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Ahsoka Ion
Ahsoka ion
Biographical information

Coruscantplanet Coruscant


55 BBY, Coruscant


31 ABY, Umbara

Physical description





2.03 Meters


77.9 kg

Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Blue (Changes with weather)

Skin color



Artificial Left Hand

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

New Jedi Order Era


Galactic Republic

  • The Jedi Order
  • The Alliance to Restore the Republic

The Zeno-Sith Imperial Order

  • Dark Legion Council
  • The Ion Society
  • Royal Ion Family
  • The Zeno-Templar
Known masters

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Temporarily), Shaak Ti

Known apprentices


Current Squad

The Z-Templar

Squad Rank

Triumvir-Archmage (Leader)

  • 3rd Triumvir
  • Templar Mistress
Battle Class

Bc icon jedi

"You don't have too see or hear to understand!" -Ahsoka Master


Ahsoka ion2

A more realistic rendering of Ahsoka Ion (Created by Crimsonight)

Ahsoka Master was born on Coruscant, in 55 BBY. She was a force sensitive, and her talents in the force were soon discovered by the Jedi Order. For the next 15 years of her life, she would train at the Jedi Temple with multiple Jedi masters, but found herself training with Obi-Wan Kenobi the most. In 40 BBY, she was assigned on a

Ren Ion, Ahsoka Ion, and Sarria Ion by Crimsonight

From right to left: Sarria, Ren, and Ahsoka (Created by Crimsonight)

very important mission but a young, but tall male named Ren Ion met her. They quickly bonded, and within weeks they had fallen in love. Ahsoka's training at the temple was complete, and Ren decided to take her back to his homeplanet of Zeno. When they arrived, he asked her to marry him, and she accepted. Within the galactic month on Zeno, they got married, and lived in luxury. By 39 BBY, their first child, Joshua Ion, was born. As the next few years passed, the more children they had. A decade passed, and the Clone Wars erupted within the galaxy. Ren and Ahsoka went to aid the Galactic Republic against the nefarious Confederacy of IndependentSystems. Ahsoka took her old role as a Jedi Knight, while Ren was requested to join and aid the Republic's Navy. The years passed, and Ren and Ahsoka's love only grew stronger, and as the galaxy spawned new wars and battles, Ahsoka and Ren went into battle, together. Ahsoka, at the age of 86, was killed on Umbara, while on a mission assigned to her by the New Republic. Ren was outraged, and requested that the group of Umbarans whom murdered her be caught and prosecuted. Ren then brought her body back to Zeno, and held a large funeral in her honour.

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