Ace Bladez
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37 BBY

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire Era

  • Sith Order
  • Jedi Order (formely)
Known masters
  • Visas Nihilus (Raxxum)
  • Raxxum (in Acolytes of the Empire)


Ace Bladez was a Togruta Mandalorian during the Clone Wars. He was born 16 years before the Battle of Geonosis. Bladez was also the brother of Raxxum.

Yearly Life

Like his sister, Raxxum, Ace was Force-sensitive. Ace crawled aboard a Republic ship unknowingly that Coruscant--and the Jedi--awaited him. Later, the Republics few soldiers found Ace hidden in the cargo hold. They didn't know what to do with a two year old Togruta. They brought the baby to Jedi Master Shaak Ti for guidance. Ti noticed the Force was embbed with the child and told her men to go to Coruscant so Ace could have training as a Jedi.

Joining his kin to the Sith

Ace had always follwed Rax in her path of power, even if it meant changing factions. He now has moved on to take back his place as apprentice of the infamous Darth Raxxum. Soon, his training will be completed and he will rise as Lord Ace.

His Journey Continues . . .

Ace, always staying with his clan, followed Rax as a Mando. Raxxum was his mentor, teaching him Mando'a--the language of Mandalore--and how to find with two blasters and in heavy mandalorian armour.

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