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Aarok Bactamark
Aarok Bactamark, Jedi General during The Clone Wars
Biographical information

Coruscantplanet Coruscant


41 BBY, Coruscant


19 BBY, Dead space (almost)

5 BBY, Tatooine (faked)

46 ABY, Felucia (actual)

Physical description





6.0 ft


211 lb.

Hair color

Dirty Blonde

Eye color


Skin color




Blood type




Chronological and political information

Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War


Galactic Republic Jedi Order, Republic, Rebellion


Jedi Master, Rebel Leader

Known masters

Skeeto Transmark, Cin Drallig

Known apprentices

Roy Rill, Luke Skywalker (Temporary Teaching)


Trooper Rusher, Calen Kintako, Galem Barrock, Zaalbar Tokocharger (basically!) Lan Phaseripper (basically!)

Current Squad

Larcon Legion

Squad Rank

2 General

Former Squad(s)

strike force, Defenders of Peace, Elite Operations Brigade

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooperExileIcon scoundrelTechnician

"Remember me, for we shall meet again. May the Force be with you."

-- Aarok Bactamark

"If we must retreat, then we must... But we will return." 

-- Aarok Bactamark speaking to Clone Troopers

"Never give up, never give in, or all hope is lost."

-- Aarok Bactamark to his padawan Roy Rill some time before Roy's death

"When a Jedi succeeds in his or her task, he or she should never be proud."

--Aarok Bactamark speaking to a few Younglings that he taught for a short time.


Aarok Bactmark fought in the Clone Wars, and the Galactic Civil War. He was a fierce Jedi General, Warrior, Tactician, Duelist, and overall Leader. He survived Order 66, and fled to Felucia until the Rebel Alliance was born. He served in the war, and was at the Battle of Endor. After the war ended, he served on the New Jedi Council; third to Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn.
Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn by oliatoth

Luke Skywalker & Kyle Katarn.

He retired from the Order, and returned to Felucia. He remained there until he passed to the Force and became a Force Spirit, with the help of Masters' Yoda and Kenobi.

Aarok during The CW

Aarok's Robes during the Clone Wars.


38-35 BBY

Aarok Bactamark was born to Alaneko & Alicia Bactamark on a beautiful warm day on Coruscant. Even at a
Coruscant view EII 1

Near Aarok's parents home.

very young age, Aarok lived for adventure. He was only two when he was becoming more daring. He would jump from his family's couch to his dad's lounge chair and back. The only thing being, they were across the room from each other. He was using the Force to leap from one side of the room to the other.

Every time his dad would come home from work, his mom always said, "Alan, Aarok is going to hurt himself one of these times." His father would reply, 

"Well, have the Jedi contacted us yet?" His mother would reply, "No."  

"Well then we must be patient Dear." Alan would finish with. 

When Aarok was 3 years old, the Jedi finally came to his home. He was fascinated by the two Jedi who came to visit him, Cin Drallig & Terra Sinube. His parents greeted the Jedi at the door, and invited them
Tera Sinube HS

Terra Sinube

inside for some chat. "Thank You for your hospitality Madame." Master Sinube said.

"My Pleasure Master Jedi." Alicia replied.

"Please, call us Cin & Terra, no need to
Cin drallig

Cin Drallig.

make us sound important." Master Drallig said.

"So Alaneko, when did Aarok first show his Force Potential?" Cin asked.

"Please call me Alan. The first time I saw any signs of the Force, was when he was only 11 months old. He was floating his little sippy-cup in the air, giggling. The next time I remember was, He was 1 & 1/2, and he began jumping clear across the room. It was from my chair here, to the couch your sitting on. He has been doing that ever since. He seems to be fascinated by danger or adventure." Alan finished.

"I see." Terra replied. "Well thank you for your time." Cin finished with.

"We must speak with the Council, then we'll get back to you." Terra replied.

"Very well. Thank you Terra & Cin." Alan finished. "Yes, Thank you for coming." Alicia responded.

"Our Pleasure." Cin said.

"Oh, by the way," Terra said, "It may take some time, or even a long time before the Council decides anything, so it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year." Terra said.

"Very well." Alan replied. The Jedi & Aarok's parents finished speaking, and the Jedi returned to the Temple.


The Huge Jedi Temple

It was not until a year-and-a-half later that the same two Jedi returned to Aarok's home, and gave his parents the news. He said goodbye to his parents, but he was sad that he had to leave. He promised them he would see them again after he was all settled in.

He left with the Jedi, and began his tutelage under Yoda as a youngling. Aarok was always preparing, training, learning, and doing his best to obey & pay attention. He was a great youngling, and he was chosen to be a padawan by one of the two Jedi who brought him to the Temple...

End of, "Discovery."-

Chosen by a Jedi Master

35 BBY

233px-Initiate dress-TPJ

Aarok as a Youngling with darker hair.

Aarok was chosen to be a padawan at 6 years old. He was chosen by Cin Drallig, one of the two Jedi who

Aarok's new master

came and found him. He was very grateful for Master Drallig chosing him as a padawan.

He was in his quarters when he was asked by Master Windu to go to the Council Chambers. Aarok had never been into the Council Chambers, so he was exhilarated too death. He entered the Spire; Cin Drallig was there, along with the Council, who were all seated in their seats. "Young Aarok, been selected to become a padawan you have, excited are you?" Yoda spoke,

"Yes Master." Aarok said ecstatically.

"Very good." Master Windu said.

"Master Drallig, time for you to take your padawan it is." Yoda said, "Yes Master." Cin replied. "Aarok, are you ready to become my padawan?" Master Drallig asked,

"Yes, Master." Aarok said. "You are now dismissed." Master Windu said.

"Thank You Masters." Cin & Aarok said. The two Jedi exited the room, and began their training immediately. First however; Aarok had to create his first real Lightsaber...

End of, "Chosen by a Jedi Master."-

His first Lightsaber

34.5 BBY

A half-year after he was chosen as a padawan, he was told he had to create his first Lightsaber. He told his master he was ready to go to Ilum, and his Master obliged to let him go. He was told by his Master that he was to go alone with Master Yoda, who would already be on Ilum waiting for him. 


Crystal Caves on Ilum

The Crystal Cave

Aarok wasn't very old when his time had come to go to Ilum, and he felt that he wasn't sure if he could beat whatever fears lay in wait, inside the Crystal Cave. He was taken to Ilum on a Republic ship, and landed on the planet near the cave. He entered the cave to find Yoda meditating in silence. "Ready are you, to find your crystal?" Yoda asked,

"Yes Master." Aarok replied,

"Then, enter now you may." Yoda said,

"Thank you Master." Aarok responded.

He entered the cave, and began his journey towards where he sensed his crystal was. He journeyed through some halls, and saw his crystal near the ceiling, but it was over a huge cavern. Aarok was sure he couldn't make the jump to grab his crystal, and land on the other side. He was very fearful, and he heard loud screeches and growls from the cavern below. He was afraid that he would fail the jump and land in the cavern, and succumb to whatever fate lay below. 

Permafrost Crystal

Aarok's Lightsaber Crystal

He decided to confront his inner fears, and overcame them. He leaped across the cavern, reached for his crystal, closed his eyes, and landed on the other side, with the crystal in hand. He made his way back to Master Yoda, and the two journeyed back to Coruscant. Yoda decided to meditate and Aarok was allowed to meditate with Him. He was honored to be able to do so. The two returned to Coruscant, and Aarok found his Master. The two went to the Construction Chamber,
640px-Young Aarok lightsaber

Aarok's 1st Lightsaber

and Aarok began his crafting. He meditated and put the parts together, and when he finished merging the Crystal with the Hilt, he ignited the Lightsaber, and it glowed his favorite color; Blue.

He went and found his Master, and told him how excited he was. His master congratulated him and the two began their Lightsaber Training. Aarok was tought the basics of Shii-Cho, but after a few months of training in that form, he decided that he wanted to learn Form V: Shien/Djem So. His Master wondered if he was ready, but he taught him anyways. Aarok was actually excelling in the style, and was really coming along. Soon after he had been taught the form, he was very proficient in the style. He thought that he was doing the best he could in his training, and his Master thought he truly was too...

End of, "His First Lightsaber."-

Early Padawan Life

34.5-32 BBY

During Aarok's first years of being a Padawn, he had learned much in his short time at the Temple. He was very studious, and even for his age, he could beat many of the other padawans in a lightsaber duel. He could even beat

Padawan Aarok

some padawans that were a few years older than him.

Once or twice, Master Drallig had said Aarok was a great Padawan, and Aarok was grateful for his Master's kindness. He was already becoming skilled in Shien/Djem So while he was still young. He knew Shii-Cho very well, and Ataru as well. He was proficient in Soresu, and could hold his own in Makeshi. He did practice a little bit in Niman as well, and one day hoped to be a Jedi who wielded dual Lightsabers. His master trained him in the art of Jar'Kai, but Aarok didn't have a second lightsaber of his own.

He wished that one day he would have a second lightsaber. He had a dream that when he was older, he did have a second one. This made Aarok happy because he was sure that it was a vision, not just a dream.

Jedi Archives

The Jedi Archives

Aarok spent many days in the Jedi Archives studying up many things, and he was learning a great deal from it. He already knew where each and every planet in the Outer Rim, Inner Rim, and Unknown Space was. He knew almost all of their names, and knew what species lived on what planets as well. He learned about ancient history during his many study days in the archives. He learned about the Great Hyperspace War, the Cold War, and the Great Galactic
Jedi Knight Arok

Aarok's ancestor, Arok Bacmar.

War as well. He read up on the Jedi Revan & Bastilla Shan, and read up on their descendant, Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan. He
Aarok's Family Lineage

The Lineage of Aarok Bactamark.

also read up about a mysterious unknown Jedi who later became known as the Hero of Tython. It turned out to be one of Aarok's ancestors, Arok Bacmar. Aarok got his name from his great-great-great-great Grandfather, but his parents wished to add an extra "A" to his name. Arok married a Jedi Consular named Arria, and their son married Alexia Bactamark. He took her maiden name in some rebellion against his parents, and that is how Aarok got his first and last name. Aarok was always curious why his family line had so many "A's" in it, but his parents always told him, "It's just because our lineage liked using A's to start names we suppose." 

During his time in the Archives, he also learned about Darth Malak & Darth Malgus, as well as the Sith Emperor; Vitiate. He learned how his ancestor had stopped and defeated Vitiate. That is how his ancestor gained the title, Hero of Tython. His ancestor also achieved the rank of Jedi Master after that, And it was given to him by Grand Master Shan herself.

During his first two-and-a-half years of being a Padawan, there were no missions that Aarok went on. But in 32 BBY, he was going to go on the trip to have Negotiations with the Neimoidians on their ship over Naboo, which was part of a planetary blockade...

End of, "Early Padawan Life."- 

The Naboo Crisis

32 BBY

Aarok was only a padawan during the Naboo Crisis. He and his Master, Cin Drallig, were going to be the ones who went on the mission, but Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-wan Kenobi went in their stead.

Aarok & Master Drallig wished to be apprised of everything that went on, and they were. During the crisis, the Sith apprentice Darth Maul revealed himself to the Jedi, and the galaxy. Master Drallig & Aarok were going to help Qui-Gon & Obi-wan face him, but they were told to remain on Coruscant for reasons unknown, and did as they were told.

By the time that Naboo was freed, the Trade Federation was becoming more daring, and Qui-gon had fallen on Naboo to the hands of Maul. However, Obi-wan had thought to have slain Maul.
Qui-Gon's funeral

Qui-Gon's Funeral.

Aarok & Master Drallig attended the funeral, and comforted Obi-wan in his time of loss and need. They also learned that Obi-wan was now going to train the newfound Force-Sensitive boy Anakin Skywalker, as his apprentice. The Jedi believed the boy to be the Chosen One.

Aarok also found out that Anakin was around the same age as him. Anakin was not supposed to be allowed to train as a Jedi, due to the fact that he was older than any normal aged Jedi Youngling should be, but he was trained anyways. Aarok & Anakin hit it off the first time they met, and became great friends.

Aarok and Anakin went on many missions together. Sometimes with both of their masters, but sometimes only with Obi-wan. They would fight in combat, and counter each other's moves to make them more unstoppable to any enemy that faced them.

The Celebration of Naboo being freed, and the Gungans and the Humans' peace act, took place on Naboo. 
Naboo celebration

The Naboo Celebration.

 Aarok & Master Drallig attended. That is where Anakin first met Aarok, and they hung out for a while to get to know each other. The Celebration was lovely, and Aarok was glad that it went well. He did miss Master Qui-Gon a little, because he wished that he could have known him more. At Aarok's age, he didn't know if Jedi or anyone lived on after physical death, so he wasn't sure if he would see him again, but he was hopeful...

End of, "The Naboo Crisis."-

Mission to Mustafar

31 BBY

One year after the Battle of Naboo & the Naboo Celebration, Aarok had a vision while meditating. He sensed something brewing in a lava pit, something dark and evil. Aarok was now 10 years old, so he felt that
7659094592 8bafa15736 z

The Pit of Lava.

he could handle this on his own. His Master let him go on the mission alone. He trusted Aarok to be safe, and to return soon.

Aarok left for Mustafar and arrived in a short time. He landed near the pit, and made his way there on foot. When he got there, he sensed someone from the past, or future. He didn't know what it was, but he knew it was evil, and most likely sith. He got closer and closer to the pit. Then all of the sudden, two masked figures leaped out of the pit, and ignited their red lightsabers. Aarok in-turn activated his blue lightsaber, and prepared to face them both. He didn't know if he would survive, but if he died, he would do his best to take them both with him.

Sith lord by maderrin-d4r8zee

One of the Masked Figures.

The duel began, and much to Aarok's surprise, the two masked figures' Lightsaber dueling skills were sloppy at best. They were all but swinging the blades around randomly. Aarok determined that neither of them were 
We will prevail sith closeup by tanathiel-d4iu7wl

The other Masked Figure

fighting with a set form of dueling. They were doing nothing, simply swinging the lightsabers around, and Aarok could easily take them both, even for his young age. He did not want to kill them, but he felt he had no choice. He used the force to launch the weaker of the two into the lava pit. He fell to his death, burning alive inside his mask.

He faced the second one. Neither of the two figures had shown any kind of Force powers or potential. Aarok decided to use that to his advantage. He used Force Sense to see the outcome, and the figure had been slain in his vision. He used Battlemind to strengthen his resolve, and make the hooded figure feel coward-like. He saw his opportunity, and he took it. He saw a flaw in his careless swing, and plunged his blade right into the figures chest. It killed him instantly. The figure screamed in pain, then fell to the floor and ceased movement and noise. Aarok took this as a sign, he had passed a Trial of some kind.

He returned to Coruscant, and told his master & the Council everything that had happened. He told them that the figures were no more, and that his mission was a success. He exited the Council Chambers while Master Drallig stayed back to talk. After 15 minutes or so, Master Drallig exited the chambers as well. He found Aarok, and congratulated him on a job well done. He told Aarok he was proud of him, and thankful that his training was paying off. His training truly was viable...

End of, "Mission to Mustafar."-

Viscous Varmints on Vendaxa

30 BBY

One year after his test on Mustafar, and one year before his assigment to Naboo, Aarok underwent one of his hardest training missions he'd ever have to do. He was to journey to Vendaxa, and return with a tooth, from an Acklay... One thing Aarok had never mentioned to Master Drallig--but Master Drallig knew anyways--he was terrified of large beasts...

Master Drallig had given him the assignment a day ago, and he had already left on a Jedi Transport headed for Vendaxa, with only a fuel stop along the way. He was now on Vendaxa, and the only sightings of Acklay were three in a group, and that was all he could find for some reason. He decided to track them, and would surprise them, hopefully catching one or even two off guard, before they would strike back.

Unfortunately, for Aarok, this would not be the case. He was immediately discovered, even with his Jedi training, and
Acklay -1

The First Acklay

was forced to draw his lightsaber. He did however, take down one by leaping atop it, and completely severing the head from the body. He then leaped onto one of the others, essentially hoping to do the same, but did not succeed. Instead, he was thrown off of the beast, and landed with a hard thud on the ground. He immediately
Acklay -3

The second Acklay

arose, and leaped onto the other beast instead, piercing through its head, straight into its brain. As it began to fall to the ground, he leapt onto the other one, essentially cutting into its jaw, causing it pain in that area. This only angered the beast, who had now knocked Aarok off, and was beginning to stab at him with its sharp feet. They were very dangerous, especially for Aarok, who had not yet had time to practice Beast Control, so he was virtually out of options. He decided to make a
Acklay -2 (Close-up)

The head of the third Acklay, just before Aarok severed one of its teeth.

move, as though he was going to charge at it, and when it attacked, Aarok would do some movements, that would most likely end in the beast's death. This false movement was a successful one, and the Acklay made a move to attack; Its idea was to swing its claw at Aarok, assuming that it would kill him. Aarok then jumped onto its claw, leapt into the air, swung towards its mouth, severing a tooth, and landed on the ground. His first mission would be successful, if he could only kill the final Acklay, before it ended him. He prepared to something he had not yet done before: He was going to throw his lightsaber at the beast, in the hopes that it would find its mark, with guidance from the Force. His assumption was correct, and within moments, his blade was back in his hands, and the beast lay lifeless on the ground.

He collected the tooth, and radioed to the Jedi transport to power the engines. He was coming home, with the tooth. He arrived at the Temple after a day's journey, and he rested and meditated while he was on the flight. He wondered what Master Drallig had in mind for the tooth, but he would bring it to him, and await his word.

"You've succeeded I assume." Master Drallig said with some sarcasm to his words.

"Yes, and I have this." Aarok replied, holding the tooth up.

"Well done, my Apprentice. You have passed a test, and conquered you fears." Master Drallig answered solemnly.

"Thank you Master. May I ask a question?" Aarok said.

"Yes?" was Master Drallig's simple reply.

"What do I do with the tooth now?" Aarok asked, befuddled as to what would be done with it.

"You keep it. Let it be a symbol of your success, but never let it go to your head. Do you understand?" Master Drallig spoke, then asked.

"Yes Master. I understand. Thank you for this test." Aarok replied meekly.

You're very welcome, Young One. You may now be excused." Master Drallig replied gracefully.

With that, Master Drallig returned to other matters, and Aarok took the tooth to his quarters, and immediately put it in its proper place. He found the best place for it: The table at the other end of his Padawan chambers, where he would see it as a reminder everyday, when he awoke from his bed. All he had to do, was stretch, and then he would be reminded that he no longer had a fear of large beasts. Every time he did this, he was all the more happy, but only a humble happy. He tried his best to never be arrogant, and hoped one day, it would be wiped from his life, like it was never there...

End of, "Viscious Varmints on Vendaxa".-

The Queen of Naboo Re-Elected

29 BBY

During the Crisis of Naboo, Anakin had become good friends with Padme. He also thought he liked her, but Aarok had told him that he was way too young for her. Nonetheless, Anakin still held out.

Aarok & Master Drallig were stationed on Naboo in 29 BBY to protect Queen Amidala. It was in case any uprising or
Padme Amidala1

Padme after being Re-elected as queen.

attack would be made against her because of her re-election. The vote for election was unanimous in Amidala's favor, and she was re-elected. Aarok & Master Drallig remained on Naboo for two more months to ensure her safety, then they returned to The Temple. They were eager to revisit with friends, and Aarok wished to train a little more with his master & Anakin.

After Padme was re-elected, she stayed in office until sometime around 26-25 BBY. She was appointed Senator for Naboo, after the former Senator had resigned.

Aarok & Anakin awaited the day that they would get farther along in their training, and the day that they might see Padme again, because Aarok also had become friends with Padme. However, he did not like her the way Anakin did...

End of, "The Queen of Naboo Re-elected."-

Reaching His Teenage Years

28 BBY

Now that Aarok was entering his teenage years, he was becoming an even greater duelist. He could now even tie with Master Drallig, on most occasions. He came close to beating Master Drallig only once. He beat Master Kenobi on one occasion, but that was because of Anakin's distraction, so neither Aarok or Master Kenobi counted a win for Aarok. He still tied with Anakin on almost every occasion, or it would flip back and forth between one winning one round, and the other winning the next. 

As was the custom with any boy reaching his teens, Aarok began to like another Jedi Padawan, by the name of Talia

A Young Talia Adams, who wielded a Double-Bladed Blue Lightsaber. Though she later used a Single-Blade Green one.

Adams. She was the same age as him, only being 3 months younger. He was unsure if she liked him back, but he wouldn't stoop to a low level, and use the Force to find out. Instead, he only tried to hang out with her, as often as time and duties would permit him. More than anything, he really wished to grow and develop the friendship between himself and she, and over time, he did. It was around 20 BBY though, until she finally revealed that she had feelings for him. During that time, Aarok still liked her, all 8 years. Unfortunately, the Jedi Code forbade attachment, so he knew it would probably never happen anyways. He was still hopeful, but he put his duties of service and commitment as a Jedi ahead of his personal feelings for Talia. He always spared at least one thought for her, everyday, even after the tragedy...

End of, "Reaching His Teenage Years".-

Return to His Family

27.5 BBY

When Aarok was 13 years old, he asked his Master if he could visit his family. He wished to catch up with them. His Master agreed and he was told he had a full day to himself.

He began his quick journey to his parents home, and arrived there 20 minutes after he left the Temple. By now,
Aarok's 74z Speeder

Aarok's Speeder

Aarok had been taught by his master how to pilot a speeder well, and he was a good pilot at that. He landed outside his parents home, and rushed inside to say hello. When he entered, he searched around for his family, but could not find them anywhere. He then found a note in the kitchen, "Come alone, or your parents die Jedi." The note also listed coordinates. Aarok jumped on his speeder, and began his journey into the lower city. He was going to find and rescue his parents, alone.

He arrived at the location, only to find another note, "You have done well, and you obeyed, now enter the building and come to the last room on the map. We'll be waiting there." He made his way to the room, and activated his Lightsaber, preparing for whatever was behind that door.

He opened the door, only to find the room empty, or so he thought. It was dark in the room, and he sensed a few people's presence. There was no scum or villian or bounty hunter. He only sensed Force-Sensitive people, Jedi
Yarael Poof

Yarael Poof

to be exact. Aarok was in the middle of the room, and he would not allow the Jedi to know what he was thinking. He figured out that the Jedi were Yarael Poof, Depa Billaba,
Yaddle jedi master


and Yaddle. He was confused by this, and wondered if these Jedi were traitors.

The jedi revealed themselves out of the shadows, but did nothing to harm Aarok. In turn, he did nothing to harm them either.

"Greetings Padawan, You have done well in your quest. Congratulations on passing your first second test alone. You will make a fine Jedi Knight one day soon." Master Yarael said.

"A test, master?" Aarok asked in a confused state.

"Yes young one, this was a test to see if you could

Depa Billaba

handle yourself in a personal situation. Your parents were not harmed and they have returned to their home. You may go and see them in a moment." Master Billaba said.

"Did my master have anything to do with this?" Aarok asked,

"Oh, his idea this was completely." Master Yaddle said, "I see Master." Aarok said. "Go now you may young one." Yaddle said.

"Thank You Masters." Aarok said bowing. He returned to his parents home. This time they were there, and greeted him with hugs. The three chatted for a while, and Aarok's parents asked how his training was going. He said "It was
900640-corran horn

Young Alan Bactamark

going well", and that he may become a Jedi Knight soon.

They talked for a while, until Aarok had to return to the Temple. He said goodbye to his parents, and hugged them. He also promised that he would return and visit them soon, but he didn't do so for 8 years.

After Aarok returned to the Temple, he and his Master had a little chat about the whole thing. He

Young Alicia Bactamark

thanked his Master for the teaching and training, but he also told him he was not very happy with him, however he was kidding. The two finished speaking, & Aarok returned to his quarters.  Sadly, less than a month after Aarok's test, Master Yarael Poof was killed on Coruscant when he died saving trillions of people on Coruscant. He did so by disarming a device known as the Infant of Shaa, then thereby passing onto the Force after the device was disarmed. The power and strength it took was too great for the

Friends of Yarael attend the Funeral

wounded Jedi. He gave his life for Coruscant and the Jedi Order, and was given a Jedi Funeral in the Pyre room of the Jedi Temple. Master Windu gave a short eulogy on the Master's legacy, and said these words, "Master Poof sacrificed himself not only to preserve billions of lives, but so the Republic itself would live on. I can think of no more fitting tribute than this: He gave his life for a cause he believed in."

After the funeral, the Council had to appoint a new Jedi Knight or Master to replace the Lifetime Member of the Council. They appointed Jedi Master Coleman Trebor to take Yarael's place, and they made Master Trebor the voice of the Council within the Senate...

End of, "Return to His Family."-

Yaddle's Sacrifice

26 BBY

In 26 BBY, Obi-wan Kenobi & his Padawan Anakin Skywalker, along with Jedi Master Yaddle, were sent to Mawan to

Yaddle's Sacrifice.

restore peace to the lawless planet. During their visit there, a bio-chemical weapon was released by Granta Omega, and Yaddle absorbed the deadly toxin. She did so to save Obi-wan & Anakin, as well as the planet and it's people.

Yaddle was only 483 at the time of her death, but she died a heroine, and saved the city Naatan and its people. She was given a beautiful funeral, and she was remembered. Aarok missed her because he had begun forming a slight attachment to her, because she was instrumental in Aarok's coming to the Temple, and his acceptance by the Order.

Anakin was saddened by Yaddle's loss as well, but Aarok & many other Jedi comforted him, and the two Padawans returned to service soon...

End of, "Yaddle's Sacrifice."-

Mission with Mundi

25 BBY

It was a year before the CIS was formed. Aarok, who was still only a Padawan was assigned by the Council to go on a
Ki-adi-mundi 61629


mission without his Master, and instead to go with Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Aarok was assigned with Master Mundi to go on a diplomatic mission, to resolve some unrest between two neighboring species on the same planet. The two peoples were becoming very unseasy. The two species were the Quarren and the Mon Cala. The peace talks between the two species weren't going well, and Mundi & Aarok were sent to calm everyone down.

When they arrived, the talks were going back to civil, and the two species were actually working together on a way to share the planet, and in the end they succeeded. Mundi
Mon Calamari

Mon Calamari.

& Aarok returned to the Council, and said that all had gone well, and that they hardly had to do anything. It was still a teaching experience for Aarok and he was grateful to Mundi.

"Thank you Master Mundi." Aarok told him, before he returned to his Master,

"You're very welcome young one. You will be a great Knight one day soon Aarok." Ki-Adi replied,

"Thank You Master!" Aarok replied happily,

"You're welcome Aarok." Mundi replied. They went their separate ways for the day, and all was well.

"So Aarok, how was the mission my young Padawan?" Master Drallig asked.

"It was great Master!" Aarok said excitedly,

"Very good." Drallig replied. They talked for a little while longer, then they trained in Lightsaber combat for a while. All was going well, until the CIS had to form on Raxus Prime...

End of, "Mission with Mundi."-

The CIS Formed on Raxus Prime

24 BBY

Two years before the Clone Wars were going to begin, the CIS was formed on Raxus Prime. The Separatists were beginning to decide to possibly go to war with the Republic and the Jedi.

Aarok was assigned by Master Yoda in secret to go to Raxus Prime, and discover what was going on there. It was because Yoda had sensed something in the works.

Aarok obeyed Master Yoda, and did as he was told. He did not tell his Master, Cin Drallig anything. Aarok was only to inform him that he was assigned by the Council to go on a mission. His Master was alright with Aarok's departure.

Aarok began his journey to Raxus, and got there in a rotaion and-a-half. He stayed in the shadows, as he
RaxusPrime tfu

Raxus Prime planet Overview.

was told. He discovered the place where the CIS leaders were meeting. He remained in the room, while they spoke amongst themselves. "I am ready to create this organization." Wat Tambor spoke. "As am I." San Hill spoke. The

The Separatist CIS Leaders.

various species leaders chatted some more, until they finally decided to create the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and also called themselves, Separatists.

Aarok returned to Coruscant, and spoke to Master Yoda. He told him everything. The next day, the Council convened to speak on these things. Aarok was granted the rank of Knight the next year, after he endured the Trials. It was also a reward, for his service on Raxus Prime.

The Council decided that if a war were to happen, they would fight if they must, but there would be no armies or offensive attacks, only defense.

But instead, in two years, the Clone Wars began...

End of, "The CIS Formed on Raxus Prime."-

Later Padawan Life

23.5 BBY

A half year after Aarok's Mission to investigate the forming of the CIS, Aarok felt that it was almost time for him to take
Aarok older padawan

Older Padawan Aarok.

the Trials. Master Drallig felt the same, and Aarok did in due time. 

Shortly before the Trials though, Aarok was on an undercover mission for one month on Tatooine. He was acting as a Lightsaber vendor, though he was selling fakes of course, but the people did not know that. He was there to determine where random people, strange people, and Bounty Hunters were getting actual Lightsabers. He decided to pose as a vendor, mainly to ask questions to customers about the other unknown vendor.

He finally got through to someone with a Jedi Mind Trick, and the guy told him everything. Aarok thanked him for his info, then left the little shop unattended. His job was now to find this vendor, and get rid of his supply of Lightsabers. He found the vendor, then posed as a customer. He bought a lightsaber with some credits he was granted by the Council. He checked the lightsaber in and out, and it worked perfectly. He then snuck behind the man's shop, and found his stash of lightsabers. He took them all, and left the man without anything to sell. When the man went to get more lightsabers from the back, Aarok took all of the ones on the display table as well. 
Lightsaber hilts

The Lightsaber Hilts.



He then went to everyone who had bought one of the lightsabers, and paid handsomely for all of them. He returned to the Temple, with credits to spare, and Lightsabers galore. The Council examined the sabers, and determined them to be from the world of Tython. All of the hilts appeared to be of an older archeaic design. Aarok gave all of the Lightsabers to Huyang, the Lightsaber specialist droid. He thanked Aarok for them, and looked them all over as well.

The Jedi, The Council & Huyang spoke about these events. Aarok was commended for his excellent job on recovering them all. Soon after his mission, Aarok would finally have his long-awaited wish, taking the Trials of Knighthood...

End of, "Later Padawan Life."- 

The Jedi Trials of Knighthood

23 BBY
Jedi trials list

The List of the Jedi Trials of Knighthood.

One half-year after Aarok was assigned by Yoda to spy on the CIS council and discover their intentions, he was told by his Master Cin Drallig, that he was ready for the Trials.

-Trial of Insight

Aarok first was tried by the Trial of Insight. In this Trial, Cin Drallig had turned to the Dark Side, and the Jedi were extinct. Aarok was the last of the Jedi. Aarok knew that he couldn't beat one of the greatest Swordsman in the Jedi Order, especially now that he had Sith powers.
The Trial of Insight

The Trial of Insight.

Aarok told his former Master, "You were my teacher. I will face you, even if I am to be defeated." His master didn't reply anything, but simply decided to attack Aarok. He dodged the first blow but was immediately being pushed back by Drallig. He was about to be stabbed in the chest, after being beaten back continuously. When he was first pushed back, his Lightsaber was knocked out of his hand. He then pushed against the blade with his hands. It was the same way Satele Shan did, when she was facing Darth Malgus on Alderaan. Aarok immediately brought his Lightsaber back into his hand, and stabbed his former master deep in the chest, and he fell. Aarok didn't really realize that this was only a trial, or a dream in a sense. He grabbed his masters body, and began to weep bitterly. He had passed his first Trial..

-Trial of Flesh

After Aarok had defeated his former Master, and overcome the Trial of Insight, he calmy realized it was only a hallucenation. Next, Aarok had to undergo the Trial of Flesh.
Trial of Flesh

Trial of Flesh.

Aarok closed his eyes before he began the Trial. He immediately opened his eyes, and was in an arena. He was being attacked by a Rancor! Aarok was instantaniously picked up by the Rancor, and thrown into a huge pillar. The Rancor next picked Aarok up, and tore his Left Hand completely off, right from Shoulder Height.

Aarok screamed in pain, but he grabbed his Lightsaber with his non-dominant hand and leaped atop the Rancor; plunging his lightsaber deep into it's head. The Rancor then fell over for dead.

Aarok awoke immediately after he was done, and discovered it was only his Trial of Flesh. He also realized that his arm was not missing, and he was very thankful.

-Trial of Skill

Next Aarok began his next trial; the Trial of Skill.

Aarok was thrust into combat against a horde of Sith; at least 50. He recognized none of them, but assumed them to be hallucinations or a trick. Then out of nowhere, a cloaked, hooded figure emerged from the midst of them, claiming to be the leader.

Aarok engaged the leader in front of all of the other sith, and struck him down. He did not take any fatal

Trial of Skill.

injuries, but then the horde immediately started coming at him. He felt that he was being buried by them, until he used Force Pound to knock them all down. He then used a move not usually used by Jedi, and turned all the bodies of the Sith to a copper dust, and they were dead. His trial of Skill was completed.

-Trial of Spirit

Next, Aarok had to face his Trial of Spirit, a fight within himself. Aarok was thrust into a wall by a dark hooded figure, and Aarok discovered it to be his dark version. He threw his dark side across the room to the other side, by means of Force Push.

Next, Aarok began dueling himself, and was countering every move with his dark side. He got the upper hand, because his dark side figure used a Double-bladed Lightsaber. Aarok used it as a weakness to exploit.

He struck the long handle right in the middle, and both blades shorted out. Aarok immediately decapitated his dark side self, and awoke from that trial. Aarok was ready for his final trial, but didn't expect what it would be.

-Trial of Courage

Next was Aarok's Trial of Courage. Aarok was asked by the Council to come to the spire. It was a dream however, even though he didn't know it. Aarok entered the Council Spire, and the lights were off, but the Council members were in their chairs.

Trial of Courage.

Aarok entered the room, and just as Yoda was about to speak, 12 Dark Figures appeared, and cut down all of the High Council. Aarok stood in shock. He was saddened, speechless, and slightly enraged. He began to attack the thought-to-be Sith assasins, but immediately felt something was wrong when he was enraged. He humbled himself, and embraced his inner self. He then used Force Repulse, and launched all 12 figures out of the windows. It immediately killed them all, due to their fall. They landed below, everyone of the 12; dead. Aarok was done with his trials...

-Knighting Ceremony

Aarok awoke from whatever state he was in, and his Master & Yoda were there. Yoda told him, "Done very well you have, Aarok. Exceptional skill you have shown, through what you thought as great loss, endured you have, very well.." Master Yoda spoke.

"Aarok, my former apprentice, you have done so well, I could not be more proud. You deserve your Knighthood. Congratulations, Aarok; Knight of the Jedi Order." Master Drallig said.


The Knighting Ceremony.

Aarok headed to the Temple main hall, where the ceremony was being held. He entered the room, to be visited by many-a-jedi, and given congrats.

In the end, Aarok was know a Knight, and he was able to take on his own Padawan. Thus he did, in the upcoming year.  Aarok was then ready to fight as a General in the Clone Wars. However, before that, he trained some Younglings for a two-day session...

End of, "The Jedi Trials of Knighthood."-

Teaching & Training of Younglings

22.5 BBY

Shortly after Aarok had become a Jedi Knight, he decided he wanted to have a two day teaching lesson for Younglings. He thought it would be good for the Younglings, and for himself.

He awoke one morning, and decided to ask Master Yoda if he could train a group of younglings for two days. Yoda was gracious to accept Aarok's offer, for he too thought that it would be a great learning experience, both for the Younglings & for Aarok.

"Younglings, listen up could you please? Master Aarok, be your teacher he will for the next two days. Respect, treat him

Young Calen

with you will. Master Aarok, fun have you now, hehehehe." Yoda finished chuckling.

"Thank you Master." Aarok said. "Younglings, what have you been taught so far?" Aarok asked. One of them raised his hand, "Yes Calen?" Aarok asked,

"We have been trained with the training orbs, and learned about star-systems master." The boy raised his hand again,

"Yes Calen?" Aarok asked again,

"Master, how did you know my name?" the boy asked.

"It is simple Calen, I read up on all of your names and personalities yesterday. Does that help?" Aarok replied.

"Yes Master. Thank you Master." the boy replied,

"You're very welcome young one." 

Jedi Younglings with Aarok

The Younglings.

The 6 younglings Aarok were in charge of were: a Togruta girl, an unknown species girl, a Trandoshan boy, and three Human boys. One of the boys was Calen, the other was Jasen, and the third was Kole. The Trandoshan boy was Galaak. The Togruta girl was Yanla, and the unknown species girl was Creeta. They all listened intently to Aarok, for both days.

For the first day, Aarok taught them more about the Force itself, and about power and responsibility. The second day he taught them about lightsaber forms, and how to use a Lightsaber effectively. He also taught them about different planets, and told them alittle about politics, but he only said to avoid them if at all possible.

After the two days were up, Aarok was satisfied with the job he did, and felt that the Younglings had a good experience. The Younglings all thanked him for his time and teaching, and Aarok told them, "You're all welcome." Yoda returned to training those Younglings, and they were the same Younglings training with Yoda, when Obi-wan came to Yoda about searching for the planet of Kamino...

End of, "Teaching & Training of Younglings."-

Search for Jango Fett

22 BBY

Jango-fett 10669

Jango Fett.

Aarok was tasked with a mission; He was to go into the Coruscant Underworld, and search for a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter's name was Jango Fett. Aarok was assigned to find him, and bring him in. Aarok obeyed the Council and went for the underworld immediately.

Aarok's undercover gear

Aarok's Mandalorian Armor.

He arrived there soon, and headed to the bar that Jango frequented. There were some very disturbing sites in the Underworld. People homeless, people getting robbed, and people running from something that was unseen, but still hunting them. While Aarok was searching, he encountered a few robbers, and a Togruta lady who was being robbed. To conceal his identity, Aarok was wearing Mandalorian armor. He decided to not reveal himself by using his lightsabers. He instead
The Togruta Female

The Togruta Woman

used hand-to-hand combat training that he had learned himself. The first robber came at him, and Aarok threw him into a wall. He was out cold. The
One of the robbers

One of the robbers

next two had a vibroblade and a stun baton. Aarok grabbed a durasteel pipe, and used it like a lightsaber. He incapacitated the one with the baton, then kicked the other one into a transparasteel wall. He shattered the wall, and the thief was out cold. Since it was the Underworld, and nobody would probably arrest them, Aarok let them go, but not before he said, "If you ever try to rob anyone again, I'll know it. And I will come and find you. You can count on it." The robbers fled, never to rob again. The lady thanked Aarok for saving her. She tried to offer him some credits, but he would not accept them. He just said, "You're welcome Ma'am. Have a nice day." After
Star Wars 1313 Aug 2

The bar

that, he arrived at the bar. Unfortunately, Aarok did not find Jango at the bar. He
Star wars twi lek memah roothes nar shaddaa club by aliens of star wars-d77ozde

The club

then tried to find him in another bar he frequented. Still no luck. He headed for an underworld bounty hunter-exclusive club, but still did not find him there. He even used a mind trick on a drunk bounty hunter, but still found nothing. After tedious searching, and much of Aarok's time wasted, he decided to give up. So, he headed back to the Jedi Temple to inform them that he never located him, but Obi-wan Kenobi had better luck, much better luck, on Kamino & Geonosis...

End of, "Search for Jango Fett."-

The First Battle of Geonosis

22 BBY

One day, as Aarok was in his chambers, Master Windu appeared in the doorway. "Master Windu, you startled me. Is something wrong?"

"I'm afraid so Aarok." replied Master Windu.

"What? Has a Jedi been killed?" Aarko asked.

"No, but if we don't hurry, they might be." Master Windu answered.

"What is wrong?" was Aarok's response.

"Master Kenobi and Padawan Skywalker went to Geonosis to track down Dooku, and follow a few leads. After a brief transmission from Kenobi, we realized they were captured, and are in an Arena being used for entertainment."

"Let's go Master!" Aarok replied.

"We are already to go. You, myself, and many other Jedi on our way to rescue them." Master Windu responded.

"Very well, when do we leave?" Aarok asked.

"Now." replied Master Windu.

After they embarked, they arrived in a half-rotation's cycle. They began their journey into the arena, undetected. "All Jedi, fan out and blend in." Master Windu said,

"Very well." were most of the Jedi's responses.


The Geonosian Arena.

After the Jedi revealed themselves, many were being slaughtered by the droids. Dooku spoke aloud, and offered Master Windu a surrender, saying that the Jedi's lives would be spared. Windu refused, so Dooku gave the order to annihilate the rest of the Jedi.

Just then Senator Amidala said, "Look!" The clones came to the rescue and all of the remaining Jedi escaped.

Aarok was sent with most of the Jedi to fight in the battle, but just after his Gunship landed, a rocket exploded 15 feet away from them, and a clone yelled, "DOWN!!!" Just then another rocket hit 16 feet away on the other side, and Aarok was knocked back onto the door of the gunship. Then, when the second rocket hit, he flew 10 feet and landed face-first. That was a sign that he needed immediate medical attention. "MEDIC!!" a clone yelled, "Hang in there Sir, help is on the way." Just after the clone spoke, Aarok fainted. The next thing he knew, he was awake in the Jedi Temple Medical bay. 


The 1st Battle of Geonosis.

"What happened?" Aarok asked.

"Just after you were knocked out, the battle went into full force. You were evacuated to the nearest safe zone, and were taken back here to heal." Master Windu said.

"Long story short, a lot happened, and it will be explained in time." Kenobi said.

"For now, rest you need. Yes, rest." Yoda said.

"Yes master." Aarok replied. 

He continued healing and in quick time, he was ready for action.. In the Clone Wars...

-End of, First Battle of Geonosis."-

Journey to Kamino

22 BBY

Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, Aarok accompanied Siri Tachi on a mission to Kamino. They were there to investigate the sighting of Slave-I, Jango Fett's ship. Although, Jango Fett was killed on Geonosis by Mace Windu.

They began their journey in the Hyperspace rings, inside their Delta 7b Aethersprite Starfighters. They arrived at 
Siri Tachi

Siri Tachi.

Kamino in decent time. Aarok & Siri didn't talk much, but they were pretty good friends. Aarok was there for Siri when her padawan, Ferus Olin left the Order. It was following the death of one of his closest Padawan friends.

They landed on Kamino, and discovered that it was Boba who had Slave-I. However, after learning of the Jedi's arrival, he eluded the two Jedi and escaped the planet. Afterwards, Aarok returned to Coruscant while Siri headed off to join up with Obi-wan, Anakin & Padme on Genian. They departed from each other on Kamino, and told each other at the same time, "May the Force be with you." 

And that was the last time Aarok saw Siri. After he had returned to Coruscant, he learned that Siri and the others had ended up on Azure. After things had transpired, Siri had been fatally injured by the Bounty Hunter Magus, and then Obi-wan tried to save her, but both he and she knew it was too late. 

Just before she died, she & Obi-wan again declared their love for each other. At one point in the past, they were romantically involved. When they finished, her Life-Force faded away, and she was one with the Force. 
Siri Tachi funeral

Siri's Funeral..

She was given a proper Jedi Funeral, and was finally one with the Force. Obi-wan had some issues after her death, but overcame them. Aarok comforted him, and Obi-wan comforted Aarok, for they both missed her very much. Aarok missed her because she truly was a great friend. Obi-wan missed her because he loved her.

After her death, the Clone Wars went into full force & the Jedi were truly "Thrust into War..."

End of, "Journey to Kamino."-

A Padawan

22 BBY

Shortly after Siri's death, Aarok decided to take on a Padawan. His padawan was Roy Rill. Roy & Aarok were a great team, and after Roy had crafted his green lightsaber, Aarok trained him in
Roy Rill

Aarok's Padawan, Roy

Form I & Form III. Sadly, Roy was killed on his & Aarok's first mission together by a Bounty Hunter.  Aarok was knocked out by a rocket fired from the Bounty Hunter's ship,
Star wars bounty hunter by hartiganhero-d59dsbv

The Bounty Hunter

and his Lightsaber was destroyed as well. After Aarok was knocked out, Roy did his best to face the bounty hunter. He was shot in the arm, then his leg, and finally his chest. He was put down, but the Bounty Hunter didn't have orders to kill Aarok. It was only one Jedi, and his job was done.

Aarok awoke to find Roy on the ground, and he rushed to his side. He told Roy that he was alright, but Roy knew he was going to pass to the Force soon. Aarok was sad, because he knew Roy was going on, and he didn't want him to. He told Roy that they were supposed to go on missions, and that Roy should have been a great jedi, and Roy's last words to Aarok were, "Thank you Master." & Aarok replied smiling, "You're welcome..Padawan.." 

Roy then passed on & Aarok cried a tear, then he began to cry excessively and uncontrollably. He returned to Coruscant with Roy's body, and they had his funeral in the Jedi Temple. His funeral was beautiful, and Aarok was comforted by Anakin & many other Jedi.

640px-Aarok meditating after Roy

Aarok meditating after Roy was gone..

After Roy had died, Aarok began meditating more and more. It was between 3-4 times a day, and it was something to take his mind off of Roy. While in meditation, he was able to see visions and signs. His meditation went well, and he often would meditate with Yoda, and even Master Windu also. He overcame his sadness & sorrow, and was grateful for the teaching opportunity he had been given. He knew he would see Roy again one day...

End of, "A Padawan."-

Crafting of Another Lightsaber

22 BBY

After Roy had died, Aarok also had to craft another Lightsaber. His first lightsaber was destroyed, but thankfully, the Crystal from it was still intact. This way, he didn't have to go all the way back to Ilum to get another Crystal. 


Aarok waiting patiently

He headed for the Lightsaber Construction Chamber, and brought his first lightsaber with him. He had to wait a little while to get up to the table to remove his crystal from his last lightsaber and began crafting his new one, because another Jedi apparantely had a similar problem.
Lightsaber mundi

Aarok's New Lightsaber.

After the other Jedi had finished his new lightsaber, Aarok was up to the table. He removed the crystal, then began meditating, and saw the parts coming together in his mind. After it was all done, his new Lightsaber was complete. His new lightsaber had a more traditional, yet elegant design, and he was happy with it.

He told his former Master that his new lightsaber was complete. His master congratulated him, just like he did the first time his lightsaber was complete. Once his lightsaber was complete, he informed the Council that he was ready to begin fighting in the war, and take command of a legion of Clones...

End of, "Crafting of Another Lightsaber.

The Clone Wars Begun

22 BBY

In the first days of the war, Aarok was still getting used to actually being in war. He was also still getting used to commanding a squad of clones. He was somewhat ready for a leadership role. Overall, he handled himself well during the war. He fought on many fronts during the war, from the Second Geonosis battle, to the Ryloth Battles, to the Mission on Felucia, to Umbara, to Carlac, and to many other fronts. 

He served with a faithful legion of clones, designated the 224th Recon Legion. Unfortunately, the group was disbanded early in the war, after many of the clones were being killed on many fronts. Aarok was transferred to the 501st Legion, and given a small squad, like Anakin. He was with a trooper by the name of Captain Beta, who served Aarok well during the war. Sadly, he was killed on an assignment to Mygeeto, when Aarok was not with him. Aarok missed his Captain alot, but knew he served the Republic bravely. He had defended many worlds, saved many lives, and died a hero.

Captain Beta

Captain Beta.

Aarok stayed in the 501st, mostly fighting alongside Anakin, but not really commanding his own legion. He knew Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex very well, and was good friends with them both. He served with them on many worlds, and many missions. Near the end of the war, Aarok decided he would stay on Coruscant more, at the Jedi Temple. He would be more of a teacher, but he was always ready to fight, anywhere, anytime, if he had to...

End of, "The Clone Wars Begun."-

The Battle of Christophsis

22 BBY

Aarok was at the Battle of Christophsis, but he only flew a Starfighter in the space battle. After that, Aarok was recalled back to Coruscant by Master Windu.

"Aarok, Go to Christophsis you must." Master Yoda said.

"Very well, Master Yoda." Aarok answered.

Aarok immediately took off for the hangar, flew up to the atmosphere and docked with the 

Aarok beginning his mission, heading into the fray

Defender immediately. He was not tasked to go with Anakin to deliver the supplies. Instead, he was tasked with knocking out the fighters, after Anakin destroyed the Command Ship.

"All Fighters to me, were going in to knock out the final Frigates. Prepare your torpedoes, were targetting the bridges of the ships." Aarok spoke over the comms.

"Yes Sir!" 3 Pilots replied in unison. The three remaining frigates were destroyed all together, and Aarok contacted Obi-wan, reporting a Mission Success.

"Obi-wan, All the Frigates have been destroyed, and there are no fighters left."

"Very well, be careful returning to the hangar." Obi-wan replied.

"I will." Aarok ended the transmission.

Just about to return to the hanger, Frigates destroyed, Mission Accomplished.

Aarok was then contacted by Master Windu to return to Coruscant, for what... he did not know.

After he returned to Coruscant, he heard word that Anakin had a new padawan, that Christophsis was finally free of Separatist control, and the battle went very well. The reason Aarok returned to Coruscant was because Master Windu had requested that Aarok be given the mission of capturing a Bounty Hunter and retrieving the info that he had. Info that could not enter the hands of the CIS...

-End of "Battle of Christophsis."-

The Bounty Hunter on Coruscant

22 BBY

Contacted Windu

Contacted by Windu, in his quarters on The Revelation.

Aarok was contacted by Master Windu and requested to return to Coruscant, immediately. He obeyed, and returned home on the Revelation.

The BH Shoots

The Bounty Hunter who appeared, then took a shot at Aarok.

It was His Jedi friend's Flagship. Once he arrived, He was asked to meet at the Jedi Temple, in Windu's quarters. He landed his fighter at the Temple Hangar, and made his way to Master Windu's quarters.

"Master Windu, what is the problem?"

"There has been a break in. A bounty hunter has taken valuable information, that could help the Separatist in the war." Master Windu spoke.

"Okay, where do I begin?" Aarok asked.

"Head to the lower part of the E7 District. The Bounty Hunter fled there." Master Windu replied.

"Very well." Aarok responded.

Aarok E7

Aarok in Sector E7, looking around.

 Aarok moved to E7, and then he found a clue. Immediately following his find, he was shot at by the Bounty Hunter. He dodged easily and forced the bounty hunter away. The bounty hunter ran away, but Aarok forced him into the wall, and knocked him out. The bounty hunter's little pet was not very agressive, so Aarok arrested the Bounty Hunter, and took him to the Coruscant Prison.
Aarok dodges

Aarok dodged the shot, then began pursuit.

 "You have done very well Aarok. Did you recover the information?" asked Master Windu.

"Yes I did, here it is." was Aarok's response. 

"Thank You." Master Windu replied.

The BH subdued

Subduing of the Bounty Hunter, and retrieval of the info.

After that, the Bounty Hunter was put in prison. He was never to escape, and died there in a few years. Aarok returned to his quarters, ready for the next battle...

End of, "The Bounty Hunter on Coruscant."-

The Malevolence

22 BBY

Aarok was asked by his good friend Ahsoka, if he wished to help her and her Master, Anakin Skywalker search for Master Plo Koon. Aarok replied, "Yes, let's go." They headed off for the Twilight. Aarok was stationed with Anakin and his fleet. Normal protocol would have been, Aarok stay as temporary General in command, but Anakin never listened to advice, or protocol.

They headed off in the general direction of the cruiser's last known location. Soon they located Master Plo and his men, and got them to safety. They then discovered the ship that was attacking all of the Republic's Cruisers. It was a new prototype, The Malevolence.

The Twilight fleeing the Malevolence

The Twilight fleeing the Malevolence.

Anakin headed out of the space junk field to get a proper & safe jump to lightspeed, however, Grievous

The Medical Base.

ordered them to fire the weapon. Therefore, Anakin also had to evade that. They escaped the rubble, and returned to the nearest fleet. Then they discovered that Grievous was planning an attack on one of the Republic Medical Bases, so the Jedi decided to send Anakin and a squadron of Y-wings to get there first. Aarok did not accompany Anakin though. He remained with Anakin's fleet, until it was time to meet up with Obi-wan's Cruiser to arrive at the medical base as well. After Obi-wan & Aarok arrived, they discovered the Malevolence on fire, and that the Y-wings were docked at the medical base. Anakin & Obi-wan spoke, and then Obi-wan engaged the Malevolence as it was retreating. After apparently suffering damage, the hyperdrive was out of comission temporarily.
StarWarsCloneWars10402 zpsc7c6652c

The Malevolence Retreating

Then all of the sudden, a Naboo Senator's ship dropped out of Hyperspace. It was sucked into the larger ship by its tractor beam. So, Anakin & Obi-wan headed off in the Twilight to rescue Senator Amidala and Threepio. Aarok stayed behind on the Cruiser and was in charge of making sure that the cruisers did not destroy the ship before the Jedi & Senator were off.

Aarok received a transmission from Anakin, saying "Don't worry about destroying the ship." Anakin had taken care of
Malevolence boom

The Malevolence crashing.

that already. Aarok watched as the Malevolence crashed into the nearby moon. However Grievous escaped the ship, and was engaging Anakin. After a small firefight between Grievous and the Twilight, Grievous ended up fleeing.

All of the Jedi returned to their territories, but Aarok returned to Coruscant. All was well, and there was never another ship like the Malevolence again...

End of, "The Malevolence."-

First Time Meeting Zaalbar

22 BBY

"That boy, Zaalbar I believe his name is, how's his training coming along?"
– Aarok Bactamark speaking to Adi Gallia in the training room, while observing Zaalbar train.

Shortly after the Malevolence had been destroyed, Aarok had returned to the Temple. He was in charge of helping Jedi Master Vette Derlih train her padawan for a short time. Her Padawan was Zaalbar Tokocharger, and he had a reputation for as young as he was. He was a skilled duelist even for his age, and could beat many padawans in dueling, but Aarok wished to see if he could beat a Knight.

Aarok was in the mess hall when Zaal entered, so he hollered to him.

"Hey, Zaal, over here!" Aarok  called over to him.

"Hey, Master Aarok!" Zaal said, and hurried over, and sat down.

"What about a quick training duel after we eat?" Zaal asked.

"Sure!" Aarok said.

"Okay." Zaal said, and started eating.

They quickly finished their meal, and walked to the dueling pad. 

Dueling Ring view-pan

The Dueling Ring.

"So Zaal, I hear your Master has a trying time with You." Aarok said,

"Well kind of." Zaal replied.

"Very well, let's begin." Aarok said,

"Okay." Zaal replied. "Master Aarok, you ready?" Zaal then asked.

"You bet!" Aarok responded.

Zaal and Aarok stepped into the ring. Zaal reached down, and grabbed his Lightsaber. He ignited it, and held it

Zaal & Aarok get ready.

forward. Zaal took the first move, and swung his lightsaber down towards Aarok's blade. He deflected Zaal's first thrust down to the left and went back to guard, just in time to parry another thrust. It came close to getting under his guard. Zaal let his blade slide down Aarok's, then pivoted under Aarok's guard, freeing his blade to face Aarok from the right. Aarok stepped back and swung around as he adjusted his stance to meet Zaal's attack. Aarok let his right hand go of his lightsaber, and extended the blade in a one handed thrust to give him more reach, as he advanced to Zaal, but Zaal would have none of that. Zaal brought down his lightsaber on the tip of Aarok's blade, with maximum force, and knocked it out of his hand.

"Good job, Master Aarok." Zaal said, His lightsaber pointed at him. Zaal deactivated his lightsaber, and picked up Aarok's. "Here." Zaal said, and tossed it to Aarok.

"Thank you Zaal. You are very skilled, your Master should be proud. Now you need to hone your skill, to truly be the best you can be." Aarok said, accepting his lightsaber. 

Lightsaber combat was one thing Zaal was good at, Aarok had thought. Master Vette, Zaal's master walked in, and the two of them headed off. Just before they exited the door, Zaal ran to Aarok and bowed to him, thanking him for the duel. Aarok told him, "You're welcome." Then they bowed to each other respectfully, and Zaal & Master Vette were off.

Exactly one year or so after Aarok's duel with Zaal, another took place. That time, Aarok beat Zaal. Neither of them ever held any kind of grudge or jealously towards one another. They started having annual duels, and were great friends for a long time...

End of, "First Time Meeting Zaalbar."-

Sky Battle of Quell

22 BBY

Shortly after the Malevolence's brief existence, and Aarok had trained Zaalbar, Aarok was contacted by Anakin. He was asked if he would like to go with him on a mission to rescue Master Aayla Secura and her troops.

"Aarok, want to help me rescue Master Secura?" Anakin asked.

"Sure, let's get going." Aarok replied. They headed off for Quell, and arrived in a rotation, ready for battle.

Aarok flew his Terra Green Delta 7-a throughout the war, but for the first mission he flew in, (this mission,) he

Aarok's first Delta 7-a.

flew a Red Delta 7-b. It was similar to Obi-wan Kenobi's starfighter. Later in the war, Aarok flew a Dark Blue Eta-2 Interceptor, until the time of Operation Knightfall.

"All Pilots, prepare for takeoff. Repeat, prepare for takeoff." A voice over the comm
Battle of Quell2

The Sky Battle of Quell.

spoke. Aarok was told by Admiral Yularen that his orders were to protect the gunships, and get them there and back safely. Aarok flew out of the Hangar, ready for battle.

Aarok did his best to guard the gunships, and did a good job doing so. He got the gunships there and back again, but lost track of Anakin's gunship after it crashed. He docked with the Resolute, and found out that the Jedi were safe, but the hyperdrive was activated. He returned to Coruscant, while Admiral Yularen and the rest of Anakin's ships searched for the missing ship.

Aarok arrived at Coruscant, and learned that the Jedi were found, and were on their way back to Coruscant safely. Aarok was overjoyed, and returned to his daily chores and activities. Then nothing happened until the time of Orto Plutonia came around & the Juma 9 attack. First however, Aarok had a mission that involved Jar Jar Binks...

End of, "Sky Battle of Quell."-

Reassuring the Safety of A Representative

22 BBY

After the Battle over Quell, Aarok had been given an assignment, an assignment that involved Jar Jar. He was ordered

Representative Jar Jar Binks

by the Council as security on the Gungan. He was to make sure nothing happened to him after the events on Florrum with Hondo Ohnaka.
Unidentified Weequay pirateFlask

Hondo's Man

Aarok was Jar Jar's Head of Security for a week and a half, and while he was there, no attempts were made against Jar Jar. Aarok was with Jar Jar when one attempt was made against him by one of Hondo's men on Coruscant. The pirate was foiled by Aarok before he had time to do anything to Jar Jar. Aarok had sensed earlier in the day that a pirate would attack Jar Jar, but Aarok wouldn't let that happen. After the attempt on Jar Jar's life was dealt with, Jar Jar thanked Aarok. "Tanken You'sa Aarok. Meesa is indebted to Yousa from now on."

"My Pleasure Jar Jar." Aarok replied. The two became great friends from that point on, and were acquaintances before this; they met at the Naboo Celebration.

The Pirate was sent to the Prison on Coruscant, and Jar Jar was deemed safe from harm by the Council. Aarok was to return to active duty, and just in time as well. When he was assigned his first mssion back, he was ordered to the Juma 9 Space Station, to stay there with Plo Koon. Then when Obi-wan arrived for fuel, the attack on the station happened...

End of, "Reassuring the Safety of A Representative."

Juma 9 Attack

22 BBY

Aarok was with Master Plo Koon on Juma 9 when Obi-wan arrived for a pit stop. He & Plo greeted Kenobi when he landed, and while Plo and Obi-wan were on their way to the bridge of the space station, Aarok was in the main hangar area, when the Separatists attacked.
Juma 9

The Space Station, Juma 9.

The Jedi & Clones were caught off guard by this attack, and didn't foresee the outcome of it either. Aarok fought the droids where he could, and saved any clones he could. When Masters' Windu & Fisto arrived, he helped them in returning the Space Station to normal. He also helped them in locating Plo & Obi-wan, after their brief disappearance. It was due to Kul Teska, a Skakoan mercenary, hired by Dooku to retrieve a stolen weapon.

After the aftermath of the attack, Obi-wan & Plo were rescued from being trapped in the room where they fought Teska. After their duel, they were without their Lightsabers. But those were rescued by Commanders' Cody & Ponds, and the station was repaired and returned to normal.

Afterwards, Anakin, Obi-wan, Rex & Cody, & Ahsoka, went to Bephour to stop the Skakoan from activating the weapon.  Teska had re-acquired the device, and planned to use it to destroy Naboo, from its neighboring planet of Bephour.

Anakin, Obi-wan, and the rest of their team, were successful in stopping Teska, and saved Naboo from certain doom. Aarok didn't accompany the team on their mission, but instead returned to Coruscant.

Aarok prepared for the coming mission to Orto Plutonia, and went with Anakin & Obi-wan, when they lost transmission, and any signal from the Republic Base...

End of, "Juma 9 Attack"-

Battle of Orto Plutonia

22 BBY

"Orto Plutonia; it was once a peaceful place, until like everything else, it was thrown into war..."
– Aarok Bactamark

Aarok was contacted by Anakin Skywalker, and chosen to go on the Mission to free Orto Plutonia from Separatist control, and rid the system completely.

Aarok asked, "Well Anakin, what have you got for me this time?" Anakin replied,

"Well, you wanna blow up a droid transport?" Anakin responded with a question.

"Sure! Sounds like a hay day." replied Aarok. "Anything is better than standing still and freezing to death."

"Well your in luck!" Anakin said.

"Great! Let me at 'em. Just tell me where, and I'll have 'em gone." was Aarok's response.

Halfway to the Target Location

After they embarked in their fighters, they immediatly ran into Vulture droids and Hyena Bombers.

"Well this should be interesting." Aarok said over the comms. "

Not nearly as bad as the battle over Quell." Anakin replied. After making it halfway to the location, Aarok was hit in the engine, but it wasn't critical.

Anakin blinked on his Comm, "Aarok are you alright?"

"Yes I'm fine Anakin, nothing vital." Aarok responded.

"Very well, lets get moving." Anakin replied. After they got to the transport, they discovered it was shielded. Anakin said. "Target that Ice Bridge, we can crush them beneath it!" The bridge was destroyed and so was the transport. They succeeded in their efforts, and defeated the Seppies. They sent them running, with minimal casualties on their side. Aarok flew side by side with Anakin and helped destroy the Beetle Transport, and also knocked out 87% of the droid fighters and bombers. 

Aarok at base, fleet overhead

Examining the Space Battle.

Aarok flew in the space battle, commanding a squadron of fighters. They were knocking out the Munificent Frigates, left and right. The Space battle was short, and the Republic won. Then, the battle was won in space and on the ground. Aarok stated to Anakin, "the Droids up here are fleeing, this battle is ours."

"Very good my friend." Anakin replied. After the success of the space battle, Aarok headed to the ground. He was on his way to the new republic base being built. He examined it, and thought it's construction to be going well.

Aarok heading to base

On his way to the Republic Base.


The Republic Cruisers, overhead the planet.

Once the ship was destroyed, he returned to Coruscant until the next battle. Aarok returned to Coruscant and spoke with The Council. Aarok reported,

"The battle on Orto Plutonia was a major success."

"Good, Very Good!" Yoda replied. Master Windu asked, "How did the battle go? were any Talz harmed?"

"No Master Windu, everything was taken care of, and no Talz were hurt, and no structures or locations were destroyed."

"Very good!" Master Yoda replied.

"You may return to your daily activities General Bactamark." stated Master Windu.

"Thank You my Masters.." Aarok respectfully replied...

End of "Battle of Orto Plutonia."-

Rescuing Zaal's Master

22 BBY 

"We'll get Master Derlih back, Zaal. I promise."
– Aarok speaking to Zaal on the trip.

Shortly after the Battle of Orto Plutonia, Aarok & Zaal were assigned by Yoda to rescue Zaal's master, Vette Derlih.

Zaal and Aarok walked stealthily through the underground building. Zaal's Master, Vette Derlih, had been kidnapped, by the Separatists.

"Zaal, Stop!" Aarok said quietly, and Zaal obeyed. Battle droids marched down the corridor. The Jedi stepped into a small room quickly.  

"Hey, you're not supposed to be here!" said a droid, who had spotted them.

"Famous last words of a droid." Zaal commented, and whipped out his lightsaber.

He left the droid in a smoking heap of spare parts, then more droids walked in. Zaal and Aarok had reduced half of them to smoldering junk, then suddenly the droids started retreating.

"I hate it when they do that." Aarok said.

"Do what?" Zaal asked.

"Disengage and fall back with no reason." Aarok said.

"There's always a reason, Master Aarok." Zaal said.

"That's why I hate it." Aarok replied.

"R3, find out where Master Vette is." Zaal ordered his Astromech Droid, pointing to a Terminal. 

The droid gave a response of beeps and whistles, and rolled over to the spot in the wall. After a few

Zaal's R3 Unit.

moments, the droids head swiveled around, and produced a ghostly blue Holoprojection. Master Vette was bound to a chair in am empty room.

"That makes no sense. She should be heavily guarded." Zaal said.

"It makes perfect sense. It's a trap." Aarok said. "And may be made for us, personally." 

"Okay, so it's a trap, whats our next move?" Zaal asked.

"We do as usual. We spring it." Aarok replied

"That's a plan I can follow." Zaal & Aarok finished their chat.

Zaal and Aarok hurried to the chamber where Master Vette was being held. Zaal immediately started working on the door, ignoring the R3 unit. The door swooshed open, and Zaal walked in.

"Master!" Zaal exclaimed.

"Zaalbar!" Master Vette said. "It's a Trap."  

"Yes, we already know it's a trap, Master." Zaal replied.

"Well, you just walked into it." was Master Derlih's response.

"That's the plan." said Zaal.

"You know Zaal, sometimes your methods surprise me." Master Vette replied.

Behind them, the droid monster Grievous walked in, before Zaal had time to unbind his Master.

Grievous arms himself.

"Jedi Scum!" Grievous said, with his Magnaguards next to him.

"Zaal, don't engage him." Master Vette ordered.

"I won't leave you, Master."

"Zaal, Leave this to me." Aarok said.

"Not a chance, Master Aarok." Zaal said, and activated his lightsaber. "No one can beat him alone."

"Ah, two more lightsabers to add to my fine collection." Grievous said, and went into a coughing fit.

"How 'bout I add your's to mine?" Zaal taunted.

"Fool!" Grievous said.

"Do not underestimate him!" Master Vette said. Grievous reached for his four lightsabers, and advanced on Aarok, and Zaal.

Zaal swung his blade at Grievous, but was easily deflected. Zaal and Aarok fought the beastly droid until the point of complete exhaustion, but Zaal managed to cripple his left leg.

"This is not the last of me Jedi!" Grievous snarled, and crawled out on his four arms in a spider like fashion.

"Coward. If you so much as scratch his armor, he crawls away to get repairs." Zaal commented.

The droids advanced, electro rods crackling with energy. Zaal sliced at the droid, but these droids were quick.

640px-MagnaGuard trio

The Magnaguards

 Bouncing off the electrostaff, Zaal swiveled around and cut the droid’s head off. That did not stop it. These droids had a photoreceptor in their chest, allowing them to fight without a head. Zaal faught fiercely, calling upon the force for strength. While Zaal was taking on the Magnaguard, Aarok took on the other two. Aarok, and Zaal eventually chopped down the droids.

Zaal rushed over to his Master, and released her from the chair. Red lights flashed, and sirens blazed. Droids rushed in. 

"Master, here!" Zaal said, and tossed one of the Magnaguards electro-staff to her. Master Vette caught it, and slammed it into the chest of a super battle droid. Zaal chopped and sliced at the droids, and deflected blasts. The door to the chamber slammed shut.

"Zaal you get the door! I'll cover you!" Aarok yelled.

"Yes, Master Aarok." Zaal replied. Zaal burst through the wall of droids blocking the door, reducing them to scraps. He plunged his blade into the durasteel door, and started cutting his way through. The droids pushed forward, but the Jedi Masters kept them back.

"Almost there..." Zaal said. 

"You might want to hurry, I dont know how much longer we can hold this." Aarok replied.

"Got it!" Zaal said, and the circular metal slab fell with a clang on the ground.

"Master, you first!" Zaal said. 

"Zaal, it is my job to protect you, not yours to protect me, you go." Master Vette said. 

"Master..." Zaal said annoyed. He slipped into the middle of the droids. 

"ZAAL!" Master Aarok, and Vette exclaimed. Zaal jumped into the air, and reached out with the Force. He pushed out with the force so hard, that the droids slammed into the wall, and it cracked.

Master Vette stood, amazed. "H-how?" She asked. 

"I don't know." Zaal said. "It just kinda happened I guess."

"We'll talk later, right now we have bigger problems." Aarok interrupted. 

"Agreed." Zaal said. The droids just kept coming, and the Jedi just kept slicing them down. 

"Zaal, which way to the exit?" His master asked.

"The northern wall has an air-lift out of here." Zaal replied. He had studied the blueprints of the place over and over, memorized every inch of it. 

"Destroyer droids incoming!" Aarok said.  "Finally, some fun." Zaal replied.


The Jedi's Ship

"You have a strange sense of fun, Zaal."  Master Vette said. 

"Well, I'm afraid that your sense of fun, is boring." Zaal replied with a grin. They all entered the Air-lift and escaped to the T-6 Jedi Shuttle landed nearby. They entered the atmosphere, set course for Coruscant, then engaged the hyperdrive.

After they returned to Coruscant, Zaal & Master Derlih thanked Aarok for his help. He was grateful to be of service, and offered his help in the future as well. After the Jedi parted ways, Aarok was called to the Security Room. He made his way there, and was greeted by Masters' Kenobi, Skywalker, Mundi, Unduli, Yoda & Windu. He was told he was on his way to Geonosis, again...

End of, "Rescuing Zaal's Master."-

Stolen Holocron

22 BBY

"The Jedi Temple; you would think no-one would be crazy enough to break into it. But, I guess someone, or something is."
– Aarok Bactamark speaking to Anakin Skywalker.

Aarok was in his quarters when he received word from Master Windu that an intruder was inside the Temple. He was perplexed by this since he thought for sure that no one would be stupid enough to break into the Temple. Although a Bounty Hunter was.

Ahsoka vs jocasta nu

Ahsoka Duels Cato, impersonating Jocasta Nu.

Ahsoka was assigned to archive duty after her disobedience on Felucia, and Anakin & Obi-wan were also at the Temple when the intruder had broken in. During the break in, Ahsoka was dealing with Cato Parasitti, who was impersonating Jedi Archivist Jocasta Nu. Ahsoka dueled the Clawdite shape-shifter, and the bounty hunter was not much of a match for Ahsoka. Ahsoka overpowered her and then subdued her. She was arrested and the Jedi assumed they were fine. While Ahsoka had been dealing with the shape-shifter, Anakin & Obi-wan were tracking her unknown accomplice. The intruder was inside the ventilation shafts and was supposedly heading for the information room, but he was really headed for 
Bane and Todo

Bane & Todo 360 Infiltrate the Temple.

the Holocron Vault. The Jedi lost track of the accomplice but they captured Cato. The unknown accomplice, later known as Cad Bane escaped the Temple with the Holocron.

Obi-wan remained on Coruscant after these events, while Anakin & Ahsoka went after Jedi Master Bolla Ropal, who was the keeper of the Kyber Crystal. The Kyber Crystal was a crystal that contained all of the Force Sensitive children's information on it. Basically meaning, the future of the Jedi Order.

Aarok was on his way to help Ahsoka with Cato when he received word that Ahsoka had subdued the bounty hunter. After the master and apprentice left in search of Bolla Ropal, and Obi-wan stayed on Coruscant to look for Bane, Aarok didn't have anything to do. After Obi-wan left in pursuit of Bane to rescue the Rodian Youngling, Aarok remained on Coruscant on his own. Nothing happened after the Younglings had been rescued and returned to their families, and all was well for Aarok for the time being...

End of, "Holocron Heist."-

The Second Battle of Geonosis

22 BBY

"We dealt with them once, and now we have to deal with them again. Why?"
– Aarok Bactamark to Obi-Wan Kenobi onboard the Negotiator.

Aarok was at the Second Battle of Geonosis; he flew in a Y-wing to knock out the Geonosian fighters, then fought on the
2nd Battle of Geonosis 2

an intense battle, pushing for the foundry.

surface to help clear all of the resistance. 

After the flying was done, and the troops were landed, Aarok was at a different location on the planet. 

Brain worm

The Brain Worms.

He was on the opposite side of the planet that the other 3 Jedi were. He also worked with Captain Breaker, 

Captain Breaker on Geonosis.

and helped destroy the last Super Tank, that was going to attack Skywalkers forces. He made use of his commanding skills in battle against the droid forces, to buy the Y-wing squadron enough time to load the Ion Bomb, and drop it on the Super Tank. The turrets did what they were built to do, and they were successful in destroying the Super Tank.

After the Landing at Point Rain was done, Aarok accompanied Anakin, Ki-Adi & Ahsoka to attack the shield generator protecting the Droid Factory. Their mission was also a success. After that mission, Aarok helped Masters' Skywalker & Unduli distract the droids on the surface, while Ahsoka & Barriss entered the factory in the catacombs. After they received word from Ahsoka that she & Barriss were not going to make it out, the factory was destroyed. Ahsoka & Barriss were rescued from under the rubble, and Poggle had fled to an ancient temple. Luminara and one trooper began to search for him, but Anakin & Obi-wan could not support her until the sandstorm had lifted. Once it lifted, they headed to her last known location. They found the trooper dead, and entered the catacombs of the ancient temple. They rescued Luminara, and buried the Geonosian Queen and her zombie minions alive, in the hopes that it would stop them from ever returning.

In the end, many things happened during the battle. From Luminara being kidnapped, to Ahsoka & Barriss dealing with the worms, and a new tank for the CIS; the Super Tank. Not to mention, the Landing at Point Rain.


Landing at Point Rain.


After Geonosis was returned to Republic Control, Aarok returned to Coruscant. He then 

The New Super Tank.

prepared to go with Anakin, Obi-wan & Adi Gallia to rescue Master Koth, from the hands of General Grievous... But first, he had to help Master Windu on Dantooine...

-End of, "The 2nd Battle of Geonosis".-

The Battle of Dantooine

"Mission with Mace"

"Dantooine; a very remote place, but not remote enough for the Separatists to leave it alone..."
– Aarok Bactamark

22 BBY

Aarok was ordered by the Council to assist Jedi Master Mace Windu on Dantooine. He obeyed and left Geonosis shortly after the initial battle was done. He left in his starfighter for Dantooine while Ahsoka & Barriss were headed there as well to get the supplies to his troops. However, Aarok had left two days before they did, and received word that they were on their way to Dantooine as well.

Once Aarok had landed, he was greeted by Master Windu.

"Greetings Aarok, glad you could make it." Mace said. 

"As am I." Aarok replied. They had a short briefing with the Clone troops, and then prepared to face the 4-to-1 odds of Super Battle Droids coming for them.

The battle began, and many droids and clones were being killed all around Aarok. He calmed himself,

The Battle of Dantooine

and let the flow of the Force guide him, with which he used to destroy many numbers of Super Battle Droids. After the battle had been raging for some time, the Separatists unveiled a new weapon, the Seismic Tank.
500px-Seismic Tank

The Seismic Tank.

The tank began unleashing seismic bursts, and it was throwing around clones because of the effects. In the first initial shockwave, Mace lost his Lightsaber and began fighting the super battle droids with his bare hands. During the battle, he showed great skill in Force push, Force speed and the Force wave moves, which were remembered throughout history.

The tank unleashed another Seismic burst, and this time destroyed some of the Separatist forces. It also destroyed plenty of Republic Tanks, and immobilized a lot of clones. It also sent Aarok flying threw the air, and he landed with a thud. He then immediately fell unconscious.

After Aarok had been knocked out, Windu learned of it. He decided to focus on eliminating the tank, after he recovered his lightsaber during another shockwave. He leaped atop the tank, cutting his way through, and proceeded to rip out wires and cut the controls. Then he exited the tank, leaped onto the ground, and watched as the tank blew up. After Mace landed from his high-velocity jump, a boy handed him a bottle of water.

5327224133 bf0f021a1b z

The X-ray of Aarok's hand.

After the battle had been won by the Republic, Aarok was revived by a medic and returned to the Temple. He was ordered to the Medical bay, after possibly breaking his hand after impact. Immediately upon arriving at the Medical bay, an X-ray of his hand was taken but no damage was shown. He was able to return to active duty, which he was very thankful for. Since his hand showed no signs of damage or fracture, he was allowed to go on the mission with Zaalbar Tokocharger & Master Vette Derlih. Their mission; to discover what happened to a Republic base on Dromund Kaas...

End of, "The Battle of Dantooine."-

Agents Of The Dark Side

22 BBY - Dromund Kaas

"Your Lightsaber, it can be more than a weapon. In capable, and responsible hands, it can be a tool, and sometimes even a guiding light."
– Aarok Bactamark speaking to Zaalbar Tokocharger, on their way to Dromund Kaas.

Walk 'n Talk

Storm clouds brewed overhead, and rain pounded everything in sight mercilessly. Lightning flashed in the
Dromund Kaas

Dromund Kaas

sky, while thunder was heard all around. Padawan Zaalbar Tokocharger walked through the mud, and swamp, while Jedi Master Aarok Bactamark was following close behind him. 

Master Vette Derlih had sustained minor inuries when they were walking through some of the more dangerous swamps. She had the misfortune to step into a hole, that was probably the den of some amphibious creature. Spraining her ankle, she had to stay behind to watch the ship, while Zaal annd Aarok went off on the mission. The ship held a cargo bay that housed three speeders, but the Jedi left them, to prevent any unwanted attention. Large enough to acompany 12 people, each with their own room.

The Republic had a secret base here on Dromund Kaas, the planet had a very high potential of a Separatist outpost; It was the perfect place after all. Also, with the influences of the Dark Side, The Separatists could become even more reckless, and ruthless.

The Republic Base was known as Laxu, located near the small city of Shakka. It was prepared for an all-out attack, and there was always a small group of Jedi there at all times, to push the Dark Force away. Someone, or something was not happy. The base had been obliterated. That was all they knew. All power had been knocked out, but hours after the attack, a security probe that happened to survive the assault, flickered on, and sent the news to the Republic, before it short circuited.

"Master Aarok, I do believe Laxu is two miles due east from here?" Zaal asked.

"One-point-eitght-three-five miles from here to be exact." Aarok usualy never bothered to be exact, but when in need of conversation, He would always be precise.

"You and your mathmatition brain," Zaal said. 

"I am not showing off. I am simply giving the exact distance." Aarok replied smirking.

(Project not finished)



"As a Jedi, it is our responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Also, to guard against any and all attacks from the Dark Side, and to fight against it with all of our Will, Strength, Power & Mind."
– Aarok Bactamark===

They talked about nothing as they walked. About half a mile from Laxu is when the action started.

"Zaal, stop!" Aarok said. Zaal did as told. In the smallest fraction of a second possible, a red beam streaked passed him, splintering the tree right where his heart would have been. The smell of ozone filled the air. Zaal already had his lightsaber activated, ready to deflect another attempt. Nothing came. Zaal did not feel any change in the Force, indicating a living being was near. Aarok himself knew whoever had attempted to attack them was already gone, so he did not bother to activate his Lightsabers.

"Master Aarok, did you feel another intelligent being nearby?" Zaal asked.

"No." Aarok's simple reply came. "Some one was prepared for Jedi. Cloaking the danger from the Force. Zaal, keep a look out for anything out of the ordinary."

"Yes Master." Zaal said. This required ending any conversation; any distraction could mean the end of their life. 

Roughly a quarter-hour later, the Jedi arrived at the ruins. The only parts of the actual Base, what was firmly in the ground, stood no more than a meter. Rubble had been thrown everywhere. It was clear none of this had been done with blaster. Stunned, Zaal and Master Aarok just stood, surveying the ruins. 

"What-" Zaal started, but Master Aarok interrupted him,

"Even I don't know, but I have a sure feeling it wasn't the Seps."

Zaal bent down and picked up a small security probe. "Let me see if I can get the data out of this." Zaal said.

"Alright, just be cautious and alert." Aarok said, and started looking at the damage more closley.

Zaal popped upen the droid, and pulled a small tool from a pouch attached to his belt. After several minutes of tinkering with it, Zaal managed to re-activate it. He attached it to his datapad, and downloaded what it recorded the day of the attack. All the while, Aarok was surveying the damage more closely, making notes in his head, and attempting to determine what happened here, and who or what did it.

"Master Aarok, I got more than planned out of this. It is mostly functional. I downloaded what it recorded the day it was decommisoned, but I doubt here is the place to view it."

"Get a good recording of the damage here, and send it to the Jedi Council." Aarok said.

"This probe was designed to send information to the bases central computer. The computer sent all information to Coruscant. If we can't find the computer, and repair it, we'll have to wait." Zaal said.

"Can you reprogram it quickly?"

"Yeah, no prob. What do you want me to do with it?"

"Send the information to your Master, and have her relay it to Coruscant via the ships computer." 

"I can do that, Master, but Master Vette has to accept the recalibration too. Give her a call and tell her to set the radio frequency to accept this transmission." 

Aarok did so, and only minutes later, Zaal was recording the damage. They had surveyed the damage, recording it along the way, and sent it to Master Vette, who sent it to the Jedi Council, then the two Jedi started moving some of the rubble to see what was buried Beneath. Whoever, or whatever attacked sure knew how to re-define the term obliterate. Under the rubble, was only more rubble. Nothing had survived.

"I knew one of the Jedi that was stationed here..." Aarok said, and without completing the thought, he added, "Something just looks wrong here. Like something is missing."

Zaal once again looked at the ruins. It was obvious. "Master Aarok, where are all the bodies of the soldiers who were here?"

"Thats it! It was obvious, and we were looking too hard." Aarok exclaimed. "Zaal, I don't know where they are, but there were hundreds of troops here. No one, or thing could drag them all away. We're dealing with something far more powerful than we thought."

"What, Master?" Zaal asked?

"I'm not sure, but I believe it may be someone who is somehow connected to the Force." Aarok finished.


"We will figure out what happened here. Then, we will find out who did it, and bring them to justice."
– Aarok Bactamark, speaking about what had happened to Laxu.

Not too far away, a spy was perched in a tree. Macrobinoculars were in hand, watching the Jedi, the spy was ready to execute her plan. She coverd her supplies under a camouflage covering and leapt from the tree. Several minutes later, she arrived at her destination.

Zaal was meditating when he heard a blood curdling scream. He jumped, and looked at Master Aarok. Aarok nodded and they both sprinted off in the direction the sound came. Leaping over the remains of Laxu, bushes, and other obstacles, Zaal and Master Aarok approached a young woman, a little older than Zaal.

The woman seemed to have not noticed the presence of the two Jedi.

"Ma'am, what's wrong?" Aarok said firmly. The girl jumped, oblivious to the fact they were there. "What's  the problem?" Aarok repeated.

The girl slowly reached out, and pointed to a spot in the grass. Zaal walked closer to what she was pointing at. At first, he could not identify what it was, but soon realized it was a body. Zaal gasped, and turned around, nauseated. 
Jeela Jissard

Jeela Jissard, on Nar Shaddaa years before

"Master, you may want to take a look at that.." Zaal said.

Zaal saw Aarok let a tear slip. The Jedi Aarok mentioned earlier, Jeela Jissard, laid in the grass, lifeless.  Jeela was an elder Jedi, and treated Aarok like her own child. It looked like she had been beat to death. She had multiple oddly angled limbs, and broken bones. Zaal caught a holo-image of Jeela, to report to the Jedi Council.

The  girl who led them here, stood shaking, horrified at what she stumbled across.

"Ma'am, do you have shelter nearby?" Aarok asked, Knowing the girl needed protection, and was lucky to get this close to Laxu.

She was pale in the face and with a whisper, barely audible, she said, "A-about an hour w-walk..  t-that a way." 

"Wait here. I'll be back. Zaal, stay with her." Aarok said. "If you need me, use your holocomm."

"Yes Master." Zaal replied.

Aarok sprinted off, heading back to the ship.

"Where is he going?" The girl asked. 

"Back to the ship. We have a few land speeders, We'll get to your home quick and safe as possible."

The girl nodded, and did not say another word untill Aarok  got back.

While Zaal remained with the woman, while Aarok ran as fast as he can. He used Force Speed for the half of the trip, then just plain sprinted the rest of the way, because he felt drained of Life-Force for two reasons; The planet itself was so close to the Dark Side, that Aarok became weak after long periods of strenuous Force use. Aso, it was because Aarok couldn't stop thinking about Master Jissard. While he was sprinting, he recalled the mission he had with her when he was 12 years old. Master Dralling was busy teaching Younglings about Lightsaber combat, and Master Jissard needed a Padawan for a brief period of time.

He was thinking of her, more and more, until he stopped running and wanted to crawl into a ball and sob loudly. He did however, stop in his tracks, and let out a few tears. He was not far from the ship, so Master Derlih picked him up on the scanners. She limped out to him, because she thought he may have been injured. When she reached him, she discovered what really had cause him to fall to the ground.

"Aarok, what is wrong?" Master Vette asked concerned.

"Oh, Master Derlih... I.. I didn't hear you coming. I'm fine." Aarok replied, struggling to hide the tears.

"No, you're not. Talk." She responded.

"Do you... Do you remember Master Jeela Jissard?" Aarok asked,

"Yes, she was my Master for a short while when I was younger. Why?" Master Derlih answered, then asked.

"I'm afraid we found her.... we found her... dead..." Aarok said, wishing to cry again.

"I didn't know she was stationed here.." Master Vette said. 

"I'm... I'm here to..." Aarok said, then inhaled to clear his sinuses, "I'm here to pick up the speeders." He said at last. "We found a woman near Master Jissard's location, so we're going to return her home." Aarok said.

"Very well. Come back soon, Aarok." Master Derilh said.

"I will." Aarok finished, then grabbed the speeders and took off.

Aarok's Return

"Master Jissard will be remembered within this Jedi Order, for as long as her legacy lives on."
– Aarok speaking at Master Jissard's funeral at the Jedi Temple.

Soon, Zaal could see Master Aarok in the distance, who had managed to hook up the other two speeders to follow behind him. This had taken Master Aarok less than twenty minutes, how he did it, Zaal hadn't a clue. All that mattered was that Aarok was back with the speeders. 

"Took you long enough." Zaal said sarcastically over the holocomm.

"I ran into some technical difficulties. And I had a quick chat with your Master." Was Aarok's reply.

"So you're telling me you could've done that quicker?" Zaal asked,

"Yes. That is exactly what I'm saying." Aarok replied.

Zaal grinned, as Aarok stopped the speeders.

"So, what did you and Miss..." Aarok said, then turned to the girl.

Emma Dunwell

Emma Dunwell

"I'm sorry, where are my manners, I forgot to introduce ourselves. I am Jedi Knight, Aarok Bactamark. This here is, Padawan Zaalbar Tokocharger. Might I ask your name?"

"Emma. Emma Dunwell." She said, her voice still a little shaky.

"Alright, Miss Dunwell, would you like to get going?" Aarok asked.

Emma nodded, and Aarok gestured to the speeders. Zaal, Aarok, and Emma climbed on the speeders, and gunned the engines. Zaal, in his spare time, enjoyed working one mechanical devices, and this included speeders. He had invented a small device that lowers the sound of the speeders to an almost inaudible hum.

Zaal tossed Emma, and Aarok their helmets, and they put them on. Aarok gave the thumbs up, and then Emma took the lead. Tall clumps of grass whipped at the bottom of the speeders. After about seven minutes of rushing over the uneven terrain, Emma slowed her speeder. After another minute, they came upon a depression in the ground. A good twenty feet deep, and seventy five feet in radius. It looked as if it had been a small, cheaply made, man-on-man battle arena. Emma walked to the edge of the pit, and found the ladder that led them to the floor. Multiple passage ways covered by thick durasteel gates sprouted off in many directions. Emma walked to one of the nearest ones and grabbed a small log that was on the ground, next to the gate. She struggled to get the gate open, but did not succeed.

"Here, let me help." Zaal said, and closed his eyes. He cleared his mind of everything. His master, Laxu, the Clone Wars, all out of his mind. Then he reached out to the Force. "Don't go to the Force. Let the Force come to you." That was one thing Zaal learned from Master Aarok. Zaal lifted the durasteel gate with the force; and a loud metal-on-metal scree ch. Emma then shoved the log under the gate to hold it up. She got down on her stomach, and crawled under. Zaal and Aarok did the same, and dusted off their robes. After removing the log, they walked down the passage way. Torches lit up the walls, cobwebs covering the ceiling. They entered a large cavern; water dripped from stalactites into little pools of the the smooth ground. 

"Thank you for helping me, Jedi"  Emma said. "I-I never expected to come across something like that, I came here to escape the war."

"It is our duty, as a Jedi, to help." Zaal said.

Zaal heart the snap-hiss of a lightsaber activating, and started to say something, but then realized it was not Master Aarok who activated the lightsaber. The being with the blade was hidden in the shadows. The glow of the lightsaber revealed a silhouette of a well-built man, in light armor, a mask, and loose robes. An other lightsaber lit, in the other hand of the figure. Two more humanoids appeared on either side of him. Emma, If that was actually her name, activated her own lightsaber. It was the only yellow blade in the cave.

"Jedi are more foolish than I thought." Emma said. "This was so easy, I'm almost worried you have a trap set for me."

"Without the Force, you are no match for either of us. We are two of the top blademasters in the Order." Aarok said.

"Oh, but you see, we can use the Force." Emma said, and grabbed Zaal with the Force, and pinned him to the cave wall. These users of the Dark Side, not Sith, were able to mask their Force ability.

Aarok reacted by throwing one of his lightsabers at Emma, causing her to lose focus, and allowing Zaal to fall to the ground. Zaal clumsily grabed his lightsaber, and activated it. The other three humanoids moved in, four more lightsabers added to the attack. Aarok leapt high over the figures, and caught a glimpse of the Unmasked figures, both Chiss. He landed on the other side, and was now behind two of them. He Force pushed them into a the rock wall, while Zaal took on Emma and the well-built man. Aarok then proceeded to help Zaal, seeing that he needed help in battling the other two. Before he helped Zaal, he grabbed a piece of durasteel pipe nearby, and wrapped it around the two unconscious figures, thereby rendering them helpless.

He and Zaal began to focus on the last two oppenents. Zaal let Aarok take the bigger guy, while he engaged with Emma, or whatever her real name was. Aarok fought long and hard against the bigger man, while Zaal took on Emma. Zaal was slowly beating back Emma, until she began to become enraged.

The two Chiss figures awoke, only to discover that they were immobilized. The bigger man, who turned out to be Human, removed his hood when he was thrown through the air by Aarok. Aarok discovered that the man was a former Jedi, someone Aarok even knew. His name was Jacobi Lesona, and he was a few years older than Aarok. The two were Padawans together, and Jacobi's Master was good friends with Master Drallig as well. Jacobi, (sometimes called Jacob or Jake by Aarok), realized who Aarok was. Aarok however had no idea that Jacob had left the Order, or become a Sith or Dark Jedi.

At a young age, both Aarok and Jacob were fascinated with Jar'kai, and both learned it after their Knighthood. Aarok lost contact with Jacob after they both became Knights the same year, and that, Aarok assumed is when Jacob fell prey to the Dark Side. 


Jacobi Lesona

  "YOU! Aarok! I remember you! You were always better than me, and became a Knight the same year I did. You're 4 years younger than ME, so why did YOU get to becoma a Knight FIRST!?" He boasted then asked angrily.

"I'm sorry Jake." Aarok solemnly replied. "Come back w  ith us, abandon this place, and the Dark Side. Return to the Temple with us, and come back to the Light Side." Aarok pleaded.

"NEVER!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!" Jacob yelled, then he began to engage Aarok furiously. As he got angrier, and more agressive, his attacks became more and more sloppy. It wasn't until he exposed his hand in a incorrectly executed manuever, that Aarok struck him there, causing him to drop one of his Lightsabers.

"Ahh! Why did you do that!?" Jacob yelled.

"Because, you won't come back with us. So, I must stop you." Aarok replied humbly, and with sadness.

"Then you will DIE!" Jacob yelled in rage. With those words uttered, Aarok was standing over a small chasm, at least 50 feet deep, where the bodies of former warriors in the arena were dumped. Jacob dashed at Aarok, and swung wildly for his head, but  he missed, and lost his balance. Aarok reached out, and tried to pull him up, but it was Jacob's wounded hand, and he would not let Aarok save him. He attempted to cut Aarok's hand off, or pull Aarok down with him, but Zaal had incapacitated Emma by now, and was there pulling on Aarok's body to keep him from falling. 

Jacob's strike towards Aarok's arm was not successful, but Aarok let go to miss the blow, and Jacob was no more. His final words; "NO!!!!!!!"... 

Zaal said, "I'm sorry Master. You've now lost two friends in one day." 

"It's alright bud." Aarok said. "Now, where is Emma?" Aarok asked,

"She is inside of a handmade jail cell Master. I knocked her out with a pipe, then constructed a cage, and used the Force as a barrier, so she could not break out." Zaal replied.

"I'm impressed, Young One." Aarok answered.

"Thank you Master!" Zaal said smiling.

"You're welcome pal." Aarok replied. "Now," he said, "Let's get Miss Dunwell, and the other two to the prison on Diab."

"Prison? On Diab? I've never heard of it." Zaal said.


"I'm not surprised. I'm not supposed to know of it, at least according to the Code, but Yoda, Master Windu, and Master Kenobi told me about it when we captured Sith Acolyte back in 23 BBY. It's a place to house Sith and Force sensitive people who are a threat the the Order and the Republic. That is where we're gonna take these three." Aarok answered.

"Okay. Diab, where is that again?" Zaal asked.  

"It's located in the Diab system, out in Wild Space. The Prism, as the prison is called, orbits Diab's sixth moon." Aarok told him.

"Okay. Well, I guess we better get going." Zaal said.

"Indeed. Zaal, take a speeder back to the ship, and bring it back here, so we don't have to transport them on foot, and we'll sedate them when we get them onto the ship." Aarok told Zaal all of this without saying a word. He was using Jedi Hand Signals, which Zaal had recently learned, and so Zaal did as told. The two Chiss wondered where Zaal was going, and Aarok used the time to interrogate Emma.

"What is your name. and why did you kill Jedi Master Jeela Jissard?" Aarok asked interogatively.

"I did not kill the Jedi. I attempted to turn her to the Dark Side, and she refused. So, I had Jacob kill her." Emma replied.

"Wow," thought Aarok, "that was easier then I thought it would be.

"Well, Jacob is dead now." Aarok responded.

"What?" Emma asked, sounding suprised.

"You actually thought he could beat a Jedi. The guys never really became a Knight, the Council let him pass so he could continue training, but they wouldn't let him take a Padawan of his own." Aarok said.

"Impossible!" Emma said, "He trained me." 

"Well, no wonder Zaal beat you. I trained him, and I taught some things to Jacob before he left the Order." Aarok replied.

"You're lying! He can't be gone!" Emma screamed.

"He is! Live with it!" Aarok replied yelling.

With that, Aarok left the area where Emma was, and made sure that the Chiss were both still there. They were, so while Aarok waited for Zaal to bring the ship back, he meditated. While in meditation, he convened with Yoda, who was at the Temple. He asked him why Jacob left the Order, and if Yoda knew anything about it. Yoda told him that he would explain everything when Aarok returned.

Then, Aarok heard the engines of the ship, so he got ready to sedate the Chiss, and Emma. He gave a shot to each of the Chiss, and they were out within 15 seconds. He then gave Emma a pill, and said, "Swallow it." Emma did, and she fell asleep as well. Because Aarok knew that she had some training, he also gave her a shot of sedative, just in case she was faking it. She also was out in 10 seconds. Then Aarok checked her mouth, and found the pill underneath her tongue. He made her unconscious body swallow it, and then put some water in her mouth, and helped her swallow.

Aarok got the three unconscious people onto the ship, and locked theem in a room, where they could do no harm to the ship, or the three Jedi. Aarok took over piloting, and plotted course for the Prism, then engaged the Hyperdrive. Once they had delivered the Force wielders to the Prism, they were either going to return to Dromund Kaas, or seek the Council's guidance on what to do next...

The Prism

"The Prism. Many Sith and followers of their order go there, and never return. Thankfully, the Sith have no prisons for us. The downside of that, is they usually kill us, rather than take prisoners."
– Aarok speaking about the Prism
The Prism

The Prism

"This place, it's rather quaint isn't it?" Aarok asked. 

"Yes, I think so." Zaal replied.

They docked in the hangar of the Prism, and unloaded their prisoners. They put the Chiss in cells that were next to each other, and put Emma in a special cage, to ensure she would not escape. After their smooth drop off, they returned to the ship, and awaited the Council's guidance about whether or not to return to Dromund Kaas. The Council did not respond for some time, but when they did, they told Aarok, Zaalbar, and Master Derlih to return to Dromund Kaas. They were to figure out what happened to the base, then report back to the Council for further instructions. They obeyed, and immediately set a return course for Dromund Kaas.

"Ugh," Zaal complained, "We have to go back there?"

"Yes Zaal." Aarok replied.

"But we'll get there, figure out what happened, and then we'll most likely be done." Master Derlih replied.

They were all silent for the rest of the trip back. Aarok meditated, while Zaal continued to tinker with the speeders, and Master Derlih got some much needed rest, to continue healing.

Return to Dromund Kaas

"What happened to Laxu, must never be forgotten. The memory of that place, and the destruction caused to it will always be remembered."
– Aarok speaking to fellow Jedi about the loss of Laxu.

"We've arrived." Aarok spoke over the comms. Zaal was the only one who came to the bridge, because he told Master Derlih to sleep more.

"Where's Vette?" Aarok asked.

"I told her to keep resting." Zaal replied.

"Very well," Aarok responded, "Let's head back to Laxu."

"Yes Master." Zaal answered.

They landed near Laxu, and prepared to exit the ship.

"Zaal," Aarok said aloud,

"Yes Master?" Zaal asked,

"When we're done here, we're going to collect the body of Master Jissard, and return her to the Temple." Aarok replied.

"Very well, Master." Zaal answered.

They headed towards the ruins of Laxu once again, reaching the destination in a short time. They discovered
Possible Laxu

The Ruins of Laxu

something that was missed before. There, in the rubble, laid what appeared to be a Lightsaber hilt. Aarok grabbed it with the Force, but immediately knew it wasn't Master Jissard's. He assumed that it belonged to another Jedi stationed there, who lost it during the events leading up to the bases annihilation. He attached to his belt, for safe keeping, until it could be returned to the Temple.

Zaal and Aarok once again just stood there in dismay, as they examined the ruins for a second time. Laxu was not a large base, more of an average sized outpost, but it was still destroyed. They continued to examine the ruins, surveying all of the damage, all the while, still having no idea of what happened.

While they were surveying, Aarok caught a glimpse of something reflecting faintly in the distance. He
Ancient Jedi Armor

What the armor would've looked like before all the decay.

signaled to Zaal, and they headed for it. When they got there, Aarok was about to remove the helmet of the body, when he glanced at the neck line, and saw only bones. He then used Force Sight, and determined that this body had been there for a long time. They didn't see a Lightsaber with the body, but the one they had previously picked up looked to be of the same era, so Aarok theorized that it was the Jedi's. Aarok was only surmising this, but he believed it the lost logical explanation. Aarok then thought he saw something move.

He signaled to Zaal with hand signals, and they moved stealthily in that direction. They arrived where Aarok had thought to have seen the movement, only to find nothing there.

"Master Aarok, are you going crazy?" Zaal asked, with only the slightest sarcasm.

"Perhaps I am." Aarok replied in a serious tone.

The Storm Beast

"It didn't seem to be real. It was there, but it is extinct, so we still don't know how it was there..."
– Aarok speaking about the Storm Beast to Master Derlih, and Master Kenobi over the Holocomm.

It was then, that they both heard a roar so deafening, they lost hearing for a moment, and then trembled for a moment. They were looking at a Storm Beast... It was massive, and angry. Someone, or something had most likely made it that way.

"Master, what on Coruscant is that!?" Zaal asked in alarm. 
The Storm Beast on Malachor IV

The Storm Beast

"It's called a Storm Beast." Aarok replied.

"A what?" Zaal asked, almost unable to hear him.

"A Storm Beast. It's usually native to Malachor V, but it shouldn't be here. They went extinct circa 3951 BBY. They're extinct, so my boy, how are they here?" Aarok answered, then asked.

"Are you really asking me?" Zaal asked in dismay.

"It was a general question, directed to both of us." Aarok calmly replied.

"How can you remain calm when that is here?" Zaal asked.

"I've had experience with large animals before." Aarok replied solemnly.

"When?" Zaal asked,

"I'll explain later." Aarok replied. "Now," he started to say, "let's take care of this Storm Beast, and then discover who or what set it off, and how it is alive." Aarok replied.

"Yes Master." Zaal replied, "But," he began, "do we even bother using our Lightsabers? The beast seems to large for them to be of any effect." Zaal spoke.

"Use them anyway. We may find a use for them at some point." Aarok answered.

"Yes, Master." Zaal replied, then drew his Lightsaber. Aarok did the same, and they prepared to fight the beast.

"Attack near it's Tibia & Fibula. We can knock it down there." Aarok spoke.

"Affirmative Master." Zaal replied.

Aarok rushed for the left foot, while Zaal dashed for the right.

"One more thing, Zaal," Aarok said over the loud cry of the beast.

"What's that, Master?" Zaal asked,

"Try not to get squashed. I'd hate to have to tell your Master that you died." Aarok said grinning childishly.

"Sure thing, Master." Zaal replied smiling.

They enaged the beast, but didn't seem to be getting anywhere. Zaal penetrated the thick hide of the beast's right foot, but it only angered the beast, who then kicked at Zaal, launching him a good 25 ft. Aarok caught him before he landed a rusted pipe, that was quite sharp, and would have impaled Zaal through the chest.

"Thanks for the catch." Zaal said.

"No problem. I said don't get squashed, that also means don't get impaled." Aarok replied smiling.

"Yeah, yeah. Sure thing." Zaal replied with a grin.

They returned to fighting the beast, and while Zaal had injured the beast's right foot, Aarok had cut around the diameter of its entire left foot, causing it to limp in severe pain. It was angered by this as well, but Aarok dodged its attacks.

"What should we do now?" Zaal asked.

"Hum... Go for its arms. Try and sever them, but at least injure him there." Aarokr replied.

"Got it!" Zaal answered.

They dashed for its upper limbs, and while Aarok had severed its right arm, Zaal ahd injured the left, but not before being thrown off like a bug. He was once again hurtling towards the ground, but Aarok caught him again. He pulled him back up onto the beasts arm, and Zaal began to sever it. He was successful, and both of the beasts arms were removed. It was now very angry. It tried to shake them both off, but they had plunged their lightsabers into its shoulder-blades, and they weren't going anywhere.

"Try and attack its head now." Aarok said over its loud cry.

"Got it." Zaal replied.

Zaal removed his lightsaber from its left shoulder-blade, and prepared to move up to its head, but the beast threw him off, again. Aarok caught him the third time, and pulled him back up. Zaal plunged his blade into its neck for support, while Aarok used his lightsabers to scale the beast, until they were both at the head.

"Plunge in right here." Aarok said pointing to a soft spot in the back of its head.

"Yes Master." Zaal replied.

They plunged their three blades into its head, and it fell over for dead.

"Jump!!" Aarok exclaimed, and then leaped off of its back, and landed safely.

Zaal did the same, and they were both a safe distance away when it hit the ground.

"Phewl," Zaal began, "that was close."

"Indeed." Aarok replied. "Now," he began, let's figure out where this beast came from, and how it has been revived, after its long extinction." Aarok said.

"Yes Master." Zaal replied.

The Cave

"It was a fairly large entrance; Definitely big enough for a beast of that size to fit through."
– Aarok speaking to other fellow Jedi after their report to the Council.
With that, they followed the path of destruction from where the beast had come, and found a makeshift cave
The Cave on Dromund Kaas

The Cave

entrance, where a giant cave was located. It was made of durasteel girders and transparasteel sheets, with metal pipes laying around the diameter of the floor. They entered the cave, and activated their lightsabers, to shed some light inside the cave.

"So, I assume that this was the beast's lair." Zaal said.

"A logical assumption, and a good observation. Good job, Young One." Aarok replied smiling.

"Thanks, Master." Zaal replied happily.

"You're welcome." Aarok replied in a gentle tone. "Now," he began, "I surmise that Emma, Jacob, and the other two goons were only foot soldiers for a larger more powerful coalition, headed by someone far more powerful than any of them."

"Really?" Zaal asked, surprised.

"Yes, I have two possible choices, but both seem illogical." Aarok began.

"Well, who are they?" Zaal asked.

"The first would be the Dark Lord that we've been looking for, Darth Sidious, but I doubt he would trouble himself with such lowly Force wielders. The other choice is more illogical, because he's been dead for almost 960 years." Aarok replied.

"You mean, Darth Bane?" Zaal asked. "Is that even possible?"

"Perhaps, but it was a wild guess. I assumed it because perhaps the spirit of Bane is here on Dromund Kaas, and could be what revived the Storm Beast as well. Nevertheless, it was a wild guess, and a most illogical assumption. I surmise that is someone new we have not yet encountered." Aarok finally finished.

"I see." Zaal simply replied.

They journeyed deeper into the cave, until they heard what sounded like voices in the distance.

"Jedi, come to me. I wish to speak with you." A voice was heard through the cave walls.

"Was he talking to us?" Zaal asked slightly frightened.

"I believe that we're the only two Jedi here." Aarok replied. "Calm yourself, Zaal. We'll be fine. I won't let anything, and I mean anything happen to you." Aarok said.

"Thanks, Master." Zaal said. With that, he boosted his confidence, and bravery, and they began to follow the voice.

They arrived to find the Specter of a long-dead Sith Lord. Aarok's assumptions were correct, it was Darth Bane...

"I knew it! But how?" Aarok asked.
The Specter of Darth Bane

The Specter of Darth Bane

"I have returned to grant you both unlimited power, and to offer you a choice, join the Dark Side, and you can overthrow the weak and feeble Jedi Order, and rule the Galaxy as Master and Apprentice. Should you choose to accept my offer, you would become Darth Eternal & Darth Merciless. You would rule the Galaxy as my servants, and do my bidding, but have free reign over all the worlds in this universe. You would have limitless power! Now, will you join me?" Darth Bane finished.

"Never!" Aarok and Zaal replied in unison.

"Then you will face my Minions & Acolytes, and surely die." Bane said. "Perhaps I can corrupt your Master, Vette Derlih." Bane then said.

"Don't you dare!" Zaal said, aggrivated.

"Zaal, don't get angry! It's what he wants!" Aarok said.

"Yes, give into your hatred! Strike Aarok down, and you can save your Master from certain death. Then you can rule the galaxy with her by your side! Join me!" Bane boasted.

"I'll never join you!" Zaal replied. "I'd rather die!"

"So be it." Bane said angrily.

His Specter then faded away, and 15 Acolytes, and 25 more Minions appeared from the shadows.

"It's been an honor to learn from you Master Aarok." Zaal said.
Sith Minions and Acolytes

The Minions and Acolytes

"It's been my honor to teach you all that I know." Aarok replied.

"Let's go out fighting!" Zaal said bravely.

"Agreed! For the Republic! For the Jedi Order!" Aarok yelled.

"For Master Drallig, Master Derlih, Master Yoda, and the rest of the Jedi!" Zaal spoke.

They began to fight against the 30 Sith followers, and believed that they may survive the onslaught, but then a leader of the pack stepped out, and challenged Aarok to a one-on-one duel.

Aarok obliged the Sith warrior, and they began to wage an epic duel. Aarok was overpowering the Sith
The Sith Leader

The Leader

warrior, but then the warrior would regain strength using the Dark Side, and continue to mercilessly assault Aarok's blades.

Finally, Aarok was done with fighting. He acted like he was about to give up, but then proceeded to sever the warrior's hand. This caused a slight moan to come from the warrior, and Aarok then Force pushed him away. There was now 29 Sith, that still had to be dealt with.

Aarok and Zaal resumed their fight, and the Sith continued their unending assault. Finally, Aarok and Zaal appeared to be winning, and they took an opportunity that wouldn't have come again. They used Force repulse to unsteady half of the Sith, and launch the other half into some jagged debris and rocks, causing their unfortunate demise. Aarok took on half of the remaining warriors, while Zaal took the other half, which totaled to about 7 for Zaal, and 8 for Aarok.

Zaal was handling his 7 quite well, dispatching 3 in 15 seconds, and Aarok had dispatched 4 in 10 seconds as well; All of the warriors were very easy to launch into things, or throw things at, that the warriors refused to dodge for some reason. Aarok and Zaal then decided to take on the 8 together, and dispatched with 4 more in a matter of seconds, finishing with the other 4 mere moments later.

After 10 minutes of viscous fighting between the warriors, the 5 minute duel, and another 4 minutes to eliminate the rest, Aarok and Zaal were very weary. Now that the Sith had been defeated, they both didn't know what to do. Then, they sensed something nearby. They decided to investigate, and thus stumbled upon an Ancient Sith Holocron. They attempted to contact Master Derlih, to seek her guidance, and the Council's on such an important find, but couldn't get a signal so deep inside the cave.
The Sith Holocron

The Sith Holocron

"Well, my instincts say we should either leave it here, or destroy it. Otherwise, it could lead us down a path I don't want either of us to follow." Aarok spoke.

"I agree. I think we should return to the entrance, try for a better signal, and then if told to do so, block the entrance to the cave, permanently." Zaal replied.

"Good idea. Let's leave the crystal here. I don't want anything happening." Aarok responded.

"But, don't you think we should bring it, just in case?" Zaal asked, unknowingly beginning to fall under its spell.

"What!? Why would we bring it back?" Aarok asked.

"I don't know, that wasn't me talking. We need to leave it here." Zaal replied.

"Right. Yes, let's get going, and leave it here. We'll leave a beacon nearby, in case we lose our way if we come back." Aarok said.

"Yes, Master." Zaal answered.

With that, they left the Holocron, and began their return trip to the cave entrance. They finally arrived at the entrance, severely weakened both mentally and physically from the journey to exit the cave. The Dark Side was very strong in this realm, and it was wearing them down.

"Master Derlih, come in." Zaal spoke over the holo-comm.

"Yes, Zaalbar?" Master Derlih responded.

"We've located a Sith Holocron. What do you think we should do?" Aarok asked.

"Leave it there. Don't return to that place. Get out now!" Master Derlih ordered.

"But Master, we still haven't determined where the Storm Beast came from. Maybe the Holocron can tell us." Zaal replied.

"No, it's too dangerous for you Zaalbar. You must return to the ship immediately. Aarok, if you wish to find out, you may. I trust that your resistance to the Dark Side is stronger than Young Zaal's." Master Derlih spoke.

"Yes, Master." Aarok replied. "I'll send Zaal back immediately."

"Master!? Why do I have to return, but Aarok can stay? It's just as dangerous for him, as it is for me. Please, let me stay!" Zaal pleaded.

"No. That is final. Return to the ship at once." Master Derlih replied, then ended the transmission.

"Do as you're told, Young One. Don't worry Zaal, I'll be fine." Aarok assured him.

"Yes, Master Aarok." Zaal replied reluctantly.

Zaal then left the cave, to return to the ship, while Aarok went to return to the Holocron, alone...

Aarok returned to the Holocron, and began to meditate, to discover how to examine its contents. If it was anything like a Jedi Holocron, he could open it through meditation, using the Force. He began to try different techniques, taught to him by different Jedi Masters, but none seemed to be working. Finally he used something taught to him by Yoda, and it was successful. Yoda had adapted the technique from Master Windu, but both versions delved close to the Dark Side, thus Aarok was able to open it.

He began to search for information about the Beast, only to begin having violent migranes, and headaches that made Aarok wish he was dead. Somehow, the Holocron knew Aarok was a Jedi, and it didn't like him looking at it. Finally, after severe physical and more severe mental pain, Aarok uncovered the truth about the Beast.

A short time before the Jedi had received word of Laxu's destruction, Emma, Jacob, the other two, and the 30 Sith warriors, had all had an ancient seance, and managed to revive a Storm Beast. They then used the Dark Side to control the beast's mind, unleashing it upon the unsuspecting Clones and Jedi at the base. As it turned out, Master Jissard had discovered what was happening, and began to evacuate to a nearby planet for safety, when Emma and Jacob arrived to see that the beast did its job. Master Jissard was more than a match for both of them, but they decided to let the beast attack her, and that is how she died a horrible, painful, sad death...

Once Aarok had discovered this, he couldn't examine the Holocron any longer. The sheer immenseness of pain inside his head was too much, and when Master Jissard had appeared in the Holocron's information, it caused Aarok that much more pain. He stopped viewing the Holocron's contents, and then fell into a deep sleep, for only a moment. He awoke inside the ship, with Master Derlih and Zaal looking over him on the bed.

"He's awake Master." Zaal spoke quietly.

"I see that." Master Derlih gently replied.

"What happened?" Aarok asked.

"Zaal disobeyed orders and went looking for you when you re-entered the cave. He found you unconscious, and brought you back here." Master Derlih replied.

"Sorry Masters." Zaal solemnly replied.

"Normally, I would punish you, but you may have saved Aarok's life, so good job." Master Derlih spoke.

"I figured out what happened to Laxu, Master Jissard, and how a Storm Beast was here." Aarok said

"Do tell." Master Derlih replied.

Aarok told of all that he had seen in the Holocron, and when he finally finished, they began their long-overdue return to the Temple.

Return to the Temple

"Finally, we're home..."
– Aarok, thankful to be on Coruscant.
"We're home, finally." Aarok said once they landed.
The Temple Landing Pad

The Landing Pad

"Finally!" Zaal replied sardonically.

"Now, now Zaalbar. I dislike sarcasm." Aarok said in a stern tone.

"It wasn't sarcasm, just annoyance, I think. Well, sort of. I'm just glad to be home." Zaal finally spit out.

"As am I." Aarok solemnly replied. "Now," He began, "let's get our report to the Council."

"Yes, Master." Zaal replied.

With that, they headed off for the Council Spire, and waited until they were called up to enter.

"Master Aarok, while we wait, is it alright if you tell me about what you were going to earlier?" Zaal asked.

"Sure, Zaal." Aarok replied.

"Okay. Go ahead, Master." Zaal said.

"30 BBY. I was on assignment to Vendaxa, when I encountered three Acklay. That is their native home-planet, so I expected to run into at least one." Aarok replied.

"Why were you on an assignment when you were 11?" Zaal asked.

"Master Drallig wanted to test me, so he sent me to Vendaxa to recover an Acklay's tooth, for showing that I went there, and came back." Aarok answered.

"Master Dralling sounds harsh." Zaal said.

"Not exactly." Aarok replied, "He could be tough at times, but he knew I would beat whatever he sent my way. I killed all three Acklay, and returned to the Temple with a tooth."

"Wow. I wouldn't have been able to do that." Zaal replied.

"I almost wasn't either. I succeeded though, and then also simultaneously overcame my fear of large beasts." Aarok responded.

"Oh, that was a nice added bonus." Zaal answered.

"Indeed it was." Aarok replied.

"So, what happened after the test? Were you rewarded or something like that?" Zaal asked.

"Pfhh. Are you kidding?" Aarok replied with a laugh. "That was something fairly normal for me." Aarok replied. "I got a congratulations, and then kept training like usual." Aarok answered.

"Wow.... Seriously?" Zaal asked in dismay.

"Seriously." Aarok replied sincerely.

"Okay then." Zaal replied. "Did you have any other assignments like that?" Zaal asked.

"Actually, Ye-" Aarok began to reply, but was interrupted by the Council summoning them. "Another time, Zaal." Aarok answered. They entered the elevator, then Zaal spoke.

"Sure thing, Master. I'm gonna hold you to that, though." Zaal replied.

"Alright, sounds fine by me. Now, let's get up there before they change their minds." Aarok finished.

"They'd do that?" Zaal asked in suprise.

"Nah. I'm just teasing you." Aarok replied.

"Oh, funny." Zaal replied moping.

"Don't pout. It's unbecoming and child-like." Aarok replied.

"I am a child, thank you." Zaal replied in a sardonic tone.

"Calm down. I was only kidding." Aarok replied grimly.

"I know." Zaal replied smirking.

"You little bantha!" Aarok responded playfully.

"Come on, Master. We take too long, and they won't let us enter." Zaal replied in a serious yet gentle tone.
The Council Spire

The Council Spire

"Yes, right. Let's get up there." Aarok answered.

With that, they exited the elevator, walked to the middle and bowed to all of the Masters out of respect. "Master Bactamark, Padawan Tokocharger, news of what happened on Dromund Kaas have you?" Master Yoda asked.

"Yes, Master." Aarok replied. "We discovered a Sith cult on the planet, and dismantled it all, but not before learning of the death of Master Jeela Jissard. I discovered that the base's inhabitants were on another nearby planet, and I gave them the coordinates for Coruscant. They'll be here soon. During that time, I discovered a Sith Holocron. I buried the cave that it was in, and it will no longer be a problem." Aarok answered.

"We also encountered a Storm Beast, Masters." Zaal added.

"Yes. We recommend that there not be a base rebuilt on the planet, but that we place a planetary blockade around the planet for protection against the Separatists." Aarok finished.

"See I do. Did all of this, on your short trip you did?" Master Yoda asked.

"Yes Master." Aarok and Zaal replied.

"Very well. You're dismissed. Thank you for your efforts on this mission. We will discuss your verdict on the planetary blockade, and inform you when we have reached a decision." Master Windu finished.

"Yes Master. Thank you, Masters." Aarok and Zaal replied in unison.

They bowed respectfully, and then exited the room, and headed down to one of the Refectories, for some much overdue food. They hadn't eaten since they had landed, and that was a few hours too long for the both of their stomachs.

"Yay, I can finally eat real food!" Zaal said happily.

"Well, go ahead, I'll catch up." Aarok replied.

"Okedok, Master." Zaal answered. Then he headed for the dining tables, and prepared to get some food.

Master Derlih then joined Aarok, while they stood afar off watching Zaal intently.

"He has grown considerably since my first duel with him, Master." Aarok spoke.

"Indeed he has. But, do you really believe he may be ready to take the Trials? I mean, he's so young still. He still has much to learn. I know you took the Trials at a younger age, but Zaal is even younger than you." Master Derlih replied.

"I think, with a little bit more training, and an awful lot more patience, he may be ready in the next year or two. I truly believe he will be ready soon." Aarok responded.

"I trust your judgment, Aarok. If you say he will be ready soon, then I will do all I can to prepare him for that coming day." Master Derlih said.

"Thank you, Master. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll get some food now." Aarok replied kindly.

"Yes. Don't let me stop you." Master Derlih replied smiling.

Aarok then joined Zaal for some food, but kept to himself, the things spoken between Master Derlih and he. He felt it was unneccessary to burden Zaal with any false hope, in case he wasn't able to take the Trials, in a year or two.

"How's the food?" Aarok asked.

"Great! It's much better than the ration packs we had on Dromund Kaas." Zaal replied.

"I'm sure it is." Aarok responded.

They continued chatting, until Aarok was called to the Temple Briefing Room. It was regarding an urgent matter,
Jedi Temple Briefing Room

The Temple Briefing Room

involving General Grievous, and Jedi Master Eeth Koth. Master Koth had been taken captive by Grievous, and Aarok was asked to accompany the rescue team in retrieving Master Koth from Grievous' clutches.

"Sorry Zaal." Aarok said after returning. "I've got to go help Anakin, Obi-Wan and Master Gallia rescue Master Koth."

"It's okay. Be careful, and have a safe trip." Zaal replied.

"Thanks, Pal. I will." Aarok answered, then headed off for the Resolute, to meet up with Anakin, and begin the journey to Saleucami...

End of, "Agents Of The Dark Side".-

[Special thanks to Zaalbar Tokocharger for writing this story with me, and giving it a good start. I hope I made you proud buddy! :) ]

Battle of Saleucami

22 BBY

"Jedi Master Eeth Koth, one of the most respected members of the Jedi Order, and more specifically, the Jedi Council. Do you think Grievous will kill him?"
– Aarok speaking to Anakin before the transmission from Grievous.

The next battle Aarok took place in was Saleucami. While Master Kenobi was taking care of the droids on the planet surface, Aarok & Anakin took care of the Separatist Blockade.

Anakin contacted Aarok through his comlink, while he was eating with Zaalbar, and asked him to come to the Briefing Room. He left Zaal, and headed that way.

Just before he got into the room, Anakin stopped him outside, and said, "Aarok, you want to help us rescue Master Koth?"

"He's been taken?" Aarok asked.

"Yes Aarok." Anakin replied.

"Okay, lets get going!" Aarok responded.

"Good, the fleet is already set to mobilize and get going." Anakin said.

"Very well." Aarok finished.  

After they spoke, they headed to the Resolute, and began the journey. After Master Koth was rescued, he thanked all the Jedi who came to his rescue. "Thank you Masters." Master Koth said to all three of the Jedi,

"It was our pleasure." replied Aarok.

After that, Obi-wan moved to the surface to follow Grievous.

"I'm going after Grievous; you and Anakin take care of the rest of the fleet." Obi-wan said.

"Very well." replied Aarok.

"Alright, let's get to our fighters!" Anakin said,

"Good!" replied Aarok. They flew out of the hangar and immediately ran into fighters.

"Alright, Aarok, you focus on the fighters. I'll take care of the Frigates and take out any fighters on my way." Anakin said over the comms.

"Very Good Anakin." Aarok replied. After 78% of the Fighters were destroyed, Aarok contacted Anakin.

"Anakin come in!"

"Yes Aarok?" Anakin responded,

"I've taken care of most of the fighters, but I'm too close to not attack the Command Ship."

"Very well, but be careful, I'm detecting Tri-Fighters." Anakin replied over comms.

"I will be careful." replied Aarok.

"Very good." Anakin said, then replied,

"May the Force be with You Aarok,"

"You too Anakin." Aarok responded.

Shortly after he contacted Anakin, the Tri-Fighters appeared. Aarok knocked out all but one before the missiles were launched. One rocket flew right by Aarok and exploded a few clicks behind him, but no Buzz Droids got onto his ship. After this, Aarok attacked the command ship, and destroyed the bridge.

"Anakin, come in!" Aarok said,

"What's up Aarok?" Anakin asked.

"The command ship's bridge has been destroyed. Tell the fleet to target the mid-section and the engines."

"Very well, I'll inform them now." Anakin replied.

"Good, I'm returning to the hangar now; all fighters destroyed."

"Great Job! Great flying out there!" Anakin said.

"Thank you Anakin!" Aarok replied.

Just after the command ship was destroyed.

Aarok returned to the hangar, and the command ship was decimated. The rest of the fleet was destroyed as well.

"Anakin, the fleet has been destroyed. This battle is ours." Aarok spoke.

"Good. Very good. I'm returning to the hangar now myself."

"Good, see you soon." Aarok replied.

After Anakin docked in the hangar, the ships moved to the next sector of Separatist space nearby, but Aarok returned to Coruscant. After he arrived on Coruscant, Aarok returned to his daily activities. Those included; archiving the mission log, studying tactics from the enemy side, and meditating...

-The End of, "The Battle of Saleucami."-

Journey to The Ice Cave

22 BBY

It's so cold here...
– Garen speaking to Aarok about the freezing temperatures.

The Battle of Saleucami had just been finished, and Aarok had been resting a bit more than usual since then. Today was different though; Today, he'd get a little bit colder, but he wouldn't be alone. He was called up to the council chambers in the early morning, for a yet unkown assignment.

"Aarok, an assignment we have for you," Master Yoda began,

"You are to travel to Orto Plutonia, where you will meet up with Jedi Knight Garen Drelick," Master Windu continued,

"There, you will work together with the station's commanding officer, Commander Theta." Master Mundi finished.

"Very well Masters. What is my objective?" Aarok asked.

"You are to recover stolen plans of a protoype Republic Star Cruiser that would be twice as powerful as anything out there today. It can not fall into the hands of the Separatists." Master Ti answered.

"Very well, Master. I'll leave immediately." Aarok replied.

"May the Force be with You." Master Kenobi said. 

"And You Master Kenobi, thank you." Aarok responded.

With that, Aarok made his way to the Temple Hangar, and departed for Orto Plutonia. He was not told to take a


garrison of troops, so he went alone. His journey was not a terribly long one, just a boring one; but he had R5-K7 to keep him company. Once he arrived at the Republic Hangar on Orto Plutonia, he had to travel by AT-RT a short distance to arrive at the primary base. He landed, exited his ship, asked the crewmen working to fill up his ship with fuel, and took off towards the base.

His short journey

The trip was only a 10 minute trip, but in the cold weather, it would take an added 20 minutes. Once he arrived at the base, he was greeted by both Commander Theta & Garen, who happened to be an old friend. 

"Aarok! How have you been my friend?" Asked Garen.

"I've been well, and yourself?" Aarok replied.

Garen Drelick

"I'm doing good, the only downside to this post is the cold. Ah, where are my manners, Theta, this is Jedi General Aarok Bactamark. He and I were Younglings at the same time."

"It's an honor to meet you Sir." Theta said, at attention."


Commander Theta

"At ease. Thank you Commander Theta, the honor is mutual. Garen has told me of your many grand adventures. You're an excellent soldier. And thanks for keeping him alive." Aarok said.

"It's harder are some days than others Sir." Theta replied.

"I'm sure." Aarok responded. 

"Guys, I'm right here." Garen said.

"What, we didn't say anything, did we Theta?" Aarok said.

"No Sir." Theta replied.

"Hah, very funny. Now onto important matters. What brings you here?" Garen asked.

"Stolen Plans," Aarok replied, "for a prototype Republic Cruiser with twice the power and defenses of our standard cruisers. Capable of taking on 10 Banking Clan Frigates on its own, and winning."

"That sounds very important." Garen replied.

"Indeed," Aarok responded, "which is why I'm here. I was sent by the Council to find them and return them to Coruscant." 

"Well, let's get moving then." Garen replied.

"Right away, Sir. I'll get three speeders ready." Theta said.

"Very well. Thank you Commander." Aarok responded.

"My pleasure, Sir." Theta replied.

With that, they boarded the speeders, and took off. The last known location of the plans put them by a nearby Ice

Near the Cave.

Cave, so they headed there first. When they arrived, the signal grew even stronger, and they located them within 10 minutes of searching. There were no obvious signs of enemy activity, no evidence of tampering, no
Orto Plutonia stand in

The Cave

bounty hunters, nothing. So they grabbed the plans, and returned to the base, to inform the Council of their success. It was then that the bombardment began. Whoever stole the plans left them there with their own tracker for the Separatists to find, which they traced back to the Republic base. Thankfully, only a few moments before the base was hit, the scanners picked up the ships, and the crew activated the defense shields. The base was safe for now, but the boarding party would be on its way within the hour.  A half-hour went by, with no sign of activity, so Aarok exited the base, ran to the hangar as fast as was humanly

Aarok, journeying towards the Landing Craft

possible for him, and boarded his fighter. He took off, and found the landing transport with the troops exiting right then. He fired his cannons and 6 torpedoes, which killed all the exiting droids and tanks, and destroyed the landing transport as well. He then destroyed the other two that were in the air, and eliminated the handful of fighters. He then took his fighter into space, and used it to destroy the 2 Banking Clan Frigates, without even so much as a scratch on his ship. He returned to the hangar, docked, and regrouped at the base, to report a job well done. He was congratulated by the base crew, Garen & Theta, and later the

Aarok at the Republic Base

Council on an excellent job. He got the plans back to Coruscant, and returned them to the Engineers, to continue modifying the design of the ship, and prepare it for mass production. 

Sadly, the prototype wouldn't get used during the Clone Wars, but would instead be used later by the Empire. The design ship's name was the Star Destroyer...

End of, "Journey to The Ice Cave".-

The Zillo Beast

22 BBY  

"Well, this oughta be fun.."
– Aarok speaking about the sink-hole, after the battle was done.

Aarok was at the Battle of Malastare with Mace Windu & Anakin Skywalker. He was on the ground, while the other two Jedi were up watching the battle. Aarok was chopping down every droid that got near, and saving as many clones as he could. Then the bombers emerged, and Aarok was told to fall back to safety. Aarok obeyed Master Windu and told the clones to fall back, and the clones did so.

The Ion Bomb was dropped, and it worked successfully. However, the ground then started caving in on itself, and sucked down many clones, walkers, and other vehicles.  Aarok immediately volunteered to help Mace search for the Clones, and bring them back safely. He searched one part of the hole, while Mace took Ponds, and three troopers with him.

The Zillo Beast.

The next thing Aarok knew, he was on a Gunship getting out of the hole. He was almost eaten by a giant monster, known as the Zillo Beast. After Mace and Aarok returned to the surface with what clones they had found, they headed for the communications tower. They went there to contact the Chancellor, and speak with him about what had transpired.

Aarok left the room while Mace spoke with the others, and Anakin kept the Elders calm. After the Dugs executed their idiotic plan, the Zillo Beast made its way up to the surface. It force Anakin and Mace to use the new stun vehicles, to stun the beast and knock him out. Then they could safely transport the beast to a safe

The Beast climbing out of its hole.

world, where it could live out its days in peace. The plan worked, and they loaded the beast onto an Acclamator Ship.  They then discovered that the Chancellor had convinced someone high up to allow the beast to be taken to Coruscant for studying.

The Beast rampaging through Coruscant.

After the beast arrived on Coruscant, the Jedi had returned. Aarok didn't participate in the recapture of the beast. He did however, keep anyone he could safe. Soon after the beast escaped, It was dead and the Chancellor had decided that Sinover Boll was to clone the beast...

End of, "The Zillo Beast."-

A Bounty Hunter & An Assassin

22 BBY

"Jedi Master Saesee Tiin. He's a bit of a loner, but he still is loyal to the Order and Council till his dying breath."
– Aarok making an observation of Master Tiin.

Aarok was visited in his quarters by Eeth Koth. He was requested to go with him and one other Council
168243 158233364225321 7056781 n

Master Saesee Tiin.

Member to track down a Bounty Hunter and his accomplice. Aarok accepted Eeth's offer and they headed for the Jedi Temple Hangar to get going. "So," Aarok
Eeth Koth o

Master Eeth Koth.

said, "where are we headed?"

"We are on our way the Christophsis System, to track a Bounty Hunter by the name of, Cad Bane. He was spotted near that system. You, I, and Master Tiin are on our way there now." Eeth Koth replied.

"Master Tiin, The Master Tiin?" Aarok asked.

"Yes him." Eeth replied,

"Okay." Aarok responded.

After the three Jedi arrived in the system, they split up and searched for Cad Bane's ship. One of them went to the planet surface, one flew in the lower atmosphere, and one flew in space around the
Cad Bane

The BH, Cad Bane.

planet's orbit. After a long time of searching, not one of the Jedi had discovered anything. Then, Master Koth got a transmission from a informant, who located him near the capitol. The Jedi headed there immediately, but did not find anything. Then the Jedi were ambushed by Bane, and his friend, who turned out to be Asajj

Asajj Ventress, the Assassin.


"So Jedi, you've come to find me, have you?" Asajj asked,

"Actually," Master Tiin spoke, "We were here for your friend over there."

"I see I've attracted the Jedi's attention." Bane said.

Aarok and Master Tiin faced Ventress while Master Koth took on Bane. The Jedi subdued Bane, and were going to take him back to the Coruscant prison. However, Ventress escaped, vowing her revenge on the three. Had it not been for Ventress becoming a Bounty Hunter herself later on in the Clone Wars, she would have hatched a plan to eliminate the three Jedi...

End of, "A Bounty Hunter & An Assassin."-

Battle of Kamino

22 BBY

"The Separatists have hit a new level of arrogance with this attack."
– Aarok speaking about the Separatists attack on Kamino.

Aarok was with Obi-wan & Anakin when they intercepted the transmission between Grievous and Ventress. 

The Space Battle.

Aarok was prepared to help the Jedi fight the Separatists, and help the Clones defend their home. He flew with
Defense of Kamino

The outer Area defense.

Anakin in the space battle, while Obi-wan was on the planet surface. They were dropping targets left and right, and blowing up frigates all over, when Anakin received word from Obi-wan saying, "The battle in space is only a distraction. They're assembling Assault Craft below the ocean surface." Anakin ordered Aarok and the pilots to return to the hangar, and make ready for the surface, to defend the facilities.
Loading bay defenses

Defense of the Loading Bay.

Aarok helped the clones in the landing bay, while Obi-wan dealt with Grievous, and Anakin dealt with Ventress. Eventually, the Jedi & Clones pushed the droids back, and the day was won, for the Jedi. Sadly, the clone who deserved more than he got, 99, fell that day. Aarok was good friends with 99
Echo i Fives mianowani na ARC

Echo & Fives become ARC Troopers.

for the short while he knew him, and would miss him much. He also congratulated Echo & Fives, for becoming ARC Troopers. He wished them the best of luck for the future, and told them to defend Kamino with their lives. Echo & Fives responded by saying two words, "Yes Sir."...

End of, "Battle of Kamino."-

Battle on Basilisk

22 BBY

"Basilisk; Like any other place, it was once peaceful, but war long ago took that peace, and now the home species on the planet are nothing more than mindless beasts... It's so sad what happens to entire species when war ensues..
– Aarok speaking about Basilisk and the native species.
Shortly after the battle on Kamino had taken place, Aarok was headed to the Core World of Basilisk. Many centuries ago, the Basiliskans were an advanced Lizard like species, with intelligence that rivaled any


human of that era. Sadly around 4017 BBY, the Mandalorians waged war against them. This in-turn caused the Basiliskans to chemically poison their planet, in a last ditch effort to ward off the Mandalorians. Unfortunately, the Mandalorians defeated them, and let the planet go so far, that the Basiliskans became nothing more than beasts. 
Inside the Separatist Base on Basilisk

The interior of the Base

During the Clone Wars, the Separatists managed to secure a base of operations on Basilisk. Aarok was sent with a detachment of clones, and ARC Trooper Zeta to eliminate the base, since the Jedi Council and Senate felt that it was too close to Coruscant itself. 

They took with them three Acclamator ships, two Republic cruisers, and several fighter squadrons. There were no frigates or Separatist ships orbiting the planet, but Aarok knew there were hundreds of droids on the surface. They decided to send in Y-wing squadrons, in an effort to destroy some of the outlying pockets of droids. It was successful, reducing the droid count to 54% as opposed to 100 percent. They began their descent through the atmosphere, and landed the Acclamators approximately two miles away from the Separatist base. The cruisers remained in the upper atmosphere to provide aerial assistance. 

Aarok, Zeta, and a squad of 15 clones began a short trip to get closer to the base. As they were on their
ARC Trooper Zeta

ARC Trooper Zeta

journey, Aarok & Zeta, along with a trooper by the name of Dex began to
Clone Trooper Dex

Trooper Dex

talk. As they got closer, they encountered some commando droids in shutdown mode. Aarok decided he would destroy them, while the troops held back. He destroyed the last one, when Super battle droids, droideka's & B1 battle droids appeared from behind the building and some bushes. They had been ambushed. The Commando Droids were dead, and now Aarok and the clones would be too. The droids did
The battle droids

A B2, B1, and Droideka

not have time to start firing, Zeta took the first shot. He hit a super, then destroyed three B1's and threw a grenade gracefully at a droideka. It rolled right under the shield, and it exploded. Aarok re-activated his lightsabers, and began to deflect shots. After five minutes of fighting, the Republic had lost 3 clones out of 15, while the droids had lost 37 out of one hundred. Dex had also been hit in the arm, and Zeta had been knocked unconscious by a B2 rocket, but he got right back up and continued fighting.

After another 10 minutes, Aarok had almost been shot in the head, had it not been for his Jedi reflexes, and the droids had lost another 23 droids, knocking them down to 40. The clones lost another 2, making it ten. Aarok & Zeta continued fighting side by side, (much like Jedi Master Ima Gun-Di & Captain Keeli did in their brave last stand). At first, Aarok believed that Basilisk could not be taken for the Republic, but after the 15 minutes, he believed they had a chance. 

Another ten minutes were down, and the droids were down to 22, while the clones dropped to 7. The clones in this detachment were second best only to the 501st. They were pretty much the second best the Republic had to offer. The clone legion was designated the 464th Legion. The droids had been knocked down to 7, but the clones were down to Aarok, Zeta, Dex and 3 troopers. Aarok engaged the remaining droids, telling the troops and Zeta to fall back. He destroyed the last droid when three Magnaguards suddenly appeared
One magnaguard

Magnaguard #1

from within the base. He told the clones to remain behind while he took care of
Magnaguard -2

The 2nd Magnaguard

the droids. These were not the most advanced Magnaguards. They were either fresh of the assembly line, or running low on power. Aarok used this to his advantage. He threw his green lightsaber towards one of the droids, and synchronously destroyed another of the droids. His lightsaber cut the droid in half, while he decapitated the other. Then as his lightsaber was travelling back towards him, he used that to destroy the final droid. It worked, and the droids were a pile of scrap now.
The boss magnaguard

The Mangaguard boss

Aarok, Zeta, Dex, & the 3 troopers entered the base. They made their way to the largest power source, and found out it was the main support for the lights, life support and all critical systems. They brought their charges, placed them on the machine, and exited the base with no casualties. They made their way to a safe distance, and prepared to watch the fireworks. Once the base systems were destroyed, Aarok ordered a final bombing run on the base, to ensure it's destruction. It was successful, and the Separatists no longer had a base within a parsec of Coruscant.

It was a mission success! Aarok was elated to have worked with Zeta & Dex, and hoped he could again one day. After the mission was over, he returned to Coruscant, only to begin a two day meditation where he was constantly disturbed by something inside is head. Or so he thought...

End of "Mission on Basilisk."-

A Mysterious Noise

21.5 BBY

After the Battle of Kamino, and destroying the Separatists forces on Basilisk, Aarok had returned to Coruscant and was in his quarters when he heard a
Rooftop of Coruscant Estate

The Roof, and source of the noise.

strange noise. He heard it coming from the roof of what would later be his estate, but was at the moment only a vacant building. He found the cause of the noise, and laughed when he discovered what it

The Bird.

was. A bird had gotten stuck in the vent shaft of the building, and it was squealing loudly. Aarok had barely heard it through the hustle and bustle of traffic. When he had attuned himself to the noise, and let everything else in his mind go, he heard the noise. He let the bird go, and it flew off. He never saw the bird again, but he had hoped it didn't get stuck in another vent
Anakin Quarters-TCW

Obi-wan Tells Anakin to get Aarok for Felucia.

somewhere. Or that it hadn't been killed while flying through the busy traffic. 

He returned to his quarters for meditation, when Anakin entered the room. He entered and informed him that it was time to go to Felucia. Another battle was erupting there, and the 501st were being sent in. The Jedi were of course as always, the accompaniment of the clones...

End of, "A Mysterious Noise."-

Ahsoka Kidnapped

21 BBY

Aarok was in the second Battle of Felucia, with Anakin, Plo, & Ahsoka.

When he received word that Ahsoka was missing, he immediately volunteered to help search for her. She was one of his closest friends after all. Aarok was side by side with Captain Rex while searching. He tried to help locate her by meditating for her life force, but did not sense her on Felucia. After they decided that Ahsoka was no longer on Felucia, he returned to Coruscant. He began meditating all he could, to try to find out something about her location. However, he had no such luck.

When Aarok learned that Ahsoka was safe, and on her way back to Coruscant with some friends, he eagerly 

Ahsoka & Her new friend, Chewie.

awaited her return. Once Ahsoka arrived back, Aarok was one of the first people to greet her. He gave her friendly hug, even though she was all dirty.

"Ahsoka, I'm so glad your back safe. So, how was your trip?" Aarok asked sarcastically and then smiled.

"It was great!" Ahsoka responded playfully.

"How was Felucia after I disappeared?" Ahsoka asked,

"Hectic. We were searching for you for two rotations, with little rest. Anakin was paranoid." Aarok replied.

"I'm sure he was." Ahsoka responded.

"Well, I'll see you around Tano." Aarok said.

"You too, Bactaboy." Ahsoka said playfully.

"Great..." Aarok said annoyed, "were back to that nickname."

"You betcha." Ahsoka said, laughing.

"See you around Ahsoka." Aarok said.

"You too Aarok." Ahsoka responded.

They bowed respectfully to each other, and went their separate ways for the day. Aarok was in his quarters for the day meditating, when Anakin walked in once again. He said they were going on a supply run to Ord Mantell...

End of, "Ahsoka Kidnapped."-

Ambush over Ord Mantell

21 BBY

Aarok was on his way with Anakin to Ord Mantell to resupply the weapons facility there. when all of

Ambush over Ord Mantell.

the sudden, they emerged from hyperspace to be fired upon by Separatist ships. Immediately, one of the Republic Cruisers was destroyed. The others were being hammered by the enemy Frigates' guns, and fighters. Aarok & Anakin disembarked from the hangar, and dealt with the fighters. Then they received word that landing craft were attempting to board. They eliminated the craft before very many droids got onto the hull, where there were clones who took care of the rest of the droids.

In the end, the republic cruisers got a hyperspace route plotted in the Navi-Computer, and recalled all fighters. It was done in order to escape to a short distance from Ord Mantell. Anakin spoke on the comm's saying, "Let's get back to the ship, and let command know the Separatists are lying in wait. Good work on protecting the cruisers boys."

Aarok withdrew from Anakin's fleet, and returned to Coruscant for the time being. He was not called to any missions, until King Yos Kolina contacted Plo & Anakin, and asked for their help. It was an urgent matter regarding the invasion of Iceberg Three...

End of, "Ambush over Ord Mantell."-

Battle of Iceberg Three

21 BBY

A little while before the Battle of Umbara, Aarok journeyed to Iceberg Three. He was to 

Speaking with Commander Wolffe.

discover the problems going on, and fix them. Aarok spoke with Commander Wolffe on Coruscant and said,

"I am ready to move out." Wolffe responded,

"Very good General." 

Aarok and the fleet emerged from hyperspace and began engaging the Separatists. Aarok spoke on the comms, "Alright boys, were going straight through those frigates. Lets blow em' out of the sky!"

"Yeah!" said one of the pilots. 

After Aarok defeated the droids in space, he landed on the planetoid surface. He then spoke to Commander Danz, Plo Koon's right hand man.

Just after winning the space battle, on way to Landing at the republic outpost.

Commander Danz

Commander Danz, Plo's right hand man.

"What's up Commander?" Aarok asked.

"Glad your here General Bactamark!" Commander Danz replied.

"Where is Master Plo?" Aarok asked.

"He is on his way General." Danz replied.

"Very well Commander."  Just then, Plo arrived. 

"Ahh, Master Plo, its good to see you again!" Aarok said.

"And you General Bactamark. Has Commander Danz briefed you?" Master Plo said.

"Yes Master." Aarok replied.

"Very Good." replied Master Plo.

After he had landed and spoke with both Danz and Master Plo, he was tasked with Helping Commander Wolffe defend the transports and give time for them to escape.

"You are to help Wolffe keep the defenses holding until the transports can escape." Master Plo told him.

"Very good Master." Aarok replied.

Aarok and Wolffe mobilized the troops and prepared the defenses. Grievious ordered the droids to start marching. Aarok and Wolffe held off the droids, and all the transports escaped in time. They succeeded, and everyone escaped, but not before Grievous landed.

"Jedi! You will die today and your lightsabers will be mine!" Grievous spoke loudly.

"Not on your life!" Aarok responded in a heightened tone.

Grievous waged an epic duel, but Aarok came out on top. Aarok force pushed him down to the ground, giving enough time to escape in his starfighter.

Grievious growled in dismay and anger, "JEDI!!!!!!! We will meet again! Your Lightsaber WILL join my collection!!!"

"Whatever you say." replied Aarok as he flew off.

Return to Coruscant


Grievous Defeated.

He returned to Coruscant where something unexpected happened. He was granted the rank of Jedi Master!

Aarok stood in awe as he was awarded the rank.

"Thank you, Masters!" Aarok said overjoyed.

"Earned it you have." replied Master Yoda.

"Yes, Master Yoda is right. You have served the Order well, and we could not be more proud of you, Master Bactamark." Master Drallig said.

Aarok left the room, and went out celebrating with Skeeto Transmark. All was well for the time being...

-End of, "The battle of Iceberg Three".-

Crafting His Second Lightsaber

21 BBY

"A Jedi's weapon is one of elegance, power, and in some cases, beauty. But that power, and elegance can be corrupted, misused, tainted, and turned into something evil. Guard against it with all of your Will, Young Ones.
– Aarok speaking to some Younglings when asked about his second Lightsaber.

One day after a round of Meditation, Aarok decided to speak with Master Yoda about crafting a second Lightsaber.

"Master Yoda, may I speak with you about something?"

"Yes, yes. Speak with me about what, would you like?" Master Yoda replied.

"I was wondering how I would go about crafting a second Lightsaber." Aarok said.

"Where this idea, did it come from?" Yoda asked.

"I was meditating, and while I was meditating, I felt something. I felt that I would be a better fighter & Jedi, if I crafted another Lightsaber. Also that Jar'Kai form would suit me better." Aarok said.

"Very well, craft a second Lightsaber you can. Begin your journey you must." Yoda replied.

Aarok embarked and headed to Ilum first, where he found his second lightsaber's crystal. He then returned to the temple to craft his new Lightsaber. Once he finished crafting the lightsaber, he ignited the blade and realized it was a Green crystal. He was hoping for another Blue crystal, but he was still content with his new lightsaber.
Shaak ti saber

Aarok's Second Lightsaber.

After he trained in the Jar'Kai form for a while, he informed Master Yoda that he could return to the war.

"Very good, Congrats, wish you I do, Master Bactamark." Yoda said.

"Thank you master." Aarok replied.

"Question for you I have Young Aarok." Yoda spoke.

"Yes Master Yoda?" Aarok asked.

"The second lightsaber you had, on Iceberg Three I believe, where get it from, did you?" Yoda asked.

"From Commander Danz, Master. He thought I might need it when dueling Grievous, and I returned it to him right after the duel." Aarok replied.

"Ahh, explains it that does. Hmm, Yes. Thanks to you, for telling me." Yoda said.

"My pleasure Master." Aarok finished with.

Soon after, Aarok embarked on his next mission, The Battle of Umbara...

-The End of, "Crafting His Second Lightsaber."-

Battle of Umbara

21 BBY

Shortly after the battle of Iceberg Three, Aarok was chosen to help in the battle on Umbara. He fought with Anakin, but was transferred to another battlezone shortly before Krell arrived. Aarok was tasked with clearing Secret Bunkers throughout the planet.

He had said, "Just give me their locations, and they'll be scrap metal before you know it." He had destroyed all but one, when he recieved a transmission from Captain Rex, asking for help with General Krell.

Captain Rex stated, "Sir, could you help us out with a little problem?" 

Aarok replied, "How big a problem?"

"Pretty big Sir, it involves General Krell." 

Aarok was confused by this, but was on his way anyways. Just before Aarok arrived to help deal with Krell, he received word that Krell was dead. 

Aarok spoke up and said, "What did I miss, and what happened here?"

Arc Trooper Fives replied, "Sir.. General Krell was a traitor, and tricked us all! We lost too many good men today Sir......."

Aarok replied, "Well... I'm sure you did my friend, and I am sorry for your losses. Now, we must return to the task at hand." 

"Yes Sir!" the clones replied in unison.  

After the incident, Aarok was ordered to return to the task at hand and destroy the final bunker.

Savage & Maul

Facing Maul & Savage.


Defeating Maul, Singlehandedly

This was when Aarok received help from Skeeto Transmark for an assignment involving an Ancient Sith Academy. It was hidden away, but discovered by a Republic Spy. Aarok embarked on the mission with Skeeto. Their first words to each other were

"What is this place?", and "How are we gonna deal with it?".

They entered the Academy undetected, and both stated in unison, "That was too easy." They ran into the first Acolytes right away, but the Acolytes new nothing of the strength and combined power of Skeeto & Aarok. They were defeated easily. Skeeto & Aarok began heading in the direction of the strongest signs of the force, but there were three. They headed for the first one.

Zagg dead

Zagg Defeated.

When they got to the first one, they were training droids.

They both said, "Well this shouldn't be too bad." They defeated the droids, but not before getting thrown around a little. Halfway through the Academy, they ran into a Sith warrior know as Varad Zagg.

Skeeto spoke up and said, "Now who is this Nit Wit?"

Aarok replied, "I don't know, got any idea Master?"

"Nope. Nothing." was Skeeto's response.

Zagg's first words were, "I wonder how much you would sacrifice for victory. We shall see."

Savage defeated

Savage Defeated.

That is when he unleashed the evil spirits of their fellow Jedi onto them. They fought them, and defeated them after a brief struggle. Zagg spoke up.

"Very well, I shall destroy you!" He fought them both, but was not a match for the two jedi. Zagg's dying words were, "No! I have failed my order...." 

Aarok said. "Well, some last words." Skeeto laughed at this, and so they continued their journey. Before they got to the end, they sensed a disturbance in the Force. A great one. They realized it was none other than Darth Maul and Savage Opress. They entered the room, only to find Maul walking about and talking to himself. Maul's first words to them were. "Jedi, You cannot defeat Me. I have beaten your kind before!" The Jedi engaged Maul, and beat him back so much, that he called in Savage to help. He stated. "This has gone too far. I must regain my strength."

Savage appeared in the doorway. His first words were, "You cannot defeat me!"

Aarok spoke, "Oh I don't think so!"

Skeeto said, "Do not aggravate him, and do not get arrogant my Apprenctice."

Aarok replied, "Yes Master, Sorry."

Skeeto replied, "It's alright."

They fought and waged a mighty duel against the two, but Aarok and Skeeto came out on top, and Maul and Savage ran away like cowards. Skeeto & Aarok also found a Sith Holocron, which they returned to Coruscant with. They were going to speak with Master Yoda about it. When they returned to the Temple, they spoke with Master Yoda.

He said, "A disturbance there was in the Force, but gone it is now. Your doing was this?"

"Yes Master." the two Jedi replied in unison.

"Good, good. Let us put this holocron, away from the view of any. Stay between us this must. Tell not anyone, the Chancellor especially." Yoda said.

"Yes Master." they again replied in unison.

The Sith Academy

The Ancient Sith Academy on Umbara.

After the battle was over, Skeeto and Aarok hung out with each other whenever they could. They went on some missions together, and fought together on various fronts. They remained good friends for as long as Aarok and Skeeto could remember...

-The End of, "The Battle of Umbara".-

Aarok's New Home

21 BBY

Not long after Aarok had returned from Ilum to craft his completed lightsaber, the Jedi Council rewarded him for his efforts in the past battles he had participated in. They gave him a new home located near the Jedi Temple, and told him to decorate any way he wanted. He was excited by this very much, and went to his new home immediately. 

Aarok Balcony

Aarok on his new Balcony, of his home.

Aarok began decorating right away, and was already moved in completely by the end of the day. Aarok was overjoyed with his new home, and was excited for the future. He unfortunately had to embark on his next mission, the Skirmish on Carlac...

Aarok & Rusher

Rusher visiting Aarok.

But just before he was making his way to leave, a knock on the door happened. It was none other than his good clone friend, Rusher.

"How are you doing General?" Rusher asked.

"Please Rush, do not address me as General when were by ourselves."

"Very well. Rocky."

"Oh really, that nickname again? Whatever you say, Rushy."

"Well, I am off to return to duties. I just wanted to see how you were doing." Rusher said.

"Okay, well thanks for coming, safe travels back!" Aarok replied.

"Thank you sir." Rusher finished with.

After their conversation, Rusher returned to security work, which he was doing for a short time while away from the 501st.

For Aarok; he was on his way to Carlac...

-End of, "Aarok's new Estate."-

Skirmish on Carlac

21 BBY


Speaking with Wolffe, before disembarking.

One day Aarok was approached in his chambers by Master Obi-wan Kenobi. Obi-wan informed him that he was heading to Carlac. "Well, at least it's a mission." Aarok said politely and calmly after speaking with Master Kenobi. Aarok was then contacted by Commander Wolffe and asked if he would like transport for the mission of freeing Carlac from Death Watch control.

Aarok breifing

A Short Briefing.

After he arrived on the planet, he was told to ignore the Separatist frigate, and only focus on freeing the captive village.

Aarok AT-RT

Aarok disembarking from the Base.

 "Well, this should be easy. Do I get any backup?" Aarok asked.

"No, I'm afraid not Sir." A trooper replied.

"Oh, well that complicates things a little. Oh Well."

He finished speaking with the trooper and headed out. He embarked on his camouflaged AT-RT, and headed directly for the village.

Aarok & Mortar

The Captive Village.

He arrived and spoke with Clone Soldier Mortar, and said he was ready to enter. He entered the village, and defeated all the Death Watch soldiers. 

He arrived at the halfwaypoint, only to discover someone standing in the middle of the road. It was a Death Watch captain, by the name of Kherr Dawar.


Speaking with Mortar.

Her arrogance was her undoing, and Aarok right away kept on going. He arrived at the final staging ground, only to be greeted by two of Visla's Goons. 

Visla's Goons

Visla's Goons.

He defeated them both after a short battle, that involved his lightsabers and some wrist weapon flamethrowers. Nothing Aarok had not handled before. After their defeat, Pre Visla appeared. After a brief but exhausting duel, Aarok defeated Visla and he fled. 

Aarok vs Visla

Aarok facing Visla.

For Visla not being a Force Wielder, and being a bit older in age, he was able to keep up with Aarok quite well. As Visla was fleeing, he shouted something mostly incoherent to Aarok's ears.

"One day soon, Jedi, You will die at the hand of my Darksaber. One day soon!" If Aarok had heard all of what Visla had said, he may have had a witty response. After the battle, he hopped aboard his AT-RT and returned to the Republic Base. He reported to Wolffe, who reported to Master Plo, who reported to the Council, that Carlac was free of Death Watch control for now. He also told them that a detatchment or two of troops should remain on the planet, for protection and security. After that, Aarok returned to the Temple, and continued with his normal duties. He also continued training, for he sensed that a duel was coming. One he was not sure that he was prepared for...

End of, "Skirmish on Carlac."-

Duel on Dathomir

21 BBY

One peaceful day, Master Yoda requested Aarok in the officers club. Aarok headed that way, after leaving from some daily studying in the Archives.

"Master Yoda, you called for

Master Yoda, telling Aarok to head for Dathomir.

me?" Aarok asked. "Yes, yes. Called you I did. Go to Dathomir you must. An ancient
Aarok defeating Wiffa Zett

Aarok, after defeating Wiffa Zett.

evil, being released it may be. Stop it you must." Master Yoda said.

"Yes Master, I'll go now." Aarok responded, then he headed for the hangar and flew off.

He arrived on Dathomir, and immediately located the source; a human female. He began heading towards her location, and she instantly began dueling him. She was a fierce opponent, but Aarok was not phased beyond normal dueling opponents. He defeated her, after fighting for three minutes. She never even said a word. Aarok returned to Coruscant, and told Master Yoda it was done...

End of, "Duel on Dathomir."-

Skirmish in Space

21 BBY

On another peaceful day, Aarok was contacted by Commander Jet. He asked Aarok to meet in the War Room, so Aarok went
Aarok & Jet speak

Aarok & Jet speaking.

there right away.

"What is the matter Commander?" Aarok asked.

"A Super Tank was reported in the hangar of a Republic Cruiser, just before we lost contact with the ship. I was told you could help us out General." Commander Jet spoke.

"I can, and I will." Aarok replied.

"Very good Sir, here are the coordinates." Commander Jet responded.

"Thank you Commander." Aarok finished their conversation with.

Aarok headed for the hangar and flew off to the cruiser. He arrived in a half of a rotation, and landed in the opposite hangar. He found the Super Tank, and began engaging it, on his own. He destroyed the tank with 1 throw of his lightsabers, and the tank literally dissintegrated. It was right in front of him, and he had apparently hit a vital
Super Tank in Republic Cruiser Hangar

The Super Tank.

spot. Aarok returned to Coruscant, and reported to Commander Jet that the tank was gone. After that, Aarok decided he was going to train with some friends, and so he did...

End of, "Skirmish in Space."-

Training with Council Members & Friends

21 BBY

Aarok always liked dueling with friends, to better himself and his skills. So, one day he did just that. He trained with Obi-wan Kenobi, Master Yoda, and his buddies, Zaalbar & Lan

Aarok, just after thinking he beat Master Yoda.

"So Aarok, come to face me have you, Hmm? Face me you shall. See how far, coming along are you, yes." Yoda said.

"Very well." Aarok responded. 10 minutes later, Aarok had beat Master Yoda, or so he thought. Afterwards, he reviewed the temple security cameras, and he knew Yoda let him win. Why, well that was another question entirely.

"So Aarok, you wish to duel me? Very well, let's see how your training is coming along,

Aarok, after besting Obi-wan in combat.

shall we?" Obi-wan said.

"Very well." Aarok responded. 7 minutes later, he had beaten Obi-wan, and he knew he did not let him win.

"Hey Buddies!" Aarok said excitedly when he ran into his friends Zaal & Lanny.


Aarok & Zaal dueling, just before Aarok beat Zaal.

Dude!" Lanny responded.

"Wazzup!?" Zaal asked.

"Wanna duel boys?" Aarok asked.

"Sure." they both replied in unison.

"Okay. Zaal first, and Lanny second."

"Okay." they both replied. 

"So, you wanna duel. Aye? Well, I bet I can beat you." Zaal spoke tauntingly.

"We shall see." Aarok replied.

8 and a half minutes later, Zaal was beaten and Aarok was excited.

"You beat me, fair and square." Zaal said.

"Yes I did, yes I did." Aarok replied. 

Aarok did not beat him easily though. As everyone had come to know, both Aarok & Zaal were highly skilled combatants. Any time the younglings and other padawans knew they were going to duel, they always asked if they could watch.


Aarok after beating Lanny, in dueling.

They parted ways for the day, and Aarok got ready for his turn with Lanny.

"So, you think you can beat me? Don't count on it!" Lanny taunted.

"Oh yeah? We'll see." Aarok responded.

9 minutes later, Lanny was also beaten. Aarok laughed at him playfully.

"Well, well, well, you beat me." Lanny said.

"That I did my friend, that I did." Aarok replied.

They also parted ways for the day, and Aarok prepared for something coming. He sensed a mission to Felucia, where he had to eliminate a Droid bounty hunter, and a villianous pirate group, terrorizing a nysillum village...

End of, "Training with council members & friends."-

Mission to Felucia

21 BBY

Aarok's Felucia gear

Aarok's Felucia Combat gear, with electronic eyepatch for scanning wide surfaces and a jungle lightsaber.

Shortly after Aarok had trained with Master's Kenobi & Yoda, and with Jedi Knight Phaseripper & Padawan Tokocharger; he was sent to Felucia to find and destroy the C-21 Highsinger. Also, he was to investigate and most likely remove the Nuro Pirates from Felucia.

He landed on Felucia, near the equator. He first headed for the C-21 Highsinger's last location. As Aarok was looking
Highsinger Incapacitated

The incapacitated Highsinger

around for any tracks or signs of the Highsinger, and laser flew right past his head. If he had not bent down to check a indent in the ground, he would have been shot in the heart. He turned around, lightsabers at the ready. The Highsinger then proceeded to spin itself around, firing lasers everywhere. Aarok bounced two shots back at the Highsinger, and they both hit in his torso area. He fell to the ground, but was not deactivated. Aarok leaped into the air, and went down on it's head with a final decisive blow. The highsinger was no more.
Yorn Nuro on Felucia

Pirate Leader Yorn Nuro

Next, he borrowed a speeder from a nearby Republic Outpost, where shortly before, his clone friend Rusher had been stationed. He journeyed to the camp, but was not spotted by anyone. He made the speeder silent, from a trick he learned from Zaalbar. He improved on it, to where if needed, the speeder could be silent. He crept up on one pirate at a time, until all but Nuro and a few snipers were left. He took out the snipers, and began to engage Nuro. Nuro threw a cryo grenade, and if Aarok had not leaped out of the way, he would have been a Bactasicle. He threw one of his lightsabers at Nuro, and destroyed his gun, but rather than leave Felucia with his pirates, he decided he was not going to stick around. He pulled out a small pistol, but before Aarok could do anything, Yorn Nuro was lifeless on the ground. After the pirates awoke, Aarok told them all to leave. He said, "Your leader is dead. Leave this place and never return. When you journey back into the stars, and you tell people of the nysillum on Felucia, you tell them, IT IS DEFENDED. Now go." With that, the pirates got into their ships, and never returned to Felucia again.

Aarok returned to Coruscant, and reported to the Council that the mission was a success. The Council was thankful for Aarok's work, and told him to inform the Chancellor of his success. He journeyed to the Senate building, and found Chancellor Palpatine.

"Chancellor." Aarok
Chancellor Palpatine

Chancellor Palpatine

spoke up,

"Yes Aarok? How may I help you?" The Chancellor asked.

"I just came to inform you that Felucia is free of the C-21 Highsinger & The Nuro Pirates." Aarok said.

"Excellent job. Whom do I have to thank for such a terrific success?" Chancellor Palpatine asked, "Actually your Excellency, I executed the mission." Aarok replied.

"Well, congratulations on a superb job Aarok. I think you would make an excellent canidate the next time the Council needs a new member." Chancellor Palpatine said.

"Thank you your Highness, but I don't deserve a seat on the Council."

"Nonsense Aarok. You deserve more than that." Chancellor Palpatine said.

"Thank you Excellency. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be going."

Aarok bowed, and the Chancellor nodded. After that, he returned to the Temple. He told no one except Zaal that the Chancellor of the Galactic Republic thought he should be on the Jedi Council...

End of, "Mission to Felucia".

Race On an Asteroid

20 BBY

One day, Aarok was by himself in his home. He then was visited by an old friend, Eliken Cutlaskin. He was a Pantoran Jedi, and a good  
Eliken arriving Aaroks house

Eliken, Aarok's friend.


"Hey Aarok, you wanna come with me to an Asteroid?" Eliken asked.

"What?" Aarok asked.

"I have entered a race, and I want you to come with." Eliken responded.

"Why did you enter a race?" Aarok asked.

"I dunno, just cause. Now come on, were going right now."

"Oh, so I don't have a choice in the matter." Aarok said glumly.

"No you don't." Eliken responded. 

Aarok and Eliken headed for the Asteroid race course right away, and got there in a rotation.
Eliken mount race

Eliken prepares for the Race.

Eliken entered the race with his BARC Speeder, and got ready for the start. Aarok took a seat in the bleachers. "Go Eliken!" Aarok shouted. Eliken entered the course, which only had 10 racers in it. It was a one lap race, and his
Eliken finish line

Eliken nearing the Finish Line.

opponents ranged from a Trandoshan, to 3 Humans, 1 Rodian, 3 Twi'leks, and 2 Zabraks. The race started and Eliken and the rest blasted off. 10 minutes later, Eliken had won, and he received the 1st prize, 15,000 Republic credits. Aarok congratulated his friend, and then they returned to Coruscant. 
Eliken Celebrates

Eliken Celebrating.

After returning to Coruscant, Aarok meditated in his chambers at the Temple, and sensed a familiar planet, where something was built. It was something evil, and Separatist...

End of, "Race On an Asteroid."-

Skirmish on Geonosis

20 BBY

One day, while Aarok was meditating, he sensed a new hidden outpost on Geonosis. He had hoped he was wrong about it, but he was not... And so, he had to return to the planet. Again... 
The Seppie outpost

The Secret Separatist Outpost.

He landed on Geonosis undetected, and found the secret outpost. He scaled a rock wall, and found out, that on the other side, the base was hidden away. He called in the Y-wing squadron, and told them to blow the base sky high.

"Yellow Leader, come in." Aarok spoke over his comm,

"Yes General?" Yellow Leader asked.

"I've got the coordinates, blow the base to pieces." Aarok replied.

"Yes Sir!" Aarok ended the comm transmission, and watched the fireworks.

Remnants of base

After the base was destroyed.

Aarok returned to Coruscant, and resumed his daily activities, and prepared for the next battle...

End of, "Skirmish on Geonosis."-

-Second part of history-

Finding Love, Then Losing It...

20 BBY

"She was a great Jedi, and she always will be..."
– Aarok speaking about Talia at her funeral.
Aarok was sent on a mission, with a fellow Female Jedi by the name of Talia Adams. He later became great friends
Talia Adams

Talia Adams.

with her. After their friendship had developed for a few years, Aarok felt that he thought of her as more than a friend, and she kind of did too. However, they both knew it was against the Jedi Code to marry or form attachments..

They both considered leaving the order, and living a life on a distant planet, away from the war. Just before they were going to decide to leave the Order or not, Talia was sent on a mission to Rhen Var.

"I've got to go, Aarok. When I get back, we'll discuss this more." Talia said, just before she left.

"Alright. Be careful." Aarok said with a smile.

"Always am." Talia replied smiling back.

She then left for the mission; She never returned from that battle... And Aarok was devastated by it, knowing he would possibly never see her again, at least not until after death...

End of "Finding Love, Then Losing It..."-

Duel on Dantooine

20 BBY

Aarok was meditating one morning, when he sensed something mysterious on Dantooine. He asked for permission by the Council
Aarok arrive Dantooine

The Wartorn Temple.

to go, and they granted. He embarked to Dantooine, and got there in a rotation and a half. When he landed, all he saw was a Wartorn Temple. It looked to have been
Grievous Aarok duel Dantooine

Grievous & Aarok duel.

around for a while. He headed towards it, and got to the roof of the building, only to find Grievous.

"Haha Jedi! Face Me!" Grievous snarled.

"As you wish." was Aarok's response.

They dueled, and Aarok won. He had defeated Grievous again. Grievous ran away, and Dantooine was peaceful once again.

"GRAH!!!!! I will

Rooftop View of the Temple.

have MY REVENGE JEDI!!!!" Grievous yelled angrily.

"Whatever you say Wheasy." Aarok responded tauntfully.

Aarok returned to Coruscant, and returned to normal life, not knowing what was to come; A disturbance on Ryloth...

End of, "Duel on Dantooine."-

Confusion on Ryloth

20 BBY

Aarok was meditating one day in his home, when he sensed something on Ryloth. He was confused by this because Ryloth was under Republic control, but no Jedi were stationed there. He embarked to Ryloth immediately, with the Council's permission, and got there in 2 rotations. 

Aarok meditating 4

Aarok meditating, before sensing the Ancient Jedi.

He landed near where he sensed the mysterious entity, and exited his ship, moving on foot towards the spot. He got there, and found a Mysterious Jedi meditating. He was  wearing old, very old gear, from the days of the Old Republic. All he said was, "Hello." Then he vanished, like a ghost. Aarok was just thinking, "What?..."

He returned to his ship, and returned to Coruscant. Master Yoda was in the hangar when he returned,

"Master Bactamark, The Jedi you sensed, what did it turn out to be?" 

Ancient Jedi meditating

The Mysterious Ancient Jedi.

It was a Jedi wearing gear from the days of the Old Republic. He only spoke one word to me, then disappeared." Aarok replied.

"That word, what it was?" Yoda asked.

"Hello." Aarok replied.

"Hmm, confusing that is, most confusing."

"That's what I said too." Aarok replied.

"Well, return to your activities you can." Yoda replied.

"Thank you Master." Aarok responded.

After that, he continued his daily chores, and never saw that Jedi again...

End of, "Confusion on Ryloth."-

Research on Ryloth

20 BBY

"A Jedi Holocron. That is curious as to how and why it was on a Republic Gunship. Nonetheless, we'll take it back to Coruscant, and speak with Master Yoda about it."
– Aarok speaking to Lan Phaseripper about the Holocron, while Zaal listened.
After Aarok had met the Mysterious Jedi on Ryloth, he had to return there two weeks after he had left. Aarok
Ryloth planet overview

The Planet Ryloth

was on his was to Ryloth again, but this time on a mission, with Zaalbar.

"Aarok," Master Yoda said when he entered his quarters,

"Yes Master?" Aarok asked,

"You must go to Ryloth with Zaalbar." Master Yoda replied.

"Okay. May I ask why, Master?" Aarok asked,

"You must go, then you will learn everything when you land." Master Yoda said.

"Very well." Aarok replied.

He headed off for Zaal's quarters, and when he entered, Zaal was already ready to go.

"So." Zaal said,

"Yes?" Aarok asked,

"Where we headed?" Zaal asked,

"To Ryloth." Aarok replied.

"My Home?" Zaal asked,

"Your planet yes. But I'm not for sure exactly where Zaal. We'll know when we arrive there." Aarok replied.


Zaal & Aarok arrive

They entered the hangar and prepared for take-off, and docked with their hyperspace rings, and entered hyperspace. They arrived in a few hours, and landed near where they were told to over the comms. They exited their fighters to be greeted by a fellow Jedi.

"Hey Guys!" Lan said,

"Lan?" Aarok stood confused and suprised.

"Zaal, you remember Lan, right? Wait, what am I saying, of course you do." Aarok spoke,

"Yes, Hi Lanny!" Zaal replied.

"Hi Bud!" Lan said. 

"So Lanny, why are Zaal & I here?" Aarok asked,

"Oh, that. Follow me and I'll explain." Lanny said.

They began walking towards a downed Gunship, two ARC Troopers and an ARF Trooper.

The Gunship wreck & clones.

They got to the wreck of the Gunship, and Lan spoke up.

"This is why you're here," he said pointing to the gunship.

"Okay." Aarok said.

"You two are here to scan the wreckage and determine what happened here." Lan replied.

"Alright. But why us?" Aarok asked,

"I don't know for sure pal." Lanny replied.

"Well Thanks." Aarok said.

Lan & the three troops walked off and Zaal & Aarok began investigating.

"So Zaal, what do you think happened here?" Aarok asked,

"I don't know Master Aarok." Zaal said.

They searched around for a good hour, and finally determined the reason they were there, and what went wrong with the Gunship.

"Lan." Aarok said over his comm,

"Yes?" Lan asked,

"Come quick, we determined the problem and the reason we're here." Aarok said.

"Alright," Lan said, "I'm on my way."

Aarok ended the transmission, and he and Zaal waited for Lanny to get there.

"So, what's up?" Lanny asked.

"This is gonna take a while to explain, so get situated." Aarok said,

Aarok, Lanny & Zaal

Aarok Lanny & Zaal

Lanny & Zaal both said.

"The reason were here is because there was this in the Gunship." Aarok said, holding a Jedi Holocron in his hand.

"Yoda apparently wanted me & Zaal to retrieve it. The Gunship malfunctioned because the fuel line came unattached, and it got into the rocket loader, and kept getting worse from there. So, yeah. We were sent here for the holocron, and you guys needed us to figure out what happened. I think that wraps things up for us here." Aarok finished.

They finished speaking, and Aarok & Zaal's mission was complete. They thanked Lanny for his time, and the three chatted for some time. Thus, their friendship continued to grow more & more.

5500296116 d43d18020b b

The Jedi Holocron

Zaal & Aarok returned to Coruscant and reported everything to Yoda, & gave him the Holocron personally to return to the Archives. Once it was all said and done, Zaal & Aarok left Yoda in the Council Chambers and headed separate ways for the day. 

The mission was a success overall. Zaal was happy to go on a mission with Aarok, and they're friendship grew more and more as well...

End of, "Research on Ryloth."-

Clone Conspiracy on Kamino

20 BBY

"It'll be good to see Rusher again."
– Aarok speaking to Zaal as he left Ryloth for Kamino.
After Aarok & Zaal's mission on Ryloth was complete, Aarok was headed straight for Kamino. He was ordered by the Council
Rusher on Kamino

Rusher on Kamino.

to go and investigate some suspicious activity. He was on his way to Kamino, when he received word that Lieutenant Rusher was already on the scene. He was excited to see Rusher again.

After he arrived on Kamino, he headed for the communications tower. After he read up on the information needed about the suspicious clone, he headed for the mess hall for some food. When he got to the doorway, it opened with a clone standing at salute.

"Rusher, how many times have I said, 'you do not have to salute me'?" Aarok said.

"Enough times Sir, but you are one of my CO's, so it is my job to salute you, Sir." Rusher replied.

"Well, since we are here, have you eaten?"  Aarok asked.

"Actually no Sir. Care to join me?" Rusher responded with a question.

"I would be delighted." Aarok replied. 

Once they got their meal, Aarok & Rusher began discussing the possible fugitive.

"What is the clone's name?" Aarok asked.

"His number is CC 701-434. His nickname is Hothead. He is always disrespectful to authority, and is a very mysterious person, for a clone at least." Rusher replied.

"Alright. I'll interview him tomorrow. Then we'll see what he has to say." Aarok replied.

"Yes General." Rusher responded.

The next morning, Aarok found Hothead in his troops barracks.

"So trooper, I hear you are a bit of a smart-mouth."
Hothead revamped


Aarok said.

"You could say that, glow wand wielder." Hothead returned with an attitude.

"Well, I know what you have been hiding." Aarok replied.

"You do? How?" Hothead sounded startled.

"I am a Jedi. Think about it." Aarok replied.

Aarok didn't actually know what Hothead was up to, but his tactics of getting the target to tell you what they are hiding had always paid off for him. At least so far.

"I know you are a traitor." Aarok finally discovered.

He was searching the troopers thoughts, and found in Hothead's mind that he was selling republic secrets to either the Separatists, or the highest bidder. With that, Hothead began to run. Aarok picked him up with the force, and knocked him to the ground. As Hothead lay there unconscious, Aarok contacted Rusher.

"Rusher, come in. I discovered our friends little secret. He was selling secrets to whoever paid the most money. I have incapacitated him. I am going to transport him to the holding cells then I'll leave the interrogating to you." Aarok finished.

"Very well Sir. Glad to see you again. Have a safe trip back." Rusher replied.

"You keep safe too Rush. I'll see you soon."

With that, Aarok got the prisoner to the holding facility. He then returned to Coruscant, just in time for something awful to happen within the Jedi Temple...

End of, "Clone Conspiracy on Kamino."-

Jedi Temple Bombing

20 BBY

"Ahsoka couldn't have done this. You know this, just as well as I do Master. Search your feelings, you know it to be true Master."
– Aarok speaking to Yoda about Ahsoka's incrimination as the culprit behind the bombing.
While Anakin & Ahsoka were on their mission, away from Coruscant, Aarok was at the Jedi Temple. He was in his meditation chambers when the

The Temple Bombing.

bomb went off..

He was not in the Hangar when it blew, but he was nearby. The shockwave came through the wall, almost knocking Aarok out a window. He immediately ran to the Hangar, to see what was wrong, only to find it in shambles and ruins.

He saw what was left of the bodies of the 6 Jedi Knights, and fell to the ground. Along with their deaths, many civilian workers and clones were killed as well.

Aarok wanted to find out who did this, but he knew there was not much he could do. When the funeral for the Jedi came around, he attended. Along with him, there were many other Jedi, Senators, and Republic Officials.


"One with the Force, they are, and our job it is to remember that we will, in time, also pass on. Luminous beings are we, but temporary vessels, our bodies are. And we shall all find ourselves here, in time. A moment of silence, I ask—to remember, and to move on."

Yoda gave a short Eulogy, and asked that all there should remember the fallen Jedi, and embrace that they were with the
TempleBombingFuneral sadness

Funeral for the Fallen Jedi, after the Bombing.

Force now. After the funeral, Anakin & Ahsoka were the two who were to investigate. They were two of the only Jedi not there, so they weren't suspects. Aarok was one of the first Jedi to be interviewed, but Ahsoka and Anakin already knew he didn't do it.

Afterwards, he asked if he could help them with the investigation. The Master & Apprentice politely agreed. He helped Anakin & Ahsoka figure out that one of the workers might have been responsible. When they found his wife, they took her into custody.

After Ahsoka began interrogating her, Aarok was outside waiting for her to be done. Then the tragic accident happened...

Aarok knew Ahsoka couldn't have killed that woman, and he and Anakin believed her. After it was all said and done, the Jedi and the Republic discovered that Barriss Offee was the culprit.

They were disheartened by this, and knew that something was wrong with Barriss. Whatever it was, it was figured out later, and Barriss returned to the Order. Sadly, she returned only to die during Order 66 on Felucia, protecting a few padawans.

After Barriss was arrested, Ahsoka was granted permission to return to the Order. The High-Council asked her apology, and she forgave them for any mistrust, but she said she couldn't stay...

-Ahsoka Leaves

After Aarok and the Jedi found out that Ahsoka did not want to stay, they were saddened. Especially Aarok & Anakin, who had both formed great attachments for her as a friend and a student alike. Anakin tried to convince her to stay, but failed. Thus, Ahsoka left, but not before Aarok said goodbye.

"Ahsoka wait!" Aarok said.

"I'm sorry Aarok, but you know I can't stay. It's just not the same anymore. The Council didn't trust me." Ahsoka replied.

"Please come back Ahsoka! You're one of my closest friends! I don't know if I can be a Jedi anymore, if you're not here..." Aarok said at the brink of tears.

"I can't, and you know it. I'm sorry friend, but I can't..." Ahsoka replied discouraged.

"I'll see you around then my friend..." Aarok responded with great remorse.


Ahsoka Leaves...

can count on it Aarok. This won't be the last time we see each other, I guarantee it." Ahsoka replied.

The two gave a heartfelt and sad goodbye, and Ahsoka left the Order. She was never to return... They bowed respectively to each other before she left, and ended with the same good ol' fashioned words, "May the Force be with you."......

End of, "Jedi Temple Bombing, (-Funeral & -Ahsoka Leaves)."-

Clearing His Mind

19.5 BBY

After Ahsoka left, Aarok almost couldn't handle being a Jedi without one of his best friends. He simply would meditate to take his mind off of things. Or he would hang out with many various friends; Lan Phaseripper, Zaalbar Tokocharger, his clone friend; Trooper Rusher, and Skeeto Transmark.

He missed Ahsoka dearly, and he needed to take his mind off of her. He decided to go for a visit to His parents home, to see them. It never took long to get to his parent's home, considering they lived on Coruscant. Unfortunately, 
Cedral Gend

Aarok's Father, Alaneko Bactamark.

Aarok was always so busy, that he hardly ever visited them.

"Mom? Dad?" Aarok said.

"Ahh Son, it's great to see you!" Aarok's dad said.

"You too Dad!" Aarok replied.

"Where's Mom?" Aarok asked.

"Oh, She's gardening." His dad replied.

"Okay," Aarok said, "I'll be right back. I am going to suprise her."

"Alright Son." His dad responded.

Aarok snuck up on his mom, thanks to his Jedi training.

"Guess who it is."

Aarok's Mother, Alicia Bactamark.

Aarok said.

"Sweetheart, is it really you?" His mom asked.

"Mom!" Aarok said happily.

"Oh Aarok, You've grown so much!" his mom said, "You never visit either."

"I'm sorry mom. Between the Order and the Clone Wars, my life both at the Temple and out in the field... Well.. It gets hectic." Aarok replied.

"It's okay Honey, I'm just glad to see you!" His mom said.

"Me too Mom." Aarok replied.

Aarok and his parents visited for along time, and had happy talks, and sad ones. Aarok said goodbye to his Parents, and they said "Goodbye Son, we Love you."

"I love you too Mom & Dad." Aarok replied.

Aarok was always intent on going back there, but soon after he visited his parents, The Battle of Coruscant took place, and Order 66, so Aarok never saw his parents after that. Sadly, they died a long while after the Empire was born. It was around 4 BBY.

They died of old age and sadness; they thought that their son was dead. Aarok missed them sorely, because he knew when they died; he had sensed it. He missed them so much, but he would see them again one day too...

End of, "Clearing His Mind."-

Terror on Tatooine

19.4 BBY

Aarok was already on Tatooine making a pitstop back from his travel to Naboo to meet up with a few fellow Jedi,

The Bounty Hunter, previously residing on Carlac.

when he was alerted by the Council of a Bounty Hunter causing terror and fear to be struck into the hearts of Mos Eisley's citizens, greater fear than Jabba could ever convey. This bounty hunter would simply murder people at random, and no-one was safe. Once Aarok had deduced his pattern however, he lured him into a trap. Aarok discovered that his pattern was to target people doing good things, lending a hand, or carrying a crate for someone with no thanks asked in return. He was targeting people who were being servants. Through this, Aarok was able to begin to do many things to help out around Mos Eisley, garnering attention from everyone except Jabba. That's when the Bounty Hunter struck...
Overview of Mos Eisley.bmp

Mos Eisley

Aarok was knocked clean off his feet, and his head on the hard, sandy ground. He was almost knocked unconscious, and he ended up with a nasty headache, but the armor under his robes held. He waited till the bounty hunter began to leave his post, when he discovered he had a jetpack, and told the snipers where to aim. The bounty hunter and Aarok were both distracted though by the sudden arrival of a droid landing craft, which occupied the hangar, and temporarily
The Final CP to cap.bmp

Droid Base

took possession of Jabba's sail barge as a primary staging base to take over the planet. Aarok called in Obi-Wan, who still happened to be on Naboo, and Obi-Wan was on his way.
Sniper readies aim

Sniper readies, and aims...

He landed just outside the city, so as to not draw attention, and brought with him 1 gunship of 10 clones, all well-trained. Adding to Aarok's 3 clone snipers, they knew that with the Jedi's help, they could win. Aarok engaged the droids on the ground, while Obi-Wan snuck around, lept onto thr hangar roof, and was going to surprise attack them, and take over their CP, after the droids had been destroyed.
The BH's Jetpack getting hit by the Clone Sniper

Scores direct hit

After the battle was over, there was 1 clone sniper and one officer with Obi-Wan, and they began to capture the base, when a shot came out of nowhere and hit the officer clean in the head, ending his life. The shot was meant for Obi-Wan, but the clone walked in front of him at the last possible moment, saving the Jedi in the process. Aarok called to the sniper, telling him where the bounty hunter was, and the sniper took aim, fired, and hit the bounty hunter's jetpack as he was making his escape. It ended that problem then and there, and the clone received a medal for his heroic action.

Aarok then returned to Coruscant, while Obi-Wan resumed his assistance in the Outer Rim Sieges, and all was well... for now...

End of, "Terror on Tatooine".-

Enemies on Endor

19.3 BBY

Some time after Aarok had visited his parents, he was assigned on a mission by the Council. It was shortly before the
Endor (the planet)


Outer Rim Sieges had begun. He was assigned to journey to the planet of Endor, not the Forest Moon of Endor, where the ewoks lived. He was told he was going with a trooper by
Trooper Blackhead


the name of Black-Eye, and a detatchment of the 501st. They were headed there to root out any Separatist troops located on the planet.

"So, are you Black-Eye?" Aarok asked the trooper.

"Yes Sir." Black-Eye replied.

"How did you get that nickname soldier?" Aarok asked,

"I always tried to end a fight, and always ended up with black eyes, so I just kept it." The trooper replied.

"Interesting. It's different, but a good different." Aarok replied.

Thank you, Sir." Black-Eye answered.

"Attention! General, we're almost over the zone now Sir." The pilot spoke,

"Very well pilot, put us down near the edge of the zone." Aarok told him.

"Yes Sir, right away!" The pilot answered, and did as was told.

They landed, exited the Gunships, and moved on towards the base on Endor. They arrived at the Republic Outpost, only to be greeted by Commander Gree. 
Commander Gree of the 41st

Commander Gree

"General, it's been a long time Sir." Gree said when Aarok and Black-Eye arrived.

"It has indeed, Commander. How've you been?" Aarok asked,

"Doing well Sir, and yourself?" Gree replied.

"Well myself, thank you." Aarok answered. "Have you met each other Gree?" Aarok asked,

"Yes Sir. It's good to see you again soldier." Gree said,

"And you Commander." Black-Eye replied.

"We served on a few missions together back in the day, Sir. We go back pretty far." Gree said.

"Yes Sir." Black-Eye said.

"I see." Aarok said, then added, "Why is Black-Eye and myself here, Gree?"

"The Seppies base is two clicks west. We are moving out to destroy it tomorrow, then you guys can head home." Gree answered.

"I see," Aarok replied. "Well, it's getting late. We better get some rest." Aarok finished.

The three went to separate barracks for the night, and got some rest before the mission in the morning. The troops wearing camouflage gear headed out early, and set up some spots for troops to set up at and defend. Aarok himself was in the trees, scouting ahead for any enemy activity. He noticed some hustle and bustle around the base, and discovered that the droids were preparing to mobilize as well. He reported this to Commander Gree, who relayed it to the troops.

Two battle droids by a tree

Droids taking cover.

The troops were all in position, and when the droids arrived, the clones successfully launched the suprise attack. Immediately, rocket launchers were fired, and grenades were thrown, decimating almost half of the infantry, and two thirds of the tanks.

The rest of the troops were dispatched of quickly, with minimal casualties for the Republic. The troops then moved on to destroying the base. They placed a beacon inside the base, and fell back to safety, awaiting the fireworks. Unfortunately, the beacon malfunctioned, and before anyone could stop him, Aarok Force dashed into the base to fix the beacon. Gree said, "No Sir! Don't do it!", but Aarok was already out of hearing distance.

He entered the base, found the beacon and fixed it, before the ordinance had been dropped. He dashed outside, just before the bombs hit, and he was thrown to the ground, but with minimal scrapes.

During this time, Gree and Black-Eye tried to get the attention of the pilots. "Pilot! Don't drop your ordinance. We still have a General in the base!" Gree said loudly over the comms.

"Sir?" The trooper asked.

"I repeat, we have a General in the base!" Gree said again.

"It's too late Sir, we've dropped our bombs. If he's anything like the stories say Sir, he'll be alright." The trooper replied.

Gree ended the transmission, and hoped Aarok made it out alright. Just then, someone popped up behind him.

"What'd I miss?" Aarok asked,

"Sir! You're alright. Good on you!" Gree said thankfully.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Aarok asked,

"I thought you wouldn't make it Sir. I feared the worst when you ran back into the base." Gree replied.

"Nope, we're all good here." Aarok replied, then added, "Now, can I go home?" He asked smiling.

"Yes Sir." Gree answered.

Aarok thanked Gree and Black-Eye for their help in the mission, then he boarded a gunship back to a Republic Cruiser, and returned to Coruscant, only to be called on another mission...

End of, "Enemies on Endor".-

 Crash on Corellia

19 BBY

Shortly after dispatching the droids on Endor, Aarok was on a mission to Selonia to recover a stolen Republic device, when his hip was hit by blaster bolt. He was in his Eta-2, so he pulled an upward manuever, to get onto the enemy's tail. He was successful, and shot the unmanned Vulture out of the sky. It was a standard Vulture Droid, but Aarok didn't understand why it was in this region. He believed there was no Separatist activity near Selonia or Corellia, but then he was hit by a Tri-Fighter, and his ship began hurtling towards Corellia's atmosphere at very high velocity..

His right engine was hit, and left was unresponsive to controls, so if he got the fighter slowed down, he'd have to glide it onto the surface somewhere. He didn't manage to slow the ship down much after re-entry, but got it down low enough to attempt a landing. "Blasted controls." Aarok said to himself while he prepared for the crash.

He glided down lower to the ground, until he was skimming over tall grass, but his engines were still active, so he still kept skimming over the grassy surface. He decided to put her down, and began vigorously trying to get the ship on the ground. It kept bouncing back into the air, until Aarok hit the engines when bouncing back up, and they were both dead now. He saw in the distance a nearby town, 2 miles away. He was still going at 150 mph, and slowing down slowly. He
Corellian town

The outskirts near the town.

pushed the stick into the ground harder, but then he went over a small cliff, and dropped 30 feet, gaining more speed along the way. He got it down to 50 mph, but he was only half a mile from the town. He decided to open the cockpit manually, and jump out. He did, then used the Force to stop the ship 25 feet from the town's entrance. This caused a bit of a comotion, and many people came to see what had happened. 

Along with all of the townspeople, there were 3 clones, and a Jedi there as well. He recognized the Jedi to be a Togruta female, and by the looks of it, she was a Master. Two of the clones came up to him, and requested his presence in private. He obliged, and the three went into a nearby building, away from the public's eye. He entered, while the three troops stood guard.

"Master Velrika Tynee, is it really you?" Aarok asked. 
Velrika Tynee

Master Velrika Tynee

"Ah, Aarok. You do remember me." Master Tynee said with a smile.

"How could I forget you, you're like my older sister." Aarok replied.

"What brings you here?" Master Tynee asked,

"I was headed for Selonia to recover a lost item, when I was hit by a Tri-Fighter, and that's why you have my ship in your front yard." Aarok replied.

"I see. Well, not to worry, I'll contact my troops there and have them retrieve the item for you." Master Tynee answered.

"Thank you, Master. You're too kind." Aarok replied.

"Not a problem." Master Tynee responded. "Although," She began, "There is something you could help me with to return the favor." Master Tynee spoke.

"What's that Master?" Aarok asked.

"Well, as you can see, it is only me and three clone troopers, and there is a local gang here causing quite a lot of trouble, but their forces are in the 80's or 90's. A few too many for myself and three clones to handle." Master Tynee answered.

"Where's the rest of your troops?" Aarok asked.

"On Selonia. I, and the troopers came here for some fuel for our Gunships. We have the fuel, but we don't to leave until the gang is no longer a threat." She replied.

"I see." Aarok responded.

"Yes, do you think you could help us?" She asked.

"I'd be honored." Aarok answered.

"Good, I believe that the two of us and the three clones can defeat them." Master Tynee finished.

With that, Aarok went out to become acquainted with the troopers.

"Hello boys." Aarok spoke aloud.

"Sir." One of the men responded.

"Hello, SIr." The other said. 


The third said nothing, but nodded his head.

"So," Aarok began, "I am Master Aarok Bactamark. What are your names?"

"I'm Nightwatch, Sir." One trooper began. "I stay up at night, so I got the nickname from these two. The quiet one is


. We call him that because he is a Logkeeper. He keeps a log of everything that happens, but doesn't interact much with others. The third is our sergeant. We sometimes call him Sarge, but his nickname is Bullseye. He never misses Sir." Nightwatch spoke. 

"Good to meet you all." Aarok replied.

"And you, Sir." Nightwatch and Bullseye replied in unison, while Logs nodded in agreement with the others.
Clone for Ethan


Aarok and the troops finished speaking, and waited for Master Tynee to exit the building, and prepare for their raid on the gang's headquarters. They mobilized on their BARC speeders, and began the journey to the camp. They arrived one klick out, and chose to walk the rest on foot, so as to not draw as much attention.

They were almost spotted, but Aarok used the Force to move a rock, and kept the guard busy, and didn't reveal thier location. They got to the main tent, where the leader would've been, and entered. Nothing was there. It was a trap.

"Jedi. You're captured." The leader said, who's name was Talkon'e Delsodo.
The Gang Leader

Talkon'e Delsodo.

He was a male of unknown species, and resembled another gang leader, by the name of Stang. Stang had run-ins with Master Kenobi in 22 BBY, and attempted to steal his Lightsaber, but was unsuccessful. Aarok assumed this Talkon'e was a brother, cousin, or extended relative. 

"I beg to differ." Aarok said, then used the Force to throw the two thugs behind into each other, rendering them both unconscious. 

He then drew his Lightsaber on Talkon'e and without any resistance, arrested the leader. He then marched the leader outside the tent, and ordered a complete surrender. They did not resist either, and they were all placed under arrest. The leader, Talkon'e, was taken back to Coruscant with Aarok, to be placed in prison there, while all of his thugs were placed in a local prison on Corellia, to serve out their time doing community service, to redeem themselves of their crimes.

"Perhaps I could have beaten them with only my troops and I." Master Tynee said.

"Perhaps indeed." Aarok replied. "Good day Master. May the Force be with you." Aarok then said.

"May the Force be with you as well." Master Tynee replied.

Aarok then boarded a shuttle heading to a Cruiser in orbit, and placed Talkon'e in the detention block, until arrival at Coruscant. They arrived on Coruscant, and Aarok saw to it personally that Talkon'e was put behind bars. He then returned to the Temple to give his report, and awaited his next assignment. Once he discovered what is was, he was glad he would get to Anakin & Obi-Wan again. He was called on a mission in the Outer Rim Sieges...

-End of, "Crash on Corellia".-

The Outer Rim Sieges Begun

19 BBY

Aarok did not participate in hardly any of the Outer Rim Sieges, but he did stay apprised of everything that happened during the various battles. Aarok however did fight at the Battle of Belderone...

-The Battle of Belderone

During the Battle of Belderone, Aarok flew in his Eta-2 Interceptor alongside Anakin & the Clone pilots, while

Anakin during the Battle of Belderone.

they engaged in a fierce space battle over the planet. The Republic gained this information via Nute Gunray's mechno-chair, which was captured by the Republic.

Grievous' Fleet emerged from hyperspace, only to be attacked by 60+ Republic Star Destroyers, and the Jedi knew this battle was in their favor. Grievous would have stayed and fought, but because he had the Separatist Council with him, he knew he had to retreat. So, he decided to use the Invisible Hand to attack and destroy a refugee convoy, killing thousands, and baffling the Republic; giving Grievous & his forces time to escape.

After the battle, Aarok returned to Coruscant while Anakin & Obi-wan returned to the Sieges, moving to other fronts and assisting any Jedi they could along the way.

Aarok remained on Coruscant, until when in deep meditation, he decided he needed to head to Hypori, for reasons unknown. And after Hypori, he would remain on Coruscant until the time of the Battle of Coruscant & the Great Jedi Purge, had begun...

End of, "The Outer Rim Sieges Begun", & "The Battle of Belderone."-

Aarok & Zaal's Final Duel

19 BBY

Shortly after the Battle of Belderone, Aarok had returned to Coruscant, and he and Zaal decided their next annual duel was coming up. They decided to have it two days before Aarok had his journey to Hypori, and the duel lasted for 23 minutes.

The two Jedi were almost equal in skill, but Aarok was only slightly better than Zaal; due to his longer training. However, this was only a short margin. Their duel began, and they began in their opening stances. Aarok was a practioner of
Image20140327-20-40-12 reversed

Aarok & Zaal in opening stance.

Jar'Kai, and his favored Form of Lightsaber Dueling was Shien/Djem So. Zaal's favorite Form was Juyo/Vaapad, but he like Aarok, was skilled in all seven forms of Lightsaber Dueling.

The duel began, and the two Jedi parried all of each others attacks, and neither was seeming to get an edge over the other. After 15 minutes of fighting, the two were getting slightly exausted, and they began yawning as they were swinging their Lightsabers at each other.

In the next five minutes, Zaal had managed to disarm Aarok of his green Lightsaber, but Aarok just grabbed it back with the Force, and the duel continued in the same manner. Finally, after 23 minutes of dueling, with no apparent victor or winner, they declared their duel, A Tie. This was rare for the two Jedi, but they decided that they were practically equal to each other, and so they ended the duel with a bow.

"Great duel Zaal." Aarok said,

"Thank you Master Aarok." Zaal replied.

The two exited the Dueling Ring, and parted ways for the day. 

Aarok returned to his quarters, and Zaal to his as well. Sadly, this was Aarok's & Zaal's last duel with each other. Shortly afterwards, Aarok had his injuries and duel with Grievous & Dooku. Then he recieved his own Cruiser, and he got caught up in things. After Order 66, the two Jedi got separated, and for a while didn't know where the other one went. In time, they found each other again...

End of, "Aarok & Zaal's Final Duel."-

A Fight with Many

19 BBY

Aarok was in his home when he sensed he needed to go to a planet named Hypori, but Aarok decided not to go right away. He asked the Council's permission, and they granted, so he headed off. Before he got within a parsecs distance, he picked up a distress call. He responded to the call but no one replied back, so he decided to locate the source and track it down.

He located the source, and headed in that direction, only to find out it was a ship that resembled an Old Republic ship, but had Separatist markings on it. Aarok already knew that if he entered the ship, it would be against his better judgement, but he did so anyways.

The Mysterious Ship

He landed at the emergency hangar, just a small thin one, with no droids that

The Mighty General Grievous.

detected anything landing. He made his way to the bridge, only to hear voices.

"Grievous, is the ship working yet?" Dooku asked disappointedly.

"No, my Lord, but it will be soon." Grievous replied.

"Very well. Did the distress signal draw anyone's attention?" Dooku asked,

"No my Lord, nothing as of yet." Grievous responded.

Aarok jumped up into the vent to better hear the voices, and to escape the patrols guarding the bridge. He made his way to just above the bridge, and all of the sudden he was pulled down to the ground. Dooku had caught onto him, and brought him down to their level.

"So, young Jedi, why are you here?" Dooku asked interrogatively,

"I was following the distress signal I received, then I came upon you guys." Aarok replied.

"My Lord, I say we should kill him, then send a holo message to the Jedi, letting them know one of their precious warriors is dead." Grievous suggested.

Count Dooku

The Count, aka Darth Tyranus.

Grievous, I want you to face him." Dooku replied.

"My Lord?" Grievous asked.

"Do as I say; destroy him, then we can send a message to the Jedi." Dooku said.

"Very good my lord. Prepare to die Jedi Filth!" Grievous said angrily and tauntfully.

"I will do what I must to survive." Aarok replied.

"We shall see Young Jedi." Dooku said from his spot of watching. 

Aarok and Grievous began engaging each other, and Aarok thought he may get the upper hand. Then Grievous knocked him into a wall, and then threw him across the room. Thus, Aarok returned the favor in kind, by Force pushing Grievous right through three doors in a row, knocking him out temporarily. Aarok then decided to pursue Dooku through the halls, and find him.

Aarok entered the room where Dooku supposedly was, but he wasn't there. Then a door opened, and there he was. Dooku charged at Aarok but he dodged it semi-easy. Aarok sliced back, but totally missed Dooku, and Dooku took this opportunity to use Force Lightning on Aarok, subduing him and causing intense pain to Aarok. Aarok fell over and fainted.

Aarok awoke, contained in an Electro-prison cage. He was subdued to great torture, until Grievous entered the room and told the Torture Droids to leave. He then told Aarok he had permission to kill him.

Aarok was amazed that Grievous was allowed to kill him. He had figured Grievous would not ask, he would just do.

"So, your going to kill me then. Well make it quick." Aarok said,

"Oh I intend to Jedi, I'm going to gut you!!" Grievous said in a loud tone. 

Grievous decided he was going to stab Aarok right below the heart, and let his body do the rest, in space.. Aarok knew his death was imminent, so he asked for one thing; that his Lightsabers be jettisoned with him, and Grievous suprisingly agreed. 

The General immediately and without delay, pierced one of his Lightsabers into Aarok's chest, just below his heart. Aarok felt a surge of pain, and immediately saw a vision that he was alive of old age, and died on Felucia. He didn't know how he would survive, when he knew he was surely dead. Aarok immediately fell into a deep colma, but appeared dead, so they jettisoned the body. 
Republic medical frigate

The Medical Frigate that found Aarok.

Aarok's body and his Lightsabers were floating adrift in space, for about 3 minutes, before a ship appeared. It was a Republic Medical Frigate, on its way to a nearby Medical base.

Aarok awoke in the Medical facility, and found that master Yoda, Obi-wan, Anakin, and his master Cin Drallig were there.

"Masters, what happened? How am I not dead?" Aarok asked.

"Dead you almost were, for three minutes of your life. Saved you a passing medical frigate did." Yoda replied.

"You were lucky to survive a blow like that." Anakin said.

"Yes my former Apprentice. Anakin is right, but thankfully, the Lightsaber didn't pierce any vital organs." Master
Polls yoda and obi wan 1641 378232 answer 1 xlarge

Obi-wan & Yoda aboard the frigate, walking about.

Drallig said.

"Yes, when you were launched into space, the cold air of dead space preserved your body, and the colma you entered preserved your brain." Obi-wan said.

"So, did Dooku & Grievous escape?" Aarok asked.

"I'm afraid so Padawan." Cin said.

"Sorry Aarok, but we'll get them back." Anakin said.

"No Anakin, there wouldn't be a point to hold a grudge, but thank you."

Aarok and the Jedi visited for a little while longer, then Aarok was told to return to Coruscant to continue healing.  Aarok never forgot the vision he saw, but he never understood it either until he experienced it many years later.

Soon after, Aarok healed completely and was ready to return to the War, but he was called to The Temple Spire immediately. The Council had an urgent matter to speak with Aarok about. He did not know what it was...

End of, "A Fight with Many."-

Receiving His Own Cruiser

19 BBY

Aarok was asked by the Council to report to the Temple Spire immediately. He went as quickly as he could, and

The Bridge.

entered the room.

"Master Bactamark, a suprise for you we have." said Master Yoda.

"What is it Master?" Aarok was perplexed.

"For your efforts in the constant struggle,
Captain's Quarters

Aarok's Quarters.

and your bravery, and service to the order; We are granting you your very own Flagship." Master Windu spoke up.

"Thank you Masters!" Aarok replied.

"Earned this have you as well. Look forward to the future we do. With you, your own cruiser having, safer we all feel, yes." Yoda said.

"May the Force be with you Aarok." Master Windu responded.

"And you Masters, thank you again." Aarok concluded with.

Aarok left the room, and

The Secondary Hangar.

immediately headed to the hangar where he would enter his new
Gunnery Room

The Gunnery Room.


After Aarok got into his cruiser, he first decided it's name, The Peacemaker. After that, he had all the clones under his command make sure everything was in order. Thankfully, it was. He was headed for a routine hyperspace test, when possibly 1000's of Separatist Frigates, Cruisers and Ships, appeared over Coruscant...

End of, "Receiving His own Cruiser."-

Battle of Coruscant

19 BBY

Aarok was just about to engage the Hyperdrive, when The Separatist ships
Hyperspace jump

About to make the Jump.

appeared. Aarok's ship, along with the other Cruisers, began enaging all the ships, but they were not sure if they could hold them or not. They received word that Chancellor Palpatine had been taken, and that Anakin & Obi-wan were returning from the Outer Rim to rescue him, also bringing support for the fleet. 15 minutes into the battle, Aarok's ship was hit in the engine, and the core was overheating. He ordered all of the crew to evacuate, and move to other cruisers. He himself left his ship 10 minutes later, and just escaped in his fighter when his ship exploded into a huge fireball. His cruiser was destroyed, and he was taking on the Vulture's and other fighters, only with the help of the remaining pilots still flying.
Ultimate Battle Over Coruscant Wallpaper

The battle Raging.

Venator over coruscant by pakpolaris-d35x9gp

The Peacemaker over Coruscant, just before the battle raged.

Just then, the reinforcements arrived and the battle was turned in their favor. Aarok landed in the nearest Republic Cruisers hangar. His fighter had been hit, and his Astromech droid was having technical difficulties. Aarok remained on the other cruiser for the remainder of the battle. 20 minutes later, Grievous had escaped, but the Chancellor was saved. Also, Coruscant was safe... For now...

Aarok remained on Coruscant for the rest of the time until Operation Knightfall.. He did not help out with Utapau, Kashyyyk, or any other fronts. He remained on Coruscant and meditated daily, but did not sense, what was to come...

End of, "Battle of Coruscant."-

Order 66: The Temple Purge

19 BBY

One day, Aarok was in the Temple. He had assumed it was like any other day, but it wasn't... He did his daily duties right away, and meditated for a longer while, but sensed nothing. A few hours later, 3 clones appeared in his door.

He asked, "Yes
Flaming Temple

The Jedi Temple, after the last of the Jedi were destroyed.

troops? something wrong?"

"Ahh, No Sir." The Sergeant anxiously replied.  

"Very well." Aarok replied.

Next thing he knew, all three clones were on the floor, and he was grazed in the shoulder. Chaos broke out everywhere. He sensed many brothers and sisters falling... Too many... He also sensed a dark presence, one of familiarity. He began sneaking around, hacking down 1 or 2 clones here and there. It was when he found Master Drallig dead, that he fell to the ground. The dark figure appeared in the doorway, his hood concealing his face. Aarok began dueling him forthwith. Aarok was a strong duelist, but even he thought, "I'm going to join my master soon..."

Oder 66 march

The Temple March, and The Dark Figure.


One of the clones, about to shoot Aarok, befor being killed.

The duel lasted for what seemed like minutes. The two were countering each others every move. Finally, the figure, who revealed himself as someone called, Vader, used the force to grab a fallen Jedi's Lightsaber, and attempt to cut off Aarok's hands, then strike him down. Fortunately for Aarok, he off centered Vader's strike, and caused him to swing incorrectly, thereby cutting off the peaks of both of Aarok's lightsabers. Aarok then used the Force to push Vader into the wall, and ran for the hangar, as fast as he could. The figure yelled "We'll meet again Jedi!" and by the tone Vader had just used, Aarok knew who the figure was.... Anakin Skywalker... "Why?" He wondered in pain and anguish. He then returned to his senses, and hopped in his starfighter, headed for the upper atmosphere, and attached to a hyperspace ring. He blasted off for Felucia, never to look back, for many years... As he was alone, he thought to himself, "Why would Anakin do this??

The Temple Purge.

After he landed on Felucia, he found a secluded place, built a small homestead, and remained there for the rest of his days... Or at least until.. The Rebellion...

-End of, "Order 66: The Temple Purge."-

-Third part of History-

Arrival on Felucia

19 BBY

Shortly after Aarok fled from Coruscant, he arrived on Felucia and built his home. He remained there until Luke Skywalker came to visit him in the near future. He had a speeder he acquired before finally heading to Felucia. He purchased it at a spaceport, and attached it to his starfighter. Aarok also got a new outfit at the spaceport for 2 reasons: One; for disguise. Also, reason number two; His robes were torn, his gloves were cracking, and his boots were falling apart.

Aarok meditating 3

Aarok speaking with Yoda through Meditation.

 He parked the speeder behind his house, and began a round of Deep Meditation.
Aarok new robes

Aarok's New Robes & Homestead.

Aarok old robes

Aarok's old robes.

He contacted Master Yoda through meditation, and spoke with him. He found out that Obi-wan was alright, Padme gave birth safely, and that the Jedi were in no position to take on the newly formed Empire. "Very well." were Aarok's lasts words to Master Yoda. After that, He stayed on Felucia until a little after the Battle of Yavin, when Luke came and asked for his help...

End of, "Arrival on Felucia."-

A Visit to Kashyyyk, & An Old Friend

18.5 BBY

Just a half-year after he landed on Felucia, Aarok decided to go to Kashyyyk. He was going to visit someone whom he knew had not perished during Order 66, Quinlan Vos. Aarok began his journey, but the only thing he was weary of, was the fact that he didn't have a Lightsaber or two with him. That was due in part to the fact that Darth Vader had destroyed his lightsabers during the Temple Purge, when Aarok had faced him alone.

Aarok arrived on Kashyyyk in a rotation, and made his way to Vos' location, by using the Force to sense him. He found Vos hiding away & meditating, while his Wife & Son were nearby.

"So, you have a Wife and Son now?" Aarok asked.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't one of the only Jedi who could beat me in dueling, once in a
41564 148577415161068 1956 n

Quinlan Vos on Kashyyyk.

while." Vos replied.

"How have you been Quinlan?" Aarok asked.

"Doing well my friend," Quinlan replied, "How are You?" he asked.

"Alone," Aarok replied, "I've been on Felucia in Exile, for a half-year now."

"I see," Vos responded, "Well I've been here, Nar Shaddaa, and a few other places since Order 66." Quinlan said.

"Interesting, so how is your wife doing?" Aarok asked.

"Well." Quinlan replied.

"Good, I'm glad," Aarok responded,

"Your son?" Aarok asked.

"Also well." Quinlan replied.

"Good." Aarok responded again.

After a little more talking between the two, reminiscing about past events, and catching up with each other, Vos reintroduced Aarok to his wife, Khaleen Hentz-Vos.

The Vos Family

The Vos Family.

He also introduced him to Vos' son, Korto Vos. Afterwards, when Aarok and the Vos family were done catching up, Aarok said he must be going on, and the family all said "Goodbye".

Aarok returned to Felucia to live out his days, or so he thought. After he landed safely on Felucia, he never knew what became of the family after the Galactic Civil War had ended. He hoped they lived happily, and safely. Soon after Aarok was on Felucia for a time, he received a package at his doorstep. He began to fear what it was. Perhaps it was a bomb, or something important. The thing he knew that he did not know, was who knew his were his home was, and how to get something there...

End of, "A Visit to Kashyyyk, & An Old Friend."-

A Gift, from an Old Friend

18 BBY

Aarok's Main Lightsaber Rebellion

Aarok's Main Lightsaber during The Rebellion

One day on Felucia, Aarok received a package on his doorstep. He was confused by this, and wondered who knew where he lived, and how to get a package there. He opened the package to find a note.

"Dear Aarok," He read, "I hope these Lightsabers have come to you safely. I saw on the day of the Temple Purge, that your lightsabers were both destroyed in a duel against the sith, now known as 'Darth Vader'. These lightsabers were wielded by 2 different padawans who escaped with me. Unfortunately, they both were killed. I assumed you could now use them instead, and I hope that they help you in the fight against the Empire.                                         Sincerely, Shaak Ti."


Aarok's offhand Lightsaber, that he also used during the Rebellion.

Aarok ignited both blades, to reveal that one had a Blue crystal, and the shorter hilt, which resembled Master Yoda's Lightsaber hilt, had a rare Teal glow to it. Aarok was enthralled by such a color, as it was a more rare color, like Master Windu's Violet color. Still, Aarok safeguarded the Lightsabers and trained with them. He did so to better himself, for the coming days. He knew that he would fight in the war with the Rebels, even if he did not want too. For now, he decided to pay a visit to his home during the Clone Wars, in the near future. First, a visitor to his home appeared...

End of, "A Gift from an Old Friend."-

A Visitor to His Home

17 BBY

Aarok was behind his home working on his speeder he had acquired a couple of years ago, and was making
Ahsoka on Felucia

Ahsoka on Felucia.

sure it was working fine. He was just walking into his doorway, when he sensed someone from his past, someone almost forgotten. It was his old friend, Ahsoka Tano...

"Ahsoka?" Aarok exclaimed, "Is it You? I must be having a vision!" Aarok assumed she was a hallucination, and that he was only talking to himself, because she was silent for a moment or so.

"No, Aarok, you're not crazy. It's me." Ahsoka finally replied.

"Where did you go after you left?" Aarok asked. "I mean, the Temple Purge...Order 66... where were you during all of that?" he asked again. 

"I was finding myself." She simply replied.

Ahsoka Tano (Older)

Ahsoka Tano (Older).

After Aarok exited his shocked state, he invited her in, and they talked and visited for a while. He then began learning of where she had been during everything that took place, and also learning how she had found him. They meditated together for a while, and he learned that she hadn't given up the ways of the Jedi completely.

After an extensive talk, more & more questions, and more visiting, Ahsoka said she had to be going. She also told him that she was right, "That it was not the last time she would see him", and vice-versa. Those were the words Ahsoka uttered when she left the Temple on that fateful day.

They bowed respectively, and ended with new words, and old, "Stay safe. May the Force be with you."

Ahsoka left, and Aarok never knew what happened to her after that, or where she had gone. He did learn some things, and he was grateful to see her again, very grateful indeed...

End of, "A Visitor to His Home".-

Meeting the Spirit of Satele Shan

16.9 BBY

Aarok was meditating, when he heard a voice in his head.

It spoke saying, "Aarok, I know who you are, and you must come to meet me."

"But how?" Aarok replied,

"The Force will guide you." the spirit replied,

"Very well." Aarok responded unsure of what was happening.

He began his mystical journey, and came to the place near where Anakin, Ahsoka & Obi-wan had gone, called Mortis. He arrived at the coordinates he had received, but there was nothing there.


The Mortis Temple

 Then, all of the sudden, his ship was pulled into a bright light, and he fainted.

He awoke, and it was day outside. He had assumed that he was in Mortis, but he didn't know how. He exited the ship, and made his way to what was left of the mysterious Temple there. When he entered, he saw the force spirit of Satele Shan.

He immediately bowed, but she told him, "No need to bow, we are both Jedi, and of equal rank."

"I'm not the Grand Master." Aarok replied.

"No, but you are a Master, & I am a Master, we are one in the same." Satele responded.
Satele Shan spirit

The Spirit of Satele Shan.

Aarok was unsure of why he was here, but Satele spoke with him, and they convened for a long while. He never really learned why he was there, but he was grateful to meet such a highly esteemed member of the Jedi Order. 

After he and Satele finished speaking, she said, "I must be finishing my journey now, I will be one with the Force now."

"Very well," Aarok replied, "May the Force be with you, Master Shan." Aarok finished.

"And you, Master Bactamark." Satele responded.

She faded away, and returned to the Force nether-realm, and Aarok awoke in his Eta-2, right outside where he was pulled into the light.

He returned to Felucia and stayed there for a couple of months, until he decided a visit to his old home was in order...

End of, Meeting the Spirit of Satele Shan."-

Return to His Home

16.5 BBY

Aarok decided to visit His old home on Coruscant, for the memories. He knew it would be risky, but he wanted to

Sunrise near Aarok's Home.

see his home, one more time. He journeyed to Coruscant, and landed on his Rooftop Landing Pad.

He entered his home, and turned on the lights, seeing that nothing had changed. He was perplexed by this, considering the fact that since he was a Jedi, he would have thought the Empire would've done something to his home. Another reason Aarok had returned to his home, was to collect old valuables from there that were either gifts from his parents, or fellow Jedi. He gathered what he wished, then just stood there, thinking about what it was like in the old days.

He stayed in his home for a while, until he decided he had seen enough, and was ready to return to Felucia. He returned to Felucia, until when in meditation, he sensed that he must go to Dagobah, and visit with Master Yoda...

End of, "Return to His Home."-

Journey to Dagobah

15 BBY

Aarok was meditating on the roof of his home, when he sensed Master Yoda calling him to Dagobah, but Aarok didn't know why. He went anyways, and landed on Dagobah the next rotation.
Yoda exile on dagobah by tommygunn712-d4xvp9k

Yoda on Dagobah.

"Aarok, Good to see you it is!" Yoda said, not aware that Aarok didn't see him at first.

"Ahh, Master Yoda, you startled me a little. It's great to see you again as well! Why did you summon me to Dagobah?" Aarok asked,

"Summon you I did, to tell you that you must go to Tatooine, not tomorrow, or this cycle, but soon." Yoda replied.

"Okay..." Aarok responded.

"Meet with Obi-wan you shall, soon." Yoda said.

Aarok & Yoda convened for a while, meditated together, and Aarok learned he wasn't supposed to visit Obi-wan for at least a year. "Why?" he wondered. He didn't learn that.

Aarok bowed to Yoda respectfully, and made his way back to his starfighter. He returned to Felucia, unsure of what was coming, but being ready for it, always...

End of, "Journey to Dagobah."-

Travel to Tatooine

14 BBY

One year after Aarok had journeyed to Dagobah and met with Master Yoda, he knew now was the time to travel to Tatooine, and see Obi-wan Kenobi.  Aarok headed there right away. He arrived in two
Obi-wan kenobi on tatooine

Obi-wan on Tatooine.

rotations, and landed near where he believed Obi-wan's home was.

He found Obi-wan wandering about, and his first words were, "So, the Negotiator has become the Nomad?"

"Very funny Aarok. It's good to see you again." Obi-wan replied.

"And you, my old friend. I learned that Anakin was Darth Vader..." Aarok said.

"I know, I learned that the day of the Temple Purge." Obi-wan replied.

"As did I." Aarok responded.

"So, what brings you here Aarok?" Obi-wan asked.

"Yoda, actually. I went to Dagobah a year ago, and met with him. He told me I was supposed to meet you, sometime soon, but he didn't say when, a year obviously." Aarok replied.

"I see." Obi-wan responded.

Obi-wan & Aarok visited for a while, and talked about things that went on in their lives that the other missed, and spoke about many different things as well. Aarok told Obi-wan it was time for him to return to Felucia and stay there, possibly never to leave again. They gave each other a final and respectful bow. They ended their talk like any other, with 6 words, "May the Force be with You."

After Aarok left Tatooine, he returned to Felucia. He remained there until 10 BBY, when he decided to find and attempt to bring an end to Darth Vader, but he did not decide to do so right away. Before he had decided to go, he had an encounter with some Rancors near his home...

End of, "Travel to Tatooine."-

Continued Exile

14-10 BBY

From the time of seeing Obi-wan on Tatooine, and having his duel with Vader, Aarok had remained in continued exile on Felucia. Nothing was amiss on Felucia from 14-11 BBY, but then he had some rancors near his home. The Rancors were mean and viscious, and Aarok heard their distinct roar outside his home. He exited his home to find three of them there; A Father, Mother and baby Rancor, hidden behind some foliage. 
Rancor's behind Homestead

The Rancors behind the foliage.

Normally, Aarok would not have decided to kill the Rancors, but he saw in a vision that in the night, the Rancors were going to destroy his home. He did not want that to happen, so he decided to get rid of them first. He didn't necessarily want to, but at the time, he saw no other choice. So, he decided to begin searching for them in half an hour. The 3 of them were all sleeping soundly, because Aarok had waited a half hour before searching for them. He located them very close to his home, literally in his back yard. They were all asleep, so Aarok decided to take out the daddy Rancor first, and leave the mom and child for later. He leaped in the air and came crashing down on the rancor, and pierced his blades deep in the soft tissues of the rancor's brain. It died, but not before making a noise that woke up mommy dearest and the little one. He decided to use the force, and bring the mom down to the ground. He tugged and pulled on her with all his might, and finally pulled her down to the ground. Unfortunately for the young baby, Aarok had pulled the mom down and she came crashing down on him too. The little boy rancor was dead, and Aarok leaped atop the mom. He plunged his sabers down the back and all down her spine, and he landed on the ground unscathed.

Image20140320-08-13-47 editted

Aarok's gray hairs beginning to show.

The Rancors were dead, and Aarok picked them up with the Force, and threw them through the air. He didn't want the rancors to decay and rot this close to his home, because rancors emit an incredibly nasty odor when they die. Aarok disposed of the rancors and entered his home once again. Aarok's gray hairs were finally starting to show, but he kept his hair trimmed and the same length he had kept it during the Clone Wars. He also kept his beard the same way he did his hair, trimmed and neat.

It was now 11 BBY, and Aarok felt that he would soon be ready to face Darth Vader. He did just that the next year, and he was ready for the challenge. He was going to get rid of Vader once and for all. He wasn't doing anything out of spite or revenge, but he felt it was only out of justice. But at the same time, he didn't like Vader one bit, especially after what he had done. He did want revenge somewhere deep down, but he knew that was wrong...

End of, "Continued Exile."-

Duel with a Dark Lord

10 BBY

From the time of 14-10 BBY, Aarok stayed on Felucia until he decided it was time to put an end to Vader.


Aarok headed for Coruscant and landed at a less used landing zone, not usually patrolled by the Empire. Aarok found out that Vader was at the Jedi Temple, so he journeyed there. He was intent on putting an end to the very person that attempted to end the Jedi at that very same place. "It's only fitting that Vader die where he killed all the Jedi." Aarok said to himself.
Jedi archives rubble

Jedi Archive Ruins.

Aarok decided to just walk up to the Stormtrooper guards. "Hault, this area is restricted. State your name and affiliation." one of the Stormtroopers said.

"I am a Jedi, and I'm here to kill Darth Vader." Aarok replied.

The Stormtroopers immediately arrested Aarok, and took him before Vader.

"So Jedi, we meet again at last." Vader said arrogantly.

Aarok grabbed his Lightsabers out from hidden pockets on his belt, and began
Vader without hand

Vader without hand.

dueling Vader. They fought for a long time, until Aarok managed to cut off Vader's right hand. This angered Vader, so Vader choked Aarok and then threw him through 2 walls and finally a door.

Vader called for a squad of Stormtroopers, and they arrived at the balcony of the archives.

"Now Jedi, you will die. It will be 9 years after your Master. I remember the exact day I killed him. I gutted him with an ounce of remorse." Vader ordered the troops to fire, but just before they were going to pull the trigger, Aarok pushed the squad off the balcony, sending them to the lower floor. He also pushed Vader across to the other side of the balcony.

Aarok entered the vents near there, and headed for the the secret landing pad.

"NO!!!" Vader yelled as Aarok got away. Aarok got to the landing pad, and entered his Starfighter, just as Vader and two Stormtroopers arrived there.

"We will meet again Jedi! And then you will die." Vader said in an aggravated tone.

Aarok left Coruscant, and returned to Felucia into Exile. He was beaten and broken, and wiser afterwards. He remained there for a few years, until he headed to Mos Eisley to deal with a Bounty put on him by Jabba. For the time being though, he remained on Felucia, and was in tune with the planet itself...

End of, "Duel with a Dark Lord."-

Being In Tune with Felucia

10-5 BBY

Aarok was on Felucia for five years after his attempt to end Vader failed. He continued in meditation, and would often leap atop a very high plant to meditate. He did this today as well, and was in a deep
Sky View of Felucia overhead

Aarok's Perch

round of meditation. He could feel the plant sway in the breeze, and the flowers move in sync with the wind. He could feel every animal around him. He could sense memories and visions he had once had, a long time before he came to Felucia. 

He could see the faces of his friends and comrades in battle, at the Temple and everywhere around him. He missed the Jedi Order a lot, and missed many of the Orders members. He missed Ahsoka, he really missed Yoda, and he missed Obi-wan most of all. He missed Anakin, but he knew Anakin was as good as dead now. He missed Master Windu & Master Koon, Master Mundi & Master Tiin, Master Gallia & Master Koth. He also missed Master Unduli & Knight Offee, and he missed Siri & Roy. He also missed Talia so much. He missed Zaniah too, another woman who Aarok was friends with, but he knew that she had survived Order 66, and she was safely at peace on a remote planet in the Outer Rim.

After many days of the same thing of meditation, Aarok finally built up the will in 5 BBY to go to Jabba, and ask about the bounty placed on his head...

Tatooine Bounty


For five years, Aarok stayed on Felucia, after his failed attempt to end Vader. It was not until he discovered in meditation, that a bounty was put on his head, by Jabba himself.
Jabbaspalace large

Jabba's Palace.

Aarok journeyed to Tatooine, and landed near Jabba's Palace. He then entered the main room where Jabba was, and spoke with Bib Fortuna. Aarok asked to meet with Jabba privately. He was granted permission, and the meeting took place in 10 minutes.

"Mighty Jabba," Aarok said, "Why have you placed this bounty on me?"

Jabba spoke in Huttese and his
Jabba the hutt1

Jabba the Hutt.

Protocol Droid translated. "The Mighty Jabba placed a bounty on your head, by order of Grand Moff Tarkin & Darth Vader."

"Why?" Aarok asked.

Jabba again spoke, and the droid translated. "Because, Mighty Jabba didn't want to be on the wrong side of the Empire. There are Sandtroopers on their way here as we speak. The bounty has been called off, but the Sandtroopers will still come for you."

"Thank you, Mighty Jabba." Aarok replied.

He then left Jabba's Palace and returned to his Starfighter, then journeyed to a place near Ben Kenobi's home. The Sandtroopers were closing in on him; 

Aarok left near Ben's home and made his way to the nearest spaceport; Mos Eisley. There he
Aarok Wanted Poster

Aarok's Wanted Poster

found a peculiar poster on a wall; It was a wanted poster, of himself. 

The Ship Aarok Crashed.

 He immediately removed the poster and threw it in the nearest garbage can. Aarok figured that if he were to "die", then the posters would be gone. So, Aarok decided to fake his death. He "borrowed" a ship from Mos Eisley, and used it to fake his death, with success. Aarok returned to Felucia after successfully faking his death on Tatooine.

He remained on Felucia for two years, until he decided to visit Alderaan. He was going there to see an old friend, and catch up...

End of, Tatooine Bounty."-

Journey to Alderaan

3.5 BBY

Aarok journeyed to Alderaan to meet with Ferus Olin, and speak with him about different matters. What Aarok didn't know was that Ferus was now older, looking different and under an assumed name, Fess Ilee. Nevertheless, He hopped into his good old Eta-2 and headed for Alderaan. He arrived in 3 rotations, and immediately found Ferus at his place of residing on Alderaan. It was near the palace where Leia was, whom Ferus was tasked to protect.

"Well, well, well, what have we here? An old Jedi who doesn't look too good." Aarok said.

"I think you mean

Young Ferus Olin.

yourself my friend." Ferus replied jokingly.

"Hey!" Aarok said, "It's been too long!"

"I know!" Ferus replied, "It really has. So how has Felucia been for you?" Ferus asked,

"How'd you know about that?" Aarok replied questioningly.

"Obi-wan told me." Ferus replied.

"Ohhh.... I get it, I get it!" Aarok answered.

Ferus simply smiled & Aarok smiled back.

"So," Ferus said, "Why are you here?"

"Oh, I just came to check up on you, see how you're doing. That sort of stuff." Aarok replied.

"Okay." Ferus responded.

"Well, I'm off to return to Felucia, there is nothing really for me anywhere."

"I understand." Ferus replied. "But," Ferus said, "You do know you have me & Obi-wan, right?"

"Yes, I know." Aarok replied.

"Okay, just making sure." Ferus responded.

The two chatted for a few more minutes, gave each other a heartfelt farewell, and bow, and ended by saying, "May The Force be with You."  Aarok returned to Felucia and waited out his days, until he would encounter a Secret Apprentice... But, before that time, he would encounter a hallucination that would bring him to the edge of Darkness, and back again...

End of, "Journey to Alderaan."-

An Old Friend: Or So the Jedi Thought


Aarok was at home meditating when he fell into a deep sleep. He heard a voice in his mind calling him.

"Aarok. Aarok.." The voice said,

"Who is there?" Aarok replied.

"Come to Dagobah, you will find out there." The voice replied.

Aarok opened the cockpit on his Eta-2 and began powering up the engines. He activated the Hyperspace rings, and entered the atmosphere. He told himself, "Whatever is coming, You will come back here." 

He entered hyperspace, and arrived at Dagobah within a day. He landed on Dagobah, and headed for Master Yoda's
Yoda on Dagobah

Yoda on Dagobah


He found Yoda, and asked him, "Master, did you summon me to Dagobah in a vision?"

"No, Young one." replied Yoda.

"Then who would have?" Aarok asked,

"Another test there
The Darkside Cave Entrance

The Entrance to the Darkside Cave.

is for you. Summoned by the Darkside Cave have you been. Go you must. Enter you will, then find your answers." Yoda replied.

"Thank you Master. And by the way," Aarok said,

"Yes?" Yoda asked,

"It is good to see you again Master." Aarok replied.

"Good to see you again it is too Aarok." Yoda replied.

With that, Aarok left Master Yoda's hut and headed for the Darkside Cave. When he got closer, he heard the voice again. "Aarok, Aarok... Come in... I am waiting for you..."

Aarok entered the cave, and then the scenery around him changed. All of the sudden, He was young, and in the Jedi Temple. He was back to when he was in his early twenties. He was on the dueling ring, and Zaalbar was there.

"Zaal, buddy, did you call me here?" Aarok asked.

"Yes Aarok. I did." Zaalbar replied.

"You never call me Aarok, unless I tell you to. Otherwise you always call me Master Aarok." Aarok replied.

"Who are you, and what have you done with Zaalbar Tokocharger?" Aarok asked sternly.

"Face me, and you will find out." The figure replied.

Aarok vs. Zaal (hallucination)

Aarok's Hallucination.

Aarok activated his Lightsabers. He expected to have his standard one, along with his shoto blade. Instead, he had both of his Lightsabers from during the Clone Wars. Zaalbar had his standard crimson lightsaber, and was in his normal robes. As they began dueling, Aarok realized that he still moved like he was in his twenties, not his forties. Zaalbar was still more than a match for him though. He began to swing in coordinated Ataru strikes with a kick here or a punch there. As Zaalbar was becoming more aggressive, Aarok began to rely more on Djem So to block his oncoming attacks. After a long battle, Aarok was becoming tired, but the figure portraying Zaalbar lost no air. Aarok was sure he was not even breathing. Finally, Aarok had enough. He began to attack with Juyo/Vaapad attacks, and was delving closer and closer to the Dark side. As he was still fighting the figure, and delving more towards the Dark side, the Figure began to look like
Evil Aarok

Aarok becoming Evil

Aarok. As he got closer, and closer, the figure became like him. Darth Aarok may have been born. Aarok knew he was too close to the Dark side, possibly too close to turn back...
Aarok finding his inner Light Side

Aarok found His inner Light Side

He channeled his inner Light side, and slowly the figure began looking more and more like Zaalbar. Now the figure looked exactly like Zaalbar, and Aarok knew he could defeat him. Because he didn't know for sure if it was Zaalbar infected, or just a hallucination, he was not going to impale him. If it truly was Zaalbar, Aarok did not want to hurt him. He decided to just knock him out instead. He forced him into a life size branch and Zaalbar hit his head. He was out cold. The worst that might be, is he would wake up with a headache. Once Zaalbar was unconscious, Aarok left the scenario inside the Temple. He was now in Order 66, but he was not seen by anyone, and could do nothing to interfere at all. He saw how Zaal had escaped the Temple, but he did not see where he fled to. After that was done, he awoke from the dream state, and found himself outside the entrance to the Darkside Cave.

He found Master Yoda, and told him what happened.

Yoda told him, "Your mind, this was its way, of telling you something. Wanted you it did, to find Padawan Tokocharger. Your mind, it wishes you to locate the padawan Zaalbar. Also, to discover where the Padawan fled to. Find him you must, Aarok. His life, and possibly yours, depend on it, they may. Safe you must be. Great care you must take. Find him you will. Know it to be true I do."

"I will find him Master." Aarok replied.

"Have faith in you I do." Yoda responded. "Now, Go you must." Yoda said.

"May the force be with you, Master." Aarok replied.

With that, he took off, and returned to Felucia.

"May the force be with You, Young Bactamark." Yoda said as Aarok flew away.

He returned to Felucia, covered up his Hyperspace ring and Interceptor, and then began to meditate to locate where Zaalbar would be. He knew in his mind, and in his heart, that he would find Zaalbar. No. Matter. What...

End of, "An Old Friend, Or Was It".-

Starkiller Encounter


Aarok was at his home on Felucia when he sensed that Vader had done something horrible, he had taken a poor young boy, who could have been a Jedi, and turned him into His personal slave.
Starkiller felucia

Starkiller on Felucia.

Aarok knew that Vader was using The Apprentice as a weapon to eliminate the Jedi, and he didn't know if he was on the list, but he assumed he was. He was right...

The day after he sensed these things, Starkiller appeared on Felucia, to first get rid of Shaak Ti, then get rid of Aarok.
4240890323 2f10b3b219

Aarok's good old Trusty Eta-2, around since the Clone Wars.

Aarok never made it to where Shaak Ti had lured Starkiller; to help her in facing him. Later he learned that she did in fact die when she went into the pit, and this disheartened Aarok greatly.

Aarok ran into Starkiller out of the blue, and he began dueling Aarok. He was almost overpowering Aarok, but Aarok managed to fend him off. He did so long enough to escape into his Starfighter, hidden away at his homestead, and fled Felucia. He only went to a nearby planet, until the Apprentice left Felucia to deal with other matters. So, Aarok returned to his home, and remained in exile there, for the time being...

End of, "Starkiller Encounter."-

Cloning The Apprentice


Although Galen Marek was not successfully cloned until 1 BBY, with the birth of Starkiller, as he called himself, Vader began the cloning process on Kamino. This was after the events of the Death Star had taken place, and Marek had
Starkiller (Clone)

The clone: Starkiller.

rescued the future Rebel Alliance leaders, giving his life in the process. Vader's first attempts only created chaos, and mindless beasts of sorts, nowhere near the level of skill, or intelligence of the original Starkiller. It was not until 1 BBY, that the process was truly successful, bringing about the creation of Starkiller, and ultimately, Vader's defeat as his hands on Kamino. While Vader was captured, he escaped sometime soon afterwards, and returned to his side as the Emperor's apprentice, carrying on the charge to end the Rebel Alliance, as they were now a greater threat than the surviving Jedi. Thus, the Great Jedi Purge came to an end in 1 BBY, as the Rebellion was now a much greater threat to the Galactic Empire. Aarok learned of all of this through meditation, and knew that one day, he too would be joining the Alliance...

End of, "Cloning The Apprentice".-

The Stolen Plans


Shortly before the battle of Yavin, the Death Star plans were stolen, and the Rebel Alliance was in the process of getting them to Yavin IV, when Princess Leia's personal ship, the Tantive IV came under attack from an Imperial Star
The First Death Star

The First Death Star.

Destroyer. Fortunately for the Rebels, and Princess Leia, R2-D2 was onboard, so she loaded the plans onto a disc, inserting it in the droid, and giving a safe place to be stored. After this, Princess Leia was captured, and the droids exited the ship in an escape pod, crash-landing on Tattooine below. Ater this, they met Luke Skywalker, and then after many things had transpired, an attack against the Death Star was made, and it was successfully destroyed. Aarok also learned of this through meditation, and through this learned who the father of Luke and Leia was, none other than an old friend of Aarok's: Darth Vader....

End of, "The Stolen Plans".-

The Force Ghost, of an Old Friend


While Aarok was still in exile, before he joined the Rebel Alliance, he was visited by another Force Ghost. Who was also that of an old friend.

He was meditating alone, as he always did, when the spirit appeared.

"Aarok," the spirit spoke, "Aarok?" the

The Ghost of Qui-Gon.

spirit asked,

"Who are you?" Aarok asked.

"It is I, Qui-Gon Jinn." The Spirit replied.

"Qui-Gon?? Is it really you??" Aarok asked,

"Yes." Qui-Gon replied.

"Bu..Bu..But...How?" Aarok asked,

"The same way you met Grand Master Satele Shan. I will soon enter the Netherworld of the Force. But First, I am here to tell you something." Qui-Gon said.

"What?" Aarok asked.

"That will be made known to you in time, my friend." Qui-Gon replied.

"But.. But that's not fair." Aarok said.

"Nothing is fair my friend." Qui-Gon said,

"You will learn from another friend in time. That friend, you will know them after they reveal themself to you, and after something drastic has happened." Qui-Gon replied. "But," he continued, "It will not take place for at least 40 years, so don't worry about it happening soon." He finished.

"40 Years?" Aarok asked astonished.

"40 years my friend." Qui-Gon replied.

"May the Force be with you, Aarok." Qui-Gon said,

"And you Master.." Aarok replied disheartedly.

"It will be here before you know it my friend." Qui-Gon said; then he faded away...

End of, "The Force Ghost, of an Old Friend."-

Exile on Felucia


After Order 66, Aarok had fled to Felucia and was intent on remaining there for the rest of his days. Until, one day, he was approached by none other than Luke Skywalker.

"Luke? What are you doing here?"

"I came to ask of your help in the Rebellion. I am not the greatest of leader, and you fought in the clone wars, with my father and Ben Kenobi. You know much more then I ever will about the Force, and are a greater warrior than I hope to ever be. Please, would you join the Rebellion?"

"I'll think about it." was Aarok's response. "Come back in 3 rotations." Aarok said.

"Very well, I hope to hear from you soon." Luke said calmly.

"May the Force be with You Luke." Aarok said.

"You too, Master Bactamark." Luke replied.

After they finished speaking, Luke returned to the Rebel's secret outpost, and Aarok began meditating, to determine whether or not he should go with him. 

Aarok & Homestead

Just before Luke arrived.

After deep meditation, and speaking with Master Yoda, he contacted Luke.

"Luke, come in." Aarok said.

"Yes Aarok?" Luke asked,

"I have decided to go with you. I will join the rebellion." Aarok answered.

"Very good. I will see you soon." Luke responded.

"And you." Aarok replied.

He ended the transmission and grabbed His Lightsabers; He knew the time for war had come once again... 

-End of, "Exile on Felucia."-

A Strange Visit


Exactly one day before Aarok was going to depart from Felucia and join the Alliance, he was visited by a strange visitor. He was
Aarok meditating 2

Aarok, before Kalaso arrived.

meditating when he sensed it to be a person. He found out it was Jedi, and an Old Friend. His name was Kalaso Blekoona, and he was a Twi'lek.

"Hello Aarok, it has been too long." said Kalaso.

"Too long indeed my old friend. I thought you had died in Order 66." Aarok said.

"No, but it appeared that way, and according to Imperial
Kalaso Arrives

Kalaso, Aarok's good friend.

Records, I am. I survived, and fled to my home planet of Ryloth. I remained in Exile there, until I decided I would join the Rebellion. I have come to see if you will as well." said Kalaso.

"Actually, yes. I am leaving tomorrow." Aarok replied.

"Very good, I guess we will fight together then." Kalaso answered.

"It seems that way my friend." Aarok replied.

"See you soon, Aarok." Kalaso said.

"Same to you friend." Aarok responded.

Kalaso went his way, but unfortunately, one month into the war, he was killed in a duel with Darth Vader. There was nothing Aarok could do to help it. He mourned his friends loss, but knew he would see him again one day...

End of, "A Strange Visit."-

A Second Love Interest


Aarok had a second infatuation during the Clone Wars, in another female jedi friend. He never wanted to admit any feelings for her, as to the fact that he never forgave himself for Talia's death. Even though he knew there was nothing he
Zaniah Aurora

Zaniah Aurora.

could've done to stop it. 

The other Jedi Aarok had feelings for was Zaniah Aurora. She was a Human female Jedi, who was also good friends with Aarok before any feelings came about. After Order 66, he found out Zaniah survived the Temple Purge, and went to Hypori, to live out her days in exile. Aarok wanted to track down her, and see if she planned on joining the Rebellion or not. However, he did not know if he should or not. 

He meditated, and contacted her within meditation. He spoke with her, and they began to catch up. After talking for an extended period of time, he asked the questions he wanted. He then decided to go there and see her. After he arrived on Hypori, he met up with her, and he and she headed off for the nearest Rebel outpost. 

They served in the Rebellion for a couple of years, before Aarok and Zaniah encountered

The Deadly Darth Vader.

Darth Vader on a mission to Nar Shaddaa. They engaged him in a duel, and were going to beat him. Then he force pushed Aarok into a wall, causing him to get dizzy. He then he took on Zaniah alone.  Zaniah could hold her own well in dueling, but Vader was overpowering her quickly. 
Nar Shaddaa

Planetary view of Nar Shaddaa.

Aarok returned to his senses, just as Vader plunged the blade into her chest. She fell down to the ground, and she became lifeless. Vader retreated to his Modified TIE Ship, and flew off. Aarok yelled, "NO!!!!!" when she was stabbed. He ran over to her, and told her everything he felt. She said she felt the same way, and would've liked to be together, since the Jedi Code wouldn't really apply anymore. 

"" Zaniah barely got out before breathing her last.

" you..too.." Aarok replied in tears.

Zaniah died in Aarok's arms, and he never forgave himself for her death either. He knew he would also see her again one day, but he missed her sorely. Aarok decided to recount all the deaths of close ones he had over the years.

He counted His only padawan Roy Rill, his Captain, Beta, his first love, Talia, and now Zaniah as well. He also remembered his friend Kalaso, who was also killed by Vader. Aarok never vowed revenge for any of the losses he received. He knew it would be a very sure way to turn himself to the Dark Side, and he never wanted that.

He returned to a Rebel outpost to speak with Luke Skywalker. Aarok & Luke talked for a while, and Luke comforted Aarok. He also told him, "He would see them again, one day." Aarok made peace with that, thanked Luke for speaking with him. He was ready once again to return to the war, awaiting whatever came around. He knew he would be ready and able to deal with it...

End of, "A Second Love Interest."-

First Days in the Rebellion


Shortly after the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY/ 0 ABY, Aarok was visited at his home by Luke Skywalker, and asked if he wished to join The Alliance. He did, and after a short time to think, he went on to the Rebel base. He arrived at the Rebel Base on Hoth, just before the Battle of Hoth, but was transferred to another location 2 days before the battle. Aarok fought on many different fronts, and became great friends with Luke & Han & Chewie. Also, R2-D2 always kept the secret parts of his past, that he & Aarok didn't want anyone to know about, a secret. And Threepio was Threepio, as usual.

Shortly before the battle of Endor, Aarok was on a mission to infiltrate an Imperial outpost on Felucia, his planet of
Felucia the planet

Planetary view of Felucia.

residing after the Clone Wars.
800px-Felucia dawn

Morning on Felucia

He entered the facility, and slowly began knocking out one or two Stormtroopers. It was mostly here or there, just like he did during the Temple Purge. His primary objective was to destroy the Facility, by causing the core reactor of the base to explode. Aarok made his way to the Reactor, placed the explosives, and flew off the planet just before the base errupted in bright light.

Aarok returned to one of the many Rebel outposts, hidden throughout the galaxy, and reported to Admiral Ackbar that the mission was a success. Shortly after, the Battle of Endor took place...

End of, "First Days in the Rebellion."-

The Battle of Endor


The Rebellion had learned of the plans for the Second Death Star, so they attempted to hault it from being built. Unfortunately, that did not work; So... The Battle of Endor began. 

The Shield Generator on The Forest Moon of Endor.

Aarok was contacted by Admiral Ackbar, and told that he was to participate in the Planetary battle, and to help eliminate the Shield Generator. He did as he was told, and moved out with the Rebels that were headed to the planet surface. They landed, safely and undected. 10 minutes later, they were about to blow up the station, when they were captured by Imperial Forces. The Rebels didn't know if they were going to make it, but Aarok knew that if had to, he could take on the Stormtroopers alone. However, 15 minutes later, the Shield Generator was destroyed. The Rebels had

The Adorable Ewoks, who live on The Forest Moon of Endor.

won! Aarok had just received the transmission saying the Death Star was gone, when immediately following the transmission, the sky lit up in bright lights. The Ewoks and Rebels Cheered!

Later that evening, the celebration was happening, and Luke had just said goodbye to his fathers Force Spirit, but Aarok wsihed to talk with them before they faded away.

"Master's, before you go, can we talk?" Aarok asked the three.

"Yes. About what would you like to speak?" Yoda replied with a question.

"When I die, will I become like you all?" Aarok asked.

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. Only time will tell." Yoda answered.

"Very well." Aarok responded.

The Masters faded away, but not before Aarok gave a respectful bow, and told them all, "May the Force be with You."...

End of, "The Battle of Endor."-

A Simple Question

5.5-7 ABY

A year and a half after the Battle of Endor, Aarok was at his home on Felucia. He was visited by Luke again, but this time not to join the Rebellion, as the last time was about. This time, Luke asked for training and apprenticeship under Aarok. 

Aarok was startled by this. Nonetheless, he took the job, and said "Yes."

He also told Luke, "I must warn you though, I don't have good reputation with Padawans."

"Why is that?" Luke asked.

"Because," Aarok replied, "Because the only padawan I had died in the first year of his training. So I don't have great luck with Apprentices."

"There's no such thing as luck." Luke replied. 

They began their training, and Aarok taught him everything he knew. After two-and-a-half years of training, missions, & battles, Luke was ready to become the next Grand Master, and Aarok was
Luke Skywalker SWGTCG

Luke training.

never more proud in his life then now.

"Thank you Aarok, for agreeing to teach and train me." Luke said thankfully.

"Your welcome Luke. It was my honor and privilege to teach the next leader of the New Jedi Order." Aarok replied.

"What do you mean?" Luke asked.

"I saw a vision one day, when we were training. It showed me that you will be the next Grand Master of the New Jedi Order, and for that, I am so thankful." Aarok responded.

"But, that role isn't for me. I'm not that great a Jedi, but you are." Luke replied.

"Oh no I'm not, and I will not disobey a vision from the Force, because it knows what is right. And it says, You will be the next Grand Master. When that time is, I do not know." Aarok said.

"Very well.. If you say so, I believe you." Luke replied.

They meditated together for a little while, until Luke recieved a transmission from Mon Momtha. She was requesting him to go with Han Solo, to put a stop to Zsinj. He was a rogue Imperial Warlord, who wanted Galaxy-wide rule. Luke left but Aarok stayed, and Aarok hoped Luke was alright. Somehow, Aarok knew that he was...

End of, "A Simple Question."-

The Hunt for Zsinj


Three years after the Battle of Endor, Aarok was with Luke, helping to train him. It was so Luke would be a
Warlord Zsinj

Zsinj, the one Luke & Han were after.

better Swordsman than Aarok, Aarok's master Cin Drallig, and possibly even Yoda himself.

While they were training, Luke received a transmission from Mon Momtha. She had requested that Luke go with Han Solo to follow Zsinj, and take him out. He was becoming a threat to the New Republic, and Luke obliged. He then told Aarok that he could stay on Felucia, because Luke could handle his own.

After Luke left, Aarok was at his home, alone. He was awaiting any transmission or communication, but none ever came. For a few months, Aarok didn't hear a word about anything that was happening.

Then, one day, Luke all of the sudden reappeared at Aarok's home, and told him everything. He also said why there was no communication. Aarok understood everything, and he was glad to know what had happened.

250px-Gethzerion Galaxies


Luke told of the Battle of Dathomir where he learned more about the Force, and had attained more abilities than he had previously known. He told of Zsinj being killed over Dathomir, and the Falcon's apparent demise at the hands of Zsinj, but Luke told Aarok that she would be rebuilt soon. And Luke told about the Nightsisters, and Gethzerion, who had captured them, and all that transpired with them.

They talked with each other for a long while, until Luke said he was ready for more training. This time, Luke beat Aarok in dueling, and Aarok knew that meant two things. One; Luke was on his way to becoming the greatest Jedi that ever lived, And two; the Next Grand Master of the New Jedi Order was standing right in front of Aarok.

"Congratulations Luke, you are becoming wiser and more powerful. I am glad to have taken you in." Aarok spoke. Luke had come to Aarok after the Battle of Endor, and asked if he could be his Master.  Aarok had agreed, but he didn't consider himself better than Luke in any way.
Luke skywalker training

Luke, after completing his final training.

"Thank You, my former Master." Luke replied,

"Luke, just because I agreed to take you in, doesn't mean you have to call me anything that has the word "Master" in it. Got it?" Aarok responded.

"Yes Aarok," Luke replied, "Thank you Aarok for helping me." He spoke.

"You're welcome." Aarok answered.

They finished their final training, and Aarok told Luke that he was now the Master, and Aarok immediately bowed to Luke, but Luke didn't like that either.

"Get up Aarok." Luke told him. "Just because I may become the next Grand Master, doesn't mean you have to bow. We are of equal rank as well. Have you got that?"

"Yes." Aarok replied,

"Good." Luke responded.

After the two were done with training, they went opposite ways, Luke headed off to either Coruscant or Yavin IV, Aarok wasn't sure which one, and Aarok himself headed nowhere, he just stayed on Felucia.

But in a few years, Luke would come to Aarok, and ask if he wanted to join the New Jedi Order, and Aarok said, "Yes."...

End of, "The Hunt for Zsinj."-

Meeting Mara Jade, Before Her Jedi Life

8.5 ABY

Approxomately one-and-a-half years after Zsinj was defeated and killed, Luke had left Aarok's homestead to attempt to open a new Jedi Temple on Yavin IV. At least Aarok assumed that Luke went to Yavin IV to build his new Jedi Praxeum. Aarok only knew that Luke was going to do this, because he had a vision one week earlier. The next week after he had the vision, he had another vision. This time he had to go Tatooine yet again, but he didn't know why this time. 

He journeyed to Tatooine, and was only there a short time, when he recieved another vision. He was speaking with a woman, and then the vision ended and he began his search for the mysterious woman.

He headed for Mos Eisley Spaceport, but found nothing there. He then headed for the next biggest place on Tatooine, Jabba's Palace, nothing there either. He was about to return to his ship, that he parked in the Desert a little ways off from Mos Eisley, when the woman stopped him.

"You're apparently looking for me. Who are you, a Jedi?" The woman asked,

"Yes, and how do you know I
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The Mysterious Woman, Mara Jade, on Tatooine.

am a Jedi, and that I was looking for you?" Aarok responded.

"I sensed it." The woman replied.

"Well, so you have training with the Force then?" Aarok asked. "But you're what now, a Smuggler?" He also asked.

"Yes I am, and was. I was an Emperor's Hand, but after the Battle of Endor, that ended. So I became a Smuggler." The woman replied.

"Well, first things first, I'm Aarok Bactamark, and who might you be?" Aarok asked.

"Mara Jade." The woman replied.

"Nice to meet you Mara Jade." Aarok responded,

"And you Aarok Bactamark." She replied. 

They talked for a while, and got to know each other better, but then Aarok decided he must be going.

"Well, if you don't mind, I must be off." Aarok said.

"No, no, not at all." She said, "But before you go." she said, she appeared to be leaning over to kiss him, but she instead hit him in the back of the head.

"What was that for?" he asked,

"A goodbye present." she said.

"That was.. a rude present." he replied, a little dazed.

"You didn't like it?" She said with a smirk.

"Not really." he replied. She leaned over towards him acting like she was actually going to kiss him. But this time, she hit him on the back of the head much harder, and he got dizzy. "We'll see each other again Aarok." she said as she walked off, acting sassy.

"Why did you hit me, twice?" he asked, confused and about to faint.

"Because I wanted too." She replied with a smile. "Goodbye," she said, "This won't be the last time we meet." she said. She actually kissed him on the cheek this time, just before he fainted, and lay looking like a dead man on the ground.

She left, and Aarok awoke 10 minutes later. Startled, he immediately jumped up, but no one was there. He was very confused with all that had just transpired, and pondered it for a long time. He returned to Felucia, for a few years, until Luke came to ask if he would like to join his New Jedi Order. He had said yes, but the next time he met Mara Jade, she & Luke were romantically involved, and soon their wedding took place. 

Aarok was mostly confused why Mara Jade had originally been the way she was. He was mostly confused as to why he even had a vision about her. He didn't even know how she found him, or why either. Nevertheless, he was always friends with both of them, and nothing ever changed between the three. They all were simply very good friends.

And in time, Luke learned of what happened on Tatooine long ago. All he did was laugh, but he was also curious as to why Aarok had a vision about her, and why she acted the way she did. It never was truly understood why she did those things. But in time, like everything else, Aarok just forgot about it, and moved on. He now was an integral part of the New Jedi Order, and a good friend to Luke Skywalker...

End of, "Meeting Mara Jade, Before Her Jedi Life."-

Learning to Master Shatterpoint


One half-year after meeting the woman Mara Jade, and one year before the Return of the Emperor, Aarok had returned to Felucia, to study the art of the Shatterpoint technique, and learn to master it. In only a few months, he did master it. He would practice on leftover wooden beams and boards from when he built his house, and wall surrounding his house. He would pick a board up with the Force, and use Shatterpoint to destroy it in mid-air, or practice on leftover glass panels from his windows; He would shatter them within moments. Thus, he knew he had truly mastered the technique, and he would one day teach it to other members of the Council, the Order, and Padawans and Younglings as well. He actually taught it to other Council members and Jedi, but would only demonstrate it to Padawans & Younglings.

And one day, he would use it against a follower of the Dark Side, and in doing so, doom that person to death...

End of, "Learning to Master Shatterpoint".-

The Return of The Long-dead Sith

10 ABY

Exactly one year before Aarok joined the newly founded New Jedi Order, he, along with Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo encountered clones of the long-dead Emperor Palpatine; Otherwise known as, Darth Sidious... Luke was stranded on Coruscant, when some Force storm picked his body up and carried him away to an Imperial Dungeon ship.
Emperor Palpatine's Clone

One of the Clones of Emperor Palpatine.

After much trial and error, and almost succumbing to the Dark Side, Luke, along with Leia and Han, successfully defeated all of the clones of Emperor Palpatine, and he was no more. Six years after his supposed death, and was almost able to return fully to this realm, but not before Luke had stopped him.

Afterwards, Aarok comforted Luke, and told him that any trace of the Dark Side would soon fade away, as Aarok himself had once almost succumbed to the Dark Side, some 30 years earlier. He assured Luke that everything would be alright, and this comforted Luke greatly. After all was said and done, Luke finally decided to revive the Jedi Order, and established the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV...

End of, "The Return of The Long-dead Sith".-

The New Jedi Order

11 ABY

After The Battle of Endor, Aarok joined the newly formed New Jedi Order, and automatically was put third in rank on the
Yavin-4 Jedi Praxeum

A Possible Depiction of the Jedi Praxeum.

list. Luke Skywalker was first, and Kyle Katarn was second, but he did not come later. The Jedi Praxeum as it was called, was located on Yavin 4, and there were other Establishments throughout the Galaxy as well.

Luke Skywalker and other Jedi near the Praxeum.

Aarok and Luke and Kyle meditated together all the time, sensing what would come, preparing for it, and getting rid of it before it came round. 

Aarok stayed in the Order faithfully, even when Kyle didn't, and He always had faith in his friends, always...

Kyle Katarn

Kyle Katarn

Aarok meditating

Aarok meditating, with Kyle & Luke, convening with him.

After Aarok reached a certain age, he felt it was time for retirement, and returned to his home on Felucia, to live out the rest of his days in peace. He was an old man by the time he retired, and didn't move like he used to, but he always could tie with Luke & Kyle in dueling. 

He returned to Felucia, and meditated, telling Kyle and Luke, he was alright, and wished them the best of luck for the future...

End of, "The New Jedi Order."-

Council Life

11-19 ABY

After Aarok had joined Luke's New Jedi Order, He quickly became eligible to be a Council Member, and
226px-Katarn portrait


Luke, Kyle & Kyp put it to a vote. Aarok was accepted as a Council Member, and he asked to be a Lifetime Member, and the three allowed, but said he could retire if he wished to in the future. Aarok said he may take them up on that, and they all smiled.

Throughout the first 7 years of his Council life, he was a great voice in the many talks and debates the Council had. He was always giving his honest opinion, and he would always listen to the other Council members opinions as well.

He was great friends with many of the Jedi throughout the Order, and he also was a

Jacen, Jaina & Lowbacca.

teacher symbol to many of the new younglings and students. He helped with training Jaina & Jacen, and Lowbacca as well. He was a great teacher, and he and Kyle were Co-Battlemasters of the Order. Luke & Aarok were probably the closest to each other, but Aarok was very close with Kyle & later Kyp as well. He was a great uncle figure to Jaina & Jacen, and they always asked if he would duel with him. He always would say yes, and sometimes when they were younger, he would even let them win. Around 17 ABY, Jaina & Jacen both could best him in dueling, but only by a small margin. He could still tie with Kyle, Luke & Kyp, but he would sometimes let Mara beat him as well.  Near the time of 19 ABY, Luke & Mara finally confessed their feelings for each other, and Aarok was always

Luke & Mara together

telling them to just admit it, and he was ecstatic when they finally did. He was grateful for their friendship with him, and that Luke asked him to be one of his main groomsmen at his wedding. He would always cherish them both, and was grateful for their kindness to him as well. 

He was probably one of the oldest Council members, if not the oldest, but he was thankful that noone looked down on him or called him old. Every one in the Order was kind to him, and they all respected him. After all, he was a Jedi before the Great Jedi Purge, and he fought in and survived the Clone Wars & Galactic Civil War. He was remembered by many for his Kindness and Gentleness, but also for his faithfulness and holding true to proper justice.

He was remembered by many, because he had been recorded on a Jedi Holocron, and many Younglings & Padawans had studied him in their training. They had the Padawans & Younglings study many Jedi from the pre-Clone Wars Era, and he was on there. Many Younglings that that "Master Bactamark" was an awesome

One of the Younglings


He always told the Padawans & Younglings, "I am no more special than any of you, or all of you. I am equal to you. I learned this meaning myself while in my exile. I met a Force Ghost of a Jedi from long ago."

The Padawans would always ask "Who?" and he would say,

"Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan." Many of the younglings would gasp in awe at the very mention of her name.

"Trust me Younglings," Aarok began, "I was in as much shock as you are now."

One of the Younglings asked, "What was she like Master?"

Aarok replied, "She was wonderful and kind and gentle. I got some of my inspiration from her myself." Aarok told all the Padawans to continue in their training, and be kind and gentle to everything, and everyone that they would come into contact with. 

He left the the room he was in, and he entered the Council Chambers. That was when he was told by Luke & Mara, the only two in the room, "We're getting Married!"...

End of, "Council Life."-

The Wedding of Luke & Mara Jade

19 ABY

After meeting each other, Luke & Mara Jade hit it off right away. They were good friends for a long time, until they thought that there was something more between them, and there was.

After many years of friendship, they both decided they wished to Marry, and Aarok was very happy for them. Immediately, the wedding started being planned, and it was coming along well. Leia wanted Mara Jade to try on some dresses, but all the ones she tried on, she hated. 

Later, Mara ran into a designer who had just been fired by her boss, by the name of Jari'kyn, and Mara hired her to be her personal designer for her dress.

The two lovebirds first had an unofficial wedding, just for the Jedi alone, then later an official wedding took

The Unofficial Wedding.

place, which caused much turmoil and distress, but in the end, The Official Wedding went according to plan, and all went well.  Luke & Mara Jade decided to go on a Honeymoon for a short time, and while

Luke & Mara Jade on their Honey-Moon.

they were away, Aarok was put in charge of the Temples. He did the best job he could, and when Luke & Mara Jade returned, they were very grateful, and always held a place in their hearts for Aarok, which he was very grateful for, and he felt the same way...

End of, "The Wedding of Luke & Mara Jade."-

Training Two New Padawans

20.5 ABY

When it was around 20 ABY, Aarok was asked by the Council to begin training two new Padawans.. He obliged, and
Female Jedi Padawan

Alexia Dastroni

therefore used this as an opportunity to get to know the 2 students. One was a female Human, named Alexia Dastroni. The other was a male Human, by the name of Recker Taksenna. They were both brought to the Praxeum by Luke, when he returned from his trip to Coruscant. The Council had discussed allowing them to come to the Praxeum, and Aarok was asked to being their training.
Male Jedi Padawan

Recker Taksenna

"Welcome, Recker, and Alexia." Aarok began.

"Thank you, Master." The two Padawans replied out of respect.

"I knew a clone trooper named Wrecker once. Very similar to your name. I also had a great uncle named Alex, or was it great grandpa, I forget in my old age." Aarok said smiling.

The two Padawans simply laughed at this, and then Aarok began their training.

"I see you both have constructed your Lightsabers." Aarok said.

"Yes Master." Alexia replied, and Recker nodded.

Aarok began their training, and in no time at all, they were ready to be chosen as Padawans, under two Jedi Masters. Once they were chosen, they thanked Aarok for his help, and training. He told them, "You're welcome."...

End of, Training Two New Padawans".-

The Arrival of the Solo Twins

22 ABY

In 22 ABY, the Solo twins, Jacen and Jaina, first came to the Praxeum, and Aarok was one of the first to greet them.
The Young Solo Twins

The Young Twins, Jacen & Jaina.

Aarok saw great potential in these two, and one day saw a vision of some of their greatest successes. He was privileged to be one of their teachers early-on, and knew that one day, they would be the best the Jedi Order had to offer...

He also foresaw that one day, one of them would join the Dark Side, but he couldn't determine who, thus he deemed it a faulty vision, and ignored the vision entirely. Little did he know, that one of them would one day join the Dark Side, and almost bring about an end to the Jedi Order, again...

Aarok didn't believe the vision, so he instead focused on teaching the two children whenver he could, or when he wasn't on assignment. However, as he was getting older, his assignments were becoming fewer and fewer, until there was only about one each month. Aarok thus took this time to train the twins, and ensure their tutelage in the Jedi Order, would be the best that it could be...

End of, "The Arrival of the Solo Twins".-

Discovery of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Long-lost Lightsaber

24 ABY

In 24 ABY, Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila had discoverd Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber, which had been lost since 0 ABY.
Obi-Wan's Long-lost Lightsaber

Obi-Wan Kenobi's Long-lost Lightsaber.

After their duel, and Obi-Wan's defeat, Vader had kept his lightsaber, and returned to his personal fortress on Vjun, Bast Castle. Once it had been returned to the Praxeum, Luke and Aarok were the first two to examine it, and ensure its credibility. They discovered it to indeed be the weapon of the long-dead Jedi Master, and then returned it to the Temple, to put it where it truly belonged...

End of, "Discovery of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Long-lost Lightsaber".-

The Yuuzhan Vong War

25-29 ABY

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Aarok mostly remained at the Jedi Praxeum, or the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the war. He had his Master's job, Guarding the Temple, and Security. And on top of that, he had to
Yuuzhan Vong War

The Yuuzhan Vong War raging.

guard Two Temples, The Temple on Coruscant, and The Praxeum on Yavin IV.

During the war, many many lives were lost. Jedi, Galactic Alliance, Imperial remnants, Yuuzhan Vong, and Civilians all thoughout the Galaxy.

Kyp Durron

Jedi High Council Member, Kyp Durron.

The Yuuzhan Vong were an alien species of Galaxy Invaders. They destroyed some worlds, left them in ruins, and took many lives in the name of Galaxy conquering and bloodshed.

Even though Aarok was the one to protect both of the Temples, sadly he failed in both. It wasn't by choice, but the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Coruscant, and began morphing the planet, as they had done to many other worlds. They also attacked the Praxeum, and it was lost as well. Once the war was finally over, the Yuuzhan Vong self-exiled themselves to a remote planet, and Aarok, along with the other Jedi, began to transfer everything from the destroyed Praxeum on Yavin IV, to the new Academy on Ossus. The Jedi now only had to focus on any needed repairs on the Coruscant Temple, and the galaxy was at peace once again. Aarok, Kyle, Kyp Durron, and Luke returned to their places of rank, in the Temple, and all was well in the Galaxy, for now...

End of, "The Yuuzhan Vong War."-

Facing a Sith Follower

30 ABY

It was one year after the Yuuzhan Vong War, and the galaxy was still recovering. Aarok felt that it was his fault that the Praxeum was destroyed, but no-one blamed him, and Luke constantly told him: "Don't blame yourself." He listened to him, and everyone else, but he asked for a leave of absence for a month, to rest after the long and bitter war.

He was granted to do such, and returned to his home on Felucia, to began his month away from home. After about 2 weeks, he thought he was ready to leave early, when through the Force, Yoda contacted him, telling him to go to Raxis Prime. He obeyed, not knowing why he was going there, only waiting for Yoda to explain himself. Once he arrived, Yoda told him he was there to face a young woman, who followed the ways of the Dark Side.

He said: "Follows the Dark Side she does. Destroy her, you must. No choice, have you. Otherwise, an end to the Jedi Order, she could bring."

"Yes Master. I will do what must be done." Aarok replied solemnly.

He then headed for the remains of the Junk Jedi Temple, where Kazdan Paratus had constructed a replica of every
The Junk Jedi Temple

The Junk Jedi Temple.

room in the Temple, even the Council Chambers. He found the young woman in the Council Chambers, meditating. He wondered if she sensed his presence, but after five minutes of nothing, he surmised she hadn't. He was right. As soon as he revealed himself, she was startled, but rose to her feet, ready to face him. She assumed he wasn't going to be much of a challenge, due to his older age. However, he used Force Valor, much like what Yoda would use in battle, and this made him fight more like his younger self, at least more like his 45 year old self.
Sith Follower

The Sith Follower.

He began to engage, and then saw a vision, of how he was supposed to defeat her. He was to use Shatterpoint, and shatter her body, into fragments. He considered this a last resort, as he knew it would cause the poor girl much pain, and wished to subdue her instead, returning her to the Temple, to possibly lead her to the Light Side. Unfortunately for Aarok, he had to use it in the end... She was about to overpower and defeat him, and he did not believe this in his heart or his mind, that this was the end for him. He knew he had a choice: Use Shatterpoint against her, or let her kill him. Though he knew he would enter the Netherworld if he did option 2, he felt it wasn't his time yet, and chose option 1. He felt selfish, and very sad for this woman, but he didn't really have a choice... He did it as fast and painless as possible, and she was gone within seconds.

This troubled Aarok, as he did not wish to take her life, but then remembered Yoda's warning: "She could bring an end to the Order itself." He knew he had made the right choice, but at what cost to himself. He didn't take a life in agner, or murder, but self-defense. And yet, he still felt disturbed and uneasy about it all. He returned to Coruscant a week early, after a few days rest on Felucia again, and told only Luke about what had transpired. Luke agreed with Aarok that he didn't have a choice, and told him: "Your actions and choices were not wrong, so don't let it affect you." Aarok was encouraged by Luke's words of wisdom and kindness, and though he did take a life, whether in self-defense or not, he knew it was the right choice...

End of, "Facing a Sith Follower".-

A Return to His Home Once Again

33 ABY

Aarok wished to return to his home on Felucia. He wished to see if his home was doing alright, and to
Foliage with Homestead

Aarok's home all fine and dandy.

make sure it would be ready for when he retired. When he returned, the homestead was fine, and he was happy with this. He inspected around his home, on every side to check for wear & tear, but there was none whatsoever. He then inspected the inside and nothing was wrong there either. He closed the door behind him, happy and content with his home being in great condition. He returned to his Eta 2 and began his return trip to Ossus.

He returned to the Academy on Ossus, and remained there with other Jedi until 37 ABY, when he sensed something amiss at his very home...

End of, "A Return to His Home Once Again.

The Last of the Original Empire's Minions

37 ABY

Dead storm trooper painting by captaus-d4ywb56

A painting and Depiction by Aarok, of the last imperial stormtrooper, dead..

Aarok was on his way through the Jedi Temple to Luke Skywalker's quarters to discuss an urgent matter. He wanted to speak to him about His possible retirement since he was getting older. But then before he entered the door, he sensed something on Felucia, near his home, the last of the Imperial Stormtroopers scattered throughout the Galaxy. He entered Luke's room to ask if he could return to Felucia to get rid of them.

Luke replied, "Yes you may, but do you need any help?"

Aarok responded in one word, "No."  

So he headed off for Felucia, found the last of the stormtroopers and told them, they were not going to live to tomorrow. They responded rudely, "What are you gonna do Old Man?" Aarok responded with action. there were 10 Stormtroopers, and before any of them could react to Aarok's movement, 3 were dead on the ground. One Stormtrooper spoke up and said, "Wow, for an old guy, he sure can move." Aarok next went for him, and after one swift stroke, the Stormtrooper was in half on the ground. The other 6 proceeded to move into the thicker jungle, thinking they could lose Aarok, but this was Aarok's adopted home, and he knew every nook and cranny of within 20 miles of his home. After letting the Stormtroopers think they lost him, and let them split up into groups of 2, he got rid of one of the groups, right away, with no noise made, not a sound.  He moved onto getting rid of one of the other groups, but they made a sound before Aarok got rid of them. So the last group of 2, headed in Aarok's direction, but Aarok hopped onto an overhanging plant, and when the 2 stormtroopers were right underneath him, he let himself go, and chopped both of them in half, vertically. He returned to The Jedi Praxeum & told Luke that the Stormtroopers were all gone, and the Empire was no more... 

-End of, "The Last of the Original Empire's Minions."-

Getting Older

37-39 ABY

After Aarok had dealt with the last of the Empire's original Stormtroopers, who were for some reason still faithful to the Emperor and Vader, He had returned to the Academy, and he finally realized, He was getting
Aarok getting Older

Before he trimmed and dyed his hair back.

Older. His hair was graying and his beard getting longer. His hair had turned white and his beard had grown full, but then he trimmed it, and colored his hair gray, but didn't let anyone know. It was his little secret.

He remained at the Academy on Ossus, and the Temple on Coruscant, going to and from to each place, checking up on them, keeping the buidlings in check, and making sure nothing was wrong.

In two years time, he was on a visit to his home, and he encountered a Sith & an Old Friend. He had stayed at his home with his friend for a short time, but then he continued his training with his friend, on Coruscant & Ossus alike...

End of, "Getting Older."-

An Encounter With a Sith (Part 1)

39 ABY

One day, Aarok was meditating in his home on Felucia, while he had returned there from Ossus, for some R&R, when suddenly, A sith appeared at the far front end of his property. Aarok was befuddled by this, but only for a moment, he sprang into action, grabbing his Lightsabers with the force. The Sith charged him and Ignited his Double-bladed Lightsaber, and went in for a killer blow, but Aarok easily dodged it. They fought for a little bit, until the sith knocked him to the ground, and began escaping on his speeder.

"Come back here you little Monkey Lizard!" Aarok said in a raised tone.

"Make Me!" the Sith taunted.

Aarok hopped on his 74-z and began pursuing the Sith, they drove for miles and miles, before the Sith was knocked off his speeder, and Aarok leaped off his, Stabbing both his sabers, right into the Sith's Chest. "Ahhhh!!!" The Sith screamed.
Aarok final blow

Going in for the Final blow.

The Sith escaping

The Sith fleeing.

Aarok pursuing

Aarok pursuing the Sith.

"Who are you?" Aarok yelled.

"You'll never find out." the Sith replied. He then died, and Aarok removed his face mask, only to find a face, identical to Anakin Skywalker.

The Sith at Aarok house

The Sith that appeared.

Aarok ready to fight

Aarok, ready to Duel.

"But... thats not possible!" Aarok said aloud.

"Perhaps it is, my friend." someone said from behind him.

"What in the?" Aarok said.

"Ahh, do not fear my friend. It is I, Obi-wan Kenobi."

"But Obi-wan, aren't you dead??"

"Yes, but I am one with the Force now, and I have achieved a higher plane of existence."

"Am I.. to join you?" Aarok asked.

"No, well.. not yet."

Aarok was perplexed by this. "That means what?"

"It means, you just passed a test, your first test, to the path of Immortality."

"But..... How?"

"One day, in the future, the time will come when you will pass on, and I am here to help you."  

"Very well, what test was this?"

"The test of, Non-Attatchment. You sensed a familiar presence in the Sith, did you not?"

"Well, Yes."

"That, my friend, was your first test, and you passed. Next to come, in time of course, will be many more tests before you are ready."

"When do we.. begin??"

"We already have, my friend." Obi-wan replied. "We already have..."...

End of, "An Encounter With a Sith."-

An Old Friend Returns to Show the Way (Part 2)

39 ABY
Obi-Wan Force ghost SWG PoV

Obi-wan's Ghost.

After that, Aarok began his tests, and surpassed most of them all, with little difficulty, Obi-wan always said,

"Well done." at the end of every test. He then would ask, "How have you overcome your attachments and feelings?"

Aarok would always reply, "Being alone on Felucia in my time away from the Temple & Academy, and my time during my Exile, kinda helps."

"I see." Obi-wan would reply many a time. 

One day soon, Aarok was ready for his final test, but that wouldn't come for a long time...

-End of, "An Old Friend Returns to Show the Way".-

The Death of Mara Jade Skywalker

40 ABY

Aarok was at the Temple when he learned the news of Mara's passing, and was deeply saddened. He missed Mara very much, but he knew Ben & Luke missed her so much more.

-The Funeral

Aarok attended the funeral with everyone else, and wore the white robes that they requested the Jedi wear. Luke & Ben wore dark grey robes, and their hoods up.

Saba Sebatyne was the one that gave Mara's eulogy, because Leia was going to give it, but she had to leave Coruscant because an attempt was made to arrest both Leia and Han Solo, so Sebatyne gave the eulogy instead.

"We have come to this sacred place to say farewell to our dear friend, to a fierce warrior and a noble dispenser of justice. Mara Jade Skywalker was one of the brightest stars of the Jedi Order, and we will miss her."  Those were the words Sebatyne spoke when she gave the eulogy, and in the middle of the eulogy, Jacen Solo entered the Morning Court, where the funeral was happening, and many people were stirring, but no one knew that Jacen was the one who killed her, not even Luke or Ben. 

Luke at Mara's funeral

Luke & Ben at Mara's Funeral.

The officials and everyone were trying to figure out of Jacen should be with the Officials or if he should be

Mara Jade Skywalker's Funeral.

with Luke & Ben, because he was family. Luke said that he would stand with Him & Ben, and Sebatyne continued her eulogy. Sebatyne decided to finish the eulogy by speaking of the Dangers of the Dark Side of the Force. While Saba was still finishing her Eulogy, Mara's body began to disappear, and by the time Sebatyne had finished, Mara was one with the Force, to be at peace at last..

The eulogy ended, and Jacen left, while the other attendees at the funeral went to the Hall of Peace to have a remembrance feast. 

No one at the Funeral ever suspected that Jacen had anything to do with Mara's death, but Aarok sensed something suspicious of Jacen, becaue when Jacen took his place next to Luke & Ben, he accidentally bumped Aarok, and apologized, and Aarok forgave him, but when the two touched, Aarok saw the duel between Mara & Jacen, and he saw him strike her down, on Kavan. 

Aarok pondered these things to himself, not telling anyone, for fear of any outlash, but Jaina Solo soon found out as well, and when Jacen started the Second Galactic Civil War, she vowed to put a stop to him, once and for all...

End of, "The Death of Mara Jade Skywalker."-

Facing a Dark Lord

40 ABY

In the first year of the Second Galactic Civil War, Aarok was asked by the Council if he would seek out Jacen Solo, to confirm their rumors of him, and Aarok obliged.

He headed for the last place he remembered seeing him, but found nothing there. He headed out in the

Centerpoint Station.

Galaxy in search of him, and used the Force as a guide. Aarok began searching the Galaxy, and he finally located where Jacen was: Centerpoint Station. Centerpoint Station was a massive space station constructed in 100,000 BBY, that the Jedi and many others, knew hardly anything about.  Aarok never really knew what the station was, and how it worked; he was only there to find Jacen. He found Jacen meditating alone, and nothing was going on that was peculiar, but Aarok knew something was off.
Caedus EA

The newly-dubbed, Darth Caedus.

"So, Aarok, you've come to find me? Why are you here?" Jacen asked.

"That is Master to you Jacen." Aarok snarled.

"Whatever." Jacen replied.

"I considered Kyle a threat, but not you." Jacen said.

"Kyle? And not me? I take offense!" Aarok replied loudly.

"I don't care what you take, but if you plan to stop me, you'll have to face me, and I will destroy you." Jacen replied, "Because, I am now a Dark Lord of the Sith."

"Oh really?" Aarok asked.

"Really." Jacen replied.

"Only a Sith deals an Absolute, I will do what I must." Aarok said, unknowingly quoting Obi-wan,

"You will try." Jacen said, unknowingly quoting his Grandfather, Anakin as well.

They immediately began a fierce duel, neither side getting an edge, but Jacen was younger, and Aarok didn't know for sure if he could defeat him. They threw each other around a lot, threw things with the Force, and Aarok even had to use Tutaminis, so that he could block Jacen's lightning, and channel it back at him. They dueled for a long time, and the duel played out much like Aarok's duels with Darth Vader, but finally, Aarok had a chance to subdue Jacen, and he took it.

Jacen used a move that left him vulnerable to attack, and Aarok used that to injure Jacen's shoulder, and put him on the ground. Jacen then immediately Force Pushed Aarok into a wall, causing him to drop both of his lightsabers. Jacen then leaped at Aarok, and he had to use Tutaminis to block the blade, which was only recorded a few times before, most notably by Satele Shan on Alderaan, during her duel with Darth Malgus.

Aarok blocked the blade, and then built up a small Force Repulse, and threw Jacen to the other end of the Hallway. He then generated a Force Push so powerful, he threw Jacen through at least 4 doors, and completely destroyed a window. Jacen finally stopped flying when he hit a Bulkhead Door, knocking him out, and giving him a horrible headache.

Aarok didn't know if Jacen was dead, but he knew his deed was done. Jacen was injured, slightly broken, and definitely beaten. Aarok was happy with that, and he returned to the Council, and reported everything that happened. After Aarok had returned, he meditated, and sensed Jacen was still alive, but Aarok's deed was done, and he knew Jaina was the one who would stop him. Aarok also learned Jacen had now declared himself, Darth Caedus.

The 2nd Galactic Civil War continued to rage, until Jaina did confront Jacen, and he was defeated...

End of, "Facing a Dark Lord."-

The Second Galactic Civil War

40-41 ABY

During the coming days, Jacen Solo began a descent into the Dark Side, and nobody knew it. After he had fully turned, he successfully took over rule of the Galactic Alliance, and the Jedi were forced to try to stop him.

Jacen had prievously sought teaching from the Dark Lady Lumiya, and when she was put down by Luke, he declared himself, Dark Lord of The Sith, Darth Caedus. 

But before that transpired, Mara Jade had decided to pursue Lumiya, but when she landed on Kavan, she found Jacen instead. He began viscously dueling his Aunt, and Mara was going to defeat him, but Jacen used a Force Illusion of Ben to distract her, and put her down with a poison dart, causing her to die.

Mara's last words were, "You think…you've won. But Luke will crush you…and I refuse…to let you…destroy the future…for my Ben." Jacen let his Aunt die, and didn't even feel much regret, proving he was truly a Sith now. Jaina was going to help her Aunt track Lumiya, but she had ordered Jaina to follow another possible threat while she travelled to Kavan, thinking she was tracking Lumiya, but instead encountered Jacen. She put up a valiant fight, but Jacen had tricked her with a vision, and then put an end to her life by stabbing her with a poison dart.

Aarok was saddened by her loss, and missed her very much, and was comforting to Luke, and did everything he could to comfort him & Ben, their son.

The war ensued, and many battles were waged. The Jedi achieved some victories and so did Jacen, but in the final days of the war, Jaina had finally found out where he was going to be, and found him, and began a duel with him.

Jaina & Jacen began dueling on the Anakin Solo, where Jacen was using the ship and a small fleet to attack
Second Battle of Roche

Caedus & Jaina dueling.

Sheedu Maad, and Jaina had managed to get her X-Wing into the Anakin Solo. They ran into each other, and began a fierce duel, but Jaina wasn't there to avenge her Aunt, it was only out of justice that she was there.  In the end, Caedus was beaten, battered, and broken, but just before Jaina struck him down, he stopped fighting her, and used the force to communicate with his wife wife Djo, and warn her that their daughter could end up in danger, and then, Jaina
600px-Jaina vs Caedus

Jaina going in for the final blow.

took him down in the name of Justice, and just before he died, he returned to the Light, and was once again Jacen Solo...

After Jaina had returned from the battle, Aarok in his old age, told her that he knew it wasn't easy, but she would see him again one day. and she told him, "Thank You." after this all transpired in the coming years of the near future, Aarok asked Luke if he could retire, because he was very old, and felt his mission in life was done, and he had done his part for the Galaxy.

Luke agreed, and with that, he retired in 44.5 ABY, but not before helping the Jedi Coalition to bring an end to Daala's evil rule, since she had exiled Luke, and was attempting her own takeover...

End of, "The Second Galactic Civil War."-

Luke's Exile

43.5 ABY

A year-and-a-half after the Second Galactic Civil War was over, Luke was exiled by Daala, and told if he could
Skywalker and Daala

Luke & Daala speaking, before Luke was exiled.

discover why Jacen Solo, his nephew, had turned to the Dark Side, then he could return to the Order.

During his journey, his son, Ben accompanied him, because he wanted to, and Luke could not say anything to stop him. Their journey was a long one and they had many adventures, and while they were away, the Jedi Order subsceeded from the Galactic Alliance, and became the Jedi Coalition, after Luke had been exiled. 

While Luke & Ben were away, many things happened, some good, some not so good, but the Jedi always made it through the things, and were all better for
Luke skywalker ea

Luke Skywalker, Jedi in Exile.


When Luke was gone, Kenth Hammer acted as the Grand Master of the Order, for a time, but Luke returned after his exile, and Kenth stepped down, and Luke returned to his rightful place as Grand Master.

Also while Luke was gone, he had many dealings, duels & encounters with Abeloth, who was once a mortal servant girl, but later became a vicious and evil Dark Side Spirit, which Luke defeated, destroyed and banished. 

After Abeloth was defeated, Luke sent a Jedi Task Force to Mortis, to retrieve the Dagger of Mortis, to have a means of stopping Abeloth for good, should she ever return.

In exactly a year after Luke's exile, he returned in 44 ABY, and a half-year later, Aarok's retirement party happened, and he retired from The Order, and lived out the rest of his days on Felucia...

End of, "Luke's Exile."-


44.5 ABY

After a long life and long life of service to the Jedi, to both the Old Republic Order & The New Republic Jedi
Abandoned Temple

The Academy on Ossus, the morning of His Retirement.

Order, Aarok felt it was finally time to retire, and live out the rest of his days, in peace.

He did so, and lived on Felucia for the remainder of his days, but not before the Jedi threw him a Retirement Party. The party went great, and Aarok had a great time with friends and family. They reminisced about many things, the good, the bad, the great, and the sad. 

After the party was over, Aarok left Ossus in his Good Old Interceptor, and was given a heartfelt farewell
Aarok's final return to home

Aarok's final return to His home.

by many Jedi. He gave them all a final bow, and told them all, "May the Force be with you all, my friends..."

He landed on Felucia after a fairly long journey, and decided to go ahead and sleep for a while. He lived out his last year-and-a-half on Felucia, and nothing major happened. He remembered when he would visit Felucia, while he was still in the Jedi Order, and the Encounter with a Sith he had, and everything else that transpired throughout his life, and he was very grateful for everything...

End of, "Retirement."-

Death: Final Resting on Felucia

46 ABY

Aarok knew His time was drawing near, and he accepted that. He had lived a very long and good life. He survived many things, saw many more things, and knew he would be one with the Force, very soon. He had fought with many Jedi; most notably, his friend Zaalbar. Zaal also happened to be here with him, and would be the one to light the flame on Aarok's Jedi pyre.

Aarok meditating 5

Aarok meditating, one last time...

Aarok before death

Aarok, before finally passing on...

Master Yoda's spirit appeared in the morning of the day. "Ready, are you?" He asked,

"Yes.. I've lived.. a good life.. and now... it's time... to go on.. I am ready..." Aarok answered.

"Very well, lets begin." Obi-wan said.

Zaal helped Aarok out of bed, and led him outside. Zaal said, "You know, you're pretty spry for an old guy."

"You're not so bad yourself for being in your early eighties..." Aarok said, then coughed.

Don't talk too much old friend, besides, when I hit eighty-seven, I'll be an old geezer too." Zaal said smiling.

"Wait one second.." Aarok told Zaal.

"Alright buddy." Zaal answered.

Before Zaal led him outside, Aarok put his Lightsabers on his side-table, for Zaalbar to take with him as keepsakes when Aarok had passed, and went outside to follow. Master Yoda & Obi-wan showed him the way, and he meditated to make sure everything went alright. 20 minutes later, Aarok was about to be gone from this world, and Zaal had to say goodbye before he would let him go... 

"Master Aarok; my oldest friend. I'll miss you so much!" Zaal said in tears.

"It's alright Zaal, don't cry. I'll be one with the Force soon. You should be happy for me.." Aarok said, struggling to get air in.

"I am happy for you..." Zaal said struggling to control his emotions, "If anything, I should be envious of you." He said laughing.

"Well, I guess so. Fine, if you're gonna cry, then you can suck it old pal." Aarok said wittingly.

"Fine then, I'll just let you die here, all by yourself." Zaal replied with the the utmost of sarcasm.

"I'll miss you pal..." Aarok said, about to take his final breaths.

"I'll miss you too, old friend. I love you like an older brother. I do have one question though." Zaal answered then asked.

"Yes?" Aarok asked,

"How come you never became my Master? At least, why not after Master Derlih died? I mean, you could've taught me. I already knew almost all of the stuff you had taught me, and you were like a second Master to me, but why not?" Zaal asked.

"By golly, you're right old chum, I'm not bloody sure why!" Aarok said laughing.

"What accent is that?" Zaal asked,

"My crazy old person about to die then gets a small second wind accent." Aarok replied smiling.

"Oh, I see. Sure..." Zaal said, rolling his eyes.

"May the Force be with you Zaalbar Tokocharger..." Aarok said,

"May the Force be with you too Master Aarok Bactamark." Zaal said respectfully.

With that, Aarok breathed his last breath, and there was a New Force Spirit to help guide many a future Jedi...

End of, "Death & Passing on Felucia."-

Guiding a Few Jedi.. After Death

50 ABY

Four Years after Aarok passed on from the Physical Plane, he had to remain to train some Jedi, before he could finally enter the Netherworld of the Force..

These Jedi were only new Knights, and were in hiding. They were away from anything that had to do with The Jedi Order, Jedi Coalition, Galactic Alliance, or anything Political. They still called themselves Jedi, and vowed to one day return to the Jedi Order, and continue their training, and later teaching there. The Jedi were teaching themselves about Lightsaber combat when Aarok's ghost appeared.

"Hello Young Ones." Aarok's ghost spoke.

"What?" The 3 Jedi said in unison.

"I am here to guide you three." Aarok said.

"What do you mean?" The Jedi asked.

"I am here to help you to return to the Jedi Order, and finish all of your lessons & training there." Aarok replied.

"But... But were not going back there..." The Jedi responded.

"Why not?" Aarok asked,

"Just because. Things....things happened." They responded.

"I am Jedi Master Aarok Bactamark, I died 4 years ago, what could have happened in 4 years?" He asked.

"Stuff.." The Jedi replied.

Aarok continued to wean out of them more information, but didn't get very far. These Jedi had exiled themselves to Dantooine, and that is all Aarok had learned. 

Jaila Vertro

After vigorous searching of their minds, Aarok found nothing. He began training them nonetheless, and they soon told him their names. Jaila Vertro was the
Jawapedia zabrak

Heran Ketra

Human Girl's name, Heran Kirta was the Zabrak Male's name, and the Human Male's name was Arok Gentrokin. Aarok was slightly amused by one of the Jedi being named Arok, since it was close to his name, but he continued they're training anyways. Soon, after three weeks of vigorous training, teaching, and learning of lessons the hard way, The three Jedi were ready and willing to return to the Jedi Order. They all thanked Aarok for his teaching, and told him they were indebted to him. They were also all astonished to meet Aarok, because they had heard of the Jedi's reputation. 
Century s Jedi by SmtandAlone Complex

Arok Gentrokin

They all parted ways, and Aarok was finally allowed to enter the Netherworld of the Force, but he never learned about the reasons why the Jedi had left, and what was going on in the Galaxy. He finally entered the Netherworld, and became but a memory to some, and long-remembered friend to many, and a great Jedi as well. Soon after Aarok had passed, when some Holocrons were being added to by the Jedi Order to record the newer History that hadn't been recorded, Aarok's name, Biography, and picture were placed in the Holocrons, And his Lightsabers that were found on his Home on Felucia, were taken to the Temple, as a remembrance and learning experience to future Jedi, and before Aarok's Spirit had passed, He learned of this, and was very grateful that such an honor was bestowed upon him.

After Aarok's spirit had passed into the Netherworld, not much was known of what became of his Spirit, but it is said that he saw many a Jedi, who had passed before him, many Council members, old friends, His love-interests, and his Padawan...

End of, "Guiding a Few Jedi.. After Death."-


46 ABY-Never Forgotten

Nothing is known of Aarok's Spirit or life after this, but he left behind a Great Legacy, which was told of to many future Jedi, in the near and far future. Jedi of the New Jedi Order spoke of him with great respect, Jedi in the future training, Padawans & Younglings spoke of him with honor and dignity, and he was remembered as a humble and wise Jedi Master. Many people remembered him for his favoring in using the Jar'Kai form of Lightsaber dueling, which usually was used with Niman, but Aarok used Shien/Djem So mainly, and many future Jedi were astonished by this, and he was remembered for it, with respect.

It was also remembered how kind he was to any & all, but how he also was swift to  exact honest justice, and he was held with highest regard for that. Through the ages, many a future Jedi spoke of Aarok, either as actually meeting him, or when almost all who had met Aarok had also passed on, His story was told as a Fairy Tale sort of way. Speaking of an Ancient Jedi who fought during the Clone Wars, survived the Great Jedi Purge, and even was a part of the New Jedi Order. Many Younglings were amazed by this, and would always the Teachers if the story was real, and they always said, "Certainly!" Then the Younglings would ask if the teacher had ever met the fabled Aarok Bactamark, and many teachers would simply say, "No.. But I wish I could have."

Aarok was remembered by at least some people, here and there either as a figment or a true story, but his Legacy stood the test of time, and never truly was, Forgotten...

The End...


  • Clone Wars Adventures. (first appearance.) Long Live CWA!
  • Cwa Character Wiki
  • YouTube, as TF&DWareSweet

Trivia & Fun Facts

  1. Aarok joined CWA in the second year of the game, but never really played continuously until Late 2013.
  2. Trooper Rusher is Aarok's Twin Brother in Real Life.
  3. Aarok changed his last name from Bactamark to Cutless near the end of the game, but switched it back soon afterwards.
  4. He also changed it again, just cutting off his last name, and only being Aarok, but again changed it back to Aarok Bactamark for the end of Clone Wars Adventures.
  5. Lan Phaseripper & Zaalbar Tokocharger are not Aarok's real family, but are like his Little Brothers, and he loves them very much.
  6. Aarok, Zaalbar, Rusher & Lan were all part of Larcon Legion during CWA for a long time.
  7. Most of Aarok's stories are either based off of Clone Wars Adventures, Star Wars Episodes I-VI and Clone Wars. But, the other stories are either from reading up on them on Wookieepedia, then writing himself into them, or a select few of the stories are made up by Aarok himself.
  8. Talia Adams' real name on CWA was Talia Adamsphere, and was Aarok's girlfriend for a short time, but broke it off out of the blue.
  9. Zaniah Aurora was her real name of CWA, and she was Aarok's girlfriend for the last 2 weeks of CWA, but Aarok and her only saw each other a few times before the end.
  10. Aarok was a pretty good duelist on CWA, but could only beat Zaalbar, half of the time they dueled, But he beat mostly everyone else he dueled, but lost plenty of duels as well.
  11. He had the Cool Title, 'Jedi General' from Republic Defender, and had all the titles from Lightsaber Duel. He didn't have the title Jedi Ace from Starfighter though.
  12. He had all of his Battle Classes completed, except for the Bonus classes, he was halfway with Technician class, and barely started on Swindler.
  13. His favorite games in CWA were, Lightsaber Duel, Republic Defender, Starfighter, Galactic Forces, Crystal Attunement, Mine Buster, Crisis Ziro & Fleet Commander.
  14. Aarok usually accepted any requests, but he usually only didn't when he was busy on Combat Worlds with friends, or once-in-a-while, didn't feel like playing with anyone, but did his best to accept any requests he got.
  15. By the End of CWA, Aarok had every single Mount there was, and all Companions except for the Halloween & Christmas pets.
  16. He had many weapons, and a few rare ones, but he never got the Nelona Lightsaber, but he did get the Vigilance & Negotiator for free, when they were a special bonus item. 
  17. Aarok also had the Combat Zone titles, and Iceberg III & Geonosis Titles, along with their trophies.
  18. Aarok had the Umbara Trohpy & Title, and he completed Darth Maul's Lightsaber
  19. Aarok also had collected all the Holo Gear Sets from the various Combat Worlds, and had all of those sets.
  20. Aarok's 4 Favorite Gear mixes were; The Forgotten Jedi Gear set, but Captian Typho's eyepatch instead of The Breather.
  21. His 2nd favorite Gear Set was The Sulon Jedi gear set, but with the Shotem Master Vizor, and duel-wielded Petro's Lightsaber & Yoda's Lightsaber, from the Ataru Mastery Pack, and he turned Yoda's Lightsaber to the Teal Color.
  22. His 3rd favorite set was, Obi-wan Kenobi's Robes & Boots, but he wore the Jedi Champion Gloves, instead of Obi-wan's gloves. he also duel-wielded Petro's lightsabers.
  23. His favorite Sith gear set mix, was the Crimson Kofun Jedi Gear, Barrage's Boots, Grey Darkside Trooper Gloves, and the Red Sith Cowl. and He wielded the Sith Warrior Lightsaber, but turned the blade to the Darksaber blade.

Personality & Traits

Aarok's Personality was, when he was younger, mostly in teenage years, cocky. He was slightly proud during 22-21 BBY, then he overcame his pride and humbled himself. 

During his days as a Padawan, Aarok did his best to listen to his Master, and obey when and where he could. He did his best to complete his missions, and felt good after he had been praised.

After he had humbled himself, he became even more selfless, and would go out of his way to do whatever he could, when and where he was.

While he was in Exile, he never became an old grump, he just was sad for many years, due to the fact of all of his Jedi friends dying or turning and running, or joining the Dark Side.

He eventually came over that sadness, and was better for it. During his Exile days, he honed his Lightsaber skills, kept fit, and continued self training himself with things he had, and knowledge he had learned.

When he joined the New Jedi Order, he felt at home once again, and gained many new friends during his time there.

When he left the Order after his retirement, he lived not much longer, and began his deterioration after that.

When Aarok had completed the Trials, He began growing his Goatee, and kept it until about 43.5 ABY, when his hair turned white and he grew it to a full beard.

Aarok tended to be a kind and gentle person, but even he could let go and give in to Anger and other emotions, but eventually he overcame all of those, and was the best that he could be...

Powers & Abilities

Aarok was skilled with a Lightsaber, and proficient in Jar'Kai dual blade fencing, which was devoloped from Form VI, Niman, But Aarok specialized in Shien/Djem So, better known as Form V, which was odd for a Jedi, and Yoda in particular found this interesting.

Aarok could handle himself fine fighting Reverse styled with a lightsaber or two, but he was not great at that. But, due to his nature with Jar'Kai, he wasn't half bad with a Saber Staff, but he only trained with one, never actually using one.

Aarok was proficient in the Force Heal power, but was never able to heal someone, if they were too far gone. He excelled at Force Push, and during his Exile, he learned and became skilled with Force Valor as well. He was not half bad at using Force Speed, and could also use Force Sight when he was older.

He was skilled in Telekinesis and Levitation, which was evident in his many times of Meditation. Aarok was once able to use Battle Meditation, but never did end up using it, and forgot how to sometime soon after he had learned. He lost the memory of learning how to use it, when he accidentally hit his head on a pipe, on a mission when he was younger.

Aarok was able to use Force Sense with precision and ease, and he was able to see visions many times throughout his life, sometimes in meditation, and sometimes not. Aarok could also use Force Leap from time to time, and never had any bad landings. 

Aarok learned Tutaminis while he was in Exile on Felucia, and used it in his duel with Darth Caedus. He never learned the Shatterpoint technique, but he wished he had. 

Aarok was very proficient in the Mind Trick move, and once he was even able to convince a strong minded person to change his mind.

Obviously, Aarok was able to become a Force Ghost, and transcend the Physical Plane. Thereby showing before his death, His true Mastery of The Force, and His Oneness with it...

Non-Cannon Story

-An Encounter, with a Time Lord

20 BBY & 5 BBY

The 1st time Aarok encountered this strange being; was on Coruscant, in his Estate; The second time he encountered him: His home on Felucia. 

The Mysterious Blue Box.

Aarok was meditating one day, in his home, when he heard a strange wheezing
David Tennant

The Mysterious man, his first face.

noise, and he thought it was either a dying machine, or a sick animal. He went out to his Balcony, to find a strange Blue Box, but he had no idea what it was, or how it got there. Then, all of the sudden, someone popped up behind him, and said, "Hello, I'm The Doctor."

Aarok whipped around, and activated one of his lightsabers, and said, "Who are you?" angrily.

The man replied, "I told you, I am The Doctor."

"Doctor Who??" Aarok asked,

"Just the Doctor." The stranger replied.

"And this.. this big box, what is it??" Aarok asked,

"Its my ship, silly!" the man replied.

"Your what?" Aarok asked. He was befuddled by this mans appearance, and his strange words.

"I am a traveller, that is my ship." the man said.

Next thing Aarok knew, the man hopped in his ship, and the box dematerialized, right before his eyes. Never to be seen again, or so Aarok thought...

-Part 2

The next time Aarok encountered this man, he was on his home on Felucia, 15 years, into the future. Aarok was again, meditating, when he heard that same wheezing groaning noise, he had heard before. He ran
Matt smith

The Mysterious man, his 2nd face.

outside, only to discover, the Blue Box, was quote on quote "landed" on the far north edge of Aarok's homestead. He immediately sensed that same man, but when he turned around, he did not have the same face.

"You? Again? Your face is different, How? Are you a different person now?" Aarok asked these questions.

"No, well sort of, well think of it as renewal, or something like that. Actually don't think of it like that, but if it helps, think of it like that anyways." The man replied.

"What?? You do not make any sense!" Aarok responded.

"I know, that is why they call me The Doctor." He replied.

"But, why Doctor? we only had medics in the war, where are you from, why are you coming to me, and what is with the Blue Box???" Aarok asked.

"I'll explain it all to you later, for now, might wanna start by getting rid of that Cyberman over there." the man replied.

"What? What is a Cyberman?" Aarok

The Mysterious robot, known as a Cyberman.

asked, "That metal looking robot thing; kill it, or it will kill you." the man replied.

"Oh great, the first time i meet you, you just disappear on me, the second time, you bring a friend." Aarok said sarcastically,

"This one is not a friend." The Doctor replied back.

Aarok ran towards the Cyberman, not knowing what it would do, so he swung at it, but it dodged, at lightning speed, like it could run super fast, but so could Aarok, thanks to Force Dash. He dashed at the Cyberman, which Aarok meant to do, cause he calculated, what would happen, if he did this attack. So he dashed, the Cyberman did exactly what he thought, and then Aarok decapitated him. Aarok returned to the Doctor to tell him, job well done. "Good, the Doctor replied. 

Aarok and the Doctor talked inside his home, and visited for a while, until the Doctor informed him that he must be going.

"Very well," Aarok replied, but then he asked if he could ask one question.

So the Doctor said, "Yes?" So, Aarok's one and only question, was how did he change his face.

The Doctor replied by saying this. "Times change, we all change, and we must embrace that. I am a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey in the Constellation of Kasterbourus. I am 1200 years old, and I can regenerate, to change my face. Regeneration, means if I die of old age, or I get shot by someone, fall off a building, etc., I change every cell in my body, and become a new person. that is how I have a different face. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be going on."

"Goodbye Doctor, until we meet again, if we do." Aarok said,

"Very well, Aarok." The Doctor responded.

That being said, The Doctor entered his ship, which Aarok found out to be called the TARDIS, and flew off. Just as the Doctor left, Aarok realized something, how did he know his name, when he never said, but by then, The Doctor was gone, and everything returned to normal, for now...

End of, "An Encounter with a Time Lord."-

Non-Cannon Story #2

-Meeting the Avengers

12 BBY

It was 12 BBY. Aarok was now about half-way through his exile on Felucia, with it being only 2 years until he would feel the courage to take on Vader on Coruscant. While in meditation one day, Aarok began to see a vision. He was in a snowy place, with trees all around, when he noticed 3 guards, arrayed in strange apparel,

The Mysterious Guards.

with golden and purple armor pieces encompassing certain parts of their bodies. One of them should've seen him, but Aarok realized it was only a vision, so he was safe for now. A short distance away, a group of 6 individuals, dressed in equally strange attire, were headed towards the guards, so Aarok was going to wait until they got there, to continue investigating. It was then, that as the battle errupted, one of the guards shot at him... He realized, it was no longer a vision, it was real... He immediately dodged the blast, and threw his Lightsabers at the 3 guards, taking them out in a short time.

The Archer, Hawkeye.

It was then that another guard appeared, but an arrow flew right past Aarok, and took it out. It was unlike any arrows he had seen before; It didn't pulsate with energy like normal Nightsister bows. Then, the archer fired another arrow, right towards Aarok's heart.

To Hawkeye's amazement, the mysterious figure caught the arrow, inches from his face. He then decided to radio Cap, and hear his thoughts on the man.

"Uh, Cap. Hydra has a Jedi." Hawkeye spoke over the comms.

"That's not possible Barton, they're fictional." Cap replied.

"Cap, he's right." Natasha chimed in, "There's a real Jedi here, lightsabers and all."

"I'm on my way." were Cap's last words, before ending the transmission.

Using the Force to assist him, Aarok honed his ears in on the conversation, listening in, without letting the archer, or strangely dressed assassin next to him, realize he was listening in. He was baffled that such a strangely dressed, odd individual even knew what a Jedi was. Once the Archer had finished communicating with the rest of his team, Aarok waited a moment, to call out to him.

"Excuse me Sir," Aarok called out,

"Yes?" Hawkeye replied,

"Where are we?" he asked,

"Sokovia." Hawkeye replied.

"Never heard of the planet." Aarok replied, then asked, "What quadrant are we in?" 

"It's not a planet, it's a country. The planet we're on is Earth." 

"Earth?" Aarok asked,

"Yep, earth." Hawkeye replied. "By the way," he continued, "Nice catch."

"Thanks, I've had training for it." Aarok replied. 

Cap now arrived, and continued the conversation.

"What's your name, Soldier?" Cap asked.

The Leader, Cap.

"Aarok, Aarok Bactamark. I'm not a soldier though, I'm a Jedi." Aarok replied.

He then assumed the man known as Cap, was the leader of the group.

"Apologies, Master Jedi." Cap replied. "What planet are you from?" 

"Coruscant, but I live in exile on Felucia for now. And before you ask, the year is 12 BBY." Aarok responded.

"How did you know I was going to ask that?" Cap wondered.

"Simple, I'm a Jedi." Aarok replied.

"Cap, all the facts are dead on accurate. The planets, the timeline, 7 years after Order 66, being in exile, it's all correct." Hawkeye said.

"With your permission, we'd like to take you back to the tower to discuss things." Cap said.

"Very well." Aarok replied.

With that, they all boarded the Quinjet, and headed for Stark Tower in New York. After much talking, deliberating, discussing, and questions & answers, Aarok felt himself returning to his own time. He learned all of their names, what they could do, how old Cap was, who was stronger, Hulk or Thor, and many other things. 

"Thank you all for your hospitality." Aarok said. "Oh, and Steve, don't start a war if you don't know for sure that you can win." He ended with. Then he was off...

After he was gone, Bruce spoke up, "Well, that was awfully cryptic." 

"Indeed," Thor replied. "What did he imply by such words?"

"I don't know, Thor." Cap replied.

"Well, I'm beat." Tony said.

"Who wants to have a Hammer lifting contest?" Hawkeye asked, and they all laughed...

End of, "Non-Cannon Story #2".-


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