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Alice Anthony was Zeltron who was sold into slavery at birth because her "virgin" millionaire parents refused to accept she existed. She was sold to black marketer who sold her to a club on Coruscant. She escaped the club when she was sixteen, and made her way as bounty hunter. She was successful in several assassination attempts. Assassinating pollitical figures that opposed the newly elected Chancellor Palpatine. She lost her way in life until she met a Jedi named Clowne Brake.

Falling in love

Alice was assigned to kill a Jedi named Clowne Brake that had accidentally intercepted a transmission between her boss, Darth Sidious and Count Dooku. Alice intercepted him at the bar 79's. She seduced him but, started see him as someone who needed love in his life. She got him talking more and more. She found out that his parents had gotten divorced and his lucario, that had helped through times, had alzheimer's. She stopped seducing him and once his cognition came back, they talked about their pasts, interests, and other things. Pretty soon, they developed a strong bond, and got married to him.

Life while Clowne was on campaign

Joining the Coruscant Police Force

The Pyke Syndicate case

Finding out she was pregnant with twins


  • Vibrodagger


    Knife and Pistol: Alice is very skilled with a knife and pistol. She uses both in unison, while using acrobatics to disorient and tire out her opponent.
    Naboo pistol

    royal naboo blaster pistol

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