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Delta-3491 "Atom"

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Biographical information

Kaminoplanet Kamino


32 BBY



Physical description





1.83 meters

Hair color

Dirty Blonde

Eye color




Blood type

Gaither o_o



Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire, Galactic Civil War, New Republic


Galactic Republic Galactic Republic, Rebel Alliance


Battalion Commander

Known masters

Resh Turbojammer, Dak Sidespeaker, Zip Astrocharge

Known apprentices

True Slender Man (Slander)


The Clone Army, The Gaither o_o Clan, The Multiple Combat Specialists, True Slender Man (son), James Harden (...)

Current Squad

Delta Company

Squad Rank

1 1st in command

Former Squad(s)

Sadow Tech Marines, Whats Left of The Shadow Tech, Elite Scorch Devision Shadow Tech Marines Reunited, Xeres Gorogdrive's Squad (unnamed)

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooperExileIcon scoundrelTechnician

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Delta-3491, earned his nickname, "Atom" while still in his growth pod since he was smaller than his pod brother,  "Drive". Despite the his rough time in his pod, started out as a average clone, who was personally trained by Jango Fett and later assigned to an elite arc unit led by ARC Commander Cards and found himself being moved to multiple battalions. Unlike most clones, Atom wasn't given accelerated growth and because of this his chip to execute Order 66 would never activate.

o_o - ' - ' + Gaither = Atom Some basic Gaither Math

Training on Kamino

Cards:  "Every clone has to go through training, some do better then others...."

Beta Squad

The squad Atom was on as a cadet was Beta Squad, it consisted of five members, Atom, Drive, Axe, Wes, and Lune. Beta Squad definitely wasn't the greatest cadet squad, or the most skilled, but they were destined to do great things in The Clone Wars, after a long time of hard training, Beta Squad started getting the attention oh high profile units, when the day of their final challenge came, an Arc Trooper by the name of Cards was watching them.

The Final Test

The day of Beta Squad's final test came, and everything was in place, Drive and Axe would take the lead, while everyone else covered them, the Citadel started up and the squad was off, Drive and Axe were clearing a path, then Atom, Wes, and Lune followed in behind them to take the turrets out, everything was going as planned, but as they were climbing the wall, Drive got shot in the back by a droid and fell over. Everyone kept going except Atom, he couldn't leave his pod brother behind. Atom jumped down and shot the droid, he then stayed with Drive
One last look

Atom takes one last look at Kamino before being shipped out to The Clone Wars

to make sure he wasn't injured. While Atom was helping Drive, Axe, Wes, and Lune completed the challenge without them. Axe, Drive, Wes, and Lune graduated, but Atom wasn't allowed. Jango Fett didn't like the fact that he stopped to help an injured brother. Atom was later approached by Commander Cards, who was also watching Beta Squad during the Citadel Challenge. Atom expected to get lectured by him and being told that he was going to be stuck on janitor duty, instead Cards offered for Atom to join his Arc Unit and said:

Cards: "What you did back there was very courageous, and despite what Jango said I think your ready for war."

Early Clone Wars

The first half of the Clone wars began with many battles across the galaxy, and droid army wasn't going to let some clones take them down without a fight.

First Battle of Geonosis

When the Clone Wars first began, Atom was shipped to Geonosis along with every o
Bandicam 2013-05-04 15-31-41-265

Atom on Geonosis

ther clone ready for combat. They got there just in time to rescue the jedi. Heading into The Battle of Geonosis, Cards' unit was the most decorated unit of clones there. receiving the highest advancement in armor with the first phase of ARC armor. Cards' and the others were assigned to assist an AT-TE that was caught between
Geonosis Sky

Aerial view of Geonosis

two Hailfire Tanks, but the mission proved that even with more advanced armor they were no match for the Hailfires. A lot of them were either crushed under the wheels, or blasted into dust by the missiles. It's a sight that haunted many clones for a long time. Not to long after that, the unit was assigned to take out several Geonosian Spires that were taking sniper shots on the men fighting in the front lines. Cards led his unit to the spires and took them all out, but they lost a lot of men. The unit was then told to take a Gunship to Master Yoda's location. When they got there they saw Dooku's ship escaping. The Republic got a victory, but it came with heavy losses.

Wreckage at Ord Mantell

Shortly after the battle of Geonosis the Republic got word that an Acclamator assault ship that was carrying important cargo had fell under attack and
Cruiser above Ord Mantel

The Republic ship above Ord Mantell.

crashed on the junk world of Ord Mantell. The unit's assignment was to get the cargo back and rescue any survivors from the crash site. When they got to the surface they found the ship, but the cargo was gone and there were no men alive, they noticed blaster shots on some of the clone's armor. Commander Cards contacted the cruiser above the planet to see if they could track the cargo, they successfully did but reported that it was moving at a high speed in the direction of a spaceport. By the time the unit got there they saw a ship take off, then received word that it was Cad Bane's ship. The cruiser was able to lure his ship into the hanger with a tractor beam but didn't have enough men to stop Bane, he then made his way to the bridge to try and shut down the tractor beam, just as the unit was able to find him although they felt guilty knowing that they let him kill so many clones.

Droid Counter Attack on Christophisis

After Generals Skywalker and Kenobi were shipped off of Christophsis the Republic sent Car
Republic fleet above Christosphsis

The Cruisers above Christophsis

ds' unit alone with several other units to finish off the droid army on the planet. They soon realized the Separatists had built a massive droid factory, with AATS and Octuptarras ready to be deployed knowing that they were outnumbered and out gunned the unit fell back to the cruiser to inform the Republic.

Droid Base on Mustafar

Commander Cards and his unit were shipped to Mustafar to destroy Droid factories on the surface, to avoid being detected the unit used escape pods to land on the surface then stole droid fighters to escape to th
Droid Factory

Atom about to attack the main droid base

Vulture Droid

Atom hot wiring a Vulture Droid so he can escape the base

e next factory. The mission was simple and went well until the arcs reached the main base, once there they noticed assassins droids were hired to protect the base, the unit bravely fought through them and managed to set charges on the base, but Atom and Cards captured by 2 assassin droids, who were unaware of the charges about to blow up the base the rest of the arcs went back looking for Cards and Atom. They found them, but one of the arcs pointed out that the hanger was on lock down and the only way to over ride it was to destroy the computer in the control tower. Cards assigned Atom to get to the tower and shut it down. Atom barely managed to escape the explosion and meet up with the rest of the unit. Atom is promoted to sergeant after this battle.

Atom: "That was to close for comfort"

Scouting Mission on Ryloth

Shortly following the successful mission on Mustafar, The Republic received Intel that the Separatists were trying to invade Ryloth, so they sent Cards' unit to go investigate. Once on the surface the unit found the lo
Atom on Ryloth

Atom fires a rocket at the ship the droids were coming from

cals being driven away from there homes the arcs tried to help save them, but were forced to fall back after the droids got support from AATS. The unit tried to contact help, but it wouldn't arrive for 5 hours, with the droids closing in the unit set up some bunkers and prepared for the droids to attack. The battle raged on until the arcs found themselves surrounded, as one of the droids is about to finish Atom, off Cards pushes him out of the way and takes the hit. Right after that, a Pelta Medical Frigate manages to get to the surface and extract the arcs just in time. Cards is badly injured from the battle and unable to do more then Jedi Temple security, the arc unit refused to be stuck at the temple so they disbanded and we shipped to other Units or Battalions.

2nd Battle of Geonosis

After being i
Desert Arf

Atom and the surviving clones push through to Point Rain

nactive for a while, Atom decided it was time to get back in the action, so he helped Ki-Adi Mundi during the 2nd Battle of Geonosis. The action begins when the Gunships took off and were thrust into the heavy fire from the surface, the ship Atom was aboard crashed a long distance away from Mundi, but close enough to the landing zone that it was walking distance. Atom and the surviving clones were cut off before they could reach the landing site and forced to fight the droids out in the open. They eventually reached Point Rain and joined the main force to attack the shield generator. Atom was promoted to lieutenant after the battle.

The Droid Factory

The time to recapture Geonosis was at hand, Atom noticed he was the only one left with desert ARF gear, so he asked to get new gear, which he received when Green Company arrived, also arriving with Green Company was Xeres Gorogdrive, Atom's pod brother it's been so long since they had seen each other, but the time for catching up was for later when they were ordered to begin marching to the droid factory, as they were marching Commander Gree was telling the men all they had to do was hold off the droids until the padawans could destroy the factory from the inside. Soon enough the droids began marching out of the factory, Anakin Skywalker ordered the men to continue marching.

Atom: "This is going to be one heck of a fight.'"

Drive: "I can't wait to blow something up!"

The men finally stopped marching and were right in front of the droids, everyone loaded their weapons, Clones and Droids both. The droids began blasting first, and managed to shoot down a lot of men in the front lines, then Atom and Drive began blasting the droids along with the rest of the clones. Atom began to hear a buzzing noise, he looked up and saw the sky was filled with Geonosians. "We got bugs in the sky!" Atom yelled to the men. Clone Trooper Buzz quickly reacted, by grabbing a rotary canon and blasting away at the Geonosians, Atom
Bandicam 2012-10-04 20-05-13-135 (2)

Atom attacking the droid factory

and Drive joined him, Drive noticed the Geonosians were coming out of a tower, so he blasted it with a rocket launcher stopping more Geonsians from joining the battle. Atom and Drive were once again focused on the ground combat, and began shooting down Battle Droids once again. It looked like they had gained the upper hand, but Destroyer Droids began coming out of the factory, Atom threw a grenade at them, but there were still many more of them left, another veteran member of Green Company showed up, this time it was Draa, Draa ran up to the front lines and began to shoot rockets at the Destroyer Droids. It once again looked like The Republic had the upper hand, but they didn't once again. The Separatists had a new type of tank that they deployed, Drive attempted firing rockets at them but they had no effect. The men were ordered to retreat while the Jedi set charges under the bridge that led to the factory, Atom and Drive watched as the tanks fell into the canyon and the wreckage of the bridge.

Atom: "Well, that just about does it here, lets go."

Battle of Malastare

In one of the longest and toughest battles of the Clone Wars, Atom was assigned with Captain
Malastare Bombing Run

Y-wings about to launch the Proton Bomb.

Rex to buy time for the bombers to launch an Electro Proton Bomb
RX-200 tanks

RX-200 Tanks subdue the beast.

on top of the droid army. Atom, Rex, and the 501st Torrent Company fought long and hard against the droid army, once the bombers came, the 501st then had to outrun an incoming sink hole that trapped most of the clones underground. Atom then went underground with General Mace Windu to search for survivors, Atom and Mace split up, when Mace found the a creature the Duggs call The Zillo Beast Atom barely escaped to the Gunship with his men. Later Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, and some RX-200 tanks move in to subdue the Zillo Beast to bring it to Coruscant. Atom was promoted to captain after this battle.

Zillo Beast Attacks Coruscant

When the Zillo Beast was shipped to Coruscant Atom was in charge of security outside the buildin
Gunship Attacks the beast

A gunship attacking the Zillo Beast

g the Zillo Beast was being held in, when the beast broke free Atom, Rex, and a few Gunships held off the Zillo Beast until toxic gas could be used on it. It was hard enough to hold it off, and the Republic couldn't use the RX-200 tanks on it because it was holding a transport that had Chancellor Palpatine, Master Yoda and Aalya Secura were sent in to distract it until the transport was evacuated. Gunships later moved in to kill the beast. Atom later escorted the dead Zillo Beast off Coruscant.

Citadel Rescue

During the missio

Captain Rex and ARC Trooper Fives holding off the droids until the gunship arrives.

n to free Even Piell there were many changes made to the plan, one of which was to have a gunship come down and pick up the strike team, after Plo Koon's fleet emerged from hyperspace the battle began. After the battle went on for a bit General Plo decides that there out of time and need to rescue them from the Citadel, Atom and Wolffe were aboard the gunship to rescue them, and arrived just in time to save them.

Canyon Base on Tatooine

Atom was s
Atom on Rojo

Atom on his Bantha

ent to a canyon on Tatooine to investigate a possible droid base, on the way to the base, Atom and his men were attacked by Tuske
Atom's Monkey Lizard

Atom's Trained Monkey Lizard

n Raiders. After defeating their leader the rest of them fled leaving their Banthas behind. Atom saw this as a chance to get to the base faster, but soon learned that the slow speed of the Banthas weren't much better, although they made it less likely to fall. Atom and his men eventually made it to a building, and found droids guarding it. Atom and his men opened fire and destroyed them all with ease, they went inside to find a few Jawa's cowering behind several boxes. Right before they were going to leave, Atom saw an injured Monkey Lizard. Atom took pity on it at brought it back to the cruiser with him, where he healed it and trained it. Once getting back to the cruiser, Atom and his men received new Phase II gear.

Jungle Warfare

Right before Atom had a chance to try on his new gear, he was informed that he would be dispatched to Yavin 4 with Captain H
Commander Hale

Captain Hale

ale, when Atom reached the cruiser, he was informed of the mission, and told he would be scouting the area with Captain Hale and a small squad of ARF troopers. They all took a gunship, which dropped them off in a forest near the reported droid base. 

Atom: "Now what?"

Hale: "We make our way east, that's where the droid base should be."

ARF: "Look sir some speeders."

Hale: "I wonder what these are doing here..."

Atom: "They could be from the last squad sent to this area."

Hale: "Well, since they're here we might as well use them."

The squad mounted up, and moved out, with the speeders they were able to find the droid base quickly, but faced heavy resistance. Hale ordered Atom to contact th
Atom on Yavin 4

Atom attacking the droid base.

e cruiser for support, but the communications were jammed. The squad quickly fell back but when they did Hale was shot in the back, Atom ran back to try and help him, but it was to late, he was already dead. Atom then followed the rest of the squad deeper into the forest.

ARF: "Atom, you made it, but where's the captain?"

Atom: "He's dead..."

ARF: "What do we do?!"

Atom: "Don't worry we'll survive this."

It took some time, but Atom was able to give the squad some hope, as they hopped back onto their speeders and tried to get back into range where they could contact the cruiser. After 10 long hours, Atom was able to contact the cruiser, and they sent down reinforcements, but the droids were listening in on the message, and dispatched a battalion of droids to Atom's position. Luckily for them, one of the AR
Atom on a Barc

Atom riding back to the droid base.

Fs saw the droids coming, so the squad took their speeders and rode away further into the forest. While they were riding away, Atom was contacted by the cruiser, and was ordered to make their way back to the droid base and prepare to attack. Atom, and the squad turned around, and headed back to the base, when they got there the Republic was already attacking. Atom quickly joined in the fight, by shooting down several droids, but the battle was just about finished after that. So Atom jumped in one of the gunships and made his way back the     the cruiser. He was commended and given a medal for his courage, and  leadership in that tough situation.

Late Clone Wars

As The Clone Wars rages on, more and more battles are breaking out, bigger, tougher droids and tanks, the clones received new modified phase II armor.

Battle of Umbara

For this mission Atom was assigned with the 212th Attack Battalion to assist them with the invasi
Atom on Umbara

Atom and the 212th touchdown on Umbara

on of Umbara. The 212th had much much smoother time reaching the surface then the other battalions and weren't thrown directly into a fire fight. The battalion split up into to groups one being led by Obi-wan, Commander Cody, and Waxer, the other left with Atom and Boil, The main group (Led by Obi-wan.) was in charge of attacking the Capital while the other group (Led by Atom.) was in charge of atta
Atom on a comm

Atom gets a report on the situation with Krell

ck Umbaran factories that were assisting the main Umbaran force. As Atom, Boil and the rest of the battalion were preparing to attack the first base they were ambushed by a group of Umbarans, the battalion was unprepared for this kind of attack, as the Umbarans used Millcreeps and Plasma weapons the Republic had never seen, the battalions numbers were greatly depleted after the encounter with under half of the men surviving but regardless they pushed forward and managed to destroy the factories. After the factories were destroyed, Atom got a transmission from Cody saying that General Pong Krell had become an enemy of the Republic and if encountered he had to be captured dead or alive, Cody also reports the loss of Waxer, which made Boil furious with anger, but Atom eventually managed to calm him down saying "Krell will get what's coming his way, I promise he won't get away with this." While on their way to the air base Atom received word that the Umbarans were heading to the air base to try and recapture it, Atom and the battalion quickly raced to intercept the Umbarans and arrived just in time to stop them. Atom was promoted to commander after this battle.

Mission on Kiros

Atom once again was assigned with the 212th to Kiros to investigate the disappearance of the Togrutans while

Boil on an AT-RT ready to blast some droids.

on the surface Atom took a small group to search for any of the locals in a nearby village, only to find commando droids and new sniper droids guarding it. Atom called Cody for help, and Cody sent in Boil and some AT-RT walkers to assist them. After the battle Atom and some other men were shipped back to the cruiser when Atom was told that he would be able to lead his first mission, A mission to Felucia to destroy the droid army on the planet, with 42nd Battalion under his command.

Near Death on Felucia

The first missio
Starwars-iii -felucia-wallpapers 25816 1280x960

The battalion struggle through Felucia.

n under Atom's command didn't go to well, Felucia was a rough, as soon as they touched down on the planet, they lost contact with the Republic, and the battalion was unprepared as the humidity killed most of the men before they could even reach the droids, and the trees getting in the way of the walkers weakened the battalion even more being forced to go on foot put them at a great disadvantage, they were eventually picked off one by one by various wild life from Felucia, Atom and the survivors rushed back to a fallen AT-TE and stayed there for shelter hoping the Republic would come for them.

Rescue on Felucia

After several months on Felucia, The Republic had finally sent the 501st to investigate the plane
Rescue on Felucia

The 501st attacking the droids on Felucia.

t but arrived only to find the remains of most of the 42nd Battalion, Atom and the surviving troopers from the battalion later emerged from a fallen AT-TE to assist the 501st in stopping wild animals from attacking then men. Atom and the survivors later were shipped off Felucia to a cruiser that was orbiting the planet, which later fell under attack from two Trade Federation ships that sent Hyena Bombers to bomb the bridge, in t
Atom on Felucia

Atom blasting droids on Felucia

he process the ship's admiral perished, leaving the ship and everyone aboard it in grave danger, all the noise woke up Atom who then made his way to the bridge to find the ship in chaos, Atom then ordered all fighters to take off and attack the cruiser to the left, while their cruiser attacked the enemy ship on the right, Atom then contacted the Republic to tell them whats going on, they sent another cruiser to support Atom. After the battle The Republic was impressed by the way Atom was able to handle the situation, and offered to make him a Admiral, he agreed, but only if they would allow him to be able to serve somehow in ground battles as well, after some thought the Republic allowed him to do so in this one rare case.

Assault on Orto Plutonia

Bandicam 2012-10-07 07-16-34-544 modified

Droid Gunship

The Republic was informed from scouts that a Separatist blockade was orbiting Orto Plutonia, and they needed to get rid of it. They sent Atom along with Ace and Speeder Squad, when they came out of hyperspace, the situation didn't look to good.  The Republic was heavily out gunned, but that didn't make Atom and Ace turn away, they came at the droids with everything they had, and were having pretty good success, until the droids introduced a new gunship. The Droid's Gunships had heavy deflector shields and devastating weapons.
Atom in the cruiser

Atom looks at the plan for the ground assault

Atom: "Those ships are tearing us apart."

Ace: "I know, I wish I could do something to help."

Atom: "Well we might get that chance, because we're being boarded!"

The clones loaded heavy weapons, like rocket launcher, and grenades, then headed to the hanger to defend the ship. The rocket launcher proved to be very effective against the droid gunships. Once the droids noticed they were outmatched, they retreated, which left the Republic victorious in the space, but they still had unfinished business on the ground.
While they were making their way to the surface, Atom and Ace went over the plan with their squads, Speeder Squad would attack the base from behind, while Atom and his squad would attack from the front. Once landing, everyone put on their cold weather gear and moved out. Atom saw a cliff overlooking the base, so he ordered a couple men to take sniper positions, then the rest of the men followed Atom to the base. When they reached the base, they set up explosives on the walls to draw the droid's attention. While the droids were focused on Atom in the front, Ace and Speeder Squad snuck in the base from behind, an
Atom on Orto Plutonia 2

Atom riding to the base

d managed to take out the droids attacking Atom from behind.

Atom: "About time you got here, I was beginning to think you ditched us."

Ace: "Not my fault, it was a long walk."

Atom: "Whatever, let's just get moving."

Atom and Ace then made their way to the top of the base, where they found droids loading supplies onto a ship. They began blasting at them, but the ship took off. Atom then pulled out a rocket launcher and shot down the ship. Then they moved to set charges in the generator. As they were about to leave, they saw Savage Oppress. Atom and Ace quickly ordered their squads to retreat. Atom and Ace stayed behind to fight Oppress, but they were easily beaten, they were lucky enough to escape with their lives.

The Mysterious Temple

The Republic s

Atom carefully proceeds through the temple

ent Atom back to Umbara to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Hammer Company who were with their Jedi General when they went missing. The Gunship landed just outside of a massive Temple, that was surrounded by a rancor infested forest, Atom then proceeded

Atom about to fight the Nightsister

inside. After hours of exploring the temple, Atom came across the final hallway where several rooms were, Atom loaded his gun and slowly made his way down the hall, the first room was a torture room, where he found several dead bodies, while searching through the room Atom saw a giant bat attacking a wild Convor, Atom wouldn't allow this so he shot the bat, killing it. Atom kept the Convor. Atom moved onto the next room and found a chair that had the Jedi General in it, He had three sabers going through his chest, Atom took his lightsaber which he would give to the Jedi Council, Atom continued until he found a
Atom's Convor

The Convor Atom rescued

weapons rack, he stole a Darksaber thinking he may need to use it later. He then entered t
Savage Oppress

Savage Oppress

he final room where a rouge Nightsister was waiting, using the lightsaber and darksaber he obtained, Atom has he dueled her and barely managed to defeat her. Right before Atom was about to leave, he found Savage Oppress waiting for him. Oppress however didn't fight Atom, but he just ran from him, Atom chased after him while in the back of his mind thinking he was being led into a trap. Atom eventually found himself in a room alone, then he began to have strange visions of the future.

Atom's Visions

After being led to a strange room by Savage Opress, Atom began seeing visions of the future. Ato
Maul Savage and Palps

The three sith dueling

m's first vision was of Darth Maul, Savage Opress, and another sith who he couldn't identify, just as Atom was about to
Awesome sauce XD

The leader of Death Watch Pre Vizsla working together with Maul and Savage

go find out who the sith was, he began to have another vision, this time he saw Death Watch, Maul and Savage all working together, this confused Atom, making him wonder what was goi

The Republic Commando

ng on, he didn't realize he was having visions yet. Atom then had a vision about a Republic Commando who was surrounded by battle droids and appeared to have no hope, right when Atom was going to try to help him, he began to have yet another vision, in this one he saw clones attacking Jedi in the Jedi Temple, this confused Atom even more, and just when he was going to lose it. He woke up, finding himself in a medical bay one Coruscant, then a Shock Trooper walked in.

Atom: "Who are you? What's going on?"

Thorn: "You can call me Thorn, we lost contact with you while you were on a mission to a strange temple, they sent my men to go find you, which they did, you passed out on the front steps of the building."

Atom: "I remember seeing Savage Opress, then going into a room . . ."

Thorn: "Then what?"

Atom: "I started seeing visions. I saw Maul, Savage and another sith fighting, then I saw Death Watch and Maul working together, then I saw a Republic Commando surrounded by droids."

Thorn: "Recent reports say that an enemy frigate crashed on Carlac, that's rumored to be where Death Watch's main base is, maybe you could pay them a visit."

Atom: "Wait, I had a vision of one more thing, I saw clones attacking the Jedi here at the temple."

Thorn: "Oh . . . well the council requests that you give them a report on what happened."

Atom: "Alright, I'll be right there."

After the mission, Atom went to give the council a report, and gave them the lightsaber from the fallen Jedi.

Skirmish on Carlac

After Atom finally was cleared to go to Carlac he was assigned with the Wolfpack to command Delta Company. Their main assignment was destroy any droids that may have survived in the wreckage of an enemy frigate that crashed earlier, once on the ground, Delta Company assisted Wolfpack in building an outpost, after the outpost was built Delta Company was deployed to destroy any droids in the area of the crashed ship, but were then ambushed by Death Watch mercenaries, after defeating them Atom contacted Commander Wolffe telling him that members of Death Watch were on the planet, Wolffe then told him he would contact the Republic to get help, then after getting a map of the area Atom found several villages in the area. and made his way to the the nearest one with Delta Company.

Warriors of Carlac

Once reaching the village, Delta Company found Death Watch solders and Elite Death Watch solders burning down the village, Delta Company engaged them and defeated them all with ease.
Atom: "Ha! That wasn't so bad, was it guys?"

Delta Company finds the village in flames

Kane: "Wait sir I see something...."

After defeating the Death Watch solders, a new foe arrived at the destroyed village with four Carlac Elite Death Watch solders.

Atom: "Who are you?"

Kellov: "Sergeant Kellov of the Mandolorian Death Watch."

Kane: "Just a bigger wimp, let's take him down like the rest."

Kellov: "You'll regret tangling with the Death Watch!"

Atom shoots down a Death Watch Solder

Atom and Delta Company began firing at the Carlac Elite Death Watch members but only managed to take one of them down, then Kellov ordered them to retreat, and Atom ordered his men to pursue them, leaving him alone with Kellov, Atom grabbed his Accelerated Thermal Carbine and began firing a few rounds at Kellov, Kellov however barely felt a thing with this armor being thicker then average Death Watch gear, Kellov then hit Atom in the head with his Flamethrower knocking him off his feet, just as Kellov was going to finish off Atom, Commander Ace Breao showed up with Speeder Squad and began to open fire at Kellov, with Kellov distracted Atom saw an opening and grabbed his Thermal Carbine and shot Kellov in the head to finish him.

The Crashed Ship

Once Delta Company and Warriors of Carlac had all their men together, Atom took Delta Company to complete their main assignment to destroy the crashed ship, Ace and Ben took Warriors of Carlac to the captured village and waited for Atom to return. Delta Company made their way to the crashed ship only to find clone trooper Sprint and some members of Wolfpack trying to break into the cruiser but with no success, Sprint told Atom he would contact him when they get in, on the way to the captured village Delta Company was attacked by a Magnaguard named IG-113.

Atom: "That thing is huge!"

IG-113: "Self-Defense mode initiated, neutralize all hostile targets!"

Atom and Delta Company had a hard time taking the guard down but eventually managed to to do it, after the battle Atom stole the guards staff and gave it to Ace Breao, right before Ace and Atom were going to enter the village, Atom was contacted by a veteran member of Delta Company "Xeres Gorogdrive" that he would be joining them, after some more waiting Drive made it to the village and they all entered.

The Captured Village

After enteri
Attacking Pre Visla

Ace rushes to attack Pre Vizsla

ng the village Atom, Ace, and Drive had to fight through many Death Watch solders and Carlac Elites, including several Death Watch leaders, the three of them working together proved to be to much for even their most elite solders. They fought through the whole village stopping Death Watch solders from burning down houses and harming civilians, they eventually reached the center of the village, where Pre Vizsla was waiting, Atom and Drive stood a safe distance from his Darksaber and fired at him, while Ace kept him busy with his stolen Magnaguard staff, the group had Vizsla on the run but just as they were going to arrest him they got barraged by Death Watch solders that fought them until Vizsla had enough time to escape.

Death Watch Camps

After defeating Pre Vizsla Warriors of Carlac and Delta Company thought the day was won, but were wrong, shortly after the battle with Vizsla, Commander Wolffe contacted Ace telling him that his men had reported several Death Watch camps in the area and that they needed help taking control of them, Atom, Ace, and Ben hopped on speeders and raced to the first camp, after traveling through the icy world and being stopped to fight several Death Watch members, Warriors of Carlac and Delta Company finally took out all the camps and began to make their way back to base.

Returning Home

After the Campaign on Carlac was finally complete, Atom, Ace, Axe, Drive, and Wes were shipped to Kamino leaving Delta Company and Warriors of Carlac under the Command of Ben1 Jackson. Atom hadn't been on Kamino since the war started, Axe and Wes were helping Cadets outside of the the facility as Atom, Ace, and Drive went inside to help Cadet squads review the basics of combat before they face their final challenge, "The Citadel." When the three of them walked in, the Cadets were excited, and started storming them with questions, although they were most amazed at the site of Ace's Republic Commando gear. Just as Atom was going to begin the Cadet's training, he was interrupted by a transmission that he was getting from Axe.

Second Battle of Kamino

After talking with Axe, Atom and the others soon found themselves in a tough spot. Droid ships were coming out of Hyperspace everywhere, they began sending everything they had. It was hard to believe, but The Separatists had caught The Republic off guard, and a lot of lives would be lost because of that. Alarms were going off, clones were getting their hel
Atom defending the generator

Atom blasts away at droids with his Rotary Canon

mets and loading their guns, everyone knew the outcome of this battle could turn the tide of the war. Atom rushed to the main generator, while Drive and Ace went to support Axe and Wes, when Atom reached the generator, the place was crawling with droids, luckily he had picked up a Z-6 Rotary blaster from the armory but he knew he would have to be extra careful not to shoot the generator. Atom began blastin
Generator explosion

Atom gets caught in the explosion

g the droids, and had an easy time mowing them down with his Rotary blaster, after some time Atom noticed he was running low on ammo, but there were still more droids left. Right when he was about to run out of ammo, he threw the blaster at some droids then pulled out his pistols, continuing to shoot at the droids. He thought he had the upper hand, but he was wrong, right after he shot down the last droid, a magnaguard came up behind him and stabbed him. Atom passed out for a couple minutes, but got up to see the magnaguard about to jam his staff into the generator, Atom acted quickly and shot it in the back to get it's attention, then it turned around and he shot it in the eyes, the guard backed up and tripped, but it's staff went flying right into the generator, it exploded, but not enough to permanently damage it. The power was out, and the defenses were offline, the chances of winning went down greatly. Atom woke up hours later, the battle was still waging on, Atom limped outside to see Drive firing a rocket that blows up an incoming Drop Ship. Atom limped across the battle field, still bravely shooting at the incoming droids.

Rescue on Kamino

After some ti
Kamino defense

Atom shoots the remaining droids on Kamino

me, Atom found him and the others surrounded by droids. They were taken inside a droid Drop Ship, where they would be transported to a Capital Ship. However, right before the ship was going to leave, the ship was shot with an Ion Canon and it was disarmed, then Republic Troops rushed in the ship. Atom, Ace, Axe, Drive, and Wes rushed outside and helped the reinforcements finish off the droids. They were then shipped off Kamino, and sent back to their Company's.

Gunship Assault

With the tough battle at Kamino behind them, Delta Company was hoping to get some finally get some rest, but unfortunately for them, the war still found them deep in space.
Droid Gunship Attack

A Droid Gunship destroying an Acclamator Assault Ship

Atom and the others were in the Mess Hall when the Cruiser's alarm began to go off. Delta Company quickly rushed to the bridge to see Droid Gunships attacking the cruisers, after seeing an Acclamator Assault Ship get blown to pieces, Atom knew they had to move clear of the enemy ships so they could jump to hyperspace. All canons on the Republic Cruiser began firing and were very effective against the Gunship's shields. The Cruiser was finally clear for the jump to hyperspace, but right before they had a chance to jump one of the Droid Gunships damaged the hyperdrive.

Drive: "What happened?"

Atom: "They took out the hyperdrive, but one of us might be able to go to the lower decks to repair it."

Drive: "I'll go."

Atom: "I'll go with you, Axe you man the ship."

Axe: "Yes sir."

Atom and Drive knew there wasn't much time, so they moved quickly. When they got down there, it didn't look good, there was a breach in the wall that was sucking all the air out, but that didn't stop the two. They sealed their helmets magnetized their boots and got to work. It was going well until some Rocket Droids flew through the hole in the wall. Atom began to shoot at them, but they kept coming, however Atom found a switch to seal the breach which allowed Drive to get enough time to finish. The second the hyperdrive was fixed, Atom told Axe to make the jump, they made it out just before the Separatist Fleet was in range.

Commando Rescue

The Republic received a transmission from Commando Boss, on Geonosis. He were told that he was assigned to collect intel from a droid factory on Geonosis, but when he got the intel he was attack
Atom on an AT-TE

Atom and the other clones rush to Boss on Geonosis

ed by an assassin droid. The Republic chose Atom to lead a battalion to find Boss and the droid. Atom took a single Acclumator Assault Ship. When they got to the surface, the ship was forced to land away from Boss' location because of to many spires in the area, so Atom sent out AT-TE walkers and Gunships to head to Boss' location. The clones didn't expect to find battle droids on the surface, but when they did they simply used their walkers and Gunships to shoot them down. When they got to Boss, the droid had already escaped with the intel and Boss' blaster. Boss told Atom the droid was C-21 Highsinger, a dangerous droid that was wanted by The Republic. Atom knew if they hurried they might be able to catch the droid in space, so he ordered the Gunships to fly into orbit and go after the Highsinger's ship. Meanwhile Atom, Boss and the others made their way back to the cruiser to get ready to leave. Not to long after they got back to the cruiser, Atom got a transmission that the Gunships had found the droid's ship and shot damaged it, they then told him it was heading to Felucia. Atom knew what to do, so he contacted The Republic and set a course to Felucia.

Hunt For Highsinger

When they made it in orbit of Felucia, Atom and the others moved quickly, and loaded up Gunships and flew to the surface. While they were in the ships they contacted Captain Carg, an ARC Troopers stationed on Felucia with his company. Carg told Atom that a ship crashed in the southern area of Felucia, but also warned them there was a droid base in that region so they should fly carefully. Shortly after he said that one of the gun

The Highsinger with Boss' blaster

ships was shot down, Atom knew they had to keep pushing through to retrieve that intel. The Gunships landed in a forest where they saw smoke coming from, they figured the Highsinger couldn't have gotten to far. Boss told Atom he had put a tracking device on the droid and it was near. Everyone armed their guns and kept their eyes open, eventually one trooper said he spotted it. So the clones quitely moved to to create a perimeter around the droid, when they finished they moved in and surrounded it. Atom told it to surrender, but it just let out a low pitched murmur then rapidly spun around shooting. It managed to kill most of the clones, the ones who survived began to shoot at it. It was getting shot, but it didn't seem to effect it much, one clone tried to jump on it's back, but it grabbed him and threw him into a tree, then Boss tried to tackle it from the front, and several other clones joined in, but not even all of them combined was enough to stop it. Atom ran up to it and punched Boss' blaster out of it's hand, then tried to hit it with his rifle's stock, but it took Atom's rifle and broke it in half. Atom pulled out a pistol, but it stole it from him and shot him in the arm. Atom looked up to see his own gun pointed at his head, Atom was about to pull out his second pistol and try something risky, but before he did he saw a lasor fly through the Highsingers chest. He looked over and saw Boss with his gun aimed at the droid, Atom saw the datacard that had the intel and grabbed it, then all the clones surrounded the droid. With it's last amount of strengh the Highsinger threw down a smoke grenade and ran off into the forest.

Boss: "Should we go after it?"

Atom: "No, we should head back to the outpost and contact the Republic, Carg and his men can handle the droid."

Atom and the others, tool the Gunships back to the outpost and told Carg about what happened, he said he would send a squad out to check for survivers at the crashed Gunship, and send Gunships to search for the Highsinger. Then they contacted The Republic.

Windu: "We're glad to hear from you, what is the status of the situation."

Atom: "We succesfully retrived the intel, but the droid got away."

Boss: "We also got my blaster back."

Windu: "Good to hear, anything else to report?"

Carg: "There's a droid outpost located in the southern area of this planet, my company will be spread thin with the search for the Highsinger, we could use some support."

Windu: "Understood Captain, Commando Boss, you will be stationed on Felucia to assist Carg until further notice, we will also send a battalion with Jedi Knight, Ana Zett to support you."

Boss: "Understood sir, I'm happy to help."

Mercy Mission

Before Atom had a chance to get on a Gunship, he was approached by Captain Carg. Carg requested that Atom would stay a little longer, he told him he needed someone to lead a small squad to the crashed Gunship to go on a Mercy Mission before the reinforcements came to rescue them. Atom accepted, so he gave the intel to Carg to hold onto.
Atom takes the medical supplies

Atom grabs the medical supplies

Atom went over to a table with the squad and grabbed some medical supplies. Once they finished they jumped on speeders and headed to the Gunship. When they got there, they were glad to see survivors, and luckily for the troopers, their medic was uninured too. Two of the ARC troopers that came with Atom decided to stay and protect the troopers until help would arrive. Atom then headed back to the base with the rest of the squad, he took the intel back from Carg and told him two ARCs stayed behind to protect them. Carg thanked Atom for his help then sent him on his way. It looked like Atom could finally head to The Jedi Council.

Return to Orto Plutonia

Atom finally thought he would get some rest from all the missions he received during the last couple days, but he wasn't in the clear yet. Before him and his squad could get to Coruscant, they came across a new problem that they would need to take care of.

Atom: "Pilot, whats the status?"

Pilot: "Not good sir, we're running low on fuel."

Atom: "I think there may be a Republic base not to far from our location on Orto Plutonia."
Atom 69

Atom makes contact with the leader of the base

Pilot: "I will attempt to make contact with them sir."

The pilot managed to get through to the base, and they received clearance to land in the hanger. When they touched down, Atom noticed there were Umbaran Aircraft that clone engineers appeared to be working on, he thought that was strange but didn't say anything at the moment. Atom contacted the sergeant in command of the base, he didn't seem to thrilled to have Atom and the others there.

Atom: "Thank you for letting us stay here I hope this won't take to long."

Sergeant: "Just don't use up all my fuel, where are you heading to anyway?"

Atom: "We have to deliver some very important intel to the Jedi Council."

Sergeant: "Jedi Council eh? Well you guys better not stay here to long, don't want to keep them waiting..."

Atom: "No we don't, but if this fuel can refill quicker there shouldn't be a problem."

Sergeant: "Whatever, since your here you mind helping us interrogate this prisoner."

Atom: "Sure I guess..."

Atom told his squad to stay with the ship, then he made his way to the second floor where the prisoner was. When he got up there, he found three clones already inside, and the sergeant waiting for him.

Sergeant: "About time you got here."

Atom: "Better late then never."

Sergeant: "Alright, this guy attacked our base earlier today, and he wouldn't tell me anything."

Atom: "What makes you think I can get him to talk?"

Sergeant: "I figured since you seem to have more experience then me you might have a better chance."

Atom: "You coming in too?"

Sergeant: "Nah, I'm going to head to the roof to see the damage from the attack."

Atom: "Alright.... Wait, I never got your name."

Sergeant: "The name's Splitter."

Atom: "My name's Atom."

Splitter: "I didn't ask, but alright."


Atom in the room with the prisoner

Atom didn't say another word and just walked in the interrogation room. The troopers stepped aside and let Atom stand right across from the prisoner. He was a tall, muscular man with dark hair, and Death Watch Gear but before anything could even be said. The base was shook by an explosion, Atom and the other clones looked around in confusion, but the prisoner had a smile on his face, at the same time he began talking.

Prisoner: "Heh, looks like my help has finally arrived."

Atom: "Help?"

They were interrupted by another explosion. Then Sergeant Splitter contacted Atom.

Splitter: "Atom we need some help on the roof!"

Atom: "What's going on?"

Splitter: "The base is under attack, looks like more of his friends, and they brought battle droids!"

Atom: "Hmmm, battle droids.... I'll be right up there."

Atom ordered the three clones to guard the prisoner, the made
Atom on Orto Plutonia

Atom attacking the droids

his way to the roof. When Atom got there, he crouched down next to a bunker and began shooting at the incoming droids. After what seemed to be a pretty brief battle, Atom and the others made their way into the ship, to find it full of Death Watch Solders, to his surpise they all began to surrender, and begged for mercy. 

Atom: "Not what I'd normally see from Death Watch..."

Prisoner: "All of you wimps! What are you doing?! Attack them! Kill them all!"

Solders: "Yes sir!"

Before anyone could move the Death Watch solders froze as Splitter had turned and shot their leader. The solders froze again. They began to surrender again, but Atom told them to just get lost. Splitter didn't understand Atom's decision but didn't want a question it.

Atom: "One last thing before we go." 

Splitter: "What?"

Atom: "Why are there Umbaran aircraft in the hanger?"

Splitter: "The Republic wanted us to exparement on them to see if we could use their tech to enhance our weapons."

Atom: "I see." 

Atom gathered his men together, loaded up his ship, and took off. This time they finally got to Coruscant. Atom immediately turned over the intel to the Jedi Council. Looked like Atom could finally get some rest after that hectic mission.

Return to Carlac

Atom was just getting ready to leave Coruscant when he was contracted by Sprint who was stationed on Carlac. He told Atom they had finally opened up the ship, but they needed backup to be able to take it. Atom contacted Delta Company, to meet him in the Jedi Temple Hanger. Once everyone was there he gave them a briefing on the the missions, then they shipped off to Carlac. When they were in orbit of the planet, they immediately were faced with two Munificent Class Cruisers and Lucrehulk Control Ship. Atom ordered the launch of all Gunships and to push their way to the surface. Atom and the others made it through, not losing to many Gunships. When they touched down at the Republic Outpost, they were greeted by Sprint, who led them in the outpost, while giving them a briefing of the si
Carlac briefing

Atom, Drive, and Wes watch their cruiser retreat the battle.


Sprint: "Glad your here sir, we need all the help we can get."

Atom: "No problen, just give us the mission and consider it done."

Sprint: "We need you to infiltrate the crashed ship, take out any droids you see, and destroy the generator."

Atom: "Well you called the right squad to get it done."

Sprint: "Good to hear that sir, I know that sheer numbers won't do us any good here, so we needed a squad like your's to help us."

Atom: "I know, how do things look in space?"

Atom and some a the squad headed to the holotable to see how their cruiser was doing, but they found it fleeing the battle. Atom knew that it would come back with help, so  he didn't worry. The squad then went over the plan one final time, then selected the members who would be going with Atom.

Into The Crashed Ship

The selected members, were Drive, Axe, and Wes. They knew it wouldn't be to long until the droids started sending backup, so they had to work quickly. Before they left for the ship, Sprint contacted Atom saying sev
Atom on Carlac

Atom and the others arrive at the ship.

eral Droid Landing Ships were closing in on the outpost, that being said, Atom and the others quickly ran to the crashed ship.

Atom: "Alright, we don't have much time, so lets get this right."

Drive: "Okay, I've got the explosives with me."

Atom: "Good, now lets go destroy this ship."

Atom and the others the walked into the hole Sprint and his men cut out. They then carefully snuck their way around the droid's security and made it to the reactor core.

Atom: "Alright guys, start planting the explosives."

Squad: "Yes sir."

Atom and the others began planting explosives until they heard a voice telling the to stop what they were doing. They turned around to find the room being flooded with Commando Droids.

Atom: "Uh-oh..."

Droid: "Drop your weapons, your coming with us."

Wes: "What now sir?"

Atom: "Do as they say."

Axe: "What? No way!"

Atom: "Trust me, we'll be fine."

The Commando Droids began leading Atom and the others away, but Drive quickly grabbed the remote for the explosives and some grenades. The Droids lead Atom and company through the lopsided, unstable ship until they reached the bridge. The Commando Droids told the squad to magnetize they're feet so they would'nt go flying out the window.

Axe: "What now?"

Drive: "Don't worry I have a plan."

Atom: "Drive?"

Drive: "Just get ready... When I say jump everyone de-magnetize."

Wes: "I don't know about this..."

Atom: "Trust your allies."

Droid: "Sir, we have brought you these clones."

IG-69: "Exellent, I shall deal with them, alone..."

Droid: "Roger, Roger."

Atom: "What do want?"

IG-69: "I want revenge..."

Atom: "Revenge? For what?"

IG-69: "My brother."

Atom: "I'm guessing the magnaguard we facing last time we were on Carlac..."

IG-69: "That is correct."

IG-69 took several steps towards Atom, and acivated his staff. Right before he was able to strike at Atom, Drive yelled jump. He threw severl grenades at the droid and around the bridge as he and the others crashed through the glass.

Wes: "Alright... Now what?!"

Axe: "If we hit the ground for this high up, we'll die!"

Drive: "Don't worry it won't happen."

Atom: "Is that a Gunship...?"

Drive: "Yes, I called for it to standbye near the bridge of this ship back when we were in the reactor, incase this happened."

Atom: "Impressive, you had a plan to save rescue us just incase we were to get captured..."

The Gunship quickly raced over to where the squad was falling. They jumped out of the ship with jetpacks to catch Atom and the others. When they all got in the ship, Drive handed Atom the remote.

Atom: "Is this the remote for the explosive we planted....?"

Drive: "Yes, I wanted you to do the honors."

Atom: "I am so glad your on our side."

Atom pushed the button, and they watched as the ship went up in flames.

Mission to Dathomir

With the Clone Wars raging on, The Republic's forces were spread thin, as more planets fell under the control of the Separatists. The Republic knew they had to hit the droids hard at every chance they got. Late in the war, Dathomir became a Separatist controlled planet, while the Republic knew that
Touchdown on Dathomir

Atom and his squad touch down on Dathomir

the Nightsisters weren't they're allies, they saw this as a chance to possibly earn they're favor. Atom took a small scouting party to Dathomir, when they touched down on the surface they found droid parts, and dead Nightsisters everywhere. Atom noticed a building north of their position. Atom ordered two of his men to stay with the ship while the rest of them investigated the building. After making their way to the building, they found more dead Nightsisters, looked like earning their favor was out of the question. Atom reported this to the Jedi Council, but as they were about to leave, they were ambushed by droids, Atom and his men began blasting at the droids, then suddenly something pushed them all back. Atom turned to see what had done that, and he saw Darth Maul.

Maul: "You should not have come here."

Atom vs Maul

The squad saw Atom staring motionlessly, and turned to look they all saw him, Darth Maul. Maul activated his saber and ran at them, Atom acted quickly, and activated his darksabers, managing to block Maul's strike, Atom ordered his men to retreat to the ship and
Maul vs Atom

Atom block's Maul's strike saving himself and his squad

said "If I'm not there in an hour, leave without me." His squad members saluted him then ran back to the ship. Atom was then left alone with Darth Maul, Atom and Maul began dueling. Atom was barely dodging Maul's vicious strikes, but managed to get a few good hits on him as well, but Atom was running out of time and needed to get back to the ship. Atom delivered a hard b
Bandicam 2012-10-19 15-37-59-030 (2)

Atom knocks Maul off balance

low to Maul which knocked him off balance, giving Atom a chance to run to the ship. Just as he was about to reach the outside of the building, Savage Oppress was standing in the doorway, but Atom was still running full speed, with Maul right on his tail. Atom tossed one of his Sabers up to distract Savage, then slid between his legs, but Atom saw no sign of the Gunship, and Maul and Savage were right behind him. Just as Atom was going to prepare to fight again, a blast came from above and knocked the two Sith back. Atom looked up and saw a rope to the Gunship drop down for him. He climbed the rope and entered the ship awaiting a briefing for his next mission.

Return to Ryloth

After the mission to Dathomir, Atom was informed that he would be returning to another planet that he had battled on before. This time it would be Ryloth. Atom had a hard time being able to head back to Ryloth, he remembered what had happened his his first time on the planet, but he knew orders were orders, and he had to return to Ryloth. Atom and Delta Company landed in a small clone outpost that the Republic had established. Delta Company's objective was just to inspect the outpost and make sure the defenses were operating correctly. During the inspection, Atom heard an explosion, having heard this, he went outside with Delta Company. When they got outside, they several clones in combat with droids, but what caught Atom's attention was General Grievous in the distance, Atom watched as Grievous was killing the clones one by one.

Atom: "Drive, we're going to need some heavy weapons.'"

Drive: "I'm on it.'"

Atom: "Axe, we're taking the fight to Grievous."

Atom and Axe rushed Grievous along with several other clones. Atom and the others opened fire on Grievous, but he managed to deflect all of their shots. Then Atom remembered his Darksaber, so he pulled it out and dueled Grievous, but Atom was at a major disadvantage, given that fact that Grievous had four lightsabers, and was a much more skilled dueler. After managing to hold his ground against Grievous for some time, Atom eventually was getting tired, but Grievous still had as much energy as he did when the battle began. Grievous noticed Atom was getting tired, and began to attack faster then when he began. Atom couldn't keep up and lost his balance, but before he fell, Grievous grabbed him and ripped his helmet right off his head, then threw him to the ground. As Atom looked up, he saw Grievous smash his helmet into pieces.
Atom on Ryloth 2

Atom blasting the droids with a Z-6 Rotary Canon

Grievous: "Any last words clone?"

Atom: "Your lucky that wasn't my standard helmet, or I would be mad..."

Grievous: "When I'm finished with you, you won't have to worry about your helmet!"

Just as Grievous was moving in to finish Atom, a rocket hit Grievous in the face. Atom looked back and he saw Drive with a rocket launcher, Axe helped Atom back to his feet and they hid behind a some cover. Atom began shooting at the droids with his pistols, but Drive stopped him and handed him a Rotary Canon. Then it became a win able battle, but Grievous was able to get up and rejoin the droids, which meant Delta Company was in trouble again. But before Grievous could completely pull himself together, several Republic Gunships hovered above the are. Atom looked up and saw Jedi General Ben1 Jackson jump out of the ship with Ace and Speeder Squad. Ace and Speeder squad ran to Atom and Delta Company to support them, while Ben dueled Grievous alone
Ben vs Grievous

Ben dueling Grievous

. Ben had a pretty easy time handling Grievous, and Atom and the others had an easy time finishing off the remaining droids. Grievous eventually found himself surrounded.

Ben: "Give up Grievous, your outnumbered, and surrounded."

Grievous: "I'll never surrender to you Republic Scum!"

Atom: "Prepare to fire..."

Atom was interrupted by the sound of a laser bolt, followed by hearing a body hit the ground, Atom looked over and saw a battle droid standing with a blaster pointed at him, he quickly shot the droid down, then he looked back to find the trooper who was shot down.

Ace: "Chapper!"

Ben: "Is anyone here a medic?!"

Then out of the shadows, a familiar figure appeared, Atom looked and saw a person wearing some damaged clone gear, holding a medical kit. As the figure stepped forward Atom was shocked at the sight of Dex Magbomber. (The second most scary creeper Atom has met o_o)


Dex: "Someone called for a medic?"

Atom: "No!"

Ace: "Yeah over here!"

Dex: "Hello Ace"


They were interrupted again by the sound of another laser, followed by a high-pitched scream. Everyone looked as Dex's body slowly hit the ground. Then Everyone turned to look at Atom.

Atom: "What? He's technically a deserter so I'm allowed to do that."

Nobody wasted time arguing with him, they just focused on helping Chapper, as well as other wounded clones. Although there were many losses, it was a victory, and the Outpost past the inspection.

Battle of Sarrish

Atom was assigned to the 212th Attack Battalion, to aid in the invasion of Sarrish, while on the cruiser, Atom noticed a Commando, the same Commando he saw in his visions.

Atom: "Hey, you."

Gregor: "Yes?"

Atom: "What's your CT number?"

Gregor: "CC-5576-39, Gregor."

Atom: "Pleasure to meet you Gregor, so I take it your here to assist in the invasion of Sarrish."

Gregor: "That's right, and from what I hear we're going to need all the help we can get."
Atom on Sarrish

Atom holding his position on Sarrish

Cody: "Sorry to interrupt, but it's time to load up the Gunships."

Atom: "Alright, I'll see you planetside."

Atom was a little concerned for Gregor after what he saw in his visions, but didn't want to mention anything to him. When the Gunships took off, they were thrown into a barrage of surface fire, General Kenobi's Gunship was one of the first gunned down, not to long after that, the ship Cody and Atom were on was gunned down.

Atom: "Those turrets are to powerful."

Cody: "We need to try and commender them."

Atom: "Agreed."

Cody and Atom began leading the 212th to the turrets, but more and more men were getting shot down, then Cody was contacted by Kenobi, and told not to attack the turrets and to split up the men, Atom took half of the men, and Cody took the other half. The plan was working as the droids divided their numbers as well, but Gunships and Fighters were still getting shot out of the sky. Then Atom was contacted by Cody, and told that they were attacking the Anti Air Turret, Atom and his men came around to provide, Cody with some cover fire as he scaled the wall to reach the turret. When Cody made his way up, the turret tried to target him, but a member of "A" Squad shot the gunner
Gregor on Sarrish

Gregor blasting droids on Sarrish.

before he could. As Atom looked into the distance, he could see Gregor, and his men getting shot down one by one, before he had a chance to get him some help, Atom got caught in an explosion. After the battle he woke up in the medical bay in the cruiser.

Cody: "Glad to see your awake, that was quite a blast you took."

Atom: "What happened?"

Cody: "You got caught in an explosion, but luckily you were saved by Captain Gregor."

Atom: "Where is Gregor now?"

Cody: "I don't know, he said he had to go help his men, but he never came back."

Atom: "He saved my life... I'll never forget this."

Discovering the Dead Zone

Atom was with Zip and the squad when they were contacted to investigate a mysterious area on Felucia, before the gunships even had a chance to land their engines stalled and they began to free fall. Atom and the other quickly grabbed jetpacks and hovered down, but the was surface fire was preventing them from landing together, so they split up. Atom landed along with Drive, Atom was then contacted by Zip.

Zip: "Atom, where are you...?"

Atom: "I'm not sure, but Drive is here with me."

Zip: "AHHHHHH!!!!!"

Atom: "Zip....?"

Drive: "What's going on?!"

Atom: "I don't know but this place is creeping me out...."
Dead Zone

Atom and Drive in the Dead Zone

Drive: "Whoa! What is that?!"

Atom: "Looks like that plant is eating that clone!"

Drive: "Let's get out of here!!" 

Atom: "No, we have to find the others."

Drive: "Agreed."

Drive, and Atom began searching for the squad, but had no success, they attempted to contact Zip again, but there was no reply, they then made their way to the outskirts of the area and found some battledroids, they blasted the droids, then noticed a path. They followed the path until they found more droids, they destroyed them as well. Then they reached the end, where they found Zip, Ace, and the others knocked out, but with a gunship. Atom and Drive loaded them on the ship, then flew back to the base. The Dead Zone was later sealed and locked down.

Pride of The Core

Atom was ordered by the Jedi Council to meet with Admiral Tarkins, on The Pride of The
Pride Of The Core

The Pride Of The Core

Core. Atom had never been aboard this vessel, and it's massive size impressed him.

Atom: "Wow, this ship is massive."

Officer: "Indeed, it's a Mandator II Class Dreadnought, at the moment the largest ship in the galaxy. It could take down a vessel like the Malevolence with no issues."

Atom: "Very impressive, now if you'll excuse me I have a meeting to get to."

Atom made his way to the bridge where Admiral Tarkins was waiting. They began their transmission with the Jedi Council. They informed the ship would be alone for several hours, and it was at risk of an attack. If The Separatist Fleet attacks, they should fall back and regroup with the other ships. Tarkins didn't like the idea, but complied with the Jedi. They ended the transmission, and looked outside the ship.

Tarkins: "I don't like the idea of retreating."

Atom: "Your right, a loss here would leave a big opening for the Seps to attack Coruscant, but if we regroup. The Republic Fleet and this vessel would make it very difficult for them to get past us."

Tarkins: "Yes, but I believe this ship is capable of holding it's ground against the enemy fleet."

Atom: "Well I haven't see this thing in action, so I guess you would know."

They were interrupted by an officer, who told them a Separatist ship had just jumped out of hyperspace. Tarkins laughed at the fact that it was just one ship, but it's actions were strange. It wasn't firing at them, and was coming at them awfully fast.

Atom: "That ship is coming awfully fast." 

Tarkins: "All batteries open fire!"

Atom: "Scan the ship, see what's on that thing."

Tarkins: "Well it must be droids of course."

Atom: "I've never known droids to attack like this."

Officer: "Sir! It's loaded with explosives!"

Tarkins: "Quickly! We must turn the ship left!"

Atom: "To late for that."

The Pride turned just in time to prevent the ship from crashing into the bridge, but the shield generator was destroyed, and engines heavily damaged. The Lower half of the ship was shrouded by smoke.Tarkins ordered the lauch of all fighters, but only to stay near the ship and protect it from any enemy fighters. Just when they launched, the Separatist fleet came out a hyperspace, and fighters began to swarm the ship.

Tarkins: "What are the damages to the ship?"

Officer: "Our shields are down, and the engines are damaged."

Tarkins: "Can we make a jump to hyperspace?"

Officer: "Yes we can."

Atom: "I suggest we recall all fighters, and regroup with the fleet."

Tarkins: "I must agree. This battle is lost."

Officer: "Incoming bombers!"

Atom: "Looks like they're attacking the guns, let's get out of here."

Tarkins recalled all the fighters and made the jump to hyperspace just before the Separatist fleet could be in range. They contacted the Council and told them what had happened. They relocated Atom to a Venator Attack Cruiser, where his squad was, and ordered that the Pride would be repaired because of the impending attack on Coruscant.

Battle of Coruscant

Drive: "Atom? What are you doing here? I thought you were on the Pride."

Atom: "We fell under attack, I came back here because now there's a chance the droids will attack Coruscant."

Atom further explained to Drive and the rest of the squad that the Pride wouldn't be combat ready for some time. Shortly after he finished. Several Separatist Ships came out of hyperspace and engaged the Republic Fleet. It was an easy battle for The Republic, but several landing ships managed to break through and land on Atom's ship.

Atom and Delta Company defend the hanger.

Atom: "Everyone, get to the hanger, we have to defend the ship!"

When they got to the hanger, the droids had already done a lot of damage to the interior. The clones quickly set up cover using boxes and other materials, Atom stood behind some crates and began to open fire, but there didn't appear to be any end in site of the droid onslaught. So Atom ordered several troopers to fall back an protect the reactor. Pretty soon there were explosions everywhere. Atom knew that meant some droids must had gotten through to the reactor. He ordered all troopers to get to escape pods and get off the ship, but Atom took Delta Company, along with several ARCs to help evacuate the bridge. Shortly after arriving, droids began to flood the bridge, Atom and the others began to shoot at them, but there were to many.
Axe: "We're
Bridge Defense

Atom and some ARCs shoot at droids entering the bridge

not getting anywhere in this fight..."

Atom: "Drive, I want you to use a rocket launcher and fire it at the droids."

Drive: "That's crazy! Doing that here could kill us all."

Atom: "We don't have many other choices, if we don't do anything we'll get killed anyway."

Drive didn't bother saying anything else, so he grabbed his rocket launch and fire it directly at the droids, the explosion crack the glass, but luckily no one got hurt. Atom and the others quickly raced to escape pods, and got off the ship safely.

Ground Assault

When Atom and his squad landed on the surface of Coruscant, they were contacted by Master Windu, and told he needed reinforcements.

Drive: "The droids are attacking the surface? Are they crazy?"

Atom: "It doesn't matter, what matters now is getting to General Windu, if we lose Coruscant, this battle could turn the tide of the war if we lose."

Drive: "Right, let's go."

Atom directed several scouts to get to higher ground and provide cover fire, then they moved out. When they got to General Windu, they found him with several clones being attacked by droids. Atom and the others quickly rushed over to help and quickly took out the droids.

Windu: "Glad you could join us."

Atom: Yes sir, what's the status?"

Windu: "The Chancellor has been kidnapped by General Grievous, but Skywalker and Obi-Wan are rescueing him, but right now we need to focus on eliminating the droids here, on the surface."

Atom: "Yes sir."

Shortly after, more droids showed up, and engaged the Windu and the clones. As the fight progressed, the clones were getting pushed back. 

Atom: "We won't be able to last much longer if this keeps up."

Windu: "Call in an airstrike on the droids location, I will cover you."
Defense Again

Atom and the others hold the line

Atom: "Yes sir."

Atom called the bombers for help, but was told they would need time to get to the surface. It looked like it was the end for them, but Master Yoda joined the fight, he gave the them a lot of help, but not even he was enough to turn the tide. The bombers came just in time to save them. Then a gunship landed behind them.

Trooper: "General Windu, General Yoda, an enemy cruiser is about to crash northwest of here."

Windu: "Hmm, Skywalker?"

Trooper: "We think so sir."

Windu: "Do something to slow that ship down."

Yoda: "Go you must, take care of the rest of the droids, we will."

Windu: "Yes Master."

Atom: "You heard him, let's take care of these droids."

With the help of Master Yoda, Atom and the squad were able to easily dispose of the remaining droids.

Atom: "Sir, the droids have withdrawn from the system."

Yoda: "Won the battle we have, but dark times ahead, I sense."

Atom vs Ace

*Note* This section is not an official event that has occurred to Atom or Ace.

Story inspired by Ben1 Jackson

One day, Atom was assigned to security duty in the Jedi Temple. When Atom was contacted by Commander Thorn, he told Atom that Ace had attempted to kill him for no reason, and that he would have to be brought to The Temple, dead or alive, but Atom wouldn't kill Ace, since they've been friends for a long time. Atom knew exactly how to find Ace, so he took a transport to his Astroid Base, and told Ace to come and watch the Packers game. It didn't take Ace to long to show up, but he was surprised to find out that the no TV.

Ace: "Where's the TV how do we watch the game?!"

Atom: "I guess someone stole it..."

Ace: "This is boring!"

Atom: "Ace, you'll have to come with me..."

Ace: "Why?"
Atom vs Ace

Atom shoots Ace at point blank

Atom: " Commander Thorn wants to see you."

Ace: "*O_O"



"OH SNAP!!!"

Atom: "Just come on don't make this hard."

Ace: "I'm not going to Thorn!"

Atom: "Then you leave me no choice...."

Ace: "*O_O"

Before Ace could say another word a laser bolt went through his chest.

Atom: "Oops! It was supposed to be set for stun!"

Ace: "Dude!!!!!"

Ben: "My dream has come true..... :P"

Battle of Cato Neimoidia

During this mission Atom's ships were assigned to escort Jedi Master Ferrodo and his battalion to the surface of the bridge world of Cato Neimodia. Once the cruisers were in orbit of the planet, droid gunships began
Bandicam 2012-09-22 09-31-45-610

Assault on Cato Neimoidia

to board the cruiser and try to destroy the ship, Atom sent a clone named X2 and some other men to stop the droids from reaching the reactor, X2 was successful and later made his way to the surface to assist the ground assault, Master Plo later arrived to help keep the skies clear of droid fighters.

Atom: "This all seems to easy."

Once the sky was nearly clear of droids Atom received a transmission from Chancellor Palpatine "Admiral, send this message to the clone pilots and clone solders on the surface execute Order 66" with some hesitation, Atom followed orders and patched it through to the pilots, who later patched it through to X1 the leader of the battalion. Atom later regrets this when he finds out what the truth behind Order 66 was.

Fall of the Republic

With Order 66 being given, the fall of The Republic was at hand, with some clones unable to handle Order 66 it became a brief conflict that was brother against brother.

Race to the Temple

As Atom rushes down the halls of his cruiser with several clones who defected from Order 66, they are suddenly approached by X2 and several other clones.

X2: "What's the rush Admiral, going somewhere?"

Atom: "That's none of your concern."

Clone: "Hold is right there! your all of you are under arrest for treason against the Empire." 

Atom, X2, and their men began to open fire and kill the clones. Atom and X2 talk more and find out they both defected from Order 66, they both went their separate ways. Atom headed off to the the Jedi Temple to warn the council, and X2 headed off to Dantooine to try and find a Jedi by the name of Falon Grey.

Ruins of the Temple

As Atom's ship reached the Temple they found it in flames, with the 501st attacking a few surviving Jedi
830px-Jedi Purge

The Temple as Atom and his men found it.

Atom and his men tried to help the Jedi but were outnumbered and eventually forced to surrender. The 501st was going to execute Atom and his surviving clones, but Anakin Skywalker now known as Darth Vader planned to use then as test subjects for a poisoned area on Felucia they named The Dead Zone.

The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone is a poisoned area of Felucia found early during the Clone Wars, and was locked down by The Republic in 19 BBY.

Atom being put in the Dead Zone by several clones.

Atom: "I thought I hated this planet before....."

Clone: "You haven't seen anything until you've seen The Dead Zone'"

When they arrived at the dead zone, The Empire had taken a

Atom finding the rancor.

way all of Atom's gear, then threw him into the dead zone with the other defect clones, right away Atom tried to come up with a plan for escape, Atom noticed the Umbaran plants growing around the area and figured that he could climb them to try and escape, but the guards saw him trying to escape and shot him down with a stun blast, Atom then fled deeper into The Dead Zone, after some wandering around, Atom came across a rancor, which he found eating the other clones that had been put in The Dead Zone with him. Atom watched helplessly as it ate all of the clones, then it spotted him, as he began running he came up with another plan, which was to lead the rancor into the fence hopefully knocking it over. Atom ran to the fence only to be spotted by a guard and shot down with a stun blast again, but in doing so the guard made the rancor believe Atom was dead, which made the rancor attack the guard and in the process knocking the fence over, but Atom woke up to find himself aboard a Star Destroyer.

Atom: "Where am I?!"

Imperial Officer: "Your aboard a Star Destroyer on route to The Death Star"

Atom: "Death Star?"

Imperial Officer: "'You'll see......."

The Death Star

Atom: "What's so special about a floating ball in space?"

Imperial Officer: "Well lucky for you your about to find out."


Atom in a prison cell

As the cruiser got closer to the Death Star, Atom notice a crater like structure on it and also noticed that it began to glow, just as Atom was going to ask what was going on, The Death Star fired destroying the planet of Alderaan. This made Atom so shocked and even fearful of the Empire, Atom was then thrown into a prison cell where they would later execute him, just as Atom was going to lose all hope he heard blaster shots coming from outside of the cell, he then hurried to attempt to hot wire the door and succeeded in doing so, he then left his cell and managed to to steal a Tie Fighter. Atom then was hiding out in a cantina.

The Galactic Civil War

After being put through many trials and many battles, Atom had survived the Clone Wars, and defected Order 66 he didn't have much of a choice, he had to figure out a way to join the Rebellion, or die by sitting there and letting the Empire come and get him.

Invitation to the Renegades

One day at the cantina Atom was hiding out at, two strange men walked in, Atom recognized one of them, he remembered seeing him when he was escaping the Death Star. Atom then approached him and asked him what his name was and what he was doing. He told him his name was Han Solo and he was helping Col Serra find recruits for a squad in the Rebellion called Renegade Squadron.

Atom: "I'm surprised you told me all of this."

Han Solo: "Well I noticed something different about you."

Han Solo: "Your a clone aren't you?"

Atom: "How can you tell?"

Han Solo: "I've seen Stormtroopers without their helmets, and you look a lot like them, p
Atom's Wanted Poster 2

Atom's Wanted Poster

lus I couldn't help but notice your wanted poster, The Empire must have something against you."
Col Serra then approached Atom and Han, Col Serra then told Atom "The Alliance need's people like you, you may have more battle experience and tactics then both of us put together." Just as Atom was going to say join, two Stormtroopers walked in the door, Atom told Col and Han to get back to their base with the recruits and said he would join them soon, Atom then pulled out two pistols and shot down both Stormtroopers with ease, Atom then bought a ship at a spaceport then flew into space to track down the rebels.
After searching the for several months, Atom was about to call it quits until he got a coded transmission from X2 that they were on the planet Hoth and needed help.

Battle of Hoth

Shortly after reaching the surface of Hoth, Atom was greeted by X2 along with several other ol
Atom and Drive on Hoth

Atom blasting through Snow troopers with a former member of Delta Company

d friends. X2 began to give Atom a briefing of the situation and told him that Col Serra and Renegade Squadron needed help protecting the Ion Canon control room. Atom then began blasting his way through many Snow troopers, but with the help of several other rebels Atom was able to reach the Ion Canon control room to help Renegade

The Nebulon Frigate

Squadron right before they were going to leave, they needed to set charges in Echo Base to destroy evidence of them being there, Atom helped Renegade Squadron set the charges, while heading to set the final charge, Darth Vader showed up, Atom fought Vader with a Darksaber he had stolen during the Clone Wars, Atom fought bravely, until Vader lifted him up in the air while force choking him, just as Atom was about to die several rebels who were setting the charges came up behind Vader and shot at him, this made him lose his focus and drop Atom, the rebels then took Atom to a Nebulon Medical Frigate, where he was healed.

Mission to Korriban

After being fully healed, Atom once again helped Renegade Squadron, this time in attempting one of the most dangerous missions Atom had been on, stealing a datapad from The Emperor's ship. Once arriving on

Renegade Squadron on Korriban

the surface Atom assisted members of Renegade Squadron capture a Sith Academy and then helped them defend is while Stormtroopers tried to retake it, after securing the Academy Renegade Squadron moved to secure the Sith Tomb, Atom then helped them prime explosives at all the entrances. Atom moved out of the Tomb and helped cover Renegade Squadron while they got the datapad from The Emperor's ship, through this information the Alliance learned that The Emperor would be on the 2nd Death Star when they would attack.

Battle of Sullust

The final days of the Galactic Civil war were at hand, before The Rebellion launched their attack on The Second Death Star, Renegade Squadron was sent to Sullust to launch a diversion attack to try and get the Empire focused on what was happening on Sullust, so when the Rebel Fleet came, the Empire would be caught off guard
Renegade Squadron Sullust

Renegade Squadron attacking Sullust

. Once Renegade Squadron was on the surface, they moved into an Imperial Garrison to secure it. It didn't take to long for the Empire to retaliate, they sent in and Assassin Droid by the name of IG-88 to try and take out Renegade Squadron, Atom moved in to attack him, but he had a ray shield on, Atom held him off until the rest of the Squadron could take out the generator that was supplying IG-88's shield, after some more fighting, Renegade Squadron had taken Sullust, but they had heard that Han Solo and his strike team needed help on Endor, Atom however chose to join the Rebel Fleet in space combat, before they were able to leave Renegade Squadron had to destroy the Gravity Well Generators that were stopping their ships from taking off.

Battle of Endor

Renegade Squadron quickly rushed to the Gravity Well Generators, they knew they had to move quickly, before it was to late. Atom took three men to destroy the first generator, while the rest of the squad split up to take out the rest. The Empire wasn't finished with Sullust yet, they wanted anyone who could reinforce the Rebels kill
Bandicam 2012-10-08 06-54-49-991 (2)

Atom attacking a Star Destroyer

ed, right after the Gravity Wells were destroyed, Imperial Troops began attacking. The squad regrouped and engaged them, but they were evenly matched with the Empire, they needed an extra push to give them an advantage over them. Then out of nowhere, Sullustians began attack the Stormtroopers from behind, Renegade Squadron saw this as they're chance and finished off the Empire. Renegade Squadron thanked the Sullustians for the help, then moved quickly to Endor. Atom stayed in space combat, and flew around blasting Tie Fighters and destroying Star Destroyers. Eventually, with the help of Renegade Squadron, the Rebels on the surface got the Death Star's shields down. Atom and the rest of the fighters went in behind the Millennium Falcon, but they were ordered to head back to the surface to see if some of the Ties would follow. Atom then went to attack the Command ship, The Executor. Atom went in behind some fighters, but had to pull up because of the massive amount of surface fire. As he was pulling up, he saw an A-wing fighter crash into the bridge destroying the ship, before Atom had a chance to honor the brave Pilot, he had to return the the fleet, on his way to the fleet, he caught a glimpse of the Death Star exploding. After the battle Atom went to Corusant to celebrate. The war was finally over.

The New Republic

The Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War had finally ended, and the Galaxy would see a new era of peace and democracy. At this time, Atom was in charge of Temple Security, and ran a few missions to stop Smugglers, or Bounty Hunters. Atom knew he shouldn't get to comfortable, because new enemies could show up at any time.

Mysterious Cruiser

One day, during the days of the New Republic. Atom was reading over some archives of the Clone Wars, remembering all the tough battles he's been through when he got contacted by Drive. He sai
Atom attacking the cruiser (2)

Atom preparing to take out the turrets

d that and old Venator Attack Cruiser was spotted in the Outer Rim, Atom immediately stopped what he was doing and met Drive in the main hanger of the temple, Drive was happy to have Atom join him, after talking for a brief moment, Atom and Drive jumped into a transport along with a small task force to investigate the ship. When they were approaching the ship it began firing at them, they knew they couldn't land with that much surface fire, so Atom and Drive put on space gear and jumped out of the transport to take out the turrets. Atom and Drive succeeded in destroying the turrets, but by the time they did the transport had already been destroyed. Despite their losses, Atom and Drive continued with their mission by searching for a way into the ship, Atom had remembered since the ship's engines weren't running they could enter the ship through them, so Atom and Drive made their way to the engines and entered the ship. When entering the ship, it was very ominous, the lights were shut off and it was dead silent. Luckily, Atom and Drive had lights on their armor and blasters to help them see. Ignoring the ominous setting, Atom and Drive made their way to the Main Reactor to blow up the ship. After Atom and Drive had made it to the Reactor, and set some grenades in it, they made their way to the escape pods, but they found them all already launched.

Drive: "What happened to all the escape pods?"

Atom: I'm not sure, but we better find a way off this ship fast, we don't have much time before those grenades explode."

Atom and Drive then made their way to the Hanger of the ship, where they found a lone Gunship, Atom and drive went over to it to find it deactivated, but Drive could hot wire it. As Atom was waiting for Drive, he looked back and saw the door open, Atom loaded his gun, and was ready to fire, then several Trandoshans stormed through the door. Atom immediately reacted by shooting at them, and he managed to shoot down several of them but they were still coming. Right before they were able to reach Atom, Drive had finished hot wiring the Gunship. Atom jumping in right before a Trandoshan could grab him.

Atom: "That was to close, let's report this to the Jedi."

Attack on the Temple

It wasn't to long after Atom and Drive had gotten back from their mission that the alarms started going off, Atom looked out the window, and saw an Imperial Star Destroyer. Atom was a little shocked at this sight, after seeing a Republic Cruiser not to long ago. Atom quickly contacted Drive.

Atom: "Drive, we got a problem."

Drive: "I know, we got pirates on the lower levels."

Atom: Oh, well that makes two problems, stormtroopers are about to launch an attack on the upper levels."

Atom quickly met up with Drive to go over the plan. Atom and Drive would attack the lower levels with the jedi, while the Temple's security would attack the Imperials at the upper levels. Drive and Atom rushed to the lower levels with rocket launchers, grenades, and other heavy weapons, when they got there, they saw that the pirates had already secured the area. But Atom and Drive were used to dealing with large numbers of enemies, so it didn't take long for them to take out the pirates, then before more could come out of the ship, Atom and Drive fired their rocket launchers at the same time to destroy the ship. Atom contacted the solders on the upper levels, but got no response.

Atom: "There's not response from the guys on the upper level."

Drive: "We better get up there."

Atom: "I got a bad feeling about this..."

Finally o o

A Stormtrooper shooting at the Temple's Guards.

As Atom and Drive were heading to the upper levels, they stopped for a short time to get some weapons, while they were doing that, Atom noticed an old box with his name on it. He looked inside and found his old clone gear that he lost during Order 66, he turned around and was about to tell Drive, but he saw Drive had already had his old clone armor on, and was armed to the teeth with weapons. Atom quickly put on his gear and grabbed some grenades, and other weapons. While Atom and Drive continued to the upper levels, they noticed dead temple guards everywhere, then they finally made it to the upper levels and found a few guards still alive, but they were getting shot down one by one. Atom and Drive quickly ran to help them, and got there just in time to save them. Then together they were able to take out the remaining Stormtroopers.

Battle Droids March Again

Atom was resting from the last two missions, but he didn't get to enjoy his rest for long, as he was contacted by Drive. 

Drive: "Atom, we may have a problem."

Atom: "Another one? I was starting to enjoy this R&R."

Drive: "Sorry, but we're solders, and we got to do our job."

Atom: "I know... so what is it this time?"

Drive: "You may not believe me, but it's Battle Droids."

Atom: "Heh, haven't gotten to scrap those tin heads in a long time."

Drive: "It shouldn't be to hard to take them down, their entering through the training room, which means we can use our turrets against them."

Atom: "Well, the clankers obviously still aren't to bright, I'll meet you there."
Atom shooting down the droids

Atom shooting down droids

Atom suited up into is normal black clone gear, brought his DC-16 Pistols, packed some grenades and made his way to the training room. When he got there, he found Drive and some others mowing down the droids, he then joined them. The droid's numbers were quickly depleted, as they didn't last to long against Drive and Atom's experience after being so used to taking them down for three years during, The Clone Wars.

Atom: "That's it?"

Drive: "Looks like it."

Atom: "That was to easy, I didn't even break a sweat."

Drive: "Yeah, but I feel like there's something missing."

Atom: "Yeah, who reactivated the droids'?"

Drive: "And who sent them to attack the temple..."

Guard: "It could've possibly been the same people responsible for the attack on the temple."

Atom: "Probably, but that's a problem for another day, right now we need to focus on repairing the damage done to the temple during the attack."

Drive: "Atom's right, lets go."

A New Enemy

Atom was alseep in his room when he had a nightmare, it started with Atom, Drive
Assassin Droid

Atom sees the Assassin Droid

and Atom's Convor, Aedalus  attacking some droids in a Temple. Then an Assassin Droid showed up through a tunnel, Atom and Drive thought they could take it with no problems, but they were wrong. The guard quickly moved and killed Aedalus, then it move to Drive and killed him without any effort at all, it ran to Atom, then he woke up.

Atom: "Is someone there?!"

Voice: "Yes."

Before Atom could do anything he was shot with a stun blast and knocked out. When he woke up he found himself hanging from chains in some kind of torture room, then someone walked in wearing sith clothing.

Atom: "Who are you?"

Voice: "I am Jared Gaither, member of the Gaither +_+ Clan."

Atom: "What's that?"

Jared: "You'll find out once we dissect you."

Atom: "What?!"

Before Atom has a chance to say anything else, he was cut off by the sound of a door opening, Atom could hear cold, metallic footsteps. Then Atom saw an Assassin Droid walk through the door. The droid was like the one Atom saw in his dream, but taller, and wasn't armed with anything more then some medical tools. The droid walked over to Atom and gave him a cold stare, he did nothing more then stare back. The droid grabbed Atom and threw him onto a table.

Droid: "What is your bidding master?"

Jared: "I want this clone opened up so we can see what makes him tick, try not to make a mess."

Droid: "That is my specialty, master."

Jared walked out the room, leaving Atom and the droid alone. Atom was going to attempt something but the droid strapped him down before he could. It pulled out a scalpel and was about to begin cutting, but it paused and looked stared at Atom. He didn't know what it was doing, but he figured it was his chance to escape, he loosened himself enough so he could move a little. Then he got the droid to attempted to stab him, but Atom quickly rolled on his side making the droid cut the bands holding Atom down. Atom quickly grabbed an Electrostaff and jabbed the Droid through the chest with it. He then looked for a way to communicate the New Republic for help, but couldn't find anywhere in the room, so he left the room.
Jared: "I'm impressed

Jared Gaither

by your skill in escaping the droid, but it does not surprise me..."

Atom: "Who are you? What do you want?"

Jared': "'I told you who I am, and I want you dead."

Atom: "Easier said then done..."

Jared: "If you can defeat me in single combat, I may tell you more..."

Atom: "Fine, I'll fight you."

Atom turned around to see his clone gear drop down along with some weapons and grenades. Atom turned again to see Jared waiting, Atom threw the Elecrostaff to the side, put on his gear, grabbed his weapons, and faced Jared. Atom began shooting at Jared, but Jared pulled out a saber and deflected them back with ease.

Atom: "A saber, sith I presume?"

Jared: "You still don't understand..."

Atom dropped his blaster and rolled two grenades to Jared's feet but Jared rolled forward and rushed Atom, Atom pulled out his Darksaber just in time to block the strike. Then they began dueling, in the end Atom won the duel without much effort.

Jared: "How did you defeat me in a duel?!"

Atom: "I've had a lot of experience dueling powerful enemies, compared to them your nothing."

Jared: "Well I suppose I must keep my word."

Atom: "Then start talking."

Jared: "There used to be only one "Gaither Clan", it was a peaceful group. Then one day, it all changed, we were caught in a crossfire between two ships during your War."

Atom: "The Clone Wars? That was a long time ago..."

Jared: "Yes, long story short the leader of the Gaither Clan was on that ship, with millions of members, the ship was destroyed, there were no survivors..."

Atom: "Why didn't the Republic Cruiser pick up your leader's signal?"

Jared: "The cloaking system on his ship was to advanced..."

Atom: "Well, I'm sorry that your leader had to die like that, but why do you want me?"

Jared: "After our leader was killed, the clan split into two groups, the Gaither o_o Clan, and Gaither +_+ Clan."

Atom: "Your point?"

Jared: "You are one of the last members of the Gaither o_o Clan!"

Atom: "I'm a clone, how could I possibly be a part of some ancient clan?"

Jared: "When you weren't given accelerated growth, it wasn't on purpose."

Atom: "What?"

Jared: "When you weren't given accelerated growth, the DNA of Jango Fett was accidentally combined with the DNA of our leader."

Atom: "Why would the they even have the DNA of your leader..."

Jared: "The ones who raised you have many secrets..."

Atom: "It's making sense now..."

Jared: "Good, but unfortunately for you, now you must understand why I have to kill you."

Atom: "I still don't understand why you wanted to cut me open."

Jared: "That was merely to give me time to regain my strength, like I had time now."

Atom quickly stepped back when he saw Jared jump to his feet, they began dueling again. This time Jared wasn't as easy to take down, but Atom manage to get him off his feet again. Now Jared wasn't willing to talk, then Atom heard a voice."

Voice: "You are weak brother."

Jared: "Brother! He is to powerful to defeat alone, I need your help."

Atom: "What's going on?"

Voice: "If it is your destiny to die, then you will die."

Jared: "Then I won't die..."

Jared quickly tried to jump to his feet and attack Atom from 
Bandicam 2013-04-15 17-44-05-451

Atom watches as Jared explodes.

behind, but Atom kicked him down before he had a chance. Jared then threw his saber at Atom, but he dodged. Then Atom threw a grenade at Jared. Jared caught it and laughed, but before he could throw it back it exploded. Atom merely watched the explosion, then turned to where he heard the voice coming from.

Atom: "If you're still there, you're next."

Atom attempted to send a transmission to The New Republic with his comm link, and was successful, they told him they would send an LAAT Transport to pick him up. Atom began searching for a way out, when he heard the voice again.

Voice: "Impressive job taking down my brother, the way out is to your left, go and regain your strength, you will need it for what's coming..."

Atom: "You're intimidat
Bandicam 2013-04-16 20-10-20-540

Atom finds the LAAT

ion won't help you at all when you face me."
Atom didn't want to trust the voice, but he knew he was better off going where he told him then staying there, to Atom's surprise the voice was telling the truth, as he walked out of the facility, he found an LAAT waiting for him. When he gave a report of what happened to The New Republic, they didn't believe him, and just told him to get some rest, but Atom knew he wasn't going crazy.

Coruscant's Lower Levels

New Gear 9

Atom in his security gear

After The New Republic cleared Atom to be able to go out into the fields again, he was assigned to security in Coruscant's lower levels. He didn't like being reduced to doing meer guard work, but he knew he didn't really have a choice. When he got down there he got reports that some smugglers were near his area, so he loaded up a speeder and headed to the location.
Bandicam 2013-05-12 16-21-56-331

Atom rides through the lower levels

When he got close, he began to get shot at, he look over to where the lasers were coming from  and saw two men with clone trooper masks on shooting at him. Atom contacted another trooper near by to find out if those were the guys, and he said yes. So Atom began shooting back at them. He shot one of them, but the other ran. Atom chased him until he flew away in a ship. Atom quickly contacted back up and took a ship of his own to chase him.

The Tales of Two Gaithers

Atom followed the Smuggler's ship to Umbara, a place he had hoped to never have to go to again. Atom landed his ship a few clicks away from where he saw the Smuggler land. Atom the quickly made his way to the Smuggler's ship. When he got there he didn't see the Smuggler anywhere, then he heard a scream and some blaster shots, so he ran over to where it came from to investigate. When he got there, all he saw were two sabers go through the Smuggler's chest, then saw his body drop to the ground. 
Death o o

Atom finds Omar Gaither standing above the Smuggler's body

Atom slowly stepped back behind some Umbaran plants, but his presence was already known. 

Voice: "So we finally meet face to face, Atom."

Atom: "Who are you and what do you want?"

Voice: "I am Omar Gaither, of the Gaither +_+ Clan."

Atom: "Oh, so I take it you Jared's brother."

Omar: "That is correct."

Atom: "Well it was nice finally meeting you face to face, but now it's time for you to meet your end."

Atom then pulled out his Darksaber and rushed Omar. Omar grabbed his sabers and deflected Atom, then kicked him back, Atom ran at him again, this time he jumped over Omar's leg and kicked him in the face. Atom ran at him but stopped just infront of the saber's tip.

Omar: "You can't beat me, not like this."

Atom: "Don't be so sure."

Before either of them could say another word, a bright light shined down on them followed by some laser shots. Atom dove out of the way and looked up. It was Drive, and some solders. The transport landed, but Omar had already gotten away. Atom wanted to search for him, but he knew he had to get back to Coruscant and explain what's happened to The New Republic.

Hunt for the Gaither

After Atom had told the Jedi what had happened, and got some rest. The New Republic decided to launch a campaign to capture or kill Omar Gaither, they even went as far as to recruit Bounty Hunters to help them.

Atom: "Hmm, Bounty Hunters, I don't like this."

Drive: "What do you mean? They're only going to help the hunt."

Atom: "I know, but The Republic recruiting Bounty Hunters, I find that strange. I feel like the Jedi may know something we don't."

Drive: "Maybe your right, but all we can do is follow orders."

Atom: "You're right."

Drive: "Where are you going?"

Atom: "I'm going to look for this guy right now."

Drive: "Alone?!"

Atom: "Yeah."

Atom walked over to a Galaxy Map and looked at possible spots for Omar to be hiding, then he was contacted on the private channel by someone. He told Atom to go to Dantooine, he knew that might be where Omar was hiding, but didn't want to tell anyone incase it was a trap. 
LOCATED The Temple Of Gaithers

Atom finds the palace

So Atom took a ship and flew to Dantooine alone. He landed several miles away from the origin of the transmission, but he was able to hitch a ride on a Fambaa he came across. Atom, now travelling above the grass, was able to easily locate the are where he got the transmission. It was a Palace. Atom got off the Fambaa, armed his weapons, and proceeded inside.

Malice At The Palace 

Atom didn't venture very deep into the palace, but he came across a trio of pirates, he raised his blaster and told them to identify themselves. They told him they were pirates interested in the bounty on Omar, Atom went about his business and left the pirates behind, not knowing they would follow him. Atom eventually came to a large open room, where he found dead bodies of what looked like Bounty Hunters and Pirates.

Omar: "Finally, I've been waiting for you."

Atom: "So you are here... I knew it..."

Omar: "I see you brought friends."

Atom: "What?"

Atom quickly turned around and saw the three pirates from earlier run past him shooting at Omar, he dodged all the shots and jumped infront of them, Atom looked up and saw them frozen in fear. As he was going to raise his blaster to fire, Omar beheaded the trio of pirates with one swift blow of his saber.

Atom: "Darn it..."

Omar: "How pathetic, your so called Republic resorts to sending such low lives after me."

Atom: "Honestly I didn't believe it at first myself, but I'm taking you down."

Omar: "There's no way you could defeat me now, your far to weak."

Atom: "We'll see about that."

Atom pulled out a two grenades and threw them at Omar, but he was able to quickly jump back while force pushing them away, then through the smoke of the explosion he saw Atom come running through shooting at him, Atom managed to land several hits on Omar, but nothing fatal. Omar was still in the procces of falling trying to regain his balance when Atom dropped his blasters pulled out his Darksaber and slashed at Omar. Omar was able to do a back flip barely evading Atom's attack, then he pulled out his own saber and was able to block Atom's next strike.

Omar: "Not bad, for a clone..."

Atom: "I'm not done yet."

Omar: "Your determination is impressive, but now it's time to end this."

Atom: "Hold on, before we continue, I just want to know, what is this "Gaither Clan."

Omar: "Very well, I suppose you deserve to know."

History of The Gaithers

Omar: "Alright, here's the history of the Gaither Clan from how I saw it."

Omar: "Many years ago, long before The Clone Wars, began, there was a highly skilled group of assassins, know as the Gaither Clan, we lived in a village on Ord Mantell, and lived peacefully among each other, then one day, a man named Muhammad Gaither disagreed with the clan's leader, and killed him in cold blood. This started a conflict within the village and caused them to divide into the clans, the Gaither o_o, and Gaither +_+, around this time I was born, and thrust right into the violence of the two clans fighting. After a few years of this fighting, I met my brother from the Gaither o_o Clan, who you've already defeated, Jared Gaither."

Atom: "Hold on... I thought Jared said he was from the Gaither +_+ Clan..."

Omar: "He lied, it was actually my sworn duty to kill him, but you've already done that for me. What I think he was trying to do, was help you get prepared for me."

Atom: "I see.... but if the Gaither o_o are the "good guys" I could've let him live and we could have taken you on together."

Omar: "There is no good side in war, their all corrupt, just like your little Republic, which I shall soon get into."

Atom: "Alright... Hold on, Jared also said your leader was killed by The Republic."

Omar: "He lied, everything he has told you is a lie, now if you want to know what really happened, listen to me."

Atom: "Alright, go on."

Omar: "My brother and I fought fist to fist, it was our first fight against each other, I honestly believe I would have beaten him, but then his father, Muhammad Gaither, showed up, he easily took me down, of course... so I laid there, helplessly, just waiting to die. Then finally someone from the Gaither o_o Clan showed up and found me, he pulled out his saber, and was about to kill me, but a strange man suddenly appear behind him, he quickly turned to look, but he was to late the figure quickly sliced off both of his legs, he began begging for mercy, but the figure mercilessly executed him. He looked down at me and helped me up, I asked him who he was, so he told me, his name was Lord Fishy. Fishy was a stranger man, he was once a Sith but was exiled, so he found himself on Ord Mantell, caught in the middle of our little Civil War. He took me under his wing, and taught me everything I know, after several more years of this fighting, The Clone Wars began, and by this time Ord Mantell was more of a planet filled with garbage than ever before, and most Gaither o_o and +_+ had been wiped out. Eventually your war came to the planet, in a small way, but it majorly effected me. A Bounty Hunter, I believe by the name of Cad Bane showed up, he was trying to escape from you and your friends, at this point Fishy had grown old and lost most of his strength, he unfortunately had to be confronted by Bane, I sensed that he was in trouble, but by the time I got there I was only able to see him be killed by his own blade. Of course this filled me with hate, so I pursued this Cad Bane, but he got away, after that I spent all of my time training, to become stronger. Then when I felt I was ready, I entered the battle again. I was consumed by so much hate I didn't care who I killed, all I cared about, was how many I could kill. So I did it, I killed everyone from both clans, every man, woman, and even child, were dead by my blade, everyone but two, Jared Gaither, and his father Muhammad. I confronted them both, the old fool Muhammad mocked me, so I ran at him, fueled by all of my anger, and hate, I came at him so quickly not even Jared or Muhammad could see me, and with one strike, Muhammad's body hit the ground, shocked by my new found power, Jared ran, and managed to narrowly escape me, from that point on I pursued him across the galaxy, and now I am here, standing before you. That was the story of the Gaithers, now lets end this."

Atom: "That still doesn't explain how I'm a part of the Gaither o_o Clan."

Omar: "That much is simple, when you were cloned, your DNA must have been mixed with the DNA of a Gaither, as an experiment."

Atom: "Well then, I guess the little test the used me for worked."

When Atom and Omar were about to continue fighting, the part of the ceiling fell down barely missing them, they looked up to see Drive and some solders jump in the Palace.

Omar: "Hmm, your brother also from the Gaither o_o Clan."

Drive: "Huh? Me?"

Atom: "I'll tell you later..."

Omar: "Indeed, but until then, I shall be taking my leave now."

Atom: "After him!"

Atom and the others chased Omar, until they were outside, where they lost him in the tall grass, Atom ordered transports to search for him, then told Drive about what happened.

Danger on Dantooine

When Atom had finished explaining what was going on to Drive,
Atom on Dantooine 2

Atom leaves wearing his new gear

they were communicated by scouts that they found Omar, before Atom headed out he quickly changed into some upgraded gear The New Republic supplied him with headed to the scout's location, when he got there he saw Omar running from the scouts, they pursued him into a cave, where he used the force to force the cave to collapse. Atom was able to quickly slide under the rocks and continue chasing Omar. They eventually came to a dead end, where Atom confronted Omar once again.

Atom: "This is it for you, no where left to run."

Omar: "It appears you may be correct."

Atom: "Time to finally end this."

Omar: "Fine."

Atom rushed Omar, while shooting at him, Omar pulled out his saber and deflected the shots right back at him. Atom slid to dodge them while still shooting, Omar jumped up and came down about to impale Atom, but he was able to quickly roll out of the way. Atom then pulled out his Darksaber and striked at Omar while he did the same. Their sabers collided over and over, each time with more power than the last. Atom kicked Omar back moved in the finish him, Atom moved so quickly he didn't realize Omar had pulled out a second saber. Atom looked over, and he saw. He was stabbed through his shoulder. Atom quickly jumped back, removing the saber.

Atom: "Ugh..."

Omar: "Something the matter?"

Atom: "No..."

Omar: "Good, otherwise you wouldn't be able to end this like you promised."

Omar ran at Atom and slashed at him, Atom was able to jump back, barely dodging the slash. Just as that was happening, Drive and the others were able to break through the collapsed cave. Drive and his troops began firing at Omar, but he managed to deflect them, taking down some of the troopers in the process. Omar then attempted to run right through them, but they continues to shoot at him eventually able to land some hits, which slowed him down. Soon enough Atom was able to join in and help them. They were able to subdue and capture Omar. Drive instructed the troopers to load up the ship and take him back to Coruscant.

Drive: "Are you okay Atom?"

Atom: "He got me in the shoulder, I should be fine though."

Drive: "Okay, let's get back to Coruscant."

Fate Of The Gaither

Atom and the others had finally reach Coruscant after what seemed to be a long ordeal, once they touched down on the surface the troopers escorted Omar to a prison cell where he was to wait. Drive and Atom stayed back to talk, but were soon approached by a Republic Agent.

Agent: "You are the clone trooper Atom?"

Atom: "Yes, that is me, who are you?"

Agent: "I am an adviser for the Supreme Commander."

Drive: "The Supreme Commander? What does he want."

Agent: "If you do not mind, I was told to speak to Atom alone, but you have been assigned to track a rouge sith."

Drive: "Maroon..?"

Agent: "Yes, you were ordered to depart immediately."

Atom: "Well, I guess you better get going."

Drive: "Alright, just be careful Atom."

Atom: "I will, same to you."

Agent: "Now, back to the matter at hand, you have had many close encounters with Omar Gaither, and we are aware there is some connection between the two of you."

Atom: "Yeah, but it's not like we're friends or anything... what are you planning to do with him."

Agent: "His execution has been ordered by the highest ranking officials."

Atom: "Okay, so why does this concern me."

Agent: "The Senate wants you present for the execution."

Atom: "But not for me to be the one to pull the trigger...?"

Agent: "That is correct."

Atom: "Alright, I'll be there."

A few days later, the day of Omar's execution came along, and just like he said, Atom was present for it standing next to the agent and Supreme Commander.

Commander: "Omar Gaither, you are here today because you have murdered thousands, including Republic Officials, thus you are considered to dangerous to be kept alive, do you have any final words before you execution."

Omar: "Yes I do. I should not be standing here today, all I've done is avenge my people, my people who were slaughtered many years ago."

Commander: "I cannot control what has happened in the past, and your vengence does not justify the people you have killed, the children you have left with parent to raise them."

Omar: "They will simply have to survive like I did."

Commander: "Ready..."

Omar: I will not be killed by such primitive weapons..."

Commander: "Aim..."

Atom: "Something isn't right.."

Commander: "Fire!"

The guard complied and fired at Omar, but just before the guard pulled the trigger Omar quickly used the force to push the gun upward. The shot was fired, and the room was suddenly filled with silence, as the Supreme Commander fell to his knees. Atom looked over at the Commander then was suddenly told not to move. It was the agent, he had a gun pointed at the back of Atom's head.

Atom: "What are you doing..."

Agent: "Sorry sir, but Omar offered a pretty penny."

Omar jumped onto the platform where they were.

Omar: "Quickly, take off these cuffs."

Agent: "Right!"

The agent turned to take the cuffs off of Omar, taking his attention away from Atom for a brief moment. He pulled out one of his blasters and aimed it at Omar. Just after Omar had gotten his cuffs off, he used the force to throw the agent off the platform, killing him. The room that was once filled with silence now was filled with screaming and crying out of terror. Guards quickly rushed into the room. and saw Atom and Omar, now in a stand off.

Atom: "You monster."

Omar: "Heh, is this really how it's going to end, a stand off?"

Atom: "I guess so."

Omar: "It all comes down to who has the quicker trigger fing-"

Atom: "And that would be me."

Atom fired his blaster and shot Omar, but he had used the force to deflect it back and knock the blaster out of Atom's hand. He then followed up by shooting Atom in both knees. Forcing him down.

Omar:  "You may have the faster hand, but you don't have the force."

Atom: "Rely on your tricks, how cheap."

Omar: "Doesn't matter, now you are here, unable to stand, helpless, beg for mercy."

Atom: "You must be joking."

Omar shot Atom once more and he lifelessly fell over. Omar then turned to the crowd to gloat about his victory, but was suddenly cut off by the sound of a blast shot. he looked down and saw. He had been shot through the chest. Omar leaned on the wall holding his chest, and turned to Atom's body.

Atom: "You forgot Omar... I have two..."

Omar's corpse then fell face first, right next to Atom. 

Equipment and Gear

During his time serving the Republic, Atom has used a variety of weapons. He is often seen using a DC-15A Blaster Rifle, and often switched between that, his Shadow Tech Rifle, and sometimes a DC-15A Rifle with a gold finish. Atom also has no shortage in heavy weapons, having his choice of a Z-6 Rotary Blaster, Republic Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, and many more, his all time favorite heavy weapon is his Accelerated Thermal Carbine, which he'll not often use unless facing more powerful enemies such as Death Watch, or Sith. Atom also owns a pair of Chrome Pistols that he earned during The Battle of Umbara.


Atom's armor includes many different pieces to full sets, and every part of it takes some, work, skill, or time to get.

Personality and Traits

Atom is generally a

Atom riding on Crusher

very joking person, but he can be serious when he needs to, despite his joking nature, Atom is a very loyal solder, and there's nothing he loves more then a good fight. Atom has many friends, he has their backs and they have his. He, has many Companions and he has grown attached to them, h
Bandicam 2012-10-05 23-56-17-056

Atom's scar

e has a Bantha, who he named "Rojo", his by far favorite companion of all, his Convor "Aedalus", his trained Monkey Lizard, "Eetch", and his Narglath, "Crusher". Atom got a scar during Order 66 when he was attempting to stop the 501st from killing the Jedi, Commander Appo knocked Atom's helmet off, then delivered a blow to his head with a rifle stock leaving Atom knocked out, he woke up to find a scar on his face.

Behind the Scenes

Zip Antiforge was Atom's old character.

Sadow Tech Marines were Atom's first squad.

The very first squad Atom was on was the "sadow tech marines". (Yes sadow tech XD) Atom joined along with Xeres Gorogdrive and were the first one of the first people in that squad, Atom enjoyed being in the squad very much, some of his greatest memories in game took place because of him being on the squad. The leader of the squad "Zip Astrocharge" now known as Jordan Fearshadow, wasn't a very active player in CWA, Atom found himself taking the leadership role of the squad very often. There were several fights that broke out within the squad, mostly between Atom and Folr, they never seemed to see each other eye to eye, despite the fighting, Atom still loved being on the sadow tech marines. The squad eventually reached over 100 people, then an event took place that would change everything........

Attack of the Assassins

One day when Atom was at his Mustafar Lot, he was approached by two sith, he instantly recognized them, they were two former members of the sadow tech marines, they approached him and told him they were going to kill Zip, and said not to get in their way. Atom wouldn't stand for this, and called an emergency squad meeting, Drive, Folr, Zip, and several others were in attendance. Atom told them about what had just happened, and they quickly reacted, they made their way back to Atom's Mustafar Lot and sealed the front door. (Atom at the time was a noob so he didn't lock the house, and foolishly took the role play war bait.) Zip eventually had to log off, leaving Atom and the other's feeling satisfied that Zip was safe. Atom saw that one of the Assasins came online, and ported to him, he found him at a Geonosis Lot, with more assassins. Then the role play war began, Atom was just about done with the role play, then Ace Breao showed up and began attacking as well. Eventually Atom got so bored of it he left. The next day Atom logged on and ported to the assassins again, then he made the most foolish choice anyone could do. One of them left the assassin squad and wanted to join the sadow tech marines. Atom wasn't sure, but he still let him join thinking everyone should get a second chance. Atom had to log off, he came back on later to find the squad with only 11 people left. Atom was devastated, and left the squad out of pure shame everyone was sad to see him go, but he knew he didn't deserve to be on the squad anymore, Zip was crying and thought Atom was gone for ever, (and he was really annoying Commander Bladez about it XD) but he would later return.

Sadow Tech is Back!

(XD I love saying that...) Atom had had missed the sadow tech marines, so he went to visit his old friends and see how they were. He found the disturbing site of Zip stuck in a pipe, while Folr and Drive were wearing the same exact gear as each other. He almost snapped when Folr said "Now all I have to do is change my last name to Gorogdrive!" Everyone was disturbed by that statement, so Atom left them again. Atom had later come up with a plan to get them back together. He made a squad call "Shadow Tech Marines Reunited" It took some time for the plan to develop, but eventually the squad was together again, things just didn't go very smoothly. Folr and Atom once again got in a fight. which later led to the squad's destruction.

"Maybe we should've never reunited."

-Ace to Atom after the squad fell again.

Going Seperate Ways

Atom once again created his own squad, "Delta Company" Zip joined Commander Bladez, and nobody knows what happened to Folr for sure. Atom often uses the "sadow tech marines" as a joke whenever he sees a squad with the words "sadow tech" in the name he says. "sadow tech is back!"


Star Wars The Clone Wars Adventures (first appearance)

Star Wars: Skirmish On Ryloth (Existence hinted)

Star Wars The Clone Wars (Somewhere in the background for a split second o_o)

Star Wars: Ghost Ship (Mentioned Only)

Photo Gallery

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