventually, Jedi Squad, R2-KT, and Boomdodger came across a Houk that exactly matched the description of the leader of the Dread Master's forces, after defeating countless members of his forces. The Houk and his two bodyguards were surprised that the Galactic Republic was still sending troopers into the Fatality after all these years before attacking Jedi Squad, Boomdodger, and R2-KT, forcing Jedi Squad to draw out their lightsabers, Boomdodger to pull out his pistols, and Katie to unleash her flamethrower on the Houk, setting him on fire, forcing the Houk to cover himself in the snow nearby to prevent himself from being incinerated. Boomdodger saw this as a chance to finish him off, so he fired a shot into the Houk's head, which ended the Houk's life and left him little more than flaming remains. After this, Jedi Squad, Katie, and Boomdodger entered the Cargo Bay to solve the mystery of the mysterious cargo.

Jedi Squad were astonished at what the mysterious cargo was. They saw HK droids everywhere they looked. While Boomdodger downloaded the data onto his datapad, Jedi Squad and R2-KT looked all over the HK droids, and determined that they would like to have one of these droids for themselves.

When they got outside, Dogma told Boomdodger that they would like to have one of the HK droids as payment for their services on Section X. Boomdodger said it was only fair, but they needed to find parts that may not even exist inorder to repair the HK droid. Boomdodger then said that he can get a technician to repair the droid, if they could get the seven parts that were needed. He also said that he had a lead on one of Czerka Corporation's labratory ships, known as the Theoretika. That was the place that Jedi Squad could go to without having any negotiations with Czerka Corporation, the company that created the HK droids, involved. With this, Jedi Squad and R2-KT left Section X, back to the spaceport, and boarded the Thunderclap. After fitting the Thunderclap with a time-travel device so that they could go back in time to get the HK droid parts if needed, Jedi Squad went into hyperspace, bound for the Theoretika.

The Quest for the HK Droid Parts (20 BBY-3,640 BBY)

The Theoretika

Jedi Squad emerged from hyperspace at the coordinates to the Theoretika,

Return to the Fatality (20 BBY)

Order 66 (19 BBY)

Armor and Equipment

Dogma's phase one armor consisted of a white and gray helmet with yellow stripes, a yellow pauldron, a yellow Kama, and yellow armor. Later, during the first half of the war, Dogma added some white lights to his gauntlets and boots. This made these parts of his armor look like they had some bling in them. When the phase two armor was issued to the clone Troopers and ARC Troopers, Dogma changed his ARC armor color to all black with a black helmet that had a white skull pattern around its visor. Dogma continued to wear his phase two armor even during his time as a member of the New Jedi Order, making him, Scream, and Lady be different compared to the other members of the New Jedi Order, including their friend, a fellow ARC Trooper called Alpha-47. also known as "Boomdodger."

During his lifetime, Dogma mostly used two lightsabers: one he had stolen from a Sith Acolyte he defeated on the planet Savek, and a second he constructed himself on Ilum. These lightsabers had red blades until the Skirmish on Florrum. At that time, Dogma replaced the red crystals in his lightsabers with blue crystals, which were kept in his lightsabers for the rest of his life.

These were not the only lightsabers Dogma used. Before the Mission to Savek, Dogma used two training lightsabers he randomly found in Jedi Squad's barracks on Kamino, the homeworld of the clones. These lightsabers were really short and heavily faded, with green blades. It was inevitable that they would be destroyed sooner or later, and sure enough, they were destroyed on Savek.

Dogma was also skilled as using blasters, even though he rarely used them, specializing in two DC-17 hand-held pistols. The only time he used these pistols often was during the Battle of Umbara, and it was only because General Pong Krell, who had taken over command of the 501st Legion and Striker Battalion during the battle, forced him to, calling him "clone" and "Alpha-144" instead of "Dogma."

Because Dogma was force-sensitive, it meant that he, like the other members of Jedi Squad, could use the force. Each of them specialized in a diffferent force power, with Dogma specializing in Force Push, Force Pull, Force Choke, Force Grip and many others.

Personality and Traits

Dogma was a loyal ARC Trooper, willing to do and use anything to achieve victory. He had faith that the Republic would win the war until Order 66 was executed. At that time, he lost his faith and had so low confidence in himself that he thought the new Galactic Empire would last forever.

Out of all the members of the 666th Legion, Dogma trusted no other member than his commander, CC-1114, nicknamed "Oreo". The two became an unbeatable team, to the point where Dogma trained Oreo in lightsaber combat. This brotherly relationship ended when Oreo was killed by Savage Opress during the Skirmish On Florrum in 20 BBY. While Dogma recieved a new commander, CC-9952 "Cole" afterwards, he never got over the loss of Oreo.

Besides being the leader of the 666th Legion, Dogma also practiced lightsaber combat in his spare time, often dueling against friends and members of the Jedi Council. He originally used two training lightsabers with green blades, but after his mission on Savek, during which his training sabers were destroyed, he took a lightsaber from the sith he defeated on that planet and began using it. He used only that saber until he participated in a Battle on Ilum in the year 21 BBY. During that battle, Dogma went into a cave on that planet and created a second lightsaber. This one was painted brown and had a curved back to it, much like the lightsaber of Count Dooku. This lightsaber also had a red crystal in it, as does the sith saber he has. He used these sabers with their red crystals in them until after the Skirmish on Florrum. At that time, he changed the crystals in his sabers to blue crystals to honor the memory of the fallen Oreo.

As for what forms of lightsaber combat he was a master in, Dogma was a master of all seven forms of lightsaber combat, including the rarely seen Vaapad form, but he specialized in a combining of forms VI and I. He was also a master of many force powers, including Force Push, Force Pull, Force Choke, and Force Speed.

Dogma was also a good teacher, as he was able to train Oreo in lightsaber combat, and taught students at Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order the ways of the Jedi. Though he was rough in his teaching methods, the


Katie was Dogma's loyal companion.

result from being trained by Jango Fett, he was also helpful, willing to help any Padawan, civilian, or trooper in need. Dogma owned many ships during his time in the GAR and the Rebel alliance. These included a yellow Y-wing Bomber, a yellow Jedi starfighter, and a V-19 Torrent Fighter. However, his favorite was a Rendili Hyperworks BT-7 ship he called "Thunderclap". This ship was at least 3,000 years old when he found it, abandoned, in a field on Saleucami in 21 BBY. Dogma used this ship for the rest of the war all the way through his time in the New Jedi Order.

Unlike most clones, Dogma had his own astromech droid. Her name was R2-KT or as he called her "Katie". Dogma adopted Katie between the Mission to Asation and the Discovery on Belsavis after she had lost her previous master, Jedi Master Pong Krell, who had died in the Battle of Umbara. Katie was always loyal to Dogma, even after he was betrayed by his own brothers. By the year 44 ABY, Katie was still alive, and was still loyal to Dogma.

Dogma also had other droids. These included a 2-1B medical droid named Rex Bacta. He named him after his friend during the Clone Wars, CT-5587 "Rex Bactapack", a protocol droid called D-0T or "Dot" as he called him, and a stolen Umbaran Millicreep called Amelie, who he stole from the Umbarans during the Battle of Umbara, and reprogrammed to serve both him and the Republic. Later, during the Discovery on Belsavis, Dogma, along with Scream, Lady, and their commanders, who were Oreo, CC-2336 "Evil", and CC-1419 "Red" respectively, found a whole army of deactivated HK-51 Assassin Droids in an abandoned Sith Empire ship on the icy surface of Belsavis. They each took one for themselves, reactivated them, and they went on to serve Dogma, Scream, and Lady all the way until at least 44 ABY. Dogma's HK-51 in particular got his replacement commander, Cole, very angry when he informed him of his "Meatbag Status." Dogma on the other hand, found the term humorous, and programmed HK-51 to use the term more often, even though it resulted in Cole becoming enraged at the assassin droid for constantly calling him a meatbag.

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