akangadeskywalker in his captain ARC armor

Akangade Skywalker is a member of the Shadow Tech Legion. It as the troops headed by Andrew Butler. Ia has vast experience in the Clone Wars Adventures. The main mission for he is more concerned with friends on a mission. He also has a lot of missions with the 501st legion. The usual place: Umbara, Temple, and others. words are always said this is "this is an order" you can if you think you can.

Mission on umbara

follow the mission to UMBARA on its first mission. conducted by the 501st legion who work with tech shadow legion.

Mission to geonosis

He did this with the general mission of Skywalker on a mission. but he managed to complete this mission.

shadow tech legion his armor after his victory.


akangadeskywalker mission to geonosis


war in umbara zone. with AT-RT


he is in shadow tech armor. because name his member is shadow tech legion

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