A biochemist from Nar Shaddaa, Alita Gufari was renowned for her immense intellect at such a young age. By the time she was 19, Alita became part of a research team that searched for a cure to a dangerous plague contaminating Nar Shaddaa's Shadow Town. Frustrated with a lack of breakthroughs, Alita's empathy led to her kidnapping and maiming several innocents, which greatly helped her proceed with her experiments and find a cure. However, this would lead to the Republic and the Hutt Council naming her a terrorist. Her high intellect allowed her to continue exploring the galaxy safely, ultimately never getting caught as Alita continued performing experiments in the name of science, regardless the human cost.

By the time of the Empire, Alita would be approached to work with the Imperial Biological Weapons Division. Alita accepted the offer, and would help create new biological weapons to use against other races and cultures. However, when the Empire fell, Alita was arrested in 5 ABY and forced to answer for her crimes. Given a life sentence, Alita was placed in Sunspot Prison. After many years, a tired and broken Alita would request the death penalty, leading to her death at the hands of one of her own creations.

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