A'den Mereel, The Reaper
Mand'alor the Liberator
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Dromund Kaas





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1.85 Meters

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legs (gained on Felucia)

left hand (gained after battle on Korriban)

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Rise of the Empire-The New Jedi Order


Mandalorians, Clan Dovahkiin, True Mandalorians, Mandalorian Guild, Cuy'val Dar, Mandalorian Protectors, Clan Mereel, The Order

Known masters

Jaing Mereel, Arla Shan Mereel, Jaster Mereel, Revan

Known apprentices

Saphiras Zakt Mereel

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Mandalorian Guild

Squad Rank

2 General

Battle Class

Bc icon mercenaryTechnician


I take no prisoners only trophies
– A'den Dovahkiin/Mereel

A'den Mereel was the last member of Clan Dovahkiin, a group of exiled members of Clan Mereel, and a Mandalorian warrior who fought in the Mandalorian Civil War. While serving with the True Mandalorians He took part in many battles and was considered a great warrior by Jaster Mereel for his bravery and fearlessness in battle. but despite their many successes, they were defeated by Jedi Order Forces under the command of Jedi Master Dooku, A'den was among the survivors who were forced to give up their weapons in unconditional surrender. With the True Mandalorians scattered across the galaxy, Aden became a Mercenary only to end up in a cryo chamber do to a job gone wrong.

He would later on be rescued by Jango Fett and summoned to the Cuy'val Dar to train clone troopers on Kamino for the Galactic Republic. A year or two before Jango's death on Geonosis, A'den fled Kamino after getting tired of Kaminoans treatment of the clones. After escaping Kamino and being branded a fugitive, he was recruited into the Mando Ver'verd'tsad by their guild leader, Aloquar Ordo

Towards the end of the Clones Wars, A'den helped liberate Mandalore from the Death Watch and afterwards the people offered him the position of Mand'alor but A'den turned it down and he had also been commander of the rebel forces known as the Nite Owls. After freeing the planet, since A'den was still exiled from Mandalore, Mand'alor as a reward offered to restore him to his ancestors's actual clan which was Mereel and since he had been using A'den Dovahkin as a bounty hunter, A'den Mereel was a free man.

Due to a incident on Korriban, A'den was made a Jedi guard,  hired as a general, and was given command of the  the Shadow Wolves. Since they were only loyal to A'den and did not follow any rules set by the Republic, they were given nicknames such as the Reaper's private army, Death Troopers, and Hell's Executioners. later  on when they were trying to leave Carlac, three of A'den's own cruisers mysteriously turned on him and fired on his flag ships. This caused them to crashed down on the planet killing all troopers aboard them except six of the Shadow Wolves, Traycn, and Atin along with A'den, and his apprentice, Saphiras Zakt. While the survivors escaped aboard the Ebon Hawk with Revan's codex, two Sith agents kidnapped Saphiras and took her to Korriban where later on A'den would rescue and strand her on Tython.        

Early Life

Dromund Kaas

250px-Dromund Kaas TOR new

the planet of Dromund Kaas

A'den Mereel was born A'den Dovahkiin on the planet of Dromund Kaas, the son of Jaing and Arla Dovahkiin and was raised as a true Mandalorian. He was force sensitive so he trained with both lightsabers and blasters along with vibroblades and other assorted weapons including slug throwers. Also his father made him do various survival exercises including leaving him in the middle of the jungle with just a slug thrower and after three days, he came to pick up A'den and found several dead animals around the area and him sitting by a fire eating meat.  A'den lived and trained in small village called Dovahkiin village where the few Mandalorians on planet lived until a group of Sith came to destroy it. A'den watched as they slaughtered everyone including his parents and burned the village to the ground. Filled with rage and anger, he killed every last one except for the leader who escaped and then A'den the set out to kill any more of them he could find nearby. A'den spent two years on Korriban hunting down Sith and killing them with his bare hands and all rogue sith on the planet then begin to fear him and his wrath. Afterwards he loaded his armor and any useful weapons along with his own on to one of the Sith ships and fled the planet.

The Mandalorian Civil war

A'den Dovahkiin

A'den during The Mandalorian Civil War


Mandalore, home of the Mandalorians

After fleeing Dromund Kaas, A'den headed to Mandalore where his ship crashed due being shot down by a Mandalorian ship thinking he was a sith. When he climbed out of the wreckage he was met with several guns pointed at his head held by several Mandalorians which he told them to wait while ran back inside looking for his helmet. Once A'den found it he brought it out and showed it to them to show he was mando'ade as well. They then brought him to their camp where he met Mand'alor Jaster Mereel who told him about the Civil War and making sure A'den was not Death Watch. A'den then explained who he was why he was here and then was offered by Mereel the choice to join The 


Mand'alor Jaster Mereel, leader of The True Mandalorians

True Mandalorians or stay out of the war. He chose to join them and repainted his armor for battle showing he was truly a True Mandalorian. A'den participated several battles including the battle of Concord Dawn and was respected by all of his fellow Mando'ade earning the Moniker the Reaper for never uttering a sound in the battlefield. He was present at the battle of Korda 6 where Montross betrayed Mereel and then Torr Vizsla killed him and also was present when Jango Fett became Mand'alor and leader of the True Mandalorians. A'den went with the rest of Fett's team to Galidraan


Fett, A'den, and the Mandalorians fight off the Jedi attack

where they would be deceived by Death Watch and horribly defeated by the Jedi and was among the survivors forced to surrender.

Life as a Bounty Hunter

there's a price for everything, you either pay me for the job or you or you pay with your life
– A'den Dovahkiin/Mereel, The Reaper

With The True Mandalorians scattered across the galaxy, A'den became a bounty hunter using his moniker the Reaper and was very successful with several contracts for the Hutts and others who hired him. He made his base on Mandalore where no one would find him and also had a ship called ANUBIS. So far all his given missions had gone well until he was given a mission to go kill a dangerous man who owed his employer a lot of money and refused to pay so A'den went to the planet where he was hiding and fought him but he escaped in his ship. He pursued his target to above the planet where A'den crippled and boarded the man's ship where he fought and killed him but before the man died he unlatched ANUBIS. With A'dens ship gone and the airlock broken the oxygen supplied begin to thin so to preserve himself A'den put himself into a cryo-capsule where he would remain for several years drifting through space.

Cuy'val Dar

Jango Fett

Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Jango Fett, cloning template

While Jango fett was recruiting Mandalorians for the Cuy'val Dar to train clones on Kamino he came across A'den's records and remembering him being a great fearless warrior during The Mandalorian Civil War, he wished to recruit him but his records stated he had gone missing during a bounty hunter contract. So Fett went to his last known coordinates and shortly after scanning the system he picked up a faint life sign nearby. He then found a crippled old ship which he latched onto via the only working airlock where after traversing through the ship he came to the cryo capsule room where he found A'den. After Fett woke him up,A'den immediately drew his gun and aimed it at him until he realized it was Jango and then he holstered his gun greeted Jango in traditional Mandalorian style, he was glad to see that a fellow true Mandalorian was alive. Fett then told him that he was recruiting people for the Cuy'val Dar and wanted to recruit him to train clones on Kamino and also told him he would be provided with quarters and payment. A' den told him he would do it and so Jango brought him to Kamino.
250px-Jango Fett and Kal Skirata

Jango Fett and Kal Skirata overseeing clone training on Kamino

 He was made training sergeant of several Clone Commando squads including Beskar, Rancor, and Carnivore who held the title of top squad till Delta took it later on, along with commando squads he also trained a group of black ops clone soldiers dubbed "The Shadow Wolves".
Carnivore squad

the members of carnivore squad Wolf, Bones, Prudii, Reesh

Later on after Kal Skirata rescued Nulls 5-7, and 10-12 from being terminated, Fett found out that secretly Nulls 2 and 4 had not died but were hidden away for possible experimentation by a Kaminoan scientist who planned on possibly making another Null batch. When he told A'den he was furious, so A'den went and killed the Kaminoan scientist and rescued the nulls and also skinned the scientist and made a nice pair of Kaminoan gloves and belt. He became in charge of their training and named them Traycn and Atin and also was put charge of training several other ARC troopers along with the two Nulls. Soon Traycn and Atin were fully grown clone soldiers but were only loyal to their training sergeant just like the other Nulls who were only loyal to Skirata which worried the Kaminoans specially since they were not to fond of A'den partly to him parading around in his Kaminoan skin gloves and belt.

Fleeing Kamino

Since I'm kinda in the mood for roasted gihaal and he also likes roasting things, I would suggest letting us leave
– A'den threatening the Kaminoans to let Traycn roast them while trying to escape to their stolen cruiser

But eventually A'den had it with the Kaminoans and them treating clones like military hardware or objects, he believed they were men who all had the right to their Mandalorian heritage since they were all cloned from Jango Fett. So he began making a plan to escape with as many clones as possible and take them to Mandalore. Clones began loading supplies and weapons on to the his newly reclaimed ship, the ANUBIS while A'den went to find a cure to their  accelerated ageing. He went and found a Kaminoan in charge of it and pulled out his pistol and held to the scientist's head demanding he give him the cure for it and after a while the Kaminoan agreed and went mixed several substances together and then brought back a rack full of syringes plus a large crate full of them for A'den to take with him. He then used his com-link to contact Traycn and Atin and they injected them selves and took the remaining four syringes and crate of them to distribute among Carnivore and load on to the ship meanwhile the scientist demanded to be let go but A'den refused. He used him as a hostage just in case the Kaminoans halted their escape, he then went to board the gunship that would take them to their ship  where Carnivore was waiting but a group of Kaminoans were waiting with guns ready to kill him. Then the gunship arrived and opened up revealing Traycn armed with a flamethrower pointed directly at them, A'den then climb inside and threw his hostage at them. They the landed near the ship and once all of newly procured supplies was finished being loaded on, they all climbed aboard it and  then left Kamino's atmosphere. As they then begin to jump to hyper space, they were pursued by several Venator class warships which begin to fire on them so A'den ordered Traycn to pilot the ship into the nearest cruiser's hanger. Once inside,

A'den and Carnivore HUD

A'den and Carnivore fight their way to the bridge

they begin to fight their way through the ship while stunning clones along the way until they reached the bridge where Traycn and Atin  took control of the cruiser and jumped to hyperspace while A'den and carnivore guarded the bridge. But the cruisers followed them and managed to cripple their stolen cruiser.
Attack Cruiser Liberty

A'den's stolen cruiser crashes into the planet below

They then crashed into the nearby planet.

Clone Wars era


After surviving the crash, A'den and his men where attacked by four Alpha ARC troopers who are ordered to eliminate them and keep from escaping, they seal off the hanger that the ANUBIS is in. So A'den is forced to fight his way to the controls while the rest provide coverfire which leads into a confrontation with two of the ARCs. A'den drew his sabers and charged at them only have them block his attacks with vibroblades but he sliced them to pieces and then one of them fired a rocket at him which knocked him off his feet. The ARCs stood over him with blasters ready to finish him off. But then A'den heard two shots and saw both lying on the floor and standing nearby was Traycn holding a recently fired pistol. He helped A'den up and they continued on until they heard Atin over the comm yelling that two more gunships touched down. They soon heard more blaster fire nearby so A'den peeked around the corner with his WESTAR-34 pistol ready just in case and then four shots whizzed past his helmet before he fired at what he thought were shadows which turned out be some kind of new ARC troopers.

meanwhile after the start of the Clone wars, The republic branded him a fugitive of The Republic and was no longer aloud on any Republic worlds. His fugitive status included a 100,000,000 credit bounty on his head and so they went and hid on the one world they would think he wasn't stupid enough to hide on, Coruscant. While hiding there, one day while strolling he ran into a man named Aloquar Ordo who was a Mandalorian and leader of  the Mando Ver'verd'tsad and he offered him the chance to join which A'den accepted.

Guild life 

Eventually after joining the guild A'den was promoted to general and held this for quite a while. While part of the guild he did many assassin contracts and mercenary jobs along with a bit of smuggling. After being in the guild for a long time, he left to do other things plus his large bounty was getting him too many visits from other bounty hunters looking to collect. So he went into hiding for a while and stayed out of the guild.

Battle of Umbara


Umbarans Attacking The Clones


Umbara, also known as the shadow world

Some time towards the middle of The Clone Wars, the Jedi attack Umbara a separatist planet with advance tech and home to the shadow people. A'den heard about this and decided to join the fight and so he stole three sets of 501st phase two clone armor to blend in and be unnoticed. Disguised as clone soldiers, A'den, Traycn, and Atin boarded a gunship and went to Umbara with Captain Rex and the 501st. The minute the gunship touched down the battle begin and it was quite chaos considering the planet was c
501 on umbara

the 501st on Umbara

overed in darkness.

A'den, Traycn, and Atin disguised as 501st troopers on Umbara

They survived the first part but the battle just got worse along with the clone casualties but they continued to survive. They would later on help take the air field and also be present when hardcase, Jesse, and Fives stole Umbaran fighters to blow up the supply ship. After returning from their escape, Fives and Jesse would be court marshalled as A'den watched he seethed rage and was willing to blow his cover to kill Krell but Traycn told him it was a bad idea. They were three of the men told to execute Fives and Jesse but like the rest refused to do so and laid their rifles down. Later on after the failed
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Captain Rex and 501st troopers fire on clones under Waxer's command

execution, General Krell gave the order fire on clones and said they were Umbarans in disguise

this sickened A'den, Traycn, and Atin that they had killed clones. Rex then lead the 501st along with them to arrest Krell but he escaped and they eventually got him and locked up in a cell where A'den had a chance to kill him but he didn't. Some time later the Umbarans tried to retake the air base during this A'den, Traycn, and Atin would present when Rex tried to execute Krell but trooper Dogma did it instead. After battle was over most troopers left the planet but A'den and his men remained because he decided Umbara would be a great place to build a secret base so it was built on the far side of the planet and called ShadowBase.


ShadowBase, the secret home of clan Dovahkiin

 Later on while exploring the planet A'den found several stange fragments and when placed them together they formed a Sith holocron and  after some more exploring he discovered a Sith academy.

the Sith academy on Umbara set up by the Brotherhood of Darkness

After killing several Sith assassins, A'den made to the academy door and noticed it had a slot for the Sith holocron he found and when he placed it in the door opened and A'den then ran inside after collecting holocron from its slot. Once inside he was met by several Sith alcolytes who he killed and then continued on through the academy along the way slaughtering Sith until he came to a room with several Sith training droids and once side the door closed behind him. A'den then defeated all four of the droids and continued on through fighting more groups of sith assassins until he reach another door.

Skirmish on Carlac

Im am Pre Vizsla of clan Vizsla and leader of Death Watch

Well then Vizsla you shall pay for your ancestor's crime, for murdering Manda'lor Jaster Mereel I sentence you to death

– A'den and Pre vizsla right before they battle in the captive village
During a flight over Carlac A'den's ship ANUBIS was shot down by a unknown source and his ship crashed on Carlac and in the crash his armor was lost. So he made his way to a camp

a Death Watch camp on Carlac

that seemed to belong to the Death Watch a Mandalorian splinter group and terrorist organization where he stole a set of armor and went looking for a ship. But then he heard from two death watch soldiers that their leader had taken over a village and is using it as a trap for the Republic. So After slaughtering large groups of death watch he reached the center where he found
Vorten vs Vizsla

A'den fighting Vizsla in the captive village

a man clad in odd looking Mandalorian armor wielding a odd sword who called himself Pre Vizsla which meant he was a descendant of Torr Vizsla. This angered A'den and so he pulled out his pistols and fired at Vizsla and then threw some grenades at him and the battle between him and Vizsla continued until he wounded and defeated Vizsla afterwards he fled. A'den then went back to the camp and killed every last one there and took a ship called Serenity to get off planet but this would not be his last encounter with Death Watch or Pre Vizsla.

The Rephora Conspiracy

Rephora Corp employee: welcome to Rephora where we make assassins, spies, mercenaries, body guards, and even slaves

A'den: so who runs Rephora Corp and can I talk to them

Rephora Corp employee: he is called The Master and oversees everything and no you can not speak with him, no one does

– A Chiss explaining to A'den what Rephora Corp does along with who is in charge of the planet
One day A'den was given a assignment to pick up and deliver a special container to an unknown person but was not to deliver it until told to do so. After picking up the container he put it in Serenity's sealed cargo bay to keep it safe. But he begin to grow quite curious as to what was in the container and so he went and unlatched it with Traycn and Atin nearby just case what was inside was dangerous. After undoing all the latches and locks he lifted off the lid and what he found was quite odd, a female blue skinned humanoid with red eyes of a race he had not heard of. The minute she regained conscious she attacked A'den but he managed to get her off him and then put her unconscious just before slipping into unconsciousness she spoke the words Seryne and Rephora. While she was unconscious he went looking through records to figure out what race she was along with anything with the name Rephora which he found nothing but after going through some records from The Old Republic he found out she was a Chiss, a alien race that little is known about from the planet Csilla. Soon the Chiss woke up and A'den demanded she tell him what Rephora was and she then begin explaining everything to him. Her name was Seryne and she was a assassin and subject 117 of the Rephora project
A Chiss by tharynien.png

Seryne, subject 117 of the Rephora project

run by Rephora Corp and Rephora was a cloaked planet in the unknown regions run by Sith lord. After Seryne was done explaining, A'den went and typed in the coordinates for Rephora but when he checked there was nothing but a sun and two moons which meant they only cloaked the planet to hide what ever went on there. He then went and got Seryne some gear and a set blaster pistols while Traycn and Atin prepared Serenity. When they reached were the planet was suppose to be they found as expected no planet so they went towards the middle and phased right through the cloaking field. Once they landed on the planet A'den sabotaged the cryo-capsule so it would not work and put Seryne inside to get her into the facility while posed as a member of the man's group who he suppose to deliver it to. When he got to the building a guard stop him ask what he was doing there which he told him he was returning subject 117 and so the guard let him enter where he was met by Chiss who explained him what Rephora Corp does and that the Sith Lord in charge is called The Master and rules the planet with an iron fist. Afterwards he let out Seryne and they went through the facility killing masses of Sith agents and soldiers along way heading towards the door with Sith designs on it guarded by four Sith warriors. But soon the hallway to the door blocked and several Sith troopers surrounded them and with the only of escaping was going back the way they came. Soon they were back outside the facility while the doors to it sealed up and so they ran into the tomb of Revan where they found his sarcophagus which held no remains only his robes which A'den took along with his saber. They then left Rephora and headed back to ShadowBase.

Rejoining the Mando Ver'verd'tsad

Later on A'den regoined the guild was eventually made al'verde then later senior al'verde which he held for quite some time. He took part several guild hunts on both Umbara and Carlac and was present during most guild meetings. He did many contracts for high paying crime lords including the Hutts and anyone else able to afford to higher the Reaper. He stayed in the guild and did not leave again even though he had a extremely large bounty over his head. Later on Aloquar Ordo retired and made Beviin Kabur is sucessor 

Joining the Shadow Collective

Maul: Will you join us or should i kill you

A'den: I would rather kill myself then join a alliance that includes Death Watch

Maul: alright then, Vizsla kill him!

A'den: But i will join for a large sum of credits and i also get to rule Mandalore after it is free of New Mandalorian rule Maul: -whispers- very well, Well then welcome to the Shadow Collective, Reaper

– A'den and Maul discussing the terms on which he would join the Shadow Collective
While visiting Jabba's palace to get his reward for several bounty contracts, The Shadow Collective lead by Darth Maul  attacked demanding that the Hutts join them which they agreed to after seeing what they were capable of. As they were speaking and going over strategies, A'den tried to slip away but was found by Vizsla's second in command, Bo Katan.
Bandicam 2013-01-20 12-09-24-328

Bo Katan about to shoot A'den after finding him trying to slip away

He then was stripped of all his weapons and taken to Maul

Maul, Savage, and Vizsla the leaders of the Shadow Collective

where he was offered the choice to join which he turned down at first due to Death Watch being part of it. But then Maul told Vizsla to kill him so A'den finally decided to join after making several demands one which included betraying Vizsla. After they gathered the troops, A'den went with the Shadow Collective to Mandalore to put their plan in place.

Attack on Sundari

"I claim this sword and my rightful place as leader...of Death Watch."

"Never! No outsider will ever rule Mandalore!" "Hmm. If you will not join me, you will all die!" "You're all traitors!" "Unfortunately for you, history will not see it that way. Execute them!"

– Bo-Katan refusing to side with Maul
14968 431308790273666 1868700515 n

Maul plotting to take over Mandalore

After landing back on Zanbar, While they were making plans to takeover Mandalore A'den sneaked away and killed a Death Watch lieutenant and took his armor to keep an eye on Vizsla without him knowing. Afterwards he went to the tent were Maul was and overheard their plan to use the criminals yo attack different targets and make Death Watch look like saviors. They then headed to Mandalore where Bo katan A'den accompanied Vizsla

Bo Katan, Vizsla and a lieutenant aka A'den adress the crowd of people assuring them that death Watch will take care of the criminal threat

to win the loyalty of the people and show that Satine's rule was weak. Soon Death Watch soldiers arrive and retake the docks, peace park, the bank and arrest the 'criminals". Vizsla then went arrested Satine and through her in prison along with her advisers and guards. Now Mandalore was under control of the Death Watch and soon Vizsla betrayed Maul and locked him up as well. Later on A'den would be present when Maul challenged Vizsla to single combat for the right to rule Mandalore and watched along with the rest of Death Watch as he defeated and beheaded Vizsla.

Bandicam 2013-01-28 20-34-45-949

Vizsla's death.

Maul then claimed the dark saber and the right to rule Mandalore but Bo Katan and her Nite Owls plus several others were against his rule and fled after Maul ordered their execution.

A'den: this was not part of the plan, you were suppose to kill Vizsla and make me Mandalore not yourself

Maul:I changed my mind

A'den:no, no outsider shall ever rule Mandalore especially not a siit

Maul:execute him as well!, I no longer have any need for him

– A'den betrayed by Maul

After the Nite Owls fled, A'den then demanded why Maul did not hold his end of the deal and make him Mandalore as he said he would which Maul responded with ordering his execution. A'den then fled the palace with three Death watch soldiers in pursuit of him which he killed and took the lieutenant's armor and then fled hoping to find the other rebels and form a mutual alliance with them.

Battle of Sundari

After gaining a new set of armor, A'den went off to find Bo-Katan and the Nite Owls and when he found them he asked to make an

Bandicam 2013-02-02 19-03-32-812

Bo-Katan Kryze, leader of the Nite Owls

alliance to free Mandalore which they accepted. She and several others then flew off to rescue Satine while A'den stayed with the rest of the Nite Owls in case they needed reinforcements. Soon they returned and she explained that their attempt failed but that Satine managed to get a message out to the Jedi. Bo-Katan then went off with two others to go and scout while A'den stayed with the rest and while waiting saw a ship off in the distance. She once again returned with news that a Jedi had landed and was trying to free Satine then a little bit later they heard an explosion in the distance and assumed the Jedi and Satine had been captured. A squad of them including A'den flew off to go rescue the jedi and Satine from Maul. They watched from afar as Death Watch was transporting Obi-wan Kenobi back to his cell then Bo-Katan gave one of her men the order to fire at them. She then jumped down and took the remaining guards and freed Kenobi and then A'den and the rest joined them and they now going to go after Maul. Along the way they battled groups of Death Watch as Sundari
Bandicam 2013-02-02 19-13-58-642

chaos at the Sundari spaceport

plunged into chaos as a battle begin between Death Watch and the forces under command of Bo-Katan. Soon they were chased by group of them as they got near to the spaceport.
A'den during the battle of Mandalore

A'den firing at Death Watch forces during the battle of Sundari

While the others went through the tunnel with Death Watch soldiers in pursuit, A'den found another route with no Death Watch and reach the other side just before Bo-Katan, Kenobi, and the remaining Nite Owls and once they got through continued to fight on for he believed Maul could wait to be dealt with. But soon they were on the losing side and the planet begin to fall to the Death Watch but a ship landed ready to get them to safety but A'den and Bo-Katan decided to stay behind with the rest and provide cover fire while Kenobi escaped to get word to the Republic about their situation. Just before he boarded the ship Kenobi gave his condolences to Bo-Katan for the death of
Bandicam 2013-02-02 19-17-30-606

Bo-Katan and A'den provide cover so Obi-Wan Kenobi can escape

her sister Satine. While watching as Kenobi's ship escaped, A'den, Bo-Katan, and the rest of the Mandalorian rebels were surrounded by Death Watch and forced to surrender.

A'den: fight on, don’t surrender

Bo-Katan; I will if you do

A'den: well then is has been decided, fight to the death do not surrender!

Mandalorian rebels: FOR MANDALORE!!

– A'den and Bo-Katan discussing whether or not to surrender But A'den ordered then to continue fighting

Death Watch soldiers about to surround A'den, Bo-Katan, and the rest of the remaining Mandalorian rebels

even though they were outnumbered and then more arrived surrounding them once again but this time there was no escape. All them were then stripped of their helmets, jetpacks, and weapons and placed in cells until their execution. One day while waiting in his cell, A'den heard blaster fire and watched as two Death Watch fell over dead and then saw two armored shapes coming towards his cell. It didn't surprise him who they were, when he had full view of the men he noticed right away it was Traycn and Atin each wearing a set of lieutenant armor come to rescue them and soon all of them were out of their cells and collecting their helmets, weapons, and jetpacks ready to fight their way to the spaceport. Once they had gathered their gear, Bo-Katan messaged group rebels who had went into hiding when they were captured and then they stole a
Bandicam 2013-02-03 07-46-43-800

A'den, traycn, Atin, Bo-Katan, and the rebels try to escape to the spaceport

speeder and headed towards the spaceport but soon they were pursued by Death Watch soldiers. A'den took care the death watch while the others headed for the space port but soon he was surrounded and outnumbered until he found himself backed the remaining rebels who were not at the spaceport and once the death Watch were taking care of they also headed to the spaceport. When they reached the spaceport, A'den found the others already in a fire fight with Death Watch while trying to board one of the transports and then he ordered Traycn and Atin to provide coverfire while the other rebels boarded the transport. Once they were all aboard A'den ordered the pilot to take it to Zanbar,

Gauntlet escaping to Zanbar

while A'den, Traycn, and Atin stole the Gauntlet and flew it to Zanbar. Once there the rebels set up camp and begin planning to liberate Mandalore.
Mandalorian rebels camp on Zanbar

the Mandalorian camp on Zanbar

Rephora Corp's Demise

A'den: You sent assassins after me.

Rephora Corp employee: well you did attack us and take a piece of our property

A'den: now you are becoming a problem and do you know what I do with problems

Rephora Corp employee: What?

A'den: I kill them!

– A'den threatening Rephora Corp

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Liberation of Mandalore

(coming soon)


(coming soon)

Battle of Felucia

On Felucia, the Seps dug their metal heels into the muck of that alien hellhole and dared the Republic to come in after them. So we did, only to be met with month after month of flesh-eating diseases, shrieking nocturnal predators, and other sights that haunt me to this day...
– clone trooper on Felucia

After being contracted as a paid general for the GAR, A'den was sent to Felucia as his first assignment. So after being debriefed he hopped aboard his Aka'jor shuttle and headed for Felucia's surface as he got closer A'den recieved a message from the former remains of Rancor and Beskar renamed Sigma squad, saying that it was unsafe to land at the Republic base and that he was going have to land somewhere nearby. They then gave him coordinates for a landing site not to far from the base

Ma gybbi

A'den lands his Aka'jor shuttle, Destiny near the Republic base

and after landing his shuttle there pirates surrounded him
A'den fighting Nuro pirates

A'den fighting Nuro pirates on Felucia

which he killed and then he begin to make his way to the base. On his way there he got a distress call saying that a squad of clones are being attacked by rancors he then fought and killed several rancors
A'den Mereel killing a rancor on Felucia

A'den fighting a rancor to rescue a squad of clones

and rescued the clones. They all then headed to the Republic base where Delta squad and Carnivore squad where waiting, after the captain in charge was done debriefing A'den on the current situation  he was then given various missions for him and Carnivore to carry out. First they were tasked with repairing and activating the Republic scanners around the area and then were sent to destroy several AATs. Aftwerwards they were sent to rendezvous near the Separatist base with a Astromech intel agent called R3-T3 and when they arrived all they found a broken B1 battle droid so they conclued that he had been discovered and was forced to flee. They then tracked him west of the Separatist base until they found him 

A'den Mereel and R3-T3 on Felucia

A'den finds R3-T3 near the CIS base

wondering near some B2 generals and once retrieving the droid, they returned to base where the intel was dowloaded from R3-T3's data banks. A'den then asked if he may keep the Astromech which Carg told him yes and so he went and placed him in Destiny for safe keeping. They begin planning for in attack on the Separatist's base


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(coming soon)

Korriban 2/2

(coming soon)

Operation: Knightfall (19 BBY)

"What I remember about the rise of the Empire is… is how quiet it was. During the waning hours of the Clone Wars, the 501st Legion was discreetly transferred back to Coruscant. It was a silent trip. We all knew what was about to happen, what we were about to do. Did we have any doubts? Any private traitorous thoughts? Perhaps, but no one said a word. Not on the flight back to Coruscant, not when Order 66 came down, and not when we marched into the Jedi Temple. Not a word."
– 501st trooper aboard A'den's LAAT

(coming soon)

Empire era

Working for the Empire

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Rebellion on Kamino (12 BBY)

"Officially, there was never a 'Clone rebellion' on Kamino. Unofficially, approximately twenty years after we were created, a special detachment of the Imperial 501st Legion was dispatched to Kamino with orders to eradicate an army of clones that had been bred to take arms against the Empire."
– anonymous 501st trooper

the Mandalorian Protectors

(coming soon)

Post Empire era

Yuuzhan Vong War (25-29 ABY)

(coming soon)

Brother Vs Brother

(coming soon)

Hunting the Dark Council

(comng soon)

The Order

(coming soon)

Last stand

and in the end as the darkness takes me I am nothing, I may die today but today is also a good day for you chakaare to die as well, I go to Manda and you go to haran this ends now!
– A'den's last words before blowing himself and the sith troops up

(coming soon)


A'den: you killed me! and I don't particularly like people who kill me

Darth Nox: well I brought you back, does that fix things?

A'den: No!, I'm still going to kill you

– A'den and Darth Nox

(coming soon)

Mission to Umbara

Those Imperial shabirs messed up, it was supposed be a shabla bio weapon but things went extremely wrong, instead of it killing it brought life to the dead and gave them the primal need to tear the very flesh from your bones and eat it to satisfy their hunger and say one of these things where to bite you and you turn and you will!, that guy you called vod before now becomes a meal and you tear them apart limb from limb and say some of him survives then he will turn and kill and eat some other unfortunate soul. understand this, theres us and the dead and you either kill them or you die or you die and you kill the living this how it works on this now dar'yaim rock
– A'den Mereel explaining to his Mandalorian team how it works on the now dead world of Umbara

(coming soon)

The Governor

(coming soon)

War for Mandalore

(coming soon)

Coruscant Under Siege

(coming soon)


(coming soon)

New Mandalorian Wars (the URMS vs the New Republic vs the Shadow Warriors) 


(coming soon)


(coming soon)

Gear, Weapons, and Ships

(coming soon)                                                                                     

Armor and Gear

a warrior is more than his armor but it helps to have some kind of protection
– A'den Mereel


My number one rule is to carry at least three weapons with you at all times because you'll never know when some dikut is going to try something stupid
– A'den Mereel, The Reaper


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