Son of Tyber Zann, Alder was, like his father, a smuggler, bounty hunter and criminal.
Biographical information

Kuras I


18 BBY


16 ABY

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color



Cybernetic hand and foot

Chronological and political information

Galactic civil war


bounty hunter

Alder had a rough childhood on Kuras I, but it taught him how to be a good bounty hunter when he was older. Unfortunately, when he was only 13, his dad, Tyber, was imprisoned in one of the many Imperial Prisons.

The Empire

When Alder was 13, The Empire invaded Kuras I and arrested Tyber, who was just about to go on one of his many spice attacks. Alder got out his blaster and tried to save his dad, but there were too many Stormtroopers and he couldn't stop them. To save his dad, Alder got together many of his friends, who helped him smuggle stuff away, and formed a group called The Zann Consortium II, for his father had already made The Zann Consortium.

Hound Sation

Tyber was taken to a space prison called 'Hound Station', it was the deadliest, most horrific prison out The Empire's prisons. He was taken to the highest, most secure cell there could be, Tyber had a reputation of  ofdisappearing and re-appearing.

Alder gathered his gang and set off for 'Hound Station'. They landed, not on the landing pad but on one of the cielings of the station. They put their breathing masks on and jumped out, blasters at the ready. One of them had brought a vibro drill, and they made a hole in the station to fit through. They jumped down into one of the prison halls, where the prisoners get locked up. The Stormtroopers attacked them and they only managed to survive when Alder chucked a thermal grenade into the vent. They rushed down the cell hall, unlocking every cell to create chaos. They finally got to Tyber's. But when they tried to openn it, they found that it was code locked!

More Info Coming Soon 

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