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Aeternum Vivus
Mysterious man
Biographical information

World of Time


35,056 BBY


187 ABY

Physical description





2.07 Meters


179.9991 Kilograms

Hair color

Typically Black

Eye color

Neutral: Black

Dark Side: Red or Yellow

Light Side: Blue or Green

Skin color

Typically Pale

Chronological and political information

The Old Republic Era

The Rise of the Empire Era

The Dark Times Era

The Rebellion Era

The New Republic Era

The New Jedi Order Era

The Legacy Era

The Dark Vs. Light Era

The Galactic Virus Widespread Era


The Sith (When Regenerated Evil)

  • Sith Empire
  • Brotherhood of the Sith
  • Sith Triumvirate
  • Order of the Sith Lords
  • One Sith
  • The Galactic Empire
  • The Confederacy of Independent Systems

Jedi (When Regenerated Good)

  • The Jedi Order
  • The Galactic Republic
  • The Galactic Rebellion
  • The New Republic
  • Galactic Federation of Free Alliances
  • Galactic Federation Triumvirate

"You can kill me now, while I am kind, But, I wonder if my incarnation will be as kind..." -Aeternum Vivus


Aeternum Vivus was the last living member of his extinct species, known as the "Tempidominians". He was born in 35,056 BBY, on the unknown planet nicknamed "The Planet of Time". His species was mysteriously wiped out, and eradicated from the face of the galaxy. He helped and hurt the galaxy in many significant ways while he lived between 35,056 BBY to 187 ABY. From 700 BBY to 21 BBY, Aeternum went on a pilgrimage across the galaxy, to see if he could find anything worth looking for. He returned when his ship crash landed on Umbara, when the Galactic Republic were leading a conquest against the CIS.


Tempidominians are very human-like beings, whom can live for immense periods of time, due to their ability of regenerating after death. When they are killed, multiple parts of themselves change, such as their personality and appearance. If a Tempidominian is force-sensitive, their personality will almost always be on the far side of good, or the far side of bad. Because of this, Aeternum has regenerated hundreds of times as a Dark Side wielder, and as a Light Side Wielder.

Regeneration on Umbara

Crashed on umbara

Aeternum right before his regeneration.

Aeternum Vivus crashed on the shrouded planet of Umbara, during the Clone Wars. He was on his way to his homeplanet, the Planet of Time, but a space battle damaged his vessel while he was travelling through hyperspace. This
Aeternum's Umbaran Regeneration

Aeternum's Incarnation after his death on Umbara.

resulted in him coming out of hyperspace, right in the grasp of Umbara's gravitational field. His ship then hurtled down and crashed on the dark planet. Aeternum was stuck under debris of his ship, and he regenerated. He was in a Dark regeneration when he crashed, which meant his new incarnation was light. Aeternum was then confronted by CIS battle droids and Umbaran activsits. He fought his way through their large amount of forces, until he met the kind souls of the clone troopers. The clones realized he was not with their enemy, and they lead him to the Republic outpost. He stayed there for the duration of the battle. When Umbara was finally retaken, and the Republic forces went back to Coruscant, they brought Aeternum Vivus with them. He then stood before the Jedi Council, and told them about himself, and how he had arrived on Umbara. They then gave him a position as a Jedi General, as they knew he was strong with the force.


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